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|| Make Me Fall In LOVE || *SaJan* (Page 125)

GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by fend

hey manjiHug
minblowing updateClap
loved their hug soo adorableBlushing
n gunji is sooo happy to see sam backEmbarrassed
beautifull y wriiten loved each n every scene
finally love blossming hayeeeDay Dreaming
cannot wait to read the next part
do cont soon
n thanks for the pm

Thank Youu So much Rukma! Hug I am so glad you enjoyed my update!
Thank youu!

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GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by hiii

hey manji Hug
this was such an awsomely cute update
i totally loved it sooo much
love the little sjaan interection
and the gift sam got for her :)
and the precap seeems sooo intresting
do cont soon
love ya
Hey Tanzi Hug
Thank youu soo much! I knoww!! sajan are so adorable!
GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by mayadika11

Loved it.
Thanx for the pm.
Thank youu!! (:
GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by sg-muskaan

hiii Manjiii  Hug
as usual Awesome updt ...!
they just sooo Adorable ...loved it
n sajan hug...haayeee  Day Dreaming
iit was lovely part...really loved it
n precap seems 2 b interesting ..
do cont !
love ya
Thank youu So much! I am so glad you enjoyed my update!
GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by SwaNia_1

Short  of words...lovely update ...cont soon manji
Thank youu!
GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by ar_sajan4evr

pg 95- lovelyyy update
sry 4 small cmnts..once am done wid olll d pms..i'l def gv  my long cmnts...
Thanks Richaa!! Hug And yeah sure! will be waiting! (:
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Hey Guys! Hug

This update is especially for Pragya & all the SS lovers!
Well.. its not a very great update.. but I still hope you like it! The story is going to become a little lighter now.. for SOMEtime only!
Enjoy the updates! and yeah..
I just wanted to inform all of you that I will be leaving for Mumbai tomorrow so wont be able to update till the 4th of June!
After coming back I will update all my FFs.. PROMISE! Thumbs Up

That evening Gunjan was very happy with Samrat's little gesture of concern. She loved the surprise he had given her. It was surely something she hadn't expected. Although she was happy with his surprise, somewhere deep down she wished he would have given it to her himself.

"He still is not very outspoken with me. Does he still think I have feelings for.. Neil..?" she paused and thought about what she had just uttered. "Do I have feelings for him?" she asked herself. No answer. She had no answer to that. She wanted to know if she still felt for Neil, but how? How would she do that? She was fed up with herself. She hated herself for not being able to move on! She cursed herself day and night for that one mistake she made. But someone had to tell her, that life was not over. Life always gives you a second chance and everyone deserves a second chance.. dont they?


That night Gunjan waited till 11. Samrat didnt come. No Call either. Gunjan had called him once but no response. Now she started to get worried. 'Samrat knew that he should call her when he is going to be late, then why hadn't he called?' gunjan thought. She walked up and down the living room staring at her mobile screen waiting for it to ring. But it didnt. 12.. No call.. 1.. no call.. but the doorbell rang at 1:23am. Filled with anger Gunjan opened the door. Her eyes were almost red. She was furious at the man standing at the door. He looked tired too. but she didnt care at that moment.

She stood with her hands on her hips at the door not moving a bit. She just wiped off the sweat on her forehead. A part of her was relieved that samrat came home safe and sound. And the other half was almost ready to injure him.


"Okay.. Can I come in?" Samrat said, trying to smile.


"You should have called." Gunjan said seriously. Not even trying to smile.


"Gunjan.. I was so caught up in my work.. I didnt even—


But before he could finish.

"You didnt even realise that now you have someone waiting at home for you!" Gunjan said angrily. She calmed herself down. Breathing in. "Look Samrat, I dont mind if you work late. I understand, you have to manage such a huge empire single-handedly, but I am just asking for a call.. or even a text. Just so that I know.." she said trying to make him understand.


Samrat looked down. He was an obedient child so he was sorry.


"I was so worried." Gunjan said taking a deep sigh and opening the door completely to let him come in.

Samrat smiled at that. Atleast she cared. And he was happy that now atleast he had someone who cared for him. He walked inside and kept his suitcase on the table.

"I am sure you haven't eaten dinner.. So lets eat first!" Samrat said.

Gunjan didnt say anything. She went into the kitchen and in 2 minutes came out carrying a tray with all the food. She set it on the table and then they ate their dinner quietly. No one spoke for a long time. Then Gunjan spoke first,

"You really love working.. don't you?" she asked.

"Gunjan, No one loves working.." he paused. "But, do we have an option?"

"Yes! You do Samrat! You have so many workers, they could do the work. Why do you stay in office for so long?" she asked.

"Because its my company. Its not their company so even if there is a loss, they don't have to bear it. They will get their promised salary and at the end of the day its my loss!" he said.

"hmm.. I understand." She said.

As they got up from the table, Samrat and gunjan went to their room and Samrat changed. Gunjan read her book for a while and Samrat came out to see that Gunjan was already asleep on her armchair. He smiled at her and left the room.




Gunjan's Point Of View .


My eyes opened and I found myself sleeping on the armchair. I lazily got up and looked at the bed expecting Samrat to be sleeping. But he was not there. I looked at the time, it was 6:30. Then I looked at the bed again. Samrat is supposed to be right here! Where is he? Then I noticed that the bed was still made. No one had slept on it. I went downstairs to find him, he was still not there. I looked in the kitchen, but he wasn't there either. The cook was cleaning the cutlery and making breakfast.

Where could samrat be? Oh yes! How could I forget.. The study!

I opened the door of the study to find samrat sleeping with his head on the table and holding a pen in his right hand.

Uff.. What is wrong with him. Why does he work so much? Work work work.. Thats all he cares about! I went outside and got two mugs of coffee.. we both would need it. Samrat had worked all night and I had just slept for a few hours. To prevent sleeping in the day we both need coffee. I kept the coffee mug on his table, purposely making some noise so that he gets up. But no. He didnt get up! I banged it again. He was still sleeping. Should I wake him up? But he was working all night, he would want to sleep now and if I woke him up he would sit and work again! Forget it. Whenever he gets up he will go to office.

It was difficult to pass time in this house. Samrat was always busy in his work and I had to wait for it to be eleven so that I could go for my cooking class.. I have not  missed a single cooking class yet! Its so much fun there. And instantly my mind gets diverted , thinking of Sameera. What would she be doing now? Ironing her husbands suit for office? Getting her daughter ready for school? or making breakfast? Or maybe.. all three! And me. I am sitting here.. sleepy and bored.  Nothing to do. I dozed off to sleep.


"Gunjaaan" I heard someone call my name out. I got up and looked behind to see samrat yawning and walking in the living room sleepily. "Gunjaaan" he yelled again.


"Yes! I am here." I said. "do you need something?" I asked.


"Look at the Time! Its 11:30! Why didnt you wake me up?" Samrat said.


"Samrat, you had worked all night. I thought you wanted to rest!"


"I dont need rest! I had a meeting with Mr.Wanderwoodson this morning and he just called to say how disappointed he was to see that I was not punctual!" samrat said.


"So is that my fault?" I scolded. I was getting angry! He was the one working all day and night and it was my fault that I didnt wake him up!


Samrat said nothing. He just walked upstairs to our room.


Did I say something wrong? I wondered. Maybe I shouldn't have raised my voice. It is my duty to wake him up in the morning. But I tried.. I defended myself. But he was angry.. right? He didnt even say anything. Ugh. I hate this. Why can't he just say what he feels. I am tired of guessing!


After 5 minutes samrat came down ready with his suitcase and everything and said a small bye to me before walking right out of the door. Great. No breakfast. He just cared about his god damn work!



That night was just the repeat of what happened the previous night. The only difference was that Gunjan didnt wait for samrat. She ate her food and slept early. She was very tired and sleepy. Samrat had texted her that he would be late. Gunjan had kept his food on the table and slept. She wanted to wait but her body didnt allow her to wait. She was very tired. She wanted to tell samrat about the pendant as well.. but she forgot. She just spent more time with Sameera and talked to her all day. She didnt know why she felt so bad about samrat working so much. She wanted him to come home early and talk to her. But when they were together, they were always quiet. It was as if the good old boring days were back! Samrat usually just said "Good Morning" "Hi" "I will be late today" "Bye" 's  to her. It had become a daily routine and gunjan was getting sick of it. She even talked to Sameera about this problem. Sameera was pretty experienced in this case. She told Gunjan to scold samrat and talk to him once and for all and decide Samrat's first priority! But something Sameera still didnt know was the relationship Samrat and Gunjan shared. In that it was very difficult for Gunjan to scold samrat or even complain about anything he did. Because previously whenever she needed him he was there. And now it was the total opposite. Whenever Samrat needed Gunjan she was there and whenever Gunjan wanted to spend time with samrat he wasn't there, where was he? Come on you could guess that.. WORKING! That was all he did the whole week. Finally the weekend came and Gunjan was happy that atleast they could do something on SUNDAY, which was the only day samrat didnt go to office on...


But to Gunjan's surprise that day samrat had made his house the office. He had called one of his staff members and they worked from morning till 12 noon and then sat for their lunch. This was not working out with gunjan. Her patience was going to end any moment. She really needed an explanation. She was getting mad at samrat every second. She thought of calling Sameera to calm herself down. She hated this. She wanted to go ask samrat if he could just spare one day for her. But how could she ask him anything. Samrat didnt really like her or anything. They didnt have a relationship.. Only Gunjan knew how bad she felt. She couldn't even tell him anything. She felt neglected.


She called Sameera anyway.


"Hey Gunjan.." Sameera said.


"Sameeraa!! What are you doing?"


"Nothing yaar, just asking Shruti to get up from the computer and study! She just doesn't study!"


"Oh ho. Why are you troubling her!"


"Yeah yeah.. now your saying this.. once you become a mother then we'll talk!"


"Hmm.. ohk baba. But I am irritated too!"




"Samrat! I thought atleast he wouldn't go to office today!"


"So? He went?" she said in shock


"No! He called his staff here! And they are working!"




"Stop laughing! Your lucky, your husband is at home!"


"Right! He has gone to office today!"


"What? Even you?"


"Yeah! But in my case he does that once in a while.. but Samrat is playing with fire.. I can sense the anger in your voice!"


"But I am helpless.. I can do nothing about this!"


"Why cant you do anything! You can do EVERYTHING! Your his Wife.. One command and he has to follow you!"


"What?" Gunjan said.. not understanding a thing!


"Yeah.. what work do you do for him?"


"Erm.. nothing really, just sometimes I make food and coffee.. &.. umm.. nothing.. really!"


"What? Gunjan.. dont tell me Samrat takes out his clothes on his own? You dont know how lucky you—


Before Sameera could finish..


"Gunjaaan.. Can you get us coffee!" Samrat yelled from the other room!


"One second!!"  Gunjan said.


"Hello?" Gunjan said on the phone.


"Did he just ask you to make coffee.."


"Yes.. why?"






"Dont make coffee for him!"


"Why? The maid is not there now!"


"Yeah.. I know.. tell him No!"


"Are you sure?"


"yes Gunjan. Say NO!"



Gunjan was very unsure of this.


"Samraaat!" She yelled back.. "Can you make it on your own please!! I am talking to Sameera!! Its urgent!" she said feeling guilty. She wasn't happy about what she said. Samrat didnt answer.


"Now ?" Gunjan asked.


"Did he say something?"


"No.. he didnt! And I am not happy about this!"


"Oh God Gunjan. Stop worrying. He is going to think why you suddenly said no. And he's gonna come to the room now!"


"No he wont. He is just going to feel bad about it and do it himself. He is Samrat!"


"Are you sure?"


"Yes Sameera! I knew I shouldn't have listened to you! Bye now.. let me go make coffee.."


"Oops. Sorry! Bye!"


Gunjan kept the phone and turned around to see Samrat standing at the door.


"Is everything alright Gunjan?"


Gunjan's eyes widened. Sameera was right. Samrat had come to ask her.

She forgot to ask Sameera what she should say now! Great!


"Ermm.. Samrat.. actually.. I was just coming to make the coffee!"


"No not about that. Is everything alright with Sameera? What was so urgent!"


"Nothing much. Just Shruti was giving her some problems"


"Oh. Ok. I hope you don't have any problem with my staff coming over like this?"


'Should I tell him? Should I not? What will I say? How will he react..' Many questions started to come up in her mind so she decided it was not a good idea!

As it is she had been so mean to him the previous day. She had even screamed at him for not calling, but that was not her fault. She just cared too much!


"No Samrat.. No problem. Why would I have a problem."


Samrat smiled at her and said " yeah.. actually" and left. Leaving a Sad Gunjan back.



 Precap :

"Gunjan, get ready in an hour okay. We have to go for a party." 
"I am not Going!" Gunjan texted.
"Why? Anything wrong!"


"When you don't have time for me.. Why should I come with you!"



Sameera comes to know All About NEIL!


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