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MG FF Innocence...LOST note@145 n Link to thread 2 (Page 75)

.Lilith. IF-Rockerz

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Update coming 2daySmile

mandymore IF-Sizzlerz

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.Lilith. IF-Rockerz

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Recap-Maan turned around slowly with shocked eyes and the cell phone slipped from his hand.

                                          Chapter-20 True lies

A violent past and and a manipulative brain is-in every way-a lethal combination.And these were the two things which were possessed by a certain Mr Maan Singh Khurana.

This was a rare quality where a person,no matter how angry he is,would still mind his words and actions.

That was a quality which he possessed.Even though how much angry he gets on someone or some issue,he is quick enough to compose himself and think of the next course of his action.

This is the reason why he had never been caught or never been in the eye of suspicion of the general public or the police-his moves and ways have always been perfect.

But then whenever the matter concerned geet,his own ways were challenged.He always ends up doing foolish things.

Even though always being surrounded by beautiful women,it was always easy to say a no.He never had time for love or lust and because of this he was a respectable figure in the eyes of his younger brothers.

This was the reason why it shocked even him when he used force on geet.Even today he would think of that night and wondered what exactly compelled him to do such a thing?

Ditto for Mr Naval's murder.He knew the man was upto no good when he called him to meet him alone.

It was all planned-he bought the whole security staff of Mr Naval,instructed them to fire their guns if needed and hide his dead body somewhere where he couldn't be reached.

But the moment the man ill-mouthed about geet,he lost it instantly and forgot what he had planned and took things in his hand,murdering him with his own hands!

Even he didn't knew that by now the then-sweet love which he had for her has gone beyond the limits of obsession and the relationship which was once beautiful was now stained.

The outfits dropped from her hands and she stared at him with an expression defining shock.

Maan doesn't remember saying anything which would fuel her doubts but the expression in her eyes told a different tale.

''Wh...who were you talking to?'' she asked fearfully.

Maan quickly composed himself and spoke in a normal tone ''just an angry convo with my brother'' he said smiling,his hands in his pocket.

But this time geet wasn't convinced ''how is he supposed to know about rajinder?'' she enquired as she looked at maan coming close to her.

''You want me to dress you up...again?'' Maan whispered seductively into her ears but geet pushed him away this time.

She shook her head in negative ''not this time''.

Maan was now enraged beyond doubt and looked at her with a scaring expression.

Geet was scared for a moment but then she thought ''it's now or never''.She has been distracted far too many times but not any more.She is his wife for God's sake and she have the right to question her husband and right now she wanted answers.

Maan took slow and tentative steps towards her with raw rage emanating from his eyes along with something else which she couldn't read.

Geet,out of reflex took a step backwards.Just then maan rushed the last few steps and grabbed the hair at the back of her head and pulled her face closer to his.

''Geet'' he whispered dangerously in her face ''what do you mean by not anymore'' ,the satyr inside him resurfacing once more.

But geet was adamant this time and managed to speak '' cannot get away like this every time...I...I want answers''.

She felt the grip on her hair slowly loosening.He gently removed his hold and looked away.

''What do you want to know?'' he asked,his voice almost cracking.

''What on earth were you doing in that goddamn place at that hour of night with some dead body?'' she said it all in one breath sounding firm.

Maan's head shot up in her direction.He was shocked beyond words.

''It was an accident'' he managed to blurt out,he knew he have to lie and so he crossed his fingers at his sides.

Geet's expressions changed for a moment as she looked at him who was now looking the other way.But she was not satisfied with the half-truth.

''Accident? Then why do you brought him there out of all the could have taken him to the hospital''.

Maan was now loosing it.This is what he had feared all the while-somehow geet coming to know his ways and questioning him.

But he was made of some alien stuff ''he was a terrorist...he worked under KC and was planning to kill me for reasons I don't know...the police found him out and he got killed in an encounter...the police asked me and dev to take his dead body to a place which no one knows as they didn't wanted to get themselves in trouble for killing a criminal who could have gave them information about the other active terrorist groups...this is why we have to take him to an isolated place...''

He finally looked up at her,his eyes shamelessly faking an expression of pain-pain of being questioned by the person who once told him that she trusts him blindly.

''Maan'' geet was unable to say anything as she felt the pangs of guilt hitting her big time.

Maan raised his hand to stop her from speaking.''I didn't knew of rajinder's death until I came to was the first to inform me about his death as because he was in Chandigarh for some work...this is why I asked him about Rajinder.You know this very well that I do not trust anyone in the world but you and my brothers,that's why I thought that meera might have poisoned your mind against that enough for you geet?''

''Maan'' she called out his name as tears of pain and guilt flowed from her eyes.

''I have told you before that I do not kill innocents,but I guess that was not enough to keep you from thinking that I'm a criminal...all this while I have hided these things from you only because I didn't want to ruin your innocence by making you a part of this dirt and grime which dwells in our business...I wanted you to be the same old innocent geet who have only seen the beautiful,brighter side of life,the one who loved to go dreamy-eyed talking about her dream man,the one who once made me believe that she trusts me blindly,the one who...''

Before he could complete his sentence,his mouth was shut by that of geet as she took him in a kiss which took him in different world one more time.

She encircled her arms around his neck,slowly making her way into his hair,her lips claiming his lips,her tongue playing with his in a game of their own.

Soon maan took the charge once again by pinning her to the nearby wall,kissing her furiously as she moaned inside his mouth.

A kiss,they say,expresses a lot of things-love,longing, it expressed a lot of things.

Geet kissed him to make him feel being loved,being trusted and also let him know that she doesn't have anymore questions left to ask-she has got all her answers.

Maan knew he had blatantly lied to the girl who trusts him beyond limits.But he also knew there was some truth in it as well.He was right when he said that he wanted to keep her away from the dirty facets of his life-it is indeed true.

But all that mattered right now is that she is in his arms,kissing him with all her love.

Precap- ''I love you too'' she said and blushed.


Instantly her heart skipped a beat as she heard that.

Okies...that was 4 2day...hope u all liked it.
I know many of u must b mad at maan (and may be me too) but I would request only one thing...plzzz don't hate him...he is not THAT BAD...u will know why.

PLZZZ leave some good long comments and don't frgt 2 hit the like button.




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will be waiting Smile
.Lilith. IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by anu_luv_maan

oh no !!! this surely is now one of my fav ff I love obsessive maan 

Originally posted by shelly_08

 'Mr Naval i guess you shouldn't be talking like that about my wife in front of me'' he said still calm and smiling.

''Uh oh so someone is being possessive'' he taunted but still not sure of his behavior.

''It's not just possessiveness Mr Naval'' he removed the shades from his eyes and looked up at him with a murderous glare 

''It's obsession'' he hissed the words and then took out a cocked pistol from his back,shoved it in his mouth and fired.
Clap ClapClap

I dnt think maan is evil or something till now his acts r justified ...but love the way he manipulates geetLOL

nd plz plz add me to ur pm list 

Well I'm no different...even I'm obsessed with stories of obsessed loversLOL

And yeah thanks 4 liking

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Downhill IF-Addictz

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amazing update shreya..
loved the maan fooled geet into believing himLOL

but i am waiting for the past of maan to come out soon
keep writing

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alfiya7 Senior Member

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no i dnt hate him...coz its true he is lke thn he does nt kill innocent ppl so ofcrse he is nt bad...tht Mr. Naval  back stabbed him n so he jst showed him the mirror n ne man wil do wt he did aftr hearing ill abt ur wife...

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.Lilith. IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by alfiya7

no i dnt hate him...coz its true he is lke thn he does nt kill innocent ppl so ofcrse he is nt bad...tht Mr. Naval  back stabbed him n so he jst showed him the mirror n ne man wil do wt he did aftr hearing ill abt ur wife...

Not all men may be...only the ones who truly love their wife.

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