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|| Make Me Fall In LOVE || *SaJan* (Page 104)

GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 May 2011 at 4:46am | IP Logged
Originally posted by _Monu_

hey manjari
awesome part
wow gunji made a sweet friend like sameera
thanx 2 her...she's opening n enjoying the time
n forgeting neil..=)
n great phone convo how i expected
waiting 4 next
love uuu
aur haan CONGRATS 4 reaching 100 PAGES!! =) =) =)
Hey Monu! Thank youu sooo much! Hug Yeahh.. next update is very important!
Love yaa too!

GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 May 2011 at 4:48am | IP Logged
Originally posted by MoNayaKiDeewani

Awesome update Manji, glad Gunjan made a new friend! :) continue soon.
Thank you Saniya!
GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 May 2011 at 4:51am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ambikamuskaan

MANJI...Embarrassed...AWESOME UPDT...ASUSUAL...Tongue
Hey Ambi Hug I am glad you lovved my update so much! you toh always like my updt even if its not that good! Lol..LOL Thanks for always giving such encouraging comments!
Aww.. I am glad this one of your favs! Means alot to me! :)
Love youu too!
GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 May 2011 at 4:53am | IP Logged
Originally posted by fend

hey manjiHug awesome update loved itClap gunji trying to move on forgetting her past gud n she made a new friend Embarrassedn gunjan now thinking abt samratBig smile hope now love statrs blooming bet themEmbarrassed cannot wait to read next part do cont soon n thanks for the pmTongue
Hey Rukma! Hug Thank youu soo much! I am glad you enjoyed my update! Will try and improve every updt..

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GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by -mysterygirl-

Awesome Update!!
Thanks Madiha! Hug
GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 May 2011 at 4:55am | IP Logged
Originally posted by SaJan_RaDevBest

it was an awesome update!!
promo seems to be very nice!
cont. soon.
Thank you Aarushi! :D I am glad you liked the update!Big smile
GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 May 2011 at 11:27am | IP Logged
Hey Guys! This time I replied to all your comments! Please have a look if possible! :D
Loved all teh comments! & here comes the update!

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GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 May 2011 at 11:29am | IP Logged
Hey Guys
I am back with my update..
Hope you people like it! :D
I know again I ended at a very bad point but the CREDIT for this goes to Aashi.. she wanted to see Samrat come back! SO here goes!

Everyday Gunjan was happier. Sameera & Gunjan became great friends. Sameera had a 6 year old daughter who often accompanied the two when they went for lunch or shopping. Gunjan was delighted to have made a new friend but at the back of her mind she kept thinking about Samrat. She wanted to know how he was. She often sat talking to herself, thinking was she actually missing Samrat? She didnt even love Samrat then why? But there was no answer. The longing for Samrat to return just kept increasing day by day. Their conversations started to become longer as Gunjan told Samrat about her entire day and he listened to her eagerly. He was happy to hear the energetic voice of his wife replacing the sad and emotionally weak voice. Samrat could concentrate on his work better now as he knew that his wife was safe & happy! He thanked god for helping Gunjan come out of her shell.

Gunjan started enjoying her cooking classes alot and started being her old self again. Playing pranks on others & laughing and talking during the class, interacting with a whole bunch of people. She was soon one of the most popular ladies in class. Everyone loved talking to Gunjan. Even the teachers were impressed by her down-to-earth attitude. They always thought she was arrogant of being SAMRAT SHERGILL's wife , but that was wrong. They realised that she was a very sweet person and just needed sometime to get used to the people around her. Gunjan enjoyed each and every moment of her class, but at home she was once again lonely and deserted! She had no one to speak to once Sameera left. She would sit in her room reading or just sitting near the window thinking about how quickly life could change. She had become a great philosopher in these few days. She believed that God gives people all the happiness they deserve and even punishes them for the mistakes they make. She thought herself to be lucky to have got Samrat as her husband. Samrat had practically shared her punishment as actually the pain was halved. Though she didnt really understand why she kept thinking & talking about him every now and then. The main topic of conversation with Sameera was also about Samrat. Day & night she thought about her husband's greatness. There was a new feeling in her heart but she didnt realise it. Even Sameera talked about her husband. She told Gunjan how romantic he would get when he came home. At that time Gunjan realised that she didnt have everything. She had never received love from anyone except bui. Bui's way of showing her love was by being strict. She yearned to meet someone who loved her unconditionally. She told Gunjan a great deal about her husband's love & the two ladies were off to catch up on the latest gossip. Gunjan had began to LOVE shopping. The previous day when Sameera had asked her out for shopping, Gunjan replied, "I dont like shopping Meera, why dont you carry on?" and Sameera had laughed it off saying, "Your mad Gunjan, your husband is a millionaire.. you should have become a shopaholic by now!" That way Sameera pulled Gunjan along for shopping everyday and they enjoyed spending their husband's money!

At night when she talked to Samrat, her heart urged her to say "Miss you" & "When will you be back" and sometimes even, "I am all alone without you!" but she always controlled her feelings. Samrat and Sameera were all that she had and she couldnt afford to lose any of them. She wanted both of them in her life. Gunjan even talked to bui once in a while but not for long. Bui was delighted as Gunjan seemed more chirpy and happy! Gunjan talked alot about Samrat & bui was amazed at the sudden changes in her daughter. Sometimes even Gunjan was taken aback by herself. How had she changed so suddenly? What was happening to her? Her face had the glow which she had lost some time ago! Life changes without even giving a warning. Be it for bad or good.. and Gunjan's life had changed in great speed. Now when she thought about Neil & how he cheated on her, the only thing she told herself was "Oh God! How could I have been so foolish!" and she would laugh it off! She could now see some light in the darkness which Neil had sent her into. Now she knew the way out of it.


That night Gunjan was very happy, she danced around in her room talking to herself.


"Finally Finally Finally! Samrat is coming back tomorrow!" She sat on her bed. "I wont be alone anymore..  I missed him.. I missed him alot! He has been a great friend and I will always be there for him!" She laid down thinking about all that she had to tell Samrat. The list seemed endless. The first thing was that she wanted Samrat to meet Sameera! She was such a sweetheart. Then she wanted to take Samrat for shopping. She swore that she would buy him colourful shirts & casual clothes! Gunjan was over excited. But the next moment she started to wonder, "why am I so excited?" But she didnt care much! This excitement was new to her and she was enjoying it! She slept early that night so that time would pass faster. But little did she know that when you want time to run like a horse it starts to crawl.




The next morning Gunjan woke up at 5! She got up from bed thinking it was late. She had a bath and came downstairs. She went into the kitchen and asked the maid, who still looked sleepy, "Is my breakfast ready?"

The maid looked confused and slightly horrified, "Maam.. its just 6:30 now! Give us a little time please!" she said.

Gunjan was shocked. It was JUST 6:30? No no.. how come she got up SO early? But she had also slept at 9! She sighed and went in the hall. She had nothing to do. She sat in the hall flipping channels. Still 5 hours left her her Cooking class and hopefully time would pass faster after that. Then it struck her. Maybe she could make dinner for Samrat today! In U.S.A you didnt get proper food. Samrat must have had to live on Pizzas and burgers & fries.. all of which he doesn't enjoy eating. She should make something Indian for him which he will relish eating. She kept thinking of a perfect dish that HE would like!

She thought of making matar ki roti & some two or three sabzi's bui had taught her. 'Does Samrat like paneer? Ermm.. and aloo? Should I make Bhindi? No no.. how about Mixed vegetable? I even know how to make kali dal.. Ummm' Gunjan thought. There was only one way to know! MAMIJI!

Gunjan called up mamiji.




"Namaste Mamiji!" she said.


"Hi Gunjan! How are you sweety?"


"I am fine mamiji. You say?"


"I am ok!" she said.


"Mamiji, I wanted to ask which vegetable does Samrat like?"


There was silence for sometime.



"I wanted to cook something for him!"


"Oh! How sweet." She said. 'weren't they having some problems?' mamiji thought.


"So please tell me!"


"He likes Paneer, Gobi, Aloo... well everything I have made." There was a sense of possessiveness in her tone.


"Oh! I know. But.. doesn't he like anything specific?"


"Nope. He loves everything I have ever made for him. Thats all. Me & Mamaji have brought up our children very well. We dont take them out too much so they aren't spoilt!"


From spoilt Gunjan remembered Sneha. What a brat she was! Either mamiji was lying or she didnt know her own daughter! Gunjan felt like chuckling but she didnt.


"I know mamiji. Thanks." She wanted to keep the phone.


"Its ok. But make sure you make something delicious! He will be very tired when he comes home!" she warned.


Gunjan was slightly irritated with the way mamiji spoke to her. She was sweet & all but there was something behind this sweetness. Gunjan felt that mamiji strongly disliked her. Till now she hasn't liked anything about Gunjan! But she had much more to concentrate on. Samrat was coming back.


Gunjan glanced at the watch. 7:23 am. Okay. She still had sometime to decide. Gunjan sat & started to think about what she would make.


The maid came and told her, "Maam breakfast is ready!"


"Now? Its just 7:30 Suneeta" Gunjan said.


"Maam, a little while ago you had asked for your breakfast!"


Gunjan hit her head. "Oh yes. Sorry. Ill just come."


Gunjan kept thinking about something different & special but she couldnt think of anything.


Finally she gave up and decided to make Paneer, Aloo Gobi & yellow dal. She hoped that Samrat would like it. He was a simple person & so he should like simple home-made food, unlike Gunjan, who loved outside junk & especially Chinese!

Gunjan had her breakfast & then got busy settling the room. But there was still one hour for cooking class.

Gunjan sat on the armchair in the living room and began to sink deep into her thoughts.

'I have changed so much already' she told herself, 'this is all because of bui. What if I would have chosen Neil as my life partner, what if I would have refused to marry Samrat. There are too many WHAT IF's in my life.. Everyday I thank god for giving me a mother like Bui & a husband like Samrat who shares all my pain & doesn't even tell me about his tensions. He hasn't really opened up to me but I dont know why.. there is still something in him which speaks much more than he does! His eyes & actions give out so much. He has always been there for me.. and I.. I could never be a loyal & good wife. When Sameera talks about her husband I feel so sad and embarrassed because she takes care of her husband and is always there for him. This is exactly what I couldnt do. I couldnt take good care of him or give him any happiness in life. I wanted to make him happy now, to see him smiling again. To be the perfect wife. I wish I had those qualities in me too. Sameera is so lucky that her life is perfect. She has a lovely daughter & a loving husband.. what else does a person need?' with that she got up and went along to get ready for her cooking class.




It was truly a long say. Gunjan couldnt even enjoy herself at cooking class. She was lost in her own thoughts once again. But whenever someone spoke to her she was normal, not like before. She was happy, she smiled every now & then. Sameera realised that something was wrong with Gunjan. When they finished their lectures about Thai curry with rice, Sameera and Gunjan sat in a corner and started to talk.


"So tell me?" she asked. "Whats wrong?"


"Sameera? What? Nothing!" Gunjan said.


"You seem so lost Gunjan!" she argued.


"I am just.. waiting.. for.." she paused, not realising what to tell her. Why was she waiting for Samrat? Why was she excited? These answers were unknown to her as well. She had to give those answers to herself first! "Samrat" Gunjan said.


"Ooohh" Sameera teased. She was smiling like crazy looking and Gunjan's condition. "You missed your husband so much that now you cant even wait for a few hours!" she laughed.


"Its not that.. Just.. I" before Gunjan could say anything further Sameera said, "yeah yeah..I know.. Just like that only.." she winked.


Gunjan blushed. She wanted to understand her feelings but it was becoming too difficult to understand what exactly she felt. Why she felt that way? Why was she so desperate! What was wrong with her? She desperately wanted to meet Samrat. Maybe because she was too used to him. Maybe because she hadn't seen him for a week & this week had changed her life. Maybe because now she wanted to be a perfect wife.. or maaaybe because she was falling in love... But that she wouldn't realise so soon, would she? She just went through a heart break.. not so easy to fall in love again!




The excitement carried on.. & by 10 p.m. it had reached the peak. Gunjan wanted to meet him. She wanted to see his reaction after tasting the food she made. She wanted to make him happy! She would somehow find her happiness in that.


*Ting Tong* the bell Rang. Gunjan took a deep breathe and opened the door.


There he stood. With his jacket in his hand and white shirt with the two buttons on top open. His briefcase in his hand.. and a tired smile on his face. Even he was happy on seeing her. He was as excited as Gunjan was to see him. He wanted to see her "New" smile. He wanted to look at her. He had missed her a lot but still never had the courage to go confess his feelings. He knew she didnt feel the same way. He even thought she would never feel that way for him. He believed only in first love.. once your heart is broken it cannot be joined. He walked in quietly..


"Hi" he whispered.


Gunjan looked at the floor. Something was pushing her to go hug Samrat. She controlled herself.


"Hi.." she whispered back.


Both of them were quiet for sometime. They just shot glances at each other.


"How are.." Samrat was just going to complete his sentence when Gunjan, not being able to stop herself, hugged him!




Precap : Dinner & Late Night Chit Chat!


Please Rate & Comment.. :) :)



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