DID Doubles Written Update - 21st January

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Heres the update for today's episode!

Hope its ok and the formats right this time! 

Also.. Im having problems with the videos.. Theres a delay between the time where they speak.. so start to move their lips and their actual voice Embarrassed.. Im trying to work with it.. But there might be things missing for this reason.. Sorry! 

 *DID Doubles Written Update ' 21st January!*

 The episode starts off with both Jay & Shweta welcoming us to DID Doubles. They welcome the masters and Grand Master, Mithun Da and say that from today, the competition between all three groups begins. All jodis will perform to their best ability and tomorrow, each master will pick two Jodis from their team, based on TODAYS performance who will be put on trial and perform again. That one jodi that performs the least best will have to go home.. Unhappy

The "khoobsuruti and style" of the one performance that Mithun Da likes.. Will also get the "Lux, Khoobsurat Performance Of The Day" Award! Clap

First to perform are CORNELL & SONALI

Team: Geeta Ki Gang!

Song: "In Ankhon Ki Masti"

Dance Style/Form:


Rajiv says they look good as a Jodi. The way they started off with the Alapadma was really beautiful. He tells them it was a "nice, good performace".

Murzi also tells them their opening was really good. But there are two things they should be aware about, especially Sonali. 1) when you kick, your knees have to lock. 2) when you dance, your feet should be together or else you look lock-kneed because you knees wanna touch each other. He says apart from that, their dance was very nice and they showed good chemistry.

Geeta says they exceeded her expectations because it is "viprit" (?) Cornells style, and Sonali has never done anything in this style.. She says they done a fab job because she hadn't expected this.

Mithun Da says that in such songs, chemistry is really important. LOL he says that "if you do not have this chemistry, all kinds of style will go flat on your face.. dhub!" LOL. He says they done fantastic! "Lajawab chemistry thi" LOL he them pats himself on the back after asking who made the Jodi.. Coz of course.. it was him! Lol! The masters go "Kya baat, Kya baat, Kya baat" and Mithun Da replies "Itni bhi tarif mut kijeye meri" LOL.

Mithun Da then asks why is she called "Muchee"-Fish.. (Dno how you spell it Embarrassed Nidhi says that she cant dance without eating fish.. Sonali says that Cornel doesn't let him eat! LOL. Whatever she tries to eat.. she has to look around so see who it is then "oop!" LOL.. She gestures putting something in her mouth.. Mithun Da says she should control what she eats coz its Cornel who has to lift her lol. LOL Cornell says that all his team members are his enemies, whenever they get the chance, they feed her and whenever i do lifts, they sit there and laugh at me.. AWW! Lol.


Team: Rajeev Ke Rockers

Song: Kahi Toh Hogi Woh

Dance Style: Waltz & Freestyle


Murzi tells them that they have to pay a little more attention to the Waltz.. The 1,2,3 hold. He tells them there are different kinds of Waltz.. And we now have a Bollywood Waltz so its brilliant.

Geeta tells them that they understand each others flaws very well so its "very good", they are able to take care of each other when something goes wrong - She gives the example of the lift they were not able to do during todays performance Unhappy. She says this was fine coz they continued and this is a sign of a good performer ' People make mistakes. She says Karan made an effort to sing today and the performance was good.

Rajiv says hes very happy with their performance. They match each other well.

Mithun Da asks Rajeev why he chose this song for Waltz. Rajeev tells him that its his favourite slow song! He tells Dada that he never used to have girlfriends.. So he used to think "Aisi duniya bhi hai ki nahi yaar.. Ke mere liye koiyi bani hai" Awww!. He says when this song came out years later.. He got connected to this song. And so he chose this song.. Aww!

He tells Karan that its a "treat to watch you dance buddy". He tells Carling that shes "soo pretty".. they were both one today..  He tells them to show the lift again.. Which they doo.. I dno if he comments on the lift afterwards.. The videos still being funny Disapprove


Team: Murzi Ke Mastane

Song: Ringa Ringa

Dance Style: Tollywood


Rajeev says he likes Snehas expressions. He tells them Tollywood requires a lot of energy which they had and Suryas hair made it even more energising.. "I had fun" Lol.

Geeta Maa tells them they performed really well and their expressions were really good. theyve made their hands soo strong, that they wernt able to add the energy because it was too controlled. Sneha needs to learn to finish her steps.. Other than that they are a "fantastic looking couple" and she wishes them all the best.

Murzi says he agrees with Geeta "Cleanliness is something that everyone looks into". He says he will look into this for sure.  

Mithun Da says that the masters have said what there was to say about the performance and he doesn't wanna say more. 


Team: Geeta Ki Gang

Song: Aaj Kaal Tere Mere Pyaar

Dance Style: Lindy Hop 


Murzi tells Abhinav that a very important thing in Lindi Hop is your expressions and his expressions were "bang on, bang on, bang on, bang on". He tells Sangeeta that she has to match up to his epressions.

Shweta asks Mithun Da if she can ask him a personal question. Mithun Da allows her too.. She asks if in his "sweet sixteen" years, he ever fell in love.. did he have any girlfriends.. He says that he'll tell the truth.. (couldn't get what he said).. But Geeta says "Dada you're an early bird.. A good looking one at that also" LOL.

Lol. Mithun Da says he used to give her chocolates.. Aww So im guessing the answer was yes! He says what ever she liked.. He used to give.. And if you held each others hand.. "Then yes, that means your in love" Aww!

He says that when he used to stand by the window she used to touch his hands and go away. And she always used to keep her hand so that his would touch hers.. Kinda cute Lol. He says that Bengal is very conservative. (Couldn't get the rest again coz of the video.. Sorry)


Team: Murzi Ke Mastane

Song: Shayad Yahi Hai Pyaar

Dance Style: Lyrical Hip Hop

Awww the "I Heart U" at the end!

LOL Jay! He goes to Rahul "Kitna pyaar se.. You know romantic ghane ke baad haath jhod ke bhol rahe hai.. Haan, please mujhe chod dijiyeh!" LOL! Bless Rahul!

Jay asks "Dada" for his opinion.. Mithun Da goes "Cholo jub Nana ne Dada se puch liya hai, toh main Chacha se hi puch leta hoon" Lol


Rajiv "Chacha" tells Dada that the "Maza" he has in the "touch" Lol. He felt the same thing with this performance. The concept of "pehla pyaar" was really good. He liked it. He had a feel good smile on his face throughout the performance and he loved their performance!

Geeta Maa tells them they have a lot of innocence and this shows in their performance and she likes this. She says their sixteen and they perform like sixteen year olds.. but they're fantastic for sixteen year olds!

Mithun Da tells Geeta "What a lovely judgement". He asks "Daddy for his opinion" LOL

LOL Rahul goes Papa.. Aww!

"Papa" Murzi Says that hes very happy. He says that he always gets angry at Rahul (AWW) Coz he knows that Roza is a good dancer and she carries it off well.. her expressions are good! He says that today Rahul has "stunned" him! YAYY! Aww.. Rahul says he was "waiting for this". Murzi says he couldn't take his eyes of him today. He was only looking at him.. AWW  They're both soo cute! 

LOL Mithun Da goes "ab Dada ki baari". He says to them if their brains don't go haywire  in this journey, he can say with full confidence, that both of them are gonna go places! And gives them a grand salute! Clap


Team: Geeta Ki Gang

Song: Main Jahaan Rahoon

Dance Style: Contemporary

They get a standing ovation! From all three masters and the other jodis! Clap


Murzi tells them it was a "Sandabawada performance!"

Rajeev tells them last time he had told Prithvi he was a little less than Vivek, But today he has done a really good job! He has matched him. He felt that there was a passion in the dance! And the emotions were correct.. "Fultoo Fathak!"

Geeta says that after what they have said.. it doesn't make sense for her to say anything because shes emotionally connected to them. She says when they give you a standing ovation, thats achievement for you but it also means that the pressure has now risen and that worries her.. Lol but shes proud of them..

Mithun Da says that they should understand what they have done once all three masters give them a standing ovation. He tells them that the whole of Andra Pradesh is gonna feel really proud of them! Im sure everyone is! Lol.. He gives them a "Kya baat, Kya baat, kya baat" Clap and says thats not enough and gives them a grand salute! ClapAnd then one to Geeta Maa! Clap


Team: Rajeev Ke Rockers

Song: Gopala Gopala

Dance Style: Tollyhop


Murzi tells them it was a very entertaining performance. Maulica is slightly better than Ponambalam but today, Ponambalam was a good match.

Geeta Maa says the best thing about this act was.. Ponambalams jump.. that was the highlight. She says they must start taking there dance seriously.

Rajiv says that they performed really well. "I thoroughly enjoyed it"

Mithun Da says that he had great fun watching it. But don't ever make this kinda jump again (Ponambalam does a jump from a height). He says that they're gonna make him feel very proud coz he too belongs to (Couldnt catch the name of the place Embarrassed)


Hardik & Nidhi

Team: Geeta Ki Gang

Song: Ranjha Ranjha

Dance Style: Stomping and Semi Classical


Rajeev says that that the "jugal bandhi" was good. The semi classical was good (performed by Nidhi) but it got tiring coz it requires energy.  Lol He says Hardik sang it with proper feeling.. "Ladki ka Ghana nay Ghana chahiye beta" LOL

Murzi says that when you do a windmill.. Your feet should be together so you look like "one body". He says after their last performance, their expectations have risen.

Geeta says that she knows they both worked really hard and because of the extra work.. they're body is tired.. She tells them not to let this get to them and tells them this will get better.

Mithun Da says that watching Nidhi doing classical was a treat for his eyes coz she done it effortlessly. He tells them they're both a really strong couple and they should keep these small things in mind.


Team: Rajeev Ke Rockers

Song: Guzarish

Dance Style: Contemporary


Geeta Maa tells them they make a sweet couple and it was a sweet performance. "Very clean and well executed"

Murzi says that Geeta rightly said that it was a clean performance. There was only one downfall. When Vikram done the cartwheel.. His legs were bent. There should be an awareness in the body.. that no.. i don't wanna bend my legs. He says other then that, it was a nice performance.

Rajeev says that to make this performance clean, they only had 2 days.. Someone had fallen whilst doing a lift.. I think Niharika..

Mithun Da gives a really nice quote.. Love the things he says..

Lol.. He gives himself a pat on his back again because he had made the Jodi.. and says it was a "clean, neat performance"

Vikram says that this song is very close to his heart and he wants to dedicate it to his wife. Aww.. He says he wants to send a message to his wife "Prajakta.. I really love you and miss you" AWW!. Mithun Da says he wants to tell his wife that shes really lucky to have him and tells him to say I Love You again! AWW bless him!


Lol Mithun Da reminds Jay of the mini skirt! And asks him when hes gonna do that! Lol

LOOL Murzi and Geeta sing "Jo vada kiya woh.. Nibhana padeha"

Jay says that girl clothes don't look good on boys.. why is he making him do this aww

LOOL Mithun Da says "acha.. iska matlad main, Amitabh Bachan, SRK, Govinda, Ritesh Deshmukh.." Dont we look like boys.. Lol Jay says you're all legend.. Mithun replies.. Are we not boys? 

Geeta Maa tells Jay to include his name into the legends too! Jay asks for some time.. and he is granted it by Mithun Da!


Team: Murzi Ke Mastane

Song: Maa

Dance Style: Contemporary

AWW!  Another sad performance! Receives a standing ovation from Rajeev!

Awww.. and they're both crying!


Rajeev tells them that they're both really expressive and both of them connected him to the performance. He really liked it.

Geeta Maa tells them they are indeed really expressive. They have expressed the feeling of loss very well. She says she'd like to give Murzi a big round of applause for the concept. 

Murzi says he is overwhelmed and hes in love with these two.

Mithun Da says that "josh main hosh nay khona". He says that it was a tremendous performance and gives Murzi a "Kya baat, Kya baat, Kya baat" Clap. He says that the best thing he liked about this performance was "Maa ka ashiwaad jo barsa upar se" ' (They had some sprinkelly confetti falling from above) He says it touched it his heart and gives them a "Kya Baat, Kya Baat, Kya Baat" too! Clap

MAX/DILIN & MANIK -Santa-Banta! Lol

Team: Rajiv Ke Rockers

Song: Soni De Nakhre

Dance Style: House & Tutting


Murzi says that Max's expressions were a bit low but otherwise it was good. 

Geeta Maa says that this dance style requires a lot of style "jo upar wale ne in dono main kud kud ke bhara hai". She says coz this is DID Doubles, they should match their steps.. Otherwise their act was entertaining . She says they look very cute (they have a pagri.. Sardar Jee's)

Rajeev says he liked their techniques.  He says that what Geeta Maa is talking about, is passion.. And they should keep this thing in mind..

Mithun Da says he liked it because they have their own style from the beginning. He says that when they perform, it should look the same. He tells them to keep practising and keep climbing the ladder. They did very well.

Jay reminds them off the promise they had made Geeta Maa in the last episode.. Geeta says thats you don't fulfil your own promises.. Why are you telling them. Lol. They say they have bought something for Maa.. Something to which she will connect too.. It is from ALL of them!

LOOOOOOOL!!!! They're sooo funny! They come up with a rap to "Sheila Ki Jawaani" But for Geeta Maa.. It goes like this..

Pyaar kare itna ke ghar me bulade

Gusa main ayeh toh band bajade

Inki ankhon se hoti hai rain

Whats here name, whats her whats her name, whats her name

Her name is Geeta.. Geeta maa ki mamta.. pyaar kare yeh itna.. LOOOL!


 Ke jitna bolo kaam tha

Geeta thanks them..  And Mithun Da remind Jay of his promise.. Dada challenges Jay that if hes a man.. He will do it! LOL Poor Jay!



Team: Murzi Ke Mastane

Song: Kante Nahi Kat te

Dance Style: Freestyle


Rajeev says that he really liked it. LOL. He says that when they went over there.. (Coz of the delay in the video.. I cant tell where he was pointing.. But im guessing it was when they went behind the sofa..) He says that all three of thier eyes went to Dada.. He says "Dada bilkool dhoob chuke the apke performance me". He says he really liked it

Geeta Maa says she only has one tip for Amit. When you do lifts, we shouldn't see it on your face. She says this kinda killed it for her but the rest was good.

Murzi says hes really happy with them because he wanted to see the romance. And they have succeeded for him.

Mithin Da says that the best thing was that they held onto their characters. He says Rajeev was right, he was completely immersed into the performance ' he could see the chemistry and was wondering what was gonna happen next. He gives them a grand salute! Clap


All the performances today have been done! Shweta asks Mithun Da who the award for "Lux, Khoobsurat performance of the day" goes too.. But Mithun Da asks Jay if he'll fulfil his promise.. Jay says he will definitely in the next episode.. Just for him..


The "Lux, Sabse Khoobsurat performance of the day" goes too.... PRITHVI & VIVEK!!!  ClapClap


Hope the update was okay! I know its a bit long.. But Ive cut down a few bits.. Dno what else to cut down Embarrassed So suggestions are more then welcome! I know long posts can be a bit off putting for some Embarrassed Lol So im really sorry!

Thank you to digitalone 33 for the great suggestion on the formatting! It does make it a whole lot easier to read and pick out what you wanna see! 

Thank you! Smile

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thanx for the update. will be waiting for the rest.

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Originally posted by Meredith

thanx for the update. will be waiting for the rest.

Aww I'll try to be as quick as i can Embarrassed Sorry!
And you're welcome! Smile
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DONE! Embarrassed

Sorry its soo long! Im gonna see if I can cut things down now.. Embarrassed

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Thank you so much for the detailed update! Hug

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Originally posted by Vedo

Thank you so much for the detailed update! Hug

You're welcome! Smile 
You dont think its too long? 
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Awesome work dearClap

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Thank you SOooooo much for your update! Didnt get to see the episode yet, but i love to see what songs the jodis are dancing in!

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