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~deewangi~ MAANEET FF thread 5 (Page 143)

Rocks.Dhara IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 January 2011 at 6:17am | IP Logged
Originally posted by dia_ditz

Originally posted by FIRESafiReFIRE

<font color="#FF0000">i am starking ur update. lol</font>
<font color="#FF0000">hurry up. i need to go :(</font>
<font color="#FF0000">xxxx</font>

Wen will u updating Dark Lover???
By eve..........??

hey keya...that day u told me that u writing dark love and will be finishing in some parts...!!!

wat happen to that...we r still waiting sweet heart..WinkLOL

so u decided were u taking admission??


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Rocks.Dhara IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 January 2011 at 6:18am | IP Logged
Originally posted by komlika

Hey girls n mama r u?

hey wat u doing...i sent u PM 20 min back...and u coming now...Wink

i hope u r free with ur lecture and mom session WinkLOL

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FireSafireFiree IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 January 2011 at 6:19am | IP Logged
hi komon i am good… dark lover i am typing the last few parts. will update together
i am off now as muski taking agaes. i need to cook my dinner then bc to study

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Rocks.Dhara IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 January 2011 at 6:21am | IP Logged
Originally posted by FIRESafiReFIRE

hi komon i am good' dark lover i am typing the last few parts. will update together
i am off now as muski taking agaes. i need to cook my dinner then bc to study

byeee dear....!!!

have fun cooking Wink and during study...lolz

will be waiting for dark lover...Smile

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Rohini20 Goldie

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Posted: 30 January 2011 at 6:22am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Rocks.Dhara

Originally posted by FIRESafiReFIRE

hi komon i am good' dark lover i am typing the last few parts. will update together
i am off now as muski taking agaes. i need to cook my dinner then bc to study

byeee dear....!!!

have fun cooking Wink and during study...lolz

will be waiting for dark lover...Smile

Byeeee keyama...!!!

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muskanp IF-Sizzlerz

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part 47

He closed his eyes & cradled her head slipping his fingers in to her hair rubbing his cheeks to her soft cheek. He kissed her tears & moved his lips over hers. Her heart paced higher & higher. His breath mingled with hers. They could feel their pain getting lost & dissolved into their love now. She closed her eyes & leaned closer. He shuddered with the mere touch of her soft lips on his. He closed his eyes tighter not able to let go the feel that filled his mind, heart & soul with serene feelings. She smiled softly knowing he won't & pressed his lips. I love u. he just wanted to be in her arms close & closer. Not able to spell out his guilt, his fear, his pain nothing. He just held her tight. She knew he was getting into a emotional turmoil. She knew how exactly he felt with his grip.

After a while he broke out & straighten himself & took her home. He went in shouting & dragging her into the house. Mama mama ...mama ..he walked into the kitchen & then to the hall to daadi's room which she shared now. Rano hurried towards him.
Rano - kya huwa?
Maan - I told u!!! that is why I didn't want to let her go anywhere alone
Rano - kya baat hain..tell main properly
she got worried & looked at her, checked if she got hurt or some thing.
Geet shook her head & hugged her & whispered thau ji had come to school to take me away.

Maan just left from there. He was angry at himself, angry with the whole world. Angry at himself for not trusting Geet. How could he even for a second thing that she will think against him. He went to the resort to his act of self destruction. He hated the world who has made him like this, ruthless, heartless, he hated ..he felt he doesn't deserve to be loved, he punched the walls with his bare hands. He kept punching ruthlessly until she came & held him. She cried holding his hand. His anger short all together to a new height seeing her tears. He punched the walls even harder almost cracking his bones. She pleaded.. to stop. His eyes was filled with wrath. She couldn't see him in pain, she didn't know why so much of pain. She was grown up enough now to realize he was in pain. Something really sinful that eats him within. She softly inched closer. He roared in furry to stay away from his tempered self. She dared to inch further..had it been 10yr Geet she would have cried & cried..but she was almost 16 now. She didn't fear of self it was him she was worried more about than herself, she knew he couldn't do any harm to her. She slipped her fingers in around his head into his hair & gripping it to pull him closer. He stiffened & jerked away. She now slipped the other hand & pulled him closer, he kept trying to jerk away & she inched closer & closer until there was no space left between them.

He took a sharp breath in & tried to deny her calming effect on him. She raised to tip toe & kissed his fuming eyes he instantly grappled her hard, she tucked in her stomach with his hard strong grip, which really strong. She placed a soft peck on his nose sipping in his anguish. Nothing can take me away from u, not even u she looked deep into his eye. He dipped his head in her shoulder feeling calm & composed. Wondering how she even knows wat bothers him. Her hand went around him warmly like never before, it was always kiddish, or sensuous, but today it was warm like she cares. I know I was just 10 when I told u I love u for the first time, as the years pass by I feel I love u more & more. but I don't know how to say it differently, I try to but I land up saying I love u I love u & I really love a lot. I am going to be 16 & I wonder who much more can I fall for u. he parts his lips to say I really ..she closes his mouth with his & fills in his soul...u never said it..tears roll down he holds him tighter, but every part of u says it to me, every sec every minute when I am with u or not with u. I may just not able to bear it if u give words to it. My heart may just explode hearing those words.

Tears wells down his cheek wondering wat he has done to have her in his life. She carefully kisses back of his hand. Aise kyun karte ho, mujhe dard hota hain. Kitna gussa uff. & snorted her nose he smiled & looked away seeing her typical gestures. She delightfully admired him smile finally.

Maans CAT result was due  she having butterflies in her stomach. She couldn't sleep & turned restlessly the whole night.
Maan - sweety tum aise lot pot hogi tu main kaise sovunga
Geet - mujhe bahut tension ho rahi hain
she sat up the whole night turning & pacing. He was not worried but couldn't sleep seeing her so restless.
Maan - tum itna tension kyun le rahi ho?
Geet - nahi u had so much of work, college, 2 ..2 .. businesses mera studies aapko tho preparation ke liya time hi nahi mila hoga
Maan - u don't trust me?
Geet - more than myself
Maan - sleep then
she made a baby face. He rolled his eyes.
Geet - aaj ke liya aapke saat so javoon, dehko na mujhe neind hi nahi aarahi
Maan - NAHI
Geet - sirf aaj ke liya, plz
Maan - nahi nahi nahi
Geet - please
it was 2am & she was wide awake.
He rolled his eyes before he could say anything she slipped in next to him & hugged him.
Geet - I love u.
he kissed her forehead - aab so javoo
she dossed off in few minutes. He slowly pulled away & slept in her bed.

Next day she restlessly checked the net to see his result. She didn't have her breakfast, milk nothing, she refreshed & refreshed waiting for his result. Rano got fed up & gave the glass of milk to Maan. He smiled & looked at her. She looked so hassled. He sat in the chair & pulled her closer. Her hands ever cold. He rubbed her hand & kissed them softly, she felt tickled. She involuntarily inched closer. He laced his fingers into hers. She sat in his lap lost in his touch. She closed her eyes leaning close to his lips, he placed the glass in between. She opened her eyes at once feeling the glass touch her lips & made angry face pushing the glass away. He smirked & forced her glass again close to her lips. She pushed away again getting angry. He knew wat she wanted but he couldn't. He very passionately kissed the glass looking at her. She smiled & took the glass & drank from the side from where he drank whispering I love u.
Maan - good girl
she finished the milk & teasingly licked the tongue around her lips. He looked away feeling himself growing hard just by seeing her. She could feel it as well. She blushed & got up. He naughtily pulled her closer. She snapped & ran to the kitchen.
Maan shouted sweety result aa gaya. She ran & checked the result & jumped up in joy kissing him all over his face. Mujhe pata tha ..dehka dehka!!! I love u love u love a lot..u r the best...he stood mesmerized like the way he always did with her loving gesture, but off course he was in self control now. He definitely didn't reach his peak but he was almost there. He smiled at his plight.

She ran to Daadi ma, Rano, nakul every one shouting..he topped yet again. He stood their near the door watching her jump yet again like a his 10yr lot wify. She took some of her precious chocolates &  fed every one. After all her celbration outside she finally came to feed him the chocolate. He refrained her from feeding him. She was taken a back. He pulled her closer in a jerk mujhe yeh wali chocolate nahi woh..his tongue traced around her lips & licked the chocolate that trailed along. She blinked couple of time & almost forgetting to breath. Her body melted in his arms feeling every bit of his trace craving for more. He smirked - I love she felt her heart just stopped beating...I love this chocolate

different birthday celebration

Thanks guys for all ur love & support...
hope u like this update as well
Please please do comment

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Brilliant update>>>loved it
Awww Maan was angry at himself 4 not trusting Geet
Little wify restless about her hubbys results
Loved their first kiss
And the end was adorable---Maan Wants the chocolate off Geets lips Heart Heart
Cont soon Xx...

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