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NivRen: Pyaar.. Haqqiqat ya phir ek Dhoka? (Page 6)

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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 5:12pm | IP Logged
Hello Everybodyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!
In the end, optimism shone above like the full moon on the 14th night!
CT's, I actually want to thank you so much for giving us this week. Think about it, we were running out of paitence, guessing and leap frogging for person to person in the Sood house, regarding WHO the MP/Stalker could be. Atleast this week, we got to see that Viren is along the greylines, and is somewhat after Sid into getting revenge from him. Viren has emerged as one awesome character in CCBM. Never before, in Indian TV, have I seen a charcater of such charisma like him, so from the bottom of our heart, thank you SO much Kinshuk. NO ONE else could have been a more awesome Viren, than you!
So atleast we get some light, and there's always light at the end of the tunnel.
One thing I learnt from today's episode is, luck is REALLY big a crucial part in Viren's plan. Till now, the actual MP who is in the house should have clearly worked out by now that Viren is plotting against him, BIG TIME. If they haven't, then this NOTHING but luck. Luck is also making Viren get really deep down into the roots of the problems. Viren's ONE smart guy, you do NOT want to mess with him. Viren, as I have said time and time again, has not just one, but rather, MANY logical and justified reasons as to why he is doing all of this, and with just one shot, he is aiming not just one, but more than one of his targets. Viren also REALLY loves Nivi, it was EVIDENT from today's episode. HOW? All shall be revealed, honey.
Ok so like I said, I'm gonna be using Viren's dialouge that he said before NivRen went on their honeymoon, when he got really "pissed off" at Nivi, and Nivi manofies him. He said, "Hamaare aane ke baad, main tumhe yakeen dila sakta hoon ke sab kuch teekh ho jaayega, humaare beech main bhi, aur yahaan par bhi" (or something along them lines). Everything will be alright. Between us, and over here to. This is one dialouge Viren is living upto, and is on his way fulfilling it. HOW? That too, will also be revealed ...
NivRen - Bathrobes And Bloodshed
So it starts from where it left off. Nivi know is having the dilemma of her life, with her brain and heart attacking questions at her from left, right and centre, as to why the photo is with Viren, and what is he doing with such an old photo of Sid and Nivi? She's not suspecting Viren, but she is just feeling uneasy. She loves Viren, therefore, she wouldn't suspect him, since she knows the consequences of when she suspects Viren. Viren then calls out "Nivedita", and her attention, not fully, but atleast, is diverted, abit. Nivi puts the photo away as Viren opens the door, and like a monkey, is hanging. Notice Nivi here.
Nivi has NEVER seen Viren shirtless. Nevermind Viren, she's never seen ANY guy shirtless. Surely she must be hesitating a little bit? She must have been a LITTLE shy and nervous? But no, she isn't. Either because she's still in the state of utter confusion, or she loves Viren so much, that now, that barrier, or rather wall of discomfort and shyness has gradually gone. Therefore, when she sees Viren shirtless, she isn't hesitant. She doesn't even look like she's bothered seeing Viren shirtless.
Nevertheless, the part I really want to comment on is the bloodshed, EVIDENTLY clear, and unnoticeable, on the WHITE bathroom tiles. I mean, try as hard as you can, HOW can you miss THAT patch of red blood on a WHITE floor?
So Viren knows he's injured, at it's been what, 2 days since NivRen have returned from their HM, yet he still didn't bandage his wound, and for 2 days, its constantly been bleeding? That makes no sense. Ok, so lets say, for Viren's sake, that it was still freshly bleeding, Viren knew that he was injured and that since he didn't heal it, it would be be bleeding. Now obviously, if he had a bath, then there must have been water and blood mixed, so how did Viren manage to ignore that patch of blood? Either he honestly DID forget, or he wanted Nivi to see it, otherwise, wouldn't he have hidden that patch of blood as much as he could, if he knew it was there, from Nivi, so that she doesn't question him about it?
Moving on, Nivi asks him what he wants, and he says he wants his bathrobe. Here, we can see Viren has no evil expression on his face, nor is he thinking of evil, he just wants to spend some time with his wife, Nivi, and have a laugh and a joke with her. Nivi, lost in thoughts gets the bathrobe, and hands it to Viren, who on purose gets hold of her hand. He then says ANOTHER striking dialouge, if you think I'm doing this on purpose, then yes, I am, and then, VERY CUTELY, smiles. From that, I understood, that either Viren is holding her hand right now, on purpose, to spend time with Nivi and have a cute romantic moment, or he's warning her, saying that I am doing all of this (the whole revenge plan) on purpose, and is dropping small hints at her. Nivi, meanwhile is shy and looking down (STILL FAILING TO NOTICE THAT BLOOD?), and runs off, leaving Viren with, not a negative, but with a sly expression on his face. Not evil, but just, a cunning one, as he goes in, and puts the robe on.
Here, can't you see what Viren meant by when he said "hamaare beech sab kuch teekh hojaaye ga". Nivi's not shy at all with him anymore. They have a comfort zone between themselves, where there is no hesitance, in terms of physical touching and prescense.
Epiphany Tells Sid's That Viren Had Booked The Tickets -
So the agent is talking to that other dude, that Viren said he would make the payments (what payments?!) after he would come back from the HM, and he is already back. Viren, yes I admit, doesn't come office everyday (seems like he forgot the promise he made to Nivi regarding work), so the other dude tells the agent to contact him by phone. Sid overhears, and finds out that there was also a second booking made. Viren had already made one (with BS's friend?), but then cancelled it, lied to BS's friend about him going America, and booked his room in the resort SidYa booked into.
NivRen - Unattended Questions, Bathrobe Dumped On Purpose, Was That Viren's Intention?
So Nivi is STILL thinking, when Viren comes and wets Nivi's face with his hair, again proving his point with the dialouge he made, about how everything is now fine between them two, since all Nivi did, when Viren wets her, was cover her face. She never moaned or groaned, or said "Viren, yeh tum kya kar rahe ho?".
Viren, man this guys LOVES his wife, see's her worried look, and asks straight away, what's wrong? Nivi, who isn't hesitant in asking, but just unsure of when to ask him, says to him, Viren, can I ask you something? Viren's reaction is no, you can't ask me whether you want to ask me something or not. Why did he say that? Because he wants Nivi to question him. Nivi is THE only one whom Viren will allow to ask him questions, he will not allow anyone else do that, NOT EVEN HIS MUM, who was, before he got married and met Nivi, perhaps the most closest WOMAN in Viren's life. Nivi feels a little scared when Viren says this, but oh so lovingly, Viren cups her on her cheeks, and tells her, you, my life, my wife, are to free to ask me anything. So go on, ask me. Viren also gets a bit worried too, when Nivi doesn't ask him what she wants to ask. Finally, Viren manages to make Nivi gather the enough strength needed for her to ask Viren, ONLY and ONLY to be interupted by Nandu!!! The dude from the telephone company arrives, and Viren has to go and meet him downstairs, but since he's not changed, he requests Nivi to go down and make him comfortable, whilst he gets changed.
Here, Viren is fulfilling the SECOND bit of what he said to Nivi in the dialouge in the manofying scene, "... sab kuch teekh ho jaaye ga. Hamaare beech main bhi, aur yahaan par bhi". So now, he wants to make sure everything is out in the open to all the Sood's that Nivi is not mentally unstable, and that her health: mental, emotional and physical, is perfect. So therefore, I think, last night, Viren went to meet that telephone dude, in order to arrange a meeting. (I presume!) After Nivi goes, he gives that intentful expression, where his eyes are the eyes that are showing clear intention for something. He goes to his wardrobe, gets what he wants to wear, and takes his robe of and dumps it, with the blood part facing upwards. Why did Viren do that, if he knew he hadn't attended his wound, which was still bleeding, and he knew that the blood would transfer onto his WHITE robe? On purpose, or did he really forget? 'Cos as far as I can recall, Viren Sood NEVER forgets.
Sid's Epiphany -
So Sid realises the Viren did both bookings, NivRen's and SidYa's. I wanna see what questions Sid is gonna raise in front of Viren, when he asks him reagarding the HM bookings.
HL Pratap Scene -
Viren's Liquid Confidence Visible Through Step 2 Of His Plan -
Now time for Viren to fulfill both parts of his dialouge he said to Nivi: making things clear between them and in the house. The whole Sood house gathers into the main hall, as Viren climbs down the stairs, liquid confidence within, attempting to prove his  point(s) with step 2 of his well thought of plan. So Viren is the one who called him over, and asks him, have you discovered anything? To which the telephone dude replies, Yes, that phone that was deactivated since years in your house has been activated for over a month now. Viren, all of a sudden has a immediate change in expression, from eager to confusion, shock and horror. That's luck baby, pure luck, since even HE wasn't expecting that, and it was luck that has favoured him, and now he will use THIS to the fullest of advantage, since, according to me, I don't even think Viren knew himself about Sid signing these papers. Maybe he did, maybe he didn't, but luck is on Viren's side, BIG TIME.
The whole Sood house is stunned when they find out about the phone's sudden activation, and Viren, STRAIGHT AWAY looks at Nivi, and no one else, telling her through his eyes, i ALWAYS KNEW YOU WERE RIGHT, how DARE them idiots say ANYTHING to you???, as Viren then turns to look at YD and CC, who look as if the carpet from beneath their feet has been pulled. Now Viren questions the telephone dude again, to make sure YD and CC hear that again, and to tell them that NO, YOU WEREN'T DREAMING, WHAT HE SAID WAS REAL. YES YOU WITCHES, REALITY HITS HARD. This time round, Viren looks at Nivi and tells here, Did you hear Nivi? The phone's working!, so that Viren can rub it in CC and YD's faces even more.
Viren then asks who discarded the phone, as Sid, in perfect timing, makes his entry, as it gets revealed that SID signed the papers.
Notice Viren's expressions. Viren never knew Sid had came by then, and his face was turned and not facing ANY family member, so then, if Viren wants to prove Sid wrong ANYWAY, why was he SO shocked about Sid signing them papers, when he, from the point knew that this could be evidence against Sid. Luck, again, favoured him, as Viren is also, equally stunned as everyone when he comes to know about who signed the papers. Nivi's suspicion on Sid increases EVER more know, as Viren casually looks up, to see that Sid is standing there. Also, notice the expression on Viren's face, when Sid is double checking to see if he he signed the papers. Viren, if he wanted to, by ALL means, could have smirked, but he never. His face was fuming with rage and anger, showing his strong dislike against him. Now, thinks Viren, is where I can, WITH PROOF AND BACKUP, make the Sood house know for SURE that Nivi is not ill, and Sid is hiding and confiding, and in himself, does he fill ...
So Viren turns to YD and CC, and shows them the signiture of Siddharth Sood. Now, Viren puts the whole situation, and the ball is Sid's court, as this time, Viren does the questioning, and for the first time in his life, SID is the one who is kept on the spot to answer. Oh, Viren is LOVING this. After Sid says that I can't even recall the time I even signed an application, Viren uses one of Sid's strength (according to his family), and converts it into one of his biggest weakness, the fact that Sid reads EVERY paper, before putting ink on it, so how can in not be possible that Sid never read that paper? (By the way, when did they shift to Shimla, and if they did, then it can't have been a month back, because the phone was working a MONTH back, and its been FIVE/SIX good months since the Sood's shifted back in Shimla?)
Now, Viren uses this, and makes his dialouge that he said about how he will recitfy everything over here aswell, come true, as he uses this evidence for Nivi, and shows everyone how she is fine. The fact that Viren says, so now what are you guys gonna say, Nivi discarded the phone line, and then made up fake stories? Because I'm sorry, but I, Viren Sood, is not ready to accept that when I have crystal clear answers and evidence in the palm of my hand. And that's how Viren is gonna slowly make everything in the house alright for Nivi again. When he says the next few lines, Virens eyes are GLUED to CC, since he is doubting and warning her, that there is SOMEONE in this house playing mindgames. DD interrupts and says how can you blame Sid? And Viren indirectly replies I'm not, but all I'm saying, and now he looks at CC, YD and DD, that from today onwards, NO ONE wil raise a finger of doubt on MY wife that she is hearing things or seeing things. The next dialouge intrested me, "Today I found one proof, and who knows tomorrow, I may find a second?". This guy, Viren Sood, with the help of luck, has got EVEYTHING planned out. The next bit, he eyes CC and says, "And no one knows whom my finger may raise towards, or maybe, that person just doesn't want to know". Viren already has a list of suspects with him, with Sid and CC hitting number 1 suspect on it.
After Sid leaves, Viren half smirks, and his eyes show that anger and passion for hate again. He then turns to Nivi and smiles at her, reassuringly, that everything is fine, between us, and in the house, just like he had said in the manofying scene.
Viren leaves, and Nivi, as a dutiful wife, goes behind him
Keshav/HL/Pratap -
Selfish twats! Poor Yash yaaaaaaaaar!!
NivRen - On The Way To Step 3, And Viren's Pledge To Nivi.
Viren, glad with the success, safely puts the file away, and with a smirk on his face, labels it, proof number 1.
He closes the doors to his wardrobe, only to find the love of his life standing there, with tears of pride and happiness filled in her eyes, and smile of comfort and gratitude on her face.
NivRen walk upto each other, as Nivi utters, Thank You. Here, Viren states his pledge to Nivi, saying that never will you thank me, and secondly, To prove that you are in the right, I can do ANYTHING and NO ONE can stop me from doing that. Nivi is always in the right though, but people don't believe her, and to get that belief, Viren will do ANYTHING. Here, the first bit, about Viren saying how everything will be fine between them in manofying scene is coming true. Viren is VERY true to his words, and does not change them.
Now, Viren wants to eagerly know the question Nivi wanted to ask him. If Viren was SO "evil", he would have never asked Nivi to ask him, because he would, at all costs want to avoid questions. But he LOVES Nivi, and he doesn't want ANYTHING bothering her.
Nivi goes and gets the envelope, and Viren realises what the question will be. He is pleased, but just a TAD worried about why she is asking. Yet he answers in such a way, that will ease both of their worries. When Nivi shows Viren the photo, he smirks on Sid's face, but smiles when he see's Nivi's. Hmmm, something since childhood then, that means? He goes to Nivi, its you and Sid, didn't you recognise? When she tells Viren, that no I did recognise, it was just I wanted to ask why you never showed me, that's all I wanted to ask you.,But now I have no qualms, and nor will I ever have any. To be frank, I honeslt trust you fully. Infact, you're THE only one I trust, and if that faith has taken over, then there is no empty space for suspicion to become a resident in, Viren had a smile on his face, that MY Nivi FULLY trusts me. She declared it, and his ears were WAITING for this. He holds her, and says to her that this is exactly what I want, that all our distances distance away from us, and you come so close to me, that there wont even be room for a single question. Nevertheless, if you, at any point want to ask something, you have EVERY right to.
Now WHY would he say that? Why would a "negative" person be so absrud and give someone the advantage, and offer it on the plate to them, the chance for them to question his motive? Can't you see how much Viren LOVES her?
Nivi then says to Viren, that I dont need to ask questions to you, it's someone else for whom I need to save these questions.
And that's Viren 3rd step on its way to completion!!
Back to face, as if saying that Viren will allow Nivi to ask Sid questions, and he will back her up, Viren says, that surely you will ask him, and surely will he HAVE to answer you. Sid, get yourself prepared, I've set such a trap for you, that you will have to answer, and in this will lie MY SECOND success, and YOUR SECOND defeat.
First success/defeat being, taking Nivi away from Sid, or the fact that people now suspect Sid?
Precap -
Viren isn't foolish. He's pretending to hide the bathrobe from Nivi, who catches it. Nivi has a worried expression on her face, whilst Viren has none. He WANTS her to het hold of that robe, cos he knows she will dig deep and find the answer to he question about where the blood came from. Also, in that scene, Viren has his black jacket off, so surely the blood MUST have come on his white top, right?
Its SO unique and fresh, and anticipating!!!
LOVE YOU KinHa And NivRen for giving us this AWESOME reason for discussion!!!!

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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 5:14pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Cutie-NivRen

Wow Millie lovely analysis and true even I am loving this attitude of Viren sood. The real fact I am enjoying his giving to chanchal and YD. I love how he make Sid to confess his mistakes with his own mouth. I am actually waiting when complete family will ask questions from Sid and blame him. Though I want it to short lived as his innocence need to come in front. I actually want Sid to actually feel the pain of standing in culprit box I don't want his matter to solved before getting accused for one time atleast.  He let Nivi get insulted and thrown 4 times in row but still couldn't understand JAAL can go to this extent now he can understand how one can frame other.
Regarding Viren I want only Nivi to punish him no one else.

Hi Suchi..Hi Milee..Navz....and Mahi..and Payal...and everyone else too....Faiza..Sneha,..

wow my Rachu...kya lines hai!! And yea no one person can punish Viren. First he does not care abt anyone so he will not get hurt no matter what they will do to him..and second..he is too smart for them...there is no way they can keep up. I bet their heads are spinning right now. Including CC's.

OH I love this new Viren....NIvi you are so lucky....You have Multi Talented Hubby. He needs to get A MR. UNIVERSE AWARD.  He can love, fight with goons, show attitude like (in hosp, jagarta, etc etc), ride sexxxyyy bikes, Wash his sexxy bike in his own Sexxyy style...Take you Dates and setup gazebo like no one else...and fast for you? Give you all the presents one girl can dream of...and loves your family like his..OH MAN. He is just too good. and Nivi will now match up to him. with Her Attitude. Oh I bet Viren must have loved her when she spoke up during the confrontation scene with YD. He must be like "Can I kis you right here ..right now?? for this is the attitude I want and fell in love with !!" unquote

Haha. I am enjoying Viren's attitude with Ice Cream dripping from my face !!!

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Originally posted by milee1014

OOOOOO I got A++ thank you guys and sorry Navi I added it just now.
I think we better not send Viren and Nivi to Australia and America because if Australia gaya tho wahan Sanju hai and America aya tho yahan Mahi hai poor bechari Nivi will have to do cat fightLOL OHOH I am on roll todayLOL I think its because of Mr.Viren Sood Bad *SS attitude effecting me big time.
Navi & Rachu, me too eagerly waiting for the back story I think it will be revealed slowly from next week. And I think its his Mom who will figure out that Viren is trapping Sid big time because she is one who has brain and uses it properly.
And Yes I am sure Nivi is the one who will punish Viren and he will be willing to take that punishment too. Because if you see he doesn't care what his family thinks except ofcourse his loving tayiji and dadaji other than Nivi. But he will be clean bowled with her attitude I am sure of it. I want to see that, I don't want Nivi to cry anymore and as we know she doesnot do that with Viren, she did show him attitude previously too right? so oh I am eagerly waiting for that day, just how I eagerly waited for Nivi's 20th smile for Viren I am waiting for her attitude too.
Are we this sadistic?LOL

I think you have forgotten that I am Viren's wife too... so if anything, he would come here!!!!!!!!!!!
I am his wife too so no cat fight because Nivi knows that we share him especially since he married me first and if anything, I don't need to fight her.. I can just have a baby with Viren and then I would win!!!!LOL

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Hello my sweet lovely girls, how r we all toay. Mahi did i ever tell u how much i love ur writting??Lovely intro sweety and thanks for the new thread, love the title. I am very late as usual and missed alot of disscussionOuch so some one wants to fill me in with what i missed??? any analysis i need to read??page number plz thanks
Oh and Prajee congratulations my lovely, My wishes are with you sweety, I hope u ur life will be filled with happiness with this new beginning, may everything work out for you sweety. I am soooo happy for you dear.
Ok i loved todays epi, loveing it how the people that caused pain to Nivi are getting what they deserve from Viren, lolz its not his intention but man i am just dancing with happiness when sid, YD and CC are getting blamed and shouted at lolz, finally we are seeing them get what they gave nivi.
Anyways i have to dissapear for a few hours but i will be thinking about u guys alot, just came in to say hi. Bye guys will see u all in a few hours.
Love ya all

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simran728 Goldie

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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 5:31pm | IP Logged
OMG. I cant believe we are same Maniacs who Bashed Viren so badly 2 days back and were all shocked and are now drooling over his Bad *SS Attitude. (but bashing was good. We loved them so much that we were hurt initially....but we have taken out our anger and now are more relaxed now..)

Oh We love Viren so we have go on every ride he is on. So, if he is good we are with him and on this Bad A** attitude ride also we were little late (bcos we were little mad and upset and sad and depressed ) but we joined him Eventually. .....if we can accept his change then i am sure even Nivi will accept his change. No one is better for Nivi than Viren.

Before we were thinking they are picture perfect from Love POV and looked like each others reflection..and now new thing has been added..they are not just love for each others life, strength, and weakness too. But in form or shape they are perfect for each other. !

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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 5:32pm | IP Logged
wow faiza !! beautiful analysis !! we all are feeling good and positive about the track right now, but your post made me feel even more relaxed especially in regards to NivRen !! thank you sweetheart !!!

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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 5:35pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by xaviara

wow faiza !! beautiful analysis !! we all are feeling good and positive about the track right now, but your post made me feel even more relaxed especially in regards to NivRen !! thank you sweetheart !!!
Hello Navs Diiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!
Lool, Yup, NivRen Have A LONG Way To Go, This Is Just The Start.
And, I'd Rather See, Hurdle After Hurdle Making Them Stronger Than Ever, Than See A Weak Love Story. Ouch

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Wowww Mahiiiiii Hug wat an intro..Thumbs Up....ClapClapClapClapClap..Heart.!!!
Hi n Bye everyone..Hug..Miss coming n chatting here...CryCryCry
My poor lappy gone for repairOuch.....n phone is tooo slow AngryAngryAngry
Suddenly I am sooooo glad Chanchal is Viren MumLOLLOLLOL...she understnds theres more to him than wat meets the eyeTongueTongue
R they trying to draaaaaaaaaaaaaaag NivRen lovestory with all this psycho/revenge drama?? Since they returned romance n spark seem missing....Confused...!!!

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