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|| Make Me Fall In LOVE || *SaJan* (Page 135)

GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 May 2011 at 1:12pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by karantakiar

amazing dear.
luvly part.
simplyyy outstandinggg.
plzzz cnt soon.
luv u
Thanks Vrittika! <3

GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by charmee_sammy

Sorry Manjari thanks to my exams tension i forgot have reserved a post to comment:P and thanks for remaindering pmLOL
As usual it was fab updt... poor gunjan was carving to spend sometime with samrat but he was too busy with his work... Sameera's idea did work but was left half a way as gunjan disconnected d call n din't knew further stepLOL though he knows now that gunjan cares n worries about him but he still needs to get learn about gunjan's growing feelings for him... I think gunjan should pour out her feelings as in for the time being that she wants him to spend time with her... and then of course sam will definitely be happy hearing it... Also hope gunjan conquers her feelings for samrat... Do cont soon.. n sorry for being late..
Hey Charmee! Thank youu soo much! I am so glad your enjoying this FF soo much! I know There are many pbms between S & G but they will be cleared in sometime. Not much of this FF is left. lets see where it ends!

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GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by Ayesha_LuvSaJan

Aww! Poor Sammy he is so busy in office that he cames late and Gunjan was furious.. And she want Sam to give her sometime but he is busy in office!
Continue Soon..
Precap is interesting..
Thank youu Ayesha! I am soo glad that you enjoyed my update! (:
Yeah I know.. Samrat ke aadat bhi toh kharab hai naa! hehe (:

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GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Thank youu soo much guys for liking my FF soo much!
I have not been able to reply to everyone this time but I did read your comments and LOVED them!

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GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Hey Guys!

I am Back! And Really Sorry for the late update!

Well I finished writing in the 2 and a half hour flight so I can update now. Well I hope you remember what happened before and you havent forgotten that there is an FF called Make Me Fall In Love! ROFL

I always love updating this FF so here goes the next update!



Gunjan sat in her room bored. No Cooking classes today. Its a MONDAY morning and Samrat was in office.. WORKING! Gunjan was totally fed up with him. T seemed as if these days he could do nothing but work. He only thought about his work and its as if he liked his work better than her. Gunjan thought. And then she paused on that thought. "liked work better than me?" she mumbled. Obviously he liked work better. He is SAMRAT he loves working.


The bell rang and Gunjan opened the door to see Sameera and Shruti. Gunjan hugged Sameera and they sat together in the living room talking. Shruti sat in the other room doing her homework. Summer vacations were on and Shruti had got so much homework.


"Samrat has no time for me. At all."


"Chill gunjan. We will have to think of something. My last idea failed but I can think of a better one!"


"No no. He had come later to ask if everything was alright!"


"And what exactly did you tell him?" she enquired. She knew it didnt go as she wanted or else Samrat would be sitting at home near Gunjan now!


"Ermm.. I told him that there was no problem!"


"What?" she yelled. "How could you?"


"I didnt know what else to say!"


"Gunjan you are supposed to scold him for what he did. Not smile and say that there is no problem.!"


"but Sameera it will make no difference!" Gunjan said.


"It will Gunjan! It will. You dont understand men. You have to keep telling them what is right and what is not!" she explained. " They are like kids and after all your his wife he has to listen!"


"Its not that way with us! I usually adjust to however he likes it." Gunjan lied. She was still not ready to tell Sameera about Neil. She didnt want her ONLY friend to judge her by what she did. She knew she was wrong but she didnt want to be judged by others.


"Exactly Gunjan... you are extra sweet!"


The two ladies had lunch together and gossiped all day. Sameera agave her ideas and she rejected ALL. Because Sameera didnt know her real problem. Finally they bunked all this and sat and saw How I met You mother. It turns out that Sameera also loved this show A lot.  In no time it was six.


"Achha let me go give Shruti something to eat and come!"


"Ill come with you!"


"No no.. its okay. Sit Ill be right back!"


Gunjan went and checked on Shruti while Sameera sat there watching TV and thinking of ways to help Gunjan when gunjan's cell beeped. It was Samrat's message.


"Get Ready in one hour okay. We have to go for a party!" It read.


Sameera thought for a few seconds and then replied without asking Gunjan.


"I am Not coming!"


She got a quick reply this time.


"Why? Anything wrong?"


Sameera thoughtfully replied.


 "When you don't have time for me.. Why should I come with you!"


There was no reply for a long time after that. Then it beeped again.


"I am Sorry Gunjan. This week I couldnt give you much time. But I thought.. you know that you needed time to get over.. umm.. Neil and that Sameera was helping you! I didnt want to remind you of him. But I hope you can understand my situation"


This was actually the first time ever that Samrat had frankly spoken to gunjan. He had actually written down what he felt and he actually felt happy seeing how she wanted his time and attention. He realised that may be gunjan was changing!


As Sameera sat still wondering who was this new person in their life Gunjan came and took her phone from Sameera's hand and read the message.


"Sameera! What happened? Why did Samrat say sorry for not giving me time?"


"Gunjan I was trying to help. But before that I want to ask you.. who is Neil? And if he was important to you why dont I know about him.. I thought we were best friends."

"Your right Sameera. Neil WAS important to me. And that was before I met you. And I was scared that you would judge me after listening about Neil. I didnt want to lose you. And plus now I dont care about him. Thats what I have been trying to tell you Sameera that mine and Samrat's story is different!"


Gunjan explains the whole story in detail! Sameera's eyes were wide open by the end. She couldnt believe Gunjan hadn't told her about this.. She was very upset..


"Gunjan, I really thought we were best friends" was what she said next.


"Look Sameera. Dont do this. I know I should have told you such a big thing. But I didnt want you to judge me with this!"


"You thought I would? I would have sympathized with you!"


"I dont know Sameera. That Time I just wanted a friend who could make me forget Neil and everything else. You have been more than a sister to me! I dont know how to apologize!"


"You dont need to. But in that case. Samrat is right. Why should he give you time now? You were the one who said you need time. So Gunjan its your turn to take the first step now!"


[The Door Bell Rings]

[Gunjan doesn't pay much attention]


"What should I do? He is just spacing himself from me since he has come from US. He doesn't have anytime for me. I think he is... planning on a divorce!"


"Divorce? What are you saying?"


[Samrat comes to talk to gunjan!]


"Yes. Divorce. There is no other reason."


Samrat stands still shocked at what Gunjan just said.


'She wants a divorce? But she cant give me a divorce. She promised me! But if she isn't happy with me then.. But is she giving me a divorce because I am working so much? And dont have time for her? Shit! Maybe that is right! I have to do something!'


Sameera stands up seeing Samrat. Samrat smiles at her sadly. Gunjan looks back.


"Your Home early." She said.


"I messaged you 5 minutes back!" he said. "I am going for the party then.. ok? Its important!" he said. He didnt want to ask her anything in front of Sameera! Half way up the stairs he turned around to say "Ill be home early"


Gunjan stared at him. 'Now he didnt want to take me for parties as well. Great!' she thought. Sameera looked embarrassed and she wanted to apologize. She waited for Samrat to go. after that she said "Gunjan I am So Sorry!" she said and showed her samrat's messages! Gunjan looked at Sameera.

"Great! I cant believe I am stuck in this!"


"I am sorry. I think I should just leave and maybe you could talk to him!"


"Yeah okay!"


"Bye" Sameera left with Shruti..


Gunjan went to the room. Samrat was taking out his clothes.


"I am sorry Gunjan." He said without looking at her.


Gunjan looked at him lovingly. "It wasn't his fault but he still says sorry! Just to make me feel more guilty!" She told herself.


"Samrat. I am sorry. It was my fault. I shouldn't have texted you that!"


"No Gunjan. I was happy you told me what you felt. I was just feeling guilty. You have been through so much and I couldnt be there.."


"You were always there.." she said "You never left my side when I needed you!"

She said immediately.


Samrat smiled looking at her.


"But still. I know I havent been able to give you alot of time. But trust me I want to." He said walking upto her. "its just that this deal is very very important for me. They are coming to pune next month that is just two weeks and if we get this tender we will be the no.1 company in India!" he said.


Gunjan nodded. "I can understand. And I am ready to cooperate!" she said.


Samrat smiled and turned around to pick his clothes. Gunjan wondered how would he tell her that even she wanted to go with him. Be there for him. So she just said, "Will you take me with you?"


Samrat turned around hearing that and nodded eagerly. "Ofcourse Gunjan. Thanks alot. It means alot to me!"


"Atleast I can do that much.." she said under her breathe.


Gunjan moved ahead and picked out a shirt for samrat and a formal tie. She took out a saree for herself and they both changed.




Gunjan was glad that everything was fine. At the party Samrat introduced her to many people. Out of which she barely remembered any names. She just wondered how Samrat remembered all their names while she was very confused. Even Mamaji and Mamiji were there at the party. Gunjan was just standing next to Samrat as he talked to the people. But Samrat was very happy to introduce his wife to everyone present there and he was extremely happy because she was there and she understood him just perfectly. But at the back of his mind he hoped Gunjan had dropped the idea of Divorce. He loved her alot. What if he couldnt tell her. What if he secretly loved her. The point was that he loved her without limits.


As they sat to have dinner, gunjan said, "Finally. How do you remember so many people?" she said already tired. "I was so tired standing there listening to your boring conversations!"


Samrat chuckled and said "You really looked disinterested! You were texting Sameera every second!"


"You noticed?" Gunjan asked in surprise. Samrat nodded. 'I was looking at you all the time' he told himself .


"So can we go home after sometime this Saree is killing me and I will collapse anytime. And anyway we have been in this party for almost 3 hours now!"


Samrat laughed again. He felt bad for her. "Okay. We will leave in sometime."


They had their dinner and went to meet the party host to bid adieu. But he wasn't letting them go, and forced them for a dance. He asked Gunjan for a dance and she had no option but to say yes. Poor Samrat had to stand in a corner looking at them dance. He observed then carefully waiting for one chance to take Gunjan away from that stranger. He was being possessive without realising. Gunjan looked pretty uncomfortable and Samrat sensed that. Her face expressions were exactly like that when they had danced the last time.


As the song changed Samrat went and asked the party host to hand over Gunjan to him now and then started the next song. Samrat twirled Gunjan round and she relaxed. He held her tightly from her waist so that she could rest her body against his and relax. She did exactly that and felt very comfortable. Her saree was very heavy and it was difficult to keep it on for long. She was feeling very tired and sleepy. It was almost 11 now and Gunjan wanted to go home. As Samrat spun her round and put her hand around her waist again she felt dizzy. She came closer to him and whispered in his ears. "Lets go home. I feel sick!"

Samrat held her more protectively and they quietly left the party. Gunjan was just leaning against Samrat as he dragged her along. She actually felt weak.


Gunjan lay down in her bed and felt her body ache. Samrat also laid down beside her and looked at her expressions trying to read them.


"Arrey you okay? Need any medicines?" Samrat asked.


"I am fine." She said. She wanted to be in his arms after the whole dance and their walk to the car but she felt awkward to just go ahead when she thought Samrat wanted a divorce.


"Okay. Good night." He said.


She smiled and replied. And they both slept with a smile on their face and dreams about how close they got! At night Gunjan feeling cold cuddled up near samrat to keep warm and he put his arm around her waist involuntarily and as Gunjan's eyes opened with his weight her cheeks turned red and she smiled. She felt his warm breathe against her ear and hair and she slept in his arms... finally.




Precap : Awkwardness + Blushing + Fun


Hey Guys! Hope you are enjoying the way this FF is going. I know this is getting slow and boring but do you really think I can help it. These two are both reserved and dont want to confess their feelings so what should I do! I wish I had made gunjan very outspoken. So it would be nice! LOL.. but now you'll just have to bear with it. But trust me they both will be together VERY SOON now! I am sure you must have sensed that!


Love you,



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heyyy paagall..Hugwow  ur updates was really a big surprise yaarShockedLOLn me to commnt first..DancingDancingreally missed ur updates alott..Embarrassed
this update was amazing yaar,,Day Dreamingtoo good,Heart
d party scenes was superbbb,,,Embarrassed
especially d dance...BlushingBlushing
finally sajan got a bit close.Day DreamingSilly
n d last scene was sooBlushingBlushingBlushing
hayyeee sajan slpt hugging each othrDay DreamingHeart
wonderfully writtenStarStar
d precap is really xciting yaar..Day Dreamingas i said earlie i never get enough of this ff..Silly
n dis ff isnt goin slow or boringg u foolAngryCensored
im loving d wayd story is progressingDay Dreaming
cont soon..cant wait 2 read d next part,,
luv uu

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Awesome Job Manji Clap

So beautifully written sweety, Love You Hug

When will Samrat and Gunjan be together??? Big Question na! But, don't worry I read your answer jaan...wonderful Para at the end ROFL Now, I guess majority of the readers would not ask that wuestion againWink But, Beware! This answer is not gonna' work for long

GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by SG-Obssession

Awesome Job Manji Clap  Thaanks Hug

So beautifully written sweety, Love You Hug I am really glad you enjoyed the updt! Love youu too sweety!

When will Samrat and Gunjan be together??? Big Question na! Even I dont know the answer. Every update I plan I will get them together but then when I try its like they are feeling awkward! So thats why its going slow! But, don't worry I read your answer jaan...wonderful Para at the end ROFL  Thanks! haha.. I had to write it yaar! I am bugged of the slow samrat! Now, I guess majority of the readers would not ask that wuestion againWink But, Beware! This answer is not gonna' work for long Yeah yeah! I know that! but jab tak chal raha hai chalne do! baad main dekhenge!

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