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|| Make Me Fall In LOVE || *SaJan* (Page 25)

GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 February 2011 at 7:33am | IP Logged
Thank You Everyone for loving my update and for your lovely comments! Will try and reply seperately to all..! thanks !

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_Monu_ IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 February 2011 at 10:43am | IP Logged
heyy manjii..
yaar i dont remember if i replied or
but phir bi comment kar deti hoon
great part..
sam is tooooo niceee
but gunji??..she has 2 forget neil
n i liked the precap!!..
maybe im wondering what u r going 2 write next =)
updt when is possible
seee yaa
love uuu

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GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 February 2011 at 8:32am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ght_sajan

fantastic update dear'..i am beginning to love this ff.....can relate to every character here..loved the way you brought out the awkwardness the dilemma ......i am waiting to see how this ff unfolds...........gr8 job buddy

Hey Sonu! thanks alot for your lovely comment! and WOW !! U like this FF noww! yay!!
Thanks a ton!
GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 February 2011 at 8:33am | IP Logged
Originally posted by _Monu_

heyy manjii..
yaar i dont remember if i replied or
but phir bi comment kar deti hoon
great part..
sam is tooooo niceee
but gunji??..she has 2 forget neil
n i liked the precap!!..
maybe im wondering what u r going 2 write next =)
updt when is possible
seee yaa
love uuu
Hi Monica! thanks alot yaaar! No u hadnt commented..
anywayy.. Thanks.. and yeah.. even im wondering the same! hehe!
ar_sajan4evr IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 February 2011 at 3:58am | IP Logged

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GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Hi Friends..
Firstly I really wanna thank everyone for voting for the POLL I made.. and now I exactly know what you'll want! Thank Youu.. [to everyone except NISH! she is still thinkingg..TongueWinkLOL]
Ok This update is dedictaed to Sara [Chillupp]... And I'll tell you why Im dedictaing it to her at the end of the Update! Warna suspense kharab ho jayega! WinkLOL

Gunjan's POV:


My eyes opened as the first rays of the sun entered through the window.. It was a new morning and as usual i woke up with a smile on my face.. I looked around at the unfamiliar surroundings and then at the person sleeping next to me.. My smile immediately faded and I was lost in another world..


I am married. My life has changed. I should try and forget Neil. How will i do that? I didnt know. I got up from the bed and went to the bathroom.. There was a weird excitement and nervousness in me. I was getting nervous. How would I manage? What would I do? I felt helpless at that moment. The memories of last night slowly got back and I closed my eyes.. i splashed water on my face and washed my hands.

When I went out samrat had already gotten up. Where did he go? I went down to make tea but was surprised at what i saw.. Samrat stood in his night clothes making tea in the kitchen...


I walked up to him and he looked at me and smiled.. "Good Morning Gunjan!" he said pouring the tea into two cups. "I would have made the tea.. why did you.." "Ah! No problem. I m used to do my work on my own and you must be tired. You have alot to adjust to after yesterday. New life, New family & you have to spend your life with an unknown person." I could feel the awkwardness he felt and I didnt know what to say. We had a quiet tea in the lawn and the fresh air blowing against out faces. I shut my eyes and took in as much as I could..


"Will you go to office today?" I asked him. "Yes, at 9. Why?" he asked..

"No.. I was just wondering.." "I know you are alone here but I promise I'll be back soon and then we could go out to see London city if you like.!" I tried to smile. I took out a shirt and black pants for him on the bed. He came out in his towel. He stared at the clothes for a moment.. I sat on the bed reading my book and sneaking one or two glances at him every now & then. 

{Samrat was feeling awkward seeing everything kept ready for him.. He was used to doing his work himself and was very independent.. Gunjan didnt need to do all this. He didnt want to say anything so he just wore what she had taken out.}

Samrat combed his hair, put on his watch, put on a tie, applied perfume and then wore his shoes. He got up wore his coat and walked out. Before leaving the room he glanced at Me..

"Im going. Ill be back soon! If you need anything, please call!" I looked at him.. Great. I was right. He is boring. Watch, Hanky, Tie, hair.. uff.. I was hungry by now.. I went into the kitchen.. i opened the fridge.. The fridge was stuffed with food and before I could eat anything, the doorbell rang.. I jumped up with the noise and went towards the door. It was a lady wearing an Apron.

"Good Morning Maam! I am the cleaner here."

"Oh. Good morning.!"

I went back to get something to eat.. I switched on the television and saw my favourite show, How I Met your Mother! It is just so nice.. I sat there munching on the biscuits and chips and watching TV.

After sitting around and watching TV I was bored again.. I always tried to take my mind off Neil but everytime I tried the more I missed him.. I thought of calling Bui..

Bui was happy hearing my voice and so was I..

"How are you my child?" she said..

"Bui Im fine! Im missing you very much!"

"Dont worry honey.. We will meet soon.. just two more days!"

"Yes Bui, Im waiting!"

There was silence for sometime.

"Gunjan, someone told Neil that you got married!" Bui said suddenly and once again I got a shock.. What? How? What would he be thinking of me? Why did bui have to remind me? What if he comes to know where I am?

"What? Bui.. how is this possible?"

"I dont know gunjan, I thought it was important to let you know.."

My eyes were watery.. i didnt know how to react. I was numb. What should I say? Didnt I expect so? Didnt I want that to happen so that Neil hates me for the rest of his life? Why was I crying? What was wrong with me.. I am supposed to forget Neil.. ok.. forget Neil..

I said a quick goodbye to bui and hung up and went to the bathroom and cried my heart out.. Later when I came out I realised that samrat's coat was already in the room.. that means he was back.. it was 1:30pm.. I didnt even realise for how long had a watched TV! I picked up his coat and kept it in the almirah and I went down. Samrat sat on the couch and his eyes fixed on the TV screen..

As I went closer he looked up at me.. seeing me come he stood up hurriedly and closed the television..

"Whats the matter Gunjan?" he asked with concern.. I could see it in his eyes..

"Nothing.. Why? What would happen?"

"Gunjan your eyes are puffed up and they are red!"

"Oh.. nothing.. i slept for a long time..and.."

"Its ok if you dont want to share, but dont lie.. its very easy to make out.."

I was quiet as I stared at him in utter disbelief.. he hadn't even known me for days.. this was the fastest marriage ever.. how could he know me so well?

"Lunch?" he said again.. I quietly nodded and served the food he had probably got from outside.. Lunch was very quiet.. he didnt talk much and I didnt have anything to say. I just picked on my food and barely ate anything.. I could see samrat looking at my plate every now and then.. he didnt say anything to me but just got up in the middle of his lunch..

"I think Im done." He said washing his hands at a sink nearby..

"But.. you.. havent really.. eaten much!" I said.. kind of scared.

"Its ok. I.. I just dont feel like eating."

He was leaving when i realised it was because of me he wasn't eating.. It was all my fault..

"Look, Samrat, dont leave your food because of me."

"Im not doing so. Im just tired."

He climbed up the stairs and into the room..

I cleaned the table and put everything into the sink. I too went up and saw samrat lying down on his side of the bed with his hand on his head.. He seemed to be depressed.. and I sat on the chair reading my book.. What should I tell him? How should I start a conversation? Should I start one? This is very weird. I barely even know him! Why did he leave lunch? Why is everything always going wrong..



It was almost dinner time and Sajan hadn't even spoken to each other.. samrat was working on his laptop and gunjan was just doing some household work..

Samrat :  (thinking) What's wrong with gunjan? She cried today? Is she ok? And even during lunch she didnt eat much. I hope she is being able to adjust with me. I dont know how to explain to her that she is my wife now! And she can share her feelings with me.. If she needs something; or if she disliked something I said; I dont want her to lie to me! But I dont know why I cant tell her anything! Her eyes had immense pain within them and I guess she isn't ready to share them with me yet. Maybe I could just wait for sometime.. Or Maybe I could go and cheer her up a little..

Samrat went down the stairs and saw gunjan going towards the kitchen..

"Gunjan, What are you doing?" samrat asked going towards her.

"Umm.. I was just going to make dinner. Why?" she asked with confusion mixed with depression.

"Why dont we go out for dinner today? I could show you around!" He asked trying to make it sound like just a dinner and nothing too good.

Gunjan studied the expressions on his face. She didnt want to go. But she was scared to say no. Already because of her he hadn't eaten much for lunch and now she would refuse. She had to try and make this marriage work so she just nodded..

"Ok then. Go get ready." Samrat said hiding his excitement.

Gunjan went upstairs and got dressed for dinner. She didnt know where they were going, would it be an expensive place? She didnt even have such good clothes. She wore a Red saree with a thick black designed border. It was quite plain but it added to her beauty immensely! She looked gorgeous and slim. She went down wearing a set of black heels and the saree.. She even put slight make up.. Samrat was ready, wearing his NORMAL black coat and a shirt.. Samrat smiled at gunjan and then they drove to a restaurant.

Ok that was wrong. It was a HOTEL! It was huge.. They went inside. There were yellow lights and there were glass doors.. the place was very elegant and expensive. Gunjan put on her fake smile and kept walking along with samrat until they reached a restaurant called The Ritz. They waiter took them to their table and gave them their menu cards. The waiter left them alone. Gunjan looked at samrat and then back at her menu card.. once they had decided what they wanted to order they began to think about a topic to talk on. Samrat was very shy to start the conversation and by now.. gunjan knew that very well.. she was just thinking of something appropriate. Maybe something she wanted to know about samrat. But before she could say something samrat started the conversation,

"So are you liking this restaurant?"

"Yes! It is very nice. Thank you!"

"You dont need to thank me gunjan!"

"Do you come here often?"

"not very often. I have just come here once before, with a client. I usually eat at home."


And silence penetrated again.. This time not for long.

"Which is your favourite cuisine?" gunjan asked.. just to shoo the awkwardness away!

"I like everything. I am not too choosy on food. But Im a vegetarian..."

"Ok..that's nice."

"What do you like?" samrat asked.

"I like Chinese the most, but it doesn't really matter!"

"It does gunjan, it does matter!"

Gunjan didnt understand why samrat said so.. They shared some more of their favourites when the food arrived.

They heartily ate and gunjan's fake smile had vanished only to be replaced by a genuine one. ' though samrat wasn't very extrovert and interesting, he still was a sweet person, he wasn't choosy about food, clothes, shoes, or for that matter of fact anything! I wonder if these kind of men still exist! Who would say he was a millionaire?' was what gunjan was thinking about.. After their dinner they went out and saw that it was raining heavily.. there was thunder but no lightning! Gunjan looked at the rain and cherished some memories with Neil.. her eyes were teary but she didnt give way to them this time.. she controlled. She was surprised but actually she could control.! Samrat got the car and she sat down.. While going back samrat stopped at an ice-cream parlour. He was about to go out when gunjan said.. "I dont want ice-cream" ... Samrat turned around and then smiled at her.. She was embarrassed. Maybe he wasn't going to get it for her? He wanted one .. She must have seemed so stupid. But after two minutes samrat returned with one cup of ice cream and it was Gunjans favourite flavour! He handed it over to gunjan, "this is for you!" gunjan was shocked! She had told him not to get ice cream.. and he still got one.

"I told you that I.." "Sorry.. you had told me that you love ice-cream and never say no for it! So Thats why.."

Gunjan tried to smile.. but then again a thought passed her mind as she was going to take the first bite.. did he want them to share one ice cream? Thats why he hadn't got one for himself. Oh god.. what would she do now! She couldnt share an ICE CREAM with him! Have his Jhootha? No Way!..

"Wont.. you... have..??" gunjan asked trying to control her emotions from coming out..

"No thank you!" He replied. That was so weird?! He was just so simple!! Why? He was rich and he had everything! Then why was he so simple? What was wrong with him? Gunjan always wanted to be rich! She always used to tell Neil to earn alot so that she could shop the whole day and spend alot of money! She loved being pampered by Neil... and now when she had everything.. she just wasn't happy! Samrat had all the money she wanted and she could shop till death with that! But she still kept wondering WHY.. WHY was samrat so SIMPLE? How could he control? How come he was so introvert in a world like this? How could he HATE expensive, designer stuff!



The Rain hadn't stopped yet.. the winds blew hard making some noise against their window and the leaves made a rattling noise. Everything was fierce and In the middle of the night the door bell rang. I was barely asleep so heard it.. I quietly went down to see who it was. I was scared to open the doors.. it was lightening outside. The second thought I had was that maybe someone was caught up and wanted shelter. I didnt know what to do, It was 2 o'clock and it could be dangerous to let a stranger in. I slowly went near the door as the person was making some noises..

I heard what he was saying. Gunjan was in shock for a minute then I opened the door..  It was NEIL.. he looked disastrous.. his hair was messed up and he was devastated for sure.. In great anger he stomped into the room and caught me by my shoulder! Once again the lightning struck and thunder roared. I shuddered.. I was speechless or rather I was so frightened that I couldnt move.. it was as if someone had made me a statue.

"GUNJAN! You! Im NEVER gonna forgive you for WHAT you did To me!" he said.. as he gritted his teeth.. my arms were aching.. he was holding them too hard.. I could feel the pain inside and I looked horrified..


He was screaming at the top of his voice and my eyes were filled with tears and I broke down.. "No Neil.. No.. You have no idea what—


 He had a grin on his face suddenly.. I looked confused as he looked around the house.. He spotted what he needed and then went towards it.. I was hell scared.. on one side the leaves & branches of the trees were shaking because of the strong wind and on the other side the lightning and THUNDER... everything was scary. The moment I began to move towards the place where Neil went I saw what he had gone in for.. he was holding a KNIFE in his hand.. 


"Neil.. Neil.. what is this? You cant do this? No No.. stop it!"


He moved towards me and I moved away from him.. he caught me by the waist and I tried to set myself free.. the door was still open and the strong wind entered the house.. my back was against Neil's chest and I was catching his hand and trying to release myself.. His hold just became tighter and the knife neared to my face.. my heart thudded loudly as I thought it was the end of my life and that maybe this was what I deserved.. but my heart still wanted to be alive.. to live! I couldnt believe what was happening.. I was sweating hard and Neil was holding me very tight... my stomach was aching and my hands were already bruised!

"Neil.. mujhe dard ho..raha hai.. chhodo.. please.."


"Ouch! Neil please.. leave me.."


"Neil PLZ!"

Neil put the knife against my neck and rubbed it on my soft white skin.. I could feel the metal against my neck and I flinched.. my eyes shut and I was talking gods name and praying for my life!

"GUNJAAAN!" Came a voice from behind..

They turned around to see samrat coming down the stairs! Gunjans world was shaken completely.. he would come to know everything now!

"Who is THIS? What are you doing here?" Samrat yelled..

"Wait RIGHT there Mr. Husband!" Neil warned.. "or ill cut my throat and you can keep staring.."

"But WHY? Why do you want to do that!"

"Oh! So you dont know.. is it?"

He pushed me against the floor.. I froze.. I couldnt breathe much.. and my whole body was shaking with fear..

Samrat tried to run towards me but Neil stopped him.. he told samrat everything.. then Neil pulled me up by my hair.. while samrat stood still and stared at the whole scene trying to digest the truth..

"OUCHH!" i screamed in pain as Neil smiled.. he was happy seeing the pain and grief in my eyes..


Precap : Cant give out! :P
So now I'll tell you guys what happened.. Sara told me to try HORROR LOLas by now I had tried almost everything... haha.. I doubt I could write even the H or horror.. LOLbecause Im very scared or horror movies and all.. thats why till date whenever I watch horror shows my eyes and ears are always shut when something happens..! lol..
Well i gave a try. thats all.. but I sucked..TongueTongueLOLLOL Thats all I can say..LOLLOL 
But I promise this wont ruin the story! =P
Please Rate & Comment !!

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res Shockedmumy m so scared
he vas pulling her hair LOL
me dar hi gaiWacko

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