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|| Make Me Fall In LOVE || *SaJan* (Page 43)

GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 March 2011 at 9:49pm | IP Logged

"You're awake?" was his first comment.


"Yes, I was waiting for you!!" Gunjan said.


"Oh, I am sorry, I was busy in a meeting!" He said in his calm and firm voice.


"You could have called samrat!" Gunjan said, taking out her anger.


"I was busy in a meeting!" He repeated.


"You knew you had a meeting right? You knew it would extend late at night? You could have just texted or even asked your secretary to inform me!" She was furious now as she heard an excuse instead of a sorry!


" I am not used to calling and informing people. I have never had anyone get worried at home." Samrat said genuinely.


"Dinner?" gunjan said changing the topic.


"Yes please." Samrat said.


"You can go freshen up, I'll set the table." Gunjan said..


"Can you get it up in my, I mean our room!" He said.


"fine." She said.


Samrat went upstairs as gunjan angrily set the plate for him and got it upstairs for him.


Samrat was sitting on the bed with his laptop on. This triggered the anger inside gunjan and by now she was not even in the mood to talk to him. Without saying anything she kept the plate next to him and went to her side of the bed.


"thanks.." samrat said, with his eyes glued to the laptop screen.


Gunjan didnt reply. She went to change her clothes and came back to see the food kept as it was.


She went and picked the plate up.


"Should I go keep it back if you are done?" she asked.


"I havent eaten gunjan.." he said looking up at an angry wife.

"What's the point Samrat, this food is cold and spoilt." She said.


Samrat saw the glint of anger in her eyes and was quick to get up.


"Look, I am sorry gunjan." He said.


Gunjan looked the other direction. He took the plate from her hand and sat down to eat his food first. Gunjan felt guilty. He wasn't used to this life either!!


"Leave it, Let me get you another plate.." she said.


She took the plate from his hand. He shook his head, "No its ok! Ill manage, you must be tired. Sleep!"


"No I am not. Ill get you another roti, this one is cold." She said and went down to make another roti.


She started to talk to herself, "You shouldn't have gotten angry. He didnt know you would wait. He must have felt so bad. You should have behaved yourself Gunjan! This isn't Neil that you can scream at him."

She stopped. She cursed herself for saying this. Why did she have to think about him again. She had promised she wouldn't! Why did she have to say this. She hated herself.


She took the plate up to the room. This time she was depressed. She gave samrat the plate and sat down. Samrat ate the food first and then continued with his work while she went down to keep the plate.

When she came back he was keeping his laptop away.


"Thank you gunjan." He said.


"You dont need to thank me, its my duty!" She said.


"friends dont have any duty towards each other!" Samrat said as he smiled.


Gunjan smiled back. They were friends! She needed that reminder.


"Friends dont say thank you either." Gunjan said smiling..

Samrat laughed at that and then lay down in bed..


Gunjan too felt tired and slept.


                                                           *    *    *


The next day passed by quickly. Gunjan knew samrat's schedule and samrat made it a point to call and tell her that he would be late again! Gunjan smiled at his sweet gesture and then returned to pack Bui's clothes as she was leaving that day.. Gunjan felt very sad to see bui leave but she knew that bui wouldn't always be with her.


Gunjan went to the airport to drop Bui.  In the car, Bui asked gunjan what she wanted to ask her from a long time.


"have you been able to forget Neil?" She asked suddenly.


Gunjan went into her shell again. She didnt say anything. She hadn't forgotten Neil completely and whenever she tried to, someway or the other she always thought of him.


Bui continued,

"Look gunjan, Neil has moved on.. and I think even you should!"


Gunjan was confused.. Neil had moved on?


"What do you mean?" she asked.


"He got married yesterday!" she said.


Gunjan was in shock for sometime.. Neil had married someone else?! She had never thought he would do so. She thought he would die as he loved her so much. Then suddenly it struck her,


"Bui, I am trying to forget Neil, you dont have to lie about him!" she said. Bui could have done that for her sake. So that she would move on as well. But only Bui knew that she hadn't lied. She kept quiet. For her it was enough hearing from gunjan that she was gonna forget Neil.


                                                            *     *     *


That night samrat came late again. But this time he found a smiling gunjan rather than an angry one! She was waiting for him and both had dinner together on the table. Samrat was happy to see that gunjan was smiling and she was comfortable. Everything was going perfect. Samrat's new life was going smooth and he loved to see a smiling gunjan at the end of the day. She looked very innocent and beautiful. Samrat yearned to be her husband. But he controlled himself. 'Gunjan could take as much time as she pleased' he thought.


The next morning gunjan made breakfast. She was late. Samrat was already ready and he came down for breakfast. Not seeing his breakfast on the table he yelled at the maid. The maid didnt say anything but kept staring at the kitchen door.

Gunjan quickly got the breakfast out and seeing samrat shout at the maid she defended her and told him that she was the cause of the delay!

Samrat looked at gunjan in confusion.


"Gunjan I go to office at 8 and its almost 8:30! Why do you make the breakfast anyway? The maids are there to do the work!"


Gunjan looked down embarrassed as samrat was annoyed with her and screamed in front of the servants! Samrat realised that he shouldn't have done that. He kept quiet. Gunjan kept the breakfast on the table and began to go. Samrat caught her wrist. Gunjan shivered at his touch and turned around. She took a deep breath and stared at him. He was genuinely sorry for his doing.


"Wont you have lunch with me?" he asked.


"Im.. not.. Hungry" she said quietly.. her voice had a little shiver. She hadn't seen samrat angry before so that brought tears to her eyes.


"Sorry.." he said again.


"How many times will you apologize samrat?" Gunjan asked. "you always make a mistake and say sorry!"


"I promise I wont hurt you again.." he said.


"Its ok. Now please have your breakfast, your getting late!" she said.


"Oh! Gunjan I forgot to tell you, be ready by 7 today, we have to go to Hotel Oberoi for our reception Party!"


That reminded gunjan of something, Neil. His last name was Oberoi! Humph.. she always found something or the other related to Neil! Humph.. She sighed and nodded.


"Ill ask Mami to send your saree and jewellery she bought and Ill pick you up at 7 from here."


"Wont you get ready?" Gunjan asked.


"I am always ready!" Said samrat!.


'Right. How could I forget, black suit and white shirt. So boring.' Thought gunjan.

"Why dont you change your shirt?" asked gunjan.


"Not a bad idea, keep one out for me and Ill change when Im back!"


Gunjan smiled. Samrat had listened to her!


He left for office. Time went by as slow as possible and gunjan had nothing at all to do. Her dress and jewellery came around 1 and she took it  to her room to see what was in the packet.


She opened to see a beautiful red saree embroidered with gold and a golden blouse. The jewellery was very beautiful as well..

She didnt stop admiring the diamonds on the necklace and the saree was just beautiful.


Then she remembered that she had to take out a shirt for samrat as well.. She opened his cupboard and was shocked... She couldn't believe her eyes.. There were two rows.. One filled with black suits and the other with white shirts! Some white shirts were had stripes where as some had checks and the remaining were plain.. In the other cupboard there were many ties and accessories..

She was so fed up with seeing Black & White that she felt like throwing away all his clothes! No wonder he didnt like shopping!


By 6:30 gunjan was ready.. She looked gorgeous. She had curled her hair and looked angelic! By 6:45pm samrat was here and he was jus lost in gunjan. She looked amazing and he kept staring until she clicked her fingers in front of his eyes.


"You look amazing, Mrs.Shergill." He said.


Gunjan wasn't used to Mrs.Shergill so her eyes widened and samrat began to grin..


"Your going to be called 'Mrs.Shergill' all evening!" he said.


Gunjan realised why samrat had called her that.


"And where is my shirt?" Samrat asked.


"I dont think you have any other shirts.." she said.


"Oh please, stop pulling my leg! Only because I always wear white that doesn't mean I dont have other shirts. And white looks very professional."


Gunjan laughed.


"Madam, If you are done with laughing, shall we go?" he asked.


"Yes..!" Gunjan said.


This was her first party as Mrs. Samrat Shergill.!


                                              *      *      *


They both reached the party and were greeted by alot of people.. Samrat introduced gunjan to his Mama and other relatives!

Gunjan met everyone with a smile.

Then they moved on to meet all the businessmen waiting in the huge hall.. Gunjan was awed by the grandeur of the place! Everything was just amazing. All the biggest business men were at the party including the Ambani family. One by one samrat introduced gunjan to everyone.

Gunjan greeted everyone with a smile and handshake, but suddenly her smile vanished. She got goose bumps. The hall suddenly started to feel very suffocating and she started to sweat. In front of her eyes was the man she was running away from, the man who she wanted to forget. Neil stood there with a fake smile on his face as he greeted Samrat.

Gunjan was shocked to see Neil there.. she looked at him. He wore a black suit and a red shirt inside. He had changed. His hair was styled and he looked deadly handsome. Samrat greeted the lady standing by his side.

"Hello Ms.Malhotra, how are you doing?" Samrat said.


"Mr.Shergill ab main Mrs. Oberoi hoon, Ms.Malhotra nahi!" She said in her soothing voice.. Another Shock! Bui was right.. Neil had moved on.. he had forgotten her. The lady proceeded, "This is my husband, Neil, Neil Oberoi!"
Precap: Samrat & Gunjan Dance.. Close to each other..
                      Samrat misunderstands their closeness!
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..Ambika.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 March 2011 at 10:10pm | IP Logged
awesome manji..........once again u did it........yayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee........Party.................................precap seems interesting update soon..............................................
loads of luv

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SwaNia_2 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 March 2011 at 10:44pm | IP Logged
Manji...........lovely update.......... but I wonder where this is going........Neil has so easily moved on Shocked ...what do you have up your sleeve,  girl ????Ermm Please do update the next part soon.

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gnaneswari Goldie

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Posted: 20 March 2011 at 11:18pm | IP Logged
Wow! What a twist! Niel had moved on! I thought that he will be the villan in sajan's life. What do u have in store for us? I think ur giving us the biggest shock slowly. Loved sajan scenes a lot. This story is shaping very nicely. But the precap is confusing, sajan r close and sam misunderstands their closeness! What was it mean? I'm excited to read next update. Do cont soon. Thanks for pm

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saduf IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 March 2011 at 11:18pm | IP Logged
awesome update...poor gunjan she is still trying to forget neil but that stupid neil had already moved on...i guess he never loved gunjan
anywys lovely update

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karantakiar Goldie

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 12:09am | IP Logged
Hey dear superb updt.
amazing yar.
plz cnt wid nxt part soon.
luv u

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ar_sajan4evr IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 12:25am | IP Logged
heyyy manjiiii

awwwsum update
lovvved it
d entire update was awwsum
i am in luvvvv wid dis ss...
n neil z married..k
n sajan dance...hayyyeeee..
bt precap mai d other part z bit scary as well as interstng 2

cont sooooooooooooon
thnx 4 d pm

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_Arushi_ IF-Dazzler

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it was  an awesome update Clapyet a shocking oneShocked...neil has moved on??ConfusedShocked
where as gunjan is taking  so much pains to forget i am really looking forward to this storySmile....please continue this one as soon as possible!!Tongue
thanks for the pm!!Big smileBig smile

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