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|| Make Me Fall In LOVE || *SaJan* (Page 116)

GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 May 2011 at 7:41am | IP Logged
Hey Guys! Thank you so much for liking my updates sooo much! I hope I am not disappointing you all! && yeah! I have, as usual, replied to all the comments I got! please have a look!!
Manjari Heart

GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 May 2011 at 7:47am | IP Logged

Hey Guys! Hug

I am back with the update for this FF!
I am soo Happy today as my vacationz have started.. You will probably see more of my updates now.. I guess..!
&& I will probably write some OS's...LOL been quite sometime since I wrote any!
Okay.. now STRAIGHT to the update..
I hope I have made up for the sucky ending in this updatee!! LOL



*Ting Tong* the bell Rang. Gunjan took a deep breathe and opened the door.


There he stood. With his jacket in his hand and white shirt with the two buttons on top open. His briefcase in his hand.. and a tired smile on his face. Even he was happy on seeing her. He was as excited as Gunjan was to see him. He wanted to see her "New" smile. He wanted to look at her. He had missed her a lot but still never had the courage to go confess his feelings. He knew she didnt feel the same way. He even thought she would never feel that way for him. He believed only in first love.. once your heart is broken it cannot be joined. He walked in quietly..


"Hi" he whispered.


Gunjan looked at the floor. Something was pushing her to go hug Samrat. She controlled herself.


"Hi.." she whispered back.


Both of them were quiet for sometime. They just shot glances at each other.


"How are.." Samrat was just going to complete his sentence when Gunjan, not being able to stop herself, hugged him!


Happiness took over him. He was so happy with that warm welcome. His hands lifted to hold her back, as her hands clutched his shirt tight and her head snuffled on his shoulder, but somehow he didnt hold her back instead He stood very still. It was a shocking surprise. He had not expected this kind of welcome. He knew Gunjan was happier these days but had her feelings for him changed as well? That was all he wondered and he wished that the answer was yes. He had longed for this love. He had longed for this bond which he could now feel. His heart was jumping in joy but being Samrat he needed to know the reason for this sudden change. He hadn't done anything too great to receive such a welcome.

As Gunjan started to control herself she let go of Samrat's shirt. It took time to sink in. There was another awkwardness between them but this one was a silent talk. Gunjan looked at the floor with embarrassment, though she had a small smile on her face which went unnoticed by Samrat who was still frozen on spot. He looked up at Gunjan but before he could start saying something she started, "You must be hungry, Ill put the dinner first! You can go freshen up till then!" Samrat smiled and obeyed his wife. He went to his room and changed. He was relaxed. It was so nice coming back home after a long and hectic trip! He was tired because of the long hours he spent in flight and the of course he suffered from jetlag!

Downstairs Gunjan quickly put the dinner, added the final touch of coriander leaves and a little masala to give the perfect look and stood near the table waiting for Samrat. 'Will he like what I made? Will he say if he liked it? How would he react?' these questions went on in her mind. Samrat came down and sat on the table. Gunjan kept standing and served all the vegetables to him and gave him the special paratha she made. Then she still stood by him to see how he reacted after eating the food. She knew it too well that Samrat would never say that he didnt like it. She would just be able to guess by his first reaction and how much he ate after that! But Samrat didnt touch the food. "Wont you join me Gunjan?" he asked politely. "You can eat first!" she replied. How could she eat with all the excitement and nervousness going on! It was as if Samrat was testing her cooking skills. "No please sit with me & eat. You must be hungry too!" Gunjan sat down and served some of the vegetable and roti to her as well.. For a minute they just looked at each other. Both waiting for the other to start eating. "Samrat please eat and tell me if you liked it..!" she said. "Oh, did you make this? Any special occasion?"

"No, just thought of making something for you as you are coming home after so much of time!" she said. Another surprise. Samrat was just in awe at all the things Gunjan was doing for him. 'How could someone change so much in a week. A week ago she was ready to die and now she seemed so happy and was beginning to like him? & miss him?' he thought. He slowly ate the food. 'OMGG yummy.. this is like the best food I have ever had. I can eat this forever. It is just so delicious. Gunjan is such a perfect wife. I am so lucky to be with her' Samrat thought. He wasn't very expressive about his feelings so he told her something else. "Gunjan the food is amazing! You are truly a great cook!" Gunjan smiled. Samrat had said it was amazing but lets see how much he ate! She thought. When she tasted the food even she liked it but she started to take out the small mistakes in it.. like the colour could have been a little more perfect and the roti should have been more cooked and crispy where as Samrat paid no heed to what Gunjan was saying he just ate on.. and on.. until he was too stuffed to have another piece of roti! He had truly relished his food and Gunjan smiled as she realised that he had actually liked the food alot. She knew that her husband was not expressive and he was very bad at starting conversations but she really wanted to know all about his trip but more than that she wanted to tell Samrat all about her week at cooking class and how everyone in class loved her, especially about Sameera!

"Samrat, tell me how your trip was?" Gunjan said, equally eager to know about it.

"Gunjan, I went there for work, u'll get bored listening to my stories..Just from one meeting to another. I would rather hear about your eventful week!" he said eagerly.

"Really? Samrat This week has been great. I have met such an amazing person. She is married and well settled. She has a child 7 years old... She is just so lively and happy! We have become such good friends! Oh! And her name is Sameera!" Gunjan said. She explained how they met and what happened after that. She edited a little bit not wanting to tell Samrat all about Sameera's husband and their little romance every evening. But no doubt she was happier and surprisingly Samrat's presence made her even more happy!

Later when she had finished telling him everything they went to their room and Gunjan changed her clothes. Samrat was lying down in bed turning from side to side. Gunjan was happy that she no longer had to sleep alone in that room. She laid down beside him and thought about their brief hug earlier that evening. She had tried so hard to control but something's were just out of control! She yearned to hug him again but this time she didnt. She turned to his side and realised that he had been staring at her. This made her feel uncomfortable, 'Was he trying to come close to me.. again!' was the first thought that struck her mind. Samrat slowly lifted his hand and extended it towards her.. Gunjan shut her eyes and her mind was filled with different thoughts thinking whether she was ready or not.. did she actually want to do it now? But later she decided that Samrat had all right and that this time she couldnt stop him.. She waited for him to come closer. But Samrat obviously would wait for her, he hadn't forgotten his promise he made to himself. Until Gunjan was ready for this he wouldn't even try.. he extended his hand and pulled out a string on thread stuck in Gunjan's hair.

And then shut his eyes going off to bed. After a few seconds when Gunjan opened her eyes she saw that Samrat's eyes were closed and he had already slept. She felt very embarrassed at what she was thinking and quickly turned to the other side. She hid her face in her pillow and tried to stop blushing. She didnt know why she thought of that.

Where as Samrat thought that Gunjan had slept too when she closed her eyes previously. Samrat's heart couldnt be happier. Gunjan had done so much for him what more could he ask for. She had made food for him and that hug.. he still couldnt stop thinking about it. The girl she loved had showed her first sign of missing him and her love. Samrat had understood that perfectly well but in all relations one person has to start and Samrat was just not ready to express his feelings to Gunjan.


The Next Morning was a new start for Gunjan & Samrat. He swore never to talk about Neil Again.. and she swore never to think about him again! She wanted to be with Samrat now.. He was her husband and that was the only truth.

Gunjan woke up in the morning to find Samrat missing again. It wasn't unusual for her as She had stayed without Samrat for a week. She got up lazily and rubbed her eyes. She remembered all about last night and there was a pleasant smile on her face. She had been very happy with his return. It now felt that Atleast someone was there for her. She went down only to find Samrat reading the newspaper at the table. She went there and wished him goodmorning and he replied in the same manner. "Have you eaten your breakfast?" Gunjan asked. "No, I was waiting for you!" He said. Gunjan smiled and sat by him and swerved breakfast. "Just empty my suitcase Gunjan.." Samrat said concentrating on his breakfast. "yeah! I will.. sure!" she said. Samrat's mood seemed nice. He was looking here and there every now and then trying to steal a glance at Gunjan. She ate her breakfast quietly. 'Why is it so awkward to talk to him?' Gunjan thought. But there was no answer.

Samrat left for office and Gunjan got ready for her cooking class.. She was peppy and jolly and everyone smiled and greeted her as she went in. Today she was happier, more excited. She had someone to talk about. She knew that Sameera would ask her about the previous night! But she didnt know why she was blushing. Nothing really happened between them! They are just friends, who are married. They didnt have feelings for each other. And Samrat was too good to be with her.. she thought.

"Hey Gunjan! Waah.. your face is glowing like a light bulb today!" Sameera laughed..

"Meera! Its nothing like that.. Its such a lovely morning!"

"Its a lovely Morning or was it a Romantic night!" she teased.

"Oh please. Nothing like that.."

"Really? So why were you so extra excited yesterday?"

"Because he was coming back!!" She answered immediately!

"And soo?" she said..

"So.. so.." she paused. 'And so? Why was I so eager?' "So Nothing!"  She said.. as she went to her cooking counter to start off with her preparations!



As Gunjan & Sameera reached Gunjan's house for lunch, Gunjan remembered that she had to empty Samrat's suitcase. Sameera sat by her talking to her as she emptied the suitcase. She put the clothes to wash aside and the not used ones on the other. She came across a packed gift which she stopped to glance at. There was a label on that. To Mrs.Shergill. 'Did Samrat get this? For me? Then Why didnt he give it..' Gunjan stared at the gift wondering whether she should open it or just wait for Samrat. But being what she is, Sameera snatched the gift from her hand..

"Oh my god Gunjan! Samrat is really romantic I guess! He actually left this in his bag s that you could get a surprise!!!" she said.

"No.. probably he forgot or maybe.."

"What Gunjan! Your husband is being so romantic and giving you signs and you just ignore them and take a different meaning out of it?"

"But Sameera how can you be sure that Samrat was actually trying to be romantic!"

"Gunjan, how much you have told me about Samrat, he wouldn't come and tell you directly.. he would just give you small signs!"

"I dont know Sameera. I should just ask him!"

"No Gunjan. You should just open it!"

"No.. I should call him & ask.."

"What? Whether its for you? Or whether you are Mrs.Shergill or not?" Sameera smirked. Gunjan was just playing dumb! How could she not get it.. Rather she wasn't thinking of it that way!

Finally Sameera convinced Gunjan to unwrap the gifts. Gunjan opened it and saw a beautiful diamond pendant in it. For a moment she was stunned seeing it. And the first thought that passed her mind, 'Samrat must have only bought it.. his choice is simple but beautiful.' Well who could agree more. Samrat had chosen a Simple yet Beautiful wife too.. He was a simple being who had no sort of fancy or hard feelings.. His life was simple and content. Sameera stood gazing at the pendant in awe. She put it around Gunjans neck..

"It looks beautiful Gunjan!"

"Really Sameera? Its so pretty!"

"Samrat really has an amazing choice. No doubt!"

"Hmm.. Its really nice!"

And then just to tease Gunjan, Sameera started to sing the song, "Tune toh pal bhar main chor kiya re jiya more jiyaaa" and she giggled!

Gunjan unknowingly blushed to herself and playfully slapped Sameera on her shoulder. Both the friends sat in bed talking about their day and their troubles. Well, only Sameera had troubles with her servants & she complained about her daughter not studying at all.. A problem every mother faces. When a child studies for 2 hours their mother never notice but when she sits on the laptop for a minute that moment the mother will come in and glare at them!!! Okay.. now coming back to the point. Gunjan & Sameera were just getting closer everyday. For Sameera Gunjan was like her sister and she loved her. Sameera always enjoyed Gunjan's company. Being so rich Gunjan had been so kind and friendly to her. What else could speak about a person's nature! They both loved each other.



Precap : Work Work Work. Thats all he says. Does he even care?


Do Rate & Comment! All comments/criticisms/ suggestions are most welcome!


Love youu,


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Posted: 12 May 2011 at 8:00am | IP Logged
preety88 IF-Rockerz

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lovely update...samrat shocked that gunjan hugged and made food for him was cute...gunjan is too excited that samrat is back...cont soon

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358674 Goldie

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its sooo nice
lovely part

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princess_sara IF-Dazzler

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reallly fantastic updateSmileSmile
Ohh goddd the hug and thr feelingsss...making me blush.
and Awe gunjan is sooo sweet,No doubt samrat is just a perfect Husband,he gifted her a sweet yet beautiful pendent.StarStar
Plzzz update the next part sooon
and precap seems to be more interesting...
i really hope that gunjan falls for samrat soon,as i reaalllyyy wants to see SAJAN romantic scenes in ur ff,cuz its amazinggg

Luv u


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Manjari nice update
gunjan starts luving sam
but still confused with her feelings yet blushing
sam is giving sign of his luv
suitcase tric was realy romantic
it was so januable & simple
i just luvd it
plz cont soon
is time jitna wait mat karana

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awesome update
loved it
loved gujun
shes sooo happy 2 have sammy bck
loved samrats reaction 2 gujans cooking
cant wait 4 more
con soon
thanks 4 da pm

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