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|| Make Me Fall In LOVE || *SaJan* (Page 32)

GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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SandCastle. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 February 2011 at 9:09am | IP Logged
hey hi manjiri m a new membr 2 the forum & a huge SAJAN/MONAYA fan........
i luvd reading ur FF.......its awesum & very diffrent......i luv it......
OMG! NIEL attackd GUNJAN......& tld SAMRAT evrythin abt dier past.....Shocked.....m shockd.....!
but i thnk its GUNJAN just dreaming abt niel coz i dnt thnk NIEL ever luvd her or atleast was sooooo obsessed with her......Confused.....
i hope all is well......Unhappy......
& how on earth can she cheat SAMRAT 4 dat stupid NIEL!.....i mean its a bit wierd......Dead.....cheating SAM 4 NIEL...! LOLZ.....LOL.....
SAMRAT is so sweet.......hez so caring,nice & supportive......hope GUNJAN realizes her husbands worth soon & gives him all the luv he deserves......gosh just imagine!.....WinkEmbarrassed.....i hope it happens.....
can u plz PM me wen u continue......coz m really addicted 2 ur FF & i dnt wnt 2 miss even a single part.......
so plzzzzzzz dear add me 2 the PM list......plzzzzz......
wonderful continue ASAP.........
W8in eagrly 4 it.......
hats off 2 u......ClapClapClap.....
plzzzzz PM me wen u continue.......thnxxx.....Smile


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lakshmi_SG Goldie

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Posted: 19 February 2011 at 10:44am | IP Logged
Manjari, nice update and I am really looking forward for this update.........sajan track is a very diffreent one in this FF which I am liking so much. Pls update asap.

All the best for your exams, dear.

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sarunlicious.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 23 February 2011 at 6:33am | IP Logged
Sorry For Not Commenting Nowadayss Embarrassed & Pllzz Update Soon !! && Promise That I Will Comment LONGGG Then Hug

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_Monu_ IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 February 2011 at 2:49pm | IP Logged
hiii manjiii
wonderful updt
i hope this akwardness b2in sajan
will stop soon...n its just the start of a new life
i hope its not a dream
that thing abt neil
horrible yaar..but it was needed
samrat koh pata chalna hi ta na!
i m curious 2 see his reaction
i hope he kick out neil n support gunjan
n gunjan accepts himas hi hubby
all the best 4 exams
will wait 4 the updt
love yaaa

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GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 16 January 2010
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Posted: 15 March 2011 at 2:07am | IP Logged
Hii Friends!
Well I guess I am on a writing spree!
Lol.. 2 updates in 1 dayy!!LOLLOL
Heres the second one..!
As usual..
Neil came in and tried to kill gunjan, samrat now knows everything..
Neil was pulling her hair.. and now!

She jerked up ... *phew* It was a dream... It was just a nightmare.. it was not real.. she touched her sweaty forehead to check her temperature.. she wiped the sweat from her forehead and looked around into darkness.. It was all very quiet.. the rain had stopped and there was no wind. It was just a nightmare, gunjan reassured herself. She shut her eyes and covered her face with her palms and looked at samrat. He was fast asleep... he was sleeping peacefully beside her. She laid down beside him and tried to go off to sleep again.. but her vivid nightmare didnt allow that to happen..she kept turning in bed trying to put neil out of her mind but it just didnt happen..



The Next Morning Gunjan woke up at 5.. actually she got off bed at 5. Her eyes were swollen as they were sleep deprived and she felt weak. She got up from bed and went to the bathroom.

She washed her face with cold water and came out.She glanced at samrat and then went down to get herself a cup of tea. She made her tea and took a stroll in the lawn.. she kept walking looking around, trying to take in the fresh air when someone tapped her on the back..

"Gunjan" he said. Gunjan jumped in her place and turned around.. "huh?" she asked.

 "You woke up so early today?" he asked with his comforting voice. "Yes" she answered trying to smile.

"Your eyes are swollen?" he commented. She rubbed her eyes.

"No, actually wasnt feeling too well this morning."

 "Oh! Do you want me to call the doctor?"

 "Oh no, that wouldnt be needed."

 "are you sure?"

 "Yes.." she smiled again.

Yet again, gunjan saw the simple samrat. He was a very nice human being. If she wasnt madly in love with neil, she would have loved her life with samrat! Everything would have been perfect, bui had actually chosen samrat very wisely... But again.. Only if bui had tried to understand neil, then maybe even samrats life could be saved from getting ruined.



Later in the day gunjan's mood improved as she watched TV. This was her favourite passtime.  Samrat came down the stairs,

"Im done with my work" he announced.

Gunjan smiled at him and then her eyes were glued to the television.

"What are you watching?" samrat said while coming nearer to peek into the TV.

"I was watching FRIENDS" she said..

"Oh. What is that?" he said.

'What? He didnt even know what friends was? And he actually admitted it? What was wrong with him?' gunjan thought.

"You havent seen friends?"

"No. Why? It is very good?"

"yes! It is!" she said.

Samrat came and joined her. He understood little and kept commenting in the middle..

"This is so dumb! Why are you watching this.?!"


He received a frown from gunjan!


"It makes no sense!"


Another frown!


Do you want to go out?"


"What?" gunjan finally said something.


"Yeah!" samrat said, finally getting gunjans attention. "I could show you some other places here! As it is we will be going back tomorrow.!"


"Oh yes! Our 3 day stay is over." Gunjan commented. "Time actually went by fast enough." She lied.


"Yes, it did." Samrat smiled. "so what say? Want to go for a tour?"


"Ok fine, give me five minutes."





First they went to the famous LONDON EYE.


Gunjan looked and praised the london skyline. She had read somewhere that it was the worlds highest obvservation wheel.. and she was very excited.

Samrat could see the excitement in gunjan's eyes and he got tickets and they got onto one of the 32 huge capsules which gunjan counted. There were around 20 people with them in that one huge thing!

It was a breath taking experience for her and she looked in all directions admiring the place where as samrat stood there admiring his beautiful wife. He smiled looking at her eagerness and excitement. He wanted to make her feel comfortable with him. He had realised that whenever he went close to her she felt awkward and became stiff so he tried not to go too close until she was comfortable.. Gunjan saw so many buildings and the whole london could be seen from up there..


After this it became rather boring for gunjan, as samrat took her to the Imeprial War Museum, London Museum, The london towers and very keenly explained each and every incident. Gunjan was pretty bored but she tried to smile and listen to whatever samrat was saying.. though hardly anything went into her mind she still kept listening.

Later they stopped by to have lunch in piccadally square. They ate crepes and chocolate fondue bread. After that delicious lunch Samrat took gunjan shopping. Gunjan was very shy to buy stuff in the beginning.. samrat showed her many shops with fancy bags and shoes but she said she didnt want any.

"Buy something gunjan?!" he said.

"I dont want anything samrat!" she argued.

"Plz buy something.. for me!" he said.. smiling.. he had always heard his colleagues complain about their wives spending alot.. but here.. here was something he hadnt expected.

"Good Idea.. We should shop for you!" she said.

"Bad Idea.. I hate shopping.!" Samrat exclaimed.

"Then what are we doing here?" Gunjan said.

"Gunjan, come , Ill buy you something!"

"But Samrat—"Im not listening" he said as he entered a shop and started looking for something.

Gunjan Loved Shopping.. But she wasnt feeling up to it.. every minute she thought about her nightmare and what if all that happened for real..

Samrat picked out a baige colour bag for gunjan.. she looked at it and frowned.. She liked lively colours like red, pink, yellow.. baige was to subtle a colour for her.. Samrat picked out another one but gunjan didnt like that much either.. then samrat finally gave up and asked her to pick one.. she picked up a red versace which looked gaudy and dandy.. She loved it so samrat not showing his dislike towards the bag smiled and went ahead for the payment..

Gunjan realised that the bag was pretty expensive! She told him to bunk it.. but he insisted on buying it..! Gunjan smiled.  Slowly the wall between the two started to break and they started to talk freely and gunjans lively-ness started to return. It was a new ray of light in the dark sky!

They roamed around in london city in the evening, drinking juice and talking about themselves.. well atleast gunjan was .. samrat quietly listened to everything she had to say.. where as gunjan went on and on about how she had irritated bui when she was young.!There was little awkwardness and silence in between.. but that was quickly filled by either of them.. Everything about gunjan made him fall more and more for her. He bought her a rose from the roadside and said something after a long time..


"Gunjan, I know how you must be feeling, leaving your family and friends behind and starting a new life with me. I dont want to force you into anything. Maybe we should know each other first and then take our relationship to the next level. Will you be my friend, Gunjan?" he said in his calm, firm and confident voice.


Gunjan was silent as she clutched onto the flower he gave her. He was the sweetest person she had ever met in her life. He understood her so well.. she felt as if she was cheating him.. she was being disloyal. She felt very guilty and had no other option but to nod and accept his hand of friendship.  She truly wanted to try and forget neil after what samrat had just said. She knew it would be difficult as her love was strong but now she had to spend the rest of her life with samrat. She had made up her mind. She wanted to start afresh!


Samrat was very happy on seeing her nod.. he was confident that soon they would learn to adjust with each other and life would be great!



As they reached home in the evening, they were tired and gunjan was almost falling apart due to sleeplessness.. they changed and went to sleep.. By the time samrat came out of his bathroom gunjan was already asleep. He sat on his side on the bed and looked at the little angel sleeping next to him.. He smiled to himself and extended his hand to touch her milk-white face and her soft skin.. but something deep down stopped him and he withdrew his hand immediately..




The next day was very quick.. samrat went to his office in the morning and gunjan was at home packing all their clothes to go back to mumbai.. Again there were butterflies in gunjans stomach.. it would be her first step into her new life in a new town.. she hadnt been to mumbai eitherbut was dying to go there.

The flight journey was much better than last time.. they talked without the awkwardness and gunjan no longer had a fake smile on her face. She had learnt to adjust in these 3 days and was satisfied with her life. She knew she couldnt get neil back so crying and regretting was in vain..This was the end.. and she knew life would never get any better!

Samrat looked forward to his new life and thought it was a new beginning.. everything was perfect.. he was with a person he loved and this was just the beginning of their wonderful life!






Precap: This is where the turning point of the story lies.. On one side there is a person who thinks this is the end and she has to live on like this.. and on the other side is a person for whom its just the beginning..

Such contrast could lead to...



Lol.. guys.. hope you arent disappointed with the way I continued it.. Most of you had guessed it would be a dream.
But hope you are ok with this...
I wanted to do everything properly and making samrat know everything like this wouldnt be very good!
1) neil is poor.. how did he come to LONDON!
2) how did he know they hv gone to LONDON and NOT mumbai!
The previous update was just for my wild imaginations..! LOL
anyway.. now no more of those stupid things!
Hope you likedd his update..

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.VanishingDream IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 March 2011 at 2:09am | IP Logged
i love u manjiHug

Edited by deepti_mohit - 15 March 2011 at 2:13am

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..Ambika.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 March 2011 at 2:16am | IP Logged
simply amazing.................beautifully written.....................keep writing..................................and update the rest of ur ffs too.............
luv u loads..............

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