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|| Make Me Fall In LOVE || *SaJan* (Page 11)

ar_sajan4evr IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 11:23am | IP Logged
heyyyy darling..
update dis one fast..its realyyyyyyyyy interstng..mst imp being dat gnjn z gona cheat on samraaaaat*shockkkkk*
omggg actuly i want u 2 update oll ur ffsLOL

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GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 3:26am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ar_sajan4evr

heyyyy darling..
update dis one fast..its realyyyyyyyyy interstng..mst imp being dat gnjn z gona cheat on samraaaaat*shockkkkk*
omggg actuly i want u 2 update oll ur ffsLOL
Thank You So much!
I will update this one fast!
LoL! Thats not the only shock! hahah!
anyway thanks!
Love Ya!
GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 8:37am | IP Logged

Gunjan's POV:



I got ready and wore the clothes bui asked me to wear.. it was a yellow saree.. I didnt feel like dressing up much so I applied no make up.. I went out plain and simple without bangles or anything.. I just wore a small necklace which I always do! When I went out he was already there. His back was towards me so I could see him.. Bui saw me and called me over.. I went and had a look at him..


He wore black pants and a blue and white check shirt.. his hair was normal and he had worn a black coat which he took off and kept beside him.. he was sipping tea slowly.. his hair came on his eyes and his eyes were chocolate brown.. My expressions remained the same.. his eyes moved from me to bui and then back to me.. he didnt say anything at first... I went and sat down next to bui.. not wanting to talk to him..


"This my daughter gunjan.." Bui said..


"Hi.." he said looking at me..

"Hello" I said softly..

"I am Samrat, Samrat Shergill" He said again..

It sounded like Im Bond, James Bond! Instead it was the samrat first! He seemed ike those typical workaholic types.. I didnt know what would I do with him? What sort of life would we spend..!

I had nothing to say.. I looked at bui..

"Why dont you two go to Victoria.. You both can spend sometime together there..!"

Why victoria.. !! no! I didnt wnat to go there.. But how could I say anything..

"If gunjan wants to go anywhere else—


"No No.. lets go to victoria!" I said.. before bui was embarassed furthur!



The weather was nice outside and silence penetrated between them.. In the middle samrat made two-three comments on the trees and the memorial palace.. And gunjan just faked a smile.. it was very awkward and they both walked side by side like two strangers.. The breeze made gunjans hair fly and samrat just looked at her. As her gaze turned to meet his, he quickly looked the other side.. Gunjan realised that he was very shy! She thought she might have to be the one starting all the conversations.. But she didnt have anything to tell him.. She didnt know whether she should tell him about Neil or.. just let it be.. maybe bui could talk about it. But to her surprise Samrat started a conversation.

"Well, your Bui has told me alot about you. But I really want to hear from you what you like doing? What are your interests?" he asked eager to hear a voice once again..

"I like singing, dancing and going out.. I can do all kinds of household work and I love to talk.!"


"Oh.. So Perfect!" Samrat said under his breathe..


"Did you say something?" gunjan asked again without looking at him.


"I said that – it doesnt seem so!" He said mockingly with a small smile.


"What?" Gunjan replied.. not understanding what he meant.


"Doesnt feel like you love talking.. we have been here for the past 20 minutes and you said nothing." Samrat said.. looking at the flowers..


"I had nothing to say.. You asked me a question so I answered.." She said bluntly..


"You know what? We both are opposites... I am shy, introvert and I talk very little and I speak openly with only my close ones. Thats all.." samrat said truthfully..


"and I love staying at home!" he added..


Gunjan looked up at him.. he seemed so boring.. He must be a family man! Staying with parents or even grandparents.. having siblings and a huge house.. etc etc. She wondered why he wanted to marry her?


"Did your mother force you to marry me?" Gunjan just asked out of curiosity as he looked quite disinterested in looking at her.


"Mother? Didnt bui tell you? I stay alone.. Im an Orphan.. My parents died when I was 9.. I stayed with my Mama eversince and now I am a self-made man.. thats what people call me.. But I believe that it is My mama who is behind all my success!" He said.. smiling at her..


"Oh.. Im sorry!" gunjan said looking away.. she knew how it felt like not having parents.. But she was quite impressed with his achievements.. Bui had told her about his huge Business and that everyone in Mumbai respected him and he was one of the biggest industrialists in India!


"So do you still live with him?" she added to extend the conversation..


"Umm.. no I moved out when I was 20.. Once I got a job!" Samrat said..


Gunjan nodded understanding him better.. she didnt look at him stil.. and nor did he.. they had a weird awkwardness between then and

Small conversations in the middle.. they were almost done when gunjan spot Neil at the memorial looking around..

She quickly turned her back at him. Making sure he couldnt see her.. she didnt have the strength to face him and specially to tell him that she had to get married.. to someone other than him. They had always planned their future life with each other and now it was heart breaking to marry someone else.. she tried and controlled her emotions and in a half broken voice she told samrat..


"I think we should get back now.. its late.." She said looking at her watch..


Samrat could make out that something was wring listening to her voice and on top of that he saw the tears foring in her eyes..


"Are you ok? Im sorry if I said something wrong...!!" He said worried..


She quickly wiped the tears forming in her eyes and quickly told him that they should leave and that he didnt do anything..


They got into a cab and drove back to gunjan's place..


Samrat didnt tell gunjan one thing. He was in love with her on seeing her picture only. Even if bui hadnt called him to see her he would have agreed to marry gunjan.. He had lost his heart after seeing the picture and even his left over family agreed to his choice..


Gunjan thought that samrat was a good fellow but he was boring.. she thought that he deserved a better person.. She knew that she wouldnt be able to give him the love and affection he deserves.. she wished that he refused for the marriage.. he hadnt seemed to be too interested in their conversation.. But at that moment there was a fear in gunjans mind.. what if Neil came to know.. what would he do.. she could only think of three things he could do and all three would be almost killing her..

1)     He would break down and never be able to move on in life and nor would he let gunjan.. he would always keep haunting gunjan in her dreams and she would never be able to forgive herself..

2)    He would fight for his love. Gunjan knew he might do that.. but she couldnt fight against Bui.. she didnt have the courage to. He would persuade gunjan to run away with him and she ould have to refuse.. though her heart would be yelling at her for not listening to him!

3)    And lastly he would hurt her by hurting himself.. she feared he would try and commit suicide.. even the thought of him doing that freaked her out.. she loved him alot and she couldnt bare to be away from him!


Samrat kept looking at gunjan in the cab to see if she was fine but she was lost in her own thoughts.. he softly tried to call her many times but when she didnt react he softly placed his hand on hers and gunjan came back from her Neil-world and stared at samrat.

"Whats wring Gunjan? Is anything troubling you?" he asked with concern..


"What? No.. Nothing.. Im not feeling too well today. Thats why!" she said holding her head..


"I dont think you got enough sleep last night.." he said.. looking at the dark circles below her eyes.. which she had made no effort to hide..


"Well.." but before she could think of an answer they reached home.. Samrat got off and paid the taxi driver and gunjan walked straight inside. Bui was waiting for them at home and she looked questioningly at gunjan and then at samrat..


"Whats wrong?" she asked.. you two are back pretty early!


"Um.. actually she said it was getting late so we decided to come back.. and gunjan isnt feeling too well.. so I would suggest she should take some rest.." Samrat said concerned..

Bui looked at gunjan understanding what her problem was.. and why she wasnt feeling well.. she shook her head in disappointment and smiled fakely at gunjan saying..


"He is right.. go get some sleep honey" Gunjan went to her room..


Bui and Samrat sat down in the living room..


"So did you like my daughter?" bui asked eager to know his answer..


"yes.. My answer is yes Buaji.. I want to marry her!" he said..


Bui was over joyed and she ran in to get some sweets.. after all calcutta was famous for its sweets called 'Mishti' here.. Bui got Rosogolas, the speciality of calcutta, and made samrat eat the whole thing at one go.. She went in gunjans room to give it to her also..


Gunjan was lying down on her bed staring at the ceiling blankly.. listening to samrats answer bui had forgotten all the anger she had for gunjan.. she went into her room and hugged her.. Gunjan was surprised and shocked..


"What happened Bui? You seem very happy!" Gunjan sat up in bed and curiously stared at her bui who was smiling away to glory..


"Gunjan.. Samrat said yes! He said yes to marry You!" and before gunjan could react or answer her mouth was stuffed with a rosogola..

Bui got up and happily went out back to samrat..


Gunjan sat back in her bed ... not surprised.. but sorrow took over her and she just couldnt control her emotions.. she wanted to go and ug neil.. she wanted to stay with him.. she didnt want to stay away.. she couldnt stay away.. She was dying without him. She didnt feel like eating anything. Gunjan hadnt had breakfast nor lunch and yet she wasnt hungry.. the rosogola was just swallowed.. she didnt realise what was happening in her life! Everything was going wrong. Everything she planned for her life was ruined. God was playing a game with her.. without any pity on her.. he was being unfair to her and –

She jumped up with the sound of her cellphone ringing.. She looked at the caller. It was Neil.. She was so tempted to pick up the call but she couldnt.. she wanted to run away. But she picked up the call.. She didnt want him to come home and create a scene and embarass bui..




"Hi Niel!" Gunjan said trying to act normal..


"Hi Jaan! I am missing you? Wanna go for a drive? Or a walk? I havent met you today!"


"Sorry Jaan! I wont be able to make it today. Im very busy. Actually i will only be able to meet you after this week. Me & Bui are going for a picnic..!" gunjan lied.. she shut her eyes not wanting neil to realise..


"Oh! Thats strange.. yesterday she asked me to marry you? Can you believe it! It was so Random! I got freaked out!"


"What did you tell her?"


"I was scared gunjan.. for two seconds I was like.. 'R u serious? Dude? Im just 24!"


Gunjan shook her head.. wish bui had told him that if neil refused then I would have to marry someone else! Then She was sure neil would have readily agreed!


"Hello? Gunjan are you angry? I had no clue whats he was going to say?!!"


"No Neil.. its ok!"


"Phew! And I think she had lost it yesterday! She asked me how much I earn and what M I planning for the future and If i loved you!"


"Neil! Shes my Bui!!!" Gunjan hated it when neil talked bad about bui!


"Ok Ok.. sorry doll!" Neil apologized.

"its ok! Nd obviously You must have given ur 'umm im not sure about it yet' answers to buis question!" Gunjan sed in a predictable way!


Neil chuckled on the phone..

"Well yes. I hadnt planned a thing! Cant help it!"


Gunjan shook her head in disbelief! A smile forming on her lips.. she had almost forgotten about the marriage issue! Neil always cheered her up.. no wonder she loved him so much.. Then suddenly gunjan heard a knock on her door..

It was Samrat.. She became nervous and kept the phone after saying a small bye to Neil.. Her smile vanishing..


"Hi.. M I disturbing you?" Samrat said..


"Oh. No. Please come in.." Gunjan said in a formal manner.


"Actually I should have talked to you about this before.. but you came back.. Anyway.. I wanted to ask you.. whether.. you.. are.. I mean.. Happy with the wedding?" he asked expecting a genuine answer..


Gunjan nodded..

"I have always left these decisions on Bui.. She is the best in them" She said.. She didnt want to lie in the beginning of her new life. And nor did she have the courage to say the truth..


"Well.. Im glad.. but another thing is, I would prefer if the wedding took place soon.. because I need to fly to Dubai Next week.. So if we could—"yeah sure.. we can get married before that! Just talk to bui.." Gunjan answered not letting samrat finish his question. She didnt want to wait for the marriage.. She didnt want neil to find out.. she wanted him to leave.. and move on in life.. like she was trying to do. Well she wasnt even trying. She just remained as she was.. she was uncertain about things like marriage so she thought it would be best to see what life has in store for her.. If god plays fair she would be Neils.. the rest was up to him.. Who was she to complain? She was a small creation of god.. and maybe god didnt care what happened to her!


Samrat was pretty happy with her answer.. he nodded


"I'll talk to Bui.. Thanks, for understanding."

And he left the room.. Gunjan faked a smile in return for his thanks..

She was left alone once more and all her fears came back to her mind.



Precap: The Wedding.

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itzMYattitude IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 8:47am | IP Logged
will read tomorrow inshaAllah
mein buhut mood mein hn aj
i m bond, james bond ROFL
the bestest line in today's update
i still cant stop laughing
u have great sense of homour
amazinggggggggggggggggggggggg update
u rerally written it beautifully
sammy is a bussiness man isn't it
then y he not visited in his car
sorry bola na m in mood
loved the way gunujn expressed her feeling means loved her pov
sammy is extra cuteeeeeeeeeeee
loving this guy in ur ss
sajan roxxxxxxxxxxxx
want the story to unfold
sajan marriage
tery sab os n ff mein marriage season chal raha hy LOL
but really it was outstandingggggggggggggggggggggg
n u have written rosogollah
v call it ras gulah
so it making me laugh
whenever i read it
continue sooooooooooooooooooon
m waiting for it eagerly
wanna read their feeling after marriage
sammy roxxxxxxxxxx
love him

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InactiveMember Senior Member

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 9:15am | IP Logged
Hey Manjari!
Im speechless dude!
How do you write so well?
You actually wrote it soo soo well..
I cant tell you man! I totally love ur work..
only thing is you make us wait for soooooooooo long for one update! that isnt a very good quality manjari.. nothing to be proud of! I want you to updt everyday! I know I know u hv to study! But atleats try! U can do it I know!
Ok Now Coming To The update:
I just loved it from beginning to end.. I know Im not that active on IF and I just come to read ur stuff.. but ur imagination is incredible.. I can never think whats going on in ur head and when u tell me ur future palns im just like... STUNNED and then I shriek "AWESOME"
LOL!... And the best part is the way you pen down your ideas.. Its commendable!
I think even this SS of yours is superb and very different!
The way you potray gunjans character is awesome..
And samrat ke liye kuchh bolne ki zarurat hai??
He rocks man! Just amazing!
Sanjana! <3

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felicitysmoak. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 9:19am | IP Logged

awesome update

loved it

cant wait 4 da next part

con soon

thanks 4 da pm

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aashizin IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 9:35am | IP Logged
hey manjari wonderful update seriously i am loving this FF loved sajan's convo its painful to see gunjan like this but may be this pain will be better than heart break which neil would give to her gosh can't wait for next part do continue soon and thanks for pm 

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Swaatii Goldie

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 9:47am | IP Logged
Thank you dear .
Samrat is totally latooo on gunjan . I am not able to understand whether neil is good or bad . Make him a evil one . So that gunjan hate him .

But still , gunjan stabbing samrat . Not fair . Samrat having a second thought is ok . But i dont want gunjan to be in guilt later .
Thank you

waiting for the update .

Luv u

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