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|| Make Me Fall In LOVE || *SaJan* (Page 40)

GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 March 2011 at 10:11am | IP Logged
Originally posted by itzMYattitude

i know m still maintaining my image of commenting late but sorry
was a lil busy
oh my God
u updated this one tooooooo
fantasticccccccc rockinggggg superbbbbb
beautifully written
love the way u r dealing with the story
giving full justice no doubt
i hate whenever i have to appreciate u
always same line
but in short u r amazingggg
great job
sajan roxxxxxxxxx
sammy roxstar love hiom
all the scene were wrth reading
from starting
n the outing was omgggggggg
mind blowing
n now they r friends yupeeeeeee
loving gunjun;s pov
finally she trying to accept their relation
dying to read the update in sammy will know neil thing
but i know to itny jaldi nae likhny waly
plzzzzzzz do continue sooooon
cant wait for long =(
Hey Sara!
Well.. its ok.. your not that late !!
and in my FFs you can comment whenever!
well.. Thank Youu VERYYYYY much for the lovely comments & Compliments!
Love reading your comments! =) =)
Well.. ur wrong.. in less that 3-4 parts Samrat will come to know..
Yeh SS hai madam.. zyada lamba nahi chalega!

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GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 March 2011 at 10:19pm | IP Logged

Mumbai. As they landed in Mumbai, Gunjan promised herself not to think about Neil ever again. He was the past and now she had to move on in life with Samrat. Samrat was her husband and she had her responsibilities towards him. But the most important thing was that gunjan had realised that Samrat was very simple and humble and that she would never want to hurt him.


She stared out of the mercedes they were travelling in and looked at the new city, her new home. They passed the Arabian see and Gunjan stared at it in awe. Samrat had been on the phone since they landed, making sure everything in office was ready. He was very serious with his work. Gunjan was not too excited about her new life but was a little depressed to lose her old one.


Gunjan was very warmly welcomed in her new home. But her eyes started to water when she saw Bui coming out from one of the rooms.. She ran and hugged bui as if she had met her after a year. Bui too had tears in her eyes as she took gunjan in her arms. She was overwhelmed at seeing her little girl in a blue saree.

"I missed you so much bui!"

"Me too gunjan. You look beautiful." Bui said and she broke the hug.. Samrat respectfully touched Bui's feet.

"How was your trip?"

"It was very nice bui." Samrat said.

"Yes Bui, Samrat took very good care of me" gunjan said assuring bui she was happy.

Bui was delighted on hearing this. She knew samrat was a very good person and she wouldn't regret her decision. Samrat's Mami was there and she showed gunjan around. The house was huge and there were a dozen servants moving around doing the work assigned to them.

Samrat and Gunjan's room was really big.. In the middle there was a huge baige bed and the room was very simple and painted with light colours like baige, white, cream...

In gunjan's mind there was only one word to describe that room *Boring*.


That night Gunjan and Samrat went to bed early after dinner as they were both very tired.


Gunjan's POV:


The bed was soft and comfortable, but the discomfort was the awkward feeling that was within me as samrat lay down beside me. The room was cool and we had to share a huge blanket. I couldnt sleep. I kept changing sides but I couldnt fall asleep. Maybe it was a new place Thats why. Everything seemed very weird that night. It was like the first night we shared a bed. The memory of that night passed my mind and I stiffened once again..

I wasn't ready for being a wife now! I needed a little time to adjust with the new city and the house. In london its was just both of us and I just had to take care of him. But here, his Mami-Mama, their relatives and I was sure I would have to attend many business parties if samrat attended any! The last thought brought a smile on my face. Samrat was so simple.. I laughed again.


*       *      *


The Next Day.


Gunjan woke up early. She didnt know why, but she got up had a bath and went down to check on the breakfast preparations. A lady was working in the kitchen and she was looking at the time every now and then. Gunjan went inside and the lady shuddered..


"Ma'am, breakfast is almost ready, did you want anything else?" she said in a soft and nervous voice.


"So fast? What time does Sir go to office?" Gunjan asked. It was just 7:30am!


"Im sorry Maam. I know I am late.." the cook apologized. She thought gunjan was being sarcastic when she said 'So Fast?'


"No its ok. What is there for breakfast?" Gunjan asked.


"Omelete and Cornflakes for sir, and Pulao for the guest, what will you like to have maam?" she asked.


"Oh. I will have the pulao. Does sir have This breakfast everyday?" Gunjan asked. She knew the answer would be yes. Samrat was not choosy about food remember.


"Yes maam, sir doesnt complain about the food, he is just strict about the time!" she exclaimed getting back to work seeing the time!


"Should I help you?" Gunjan asked.


"Oh no no.. you may not take the trouble." The maid said.


                                               *          *         *


Gunjan sat in the living room reading the newspaper. She was thinking of what to do the whole day when Samrat came down the stairs wearing his white shirt and black suit. How typical. Thought gunjan.


"Good Morning" said Gunjan.


"Good Morning" Samrat said smiling. "Is the breakfast ready?"


"I will just check." Gunjan said as she went to the kitchen.


The maid brought the food on the table and even bui came for breakfast.


"Good morning.." she said.


They reciprocated.


"Bui, till when are you here?" Gunjan asked.


"I will leave tomorrow." She answered.


"Why? We came back just yesterday!" Gunjan said.


"Bui, Wont you stay for our reception?" Samrat said.


"I will have to go. My leave gets over tomorrow!" she said.


"When is our reception party samrat?" Gunjan asked.


"Its the day after tomorrow!" he said.


"Oh... I need a new saree to wear!"


"I have bought one already!" he said calmly


"What?" Gunjan asked. ((No No No.. He will get one of those simple boring sarees.. and I will have to wear it..)) Gunjan thought.


"No actually mami got it for youu." He corrected.


"Oh.. ok.." she was relieved.. Humphh


After samrat left for office, Gunjan didnt know what to do?! In kolkata she did the house chores, but here there were so many servants that she wouldnt have to move even a bit. Well, Samrat's Mami was coming over again to tell gunjan about samrat's schedule and give her the keys. Yesterday they both were too tired to do anything.


She went to bui's room.. Bui was sitting and reading the Bhagvat Geeta.. Gunjan went and sat next to Bui.

After bui finished the page she shut the book and had a good look at her little girl. Gunjan was smiling looking at Bui..


"Are you liking samrat?" was the first question bui asked. She was very worried for gunjan. She hoped for the best.


"What do you mean?" gunjan asked.


"I mean, are you liking it with him? Does he take good care of you? Does he talk to you properly?" She asked.

"Bui, Samrat is a very good person, I am sure he will always keep me happy." Gunjan said.


"You didnt answer my question Gunjan. Are YOU happy with him?" She asked again.


Gunjan looked down.. She didnt know the answer herself. She didnt know how to answer that question.


"Bui, I dont know. Samrat is a very simple person and is very sweet. But our likes and dislikes are completely different. We aren't compatible. Almost everything he likes I dont and what I like he doesnt!" gunjan answered.


Bui laughed at this.


"Your mad gunjan. You will get along with him just fine. Just give him sometime to get to know you and even you get to know him, then see, I can assure you he will always be with you!" Bui said.


Gunjan smiled looking at bui's trust on samrat. She hugged bui once again.


"Now go and make lunch for him!" Bui suggested. "And even for me!"


"But bui.. the servants are— Bui didnt let gunjan finish what she was saying."So what gunjan? You should still cook sometimes..!"


"Ok bui.. Ill make lunch!"


"So go have a bath and then make lunch!"


"But Bui its just 10 now.. I want to sit and talk to you!"


"Gunjan, Im not going today dear. and plus, Seema ji will come in some time!"


Gunjan being an obedient daughter went and had a bath. Next, she stood in the kitchen wondering what to cook.. Samrat had toldher he wasnt choosy for food but he was a vegetarian. Gunjan had no idea what to cook. She loved chicken but couldnt make that for samrat! She thought of making Rotis, Dal and Aloo Gobi for lunch and along with that she could send some Mango pudding for tiffin.. Mango pudding wouldnt take alot of time.


She got down to work and with the maid's help she finished the whole work in 1 hour! She packed his tiffin and sent it to work. She hoped samrat would like it. She served the food on the table and called Bui. Seema had already arrived and gunjan set the table for her as well..


"Gunjan, What was the need for cooking darling, the servants are there." Seema said.


"No problem Aunty" She said.


"Oh, you should call me mamiji, samrat calls me that!"


Gunjan nodded.


"Who all are there is your family?" asked gunjan.


"I have a Son and two daughters.." Seema said.


"Oh! How nice." Bui said.. as gunjan smiled back.


There was something weird with Seema which gunjan noticed. She didnt know what but she didnt seem to like gunjan much.


"The food is good!" Seema commented.


Bui smiled at gunjan.


"Thank you!" Gunjan said.


                                                     *       *        *


It was almost 5 but samrat hadnt called yet. Gunjan interpreted it on her own. She thought he didnt like the lunch. Or maybe he hadnt eaten today! Well, he didnt even know she made it. If he would have liked the food he would have called, guessed gunjan. Seema had left two hours ago after she had told gunjan everything and given her the complete incharge of Shergill's Villa, which was under her until then. She had given instructions to the servants to ask Gunjan their work and

Obviously what to make for dinner.


Gunjan spent time with bui and the rest of the time saw Tv or sat in her room reading a book.

After sometime she went downstairs to check on dinner and spent a good one hour talking to a friend on the phone. She was very jealous of gunjan when gunjan told her she was married to THE samrat shergill.

It was 8pm in no time and gunjan was busy getting the dinner ready. She expected samrat at 9. Bui had already had her dinner and was off to sleep as usual. It was 9 and there was no sign of samrat. Gunjan was hungry so she ate her dinner and then went to the hall to watch TV. She told the maids to go as it was getting late.. She was furious! Couldn't samrat call once to tell her he would be late? Couldnt he inform her? How irresponsible of him. She didnt know when he would come. On calling him, the phone was answered by his secretary to tell her that he was busy and would call later! Thats all.


It was almost 11 when the bell rang. Gunjan lazily got up and opened the door. Samrat stood there.

Precap: ***Neil's Re-Entry***

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GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 March 2011 at 10:20pm | IP Logged
Please Rate and Comment!
The story will proceed a lil faster now!
So keep reading :)

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..Ambika.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 March 2011 at 10:29pm | IP Logged
awesome manjiiiii as always.......................luvd it plz cont.soon......................

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358674 Goldie

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its an awesome update
really good
loved it

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saduf IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 March 2011 at 11:05pm | IP Logged
wounderful update
samrat is such a workholic...hope gunjan changes him...eagerly waiting for Niel's re-entry
awesome update

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_Arushi_ IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 March 2011 at 11:08pm | IP Logged
awesome update!!
really loved  it....the precap seems to be interesting!!
do continue soon!!

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ar_sajan4evr IF-Sizzlerz

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heyyyyy manjiii

faaaab updateClap
Clap1stly it was a loooong update
wch i lovvvvved reading
cmng 2 d in its details...LOL
d mrng kitchn scene was gudddd...sam z damn seems..llolzz
n den dere convo over sarees..hayeeee..
dat was realyyy nycccc
n den gnjn prepared lunch 4 sam..ohoooo..gud gud
n wat z fishy bout sam's mami...ohhhh god..neil kam mami ka character bhi thora suspicious nikla..AngryLOL
n den...poor gnjn..sam dint evn called her once...
waitng 4 d reception party..n y do i hv a strong feeling dat neil's re-entry vil b in dere reception party....ConfusedConfusedOuchLOL
cont sooooooooooon
thnx 4 d pm

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