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Lets fly the flag of faith for true love & TASHA (Page 3)

KavitaDR Senior Member

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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 9:49pm | IP Logged


 Very well said Kavita ! A very indepth post I must say!

 Thank you Aparna for your patience and the painstaking task of dissecting the thread.

I agree with everything you have said here. Actually just today I was thinking of this point - where you lose one sense, thats when another one opens - your 6th sense, or atleast such an absense of a sense SHARPENS your other senses - including your intelligence and sensibilities. Most human beings are physical and materialistic. They can primarily just feel what their 5 senses get attracted to. And that is the reason why in todays world many people fall for superficial aspects in other people and befriend them or fall in love, only to realise later that it was all a mirage! But 6th sense is very subtle, its the voice of your heart. But as long as your 5 senses are awake, you cannot feel or activate it. But when you slowly move away from them, thats when you are able to see clearly things which are beyond 5 senses - like true love, qualitative things in life which are beyond the physical and materialistic things.

So beautifully put. You may not believe me but my ramblings did tempt me to graze the surface of that crucial aspect of human psychology related to our emotions and sensory perceptions beyond the 5 senses but I did not want to scare off members who must already baulk at the length of the post. You completed that part so thanks to you.

 Thats why in meditation, they start off by guiding you to slowly put to rest your 5 senses - shutting your eyes, sitting in a very quite place so as to shut off your hearing attractions, etc. And here in Dutta's case, Nakku and her love is very simple but of a real high stature, where its difficult for many humans to reach or even understand the characteristics of such a stature. So to understand such a high stature of Nakku, Dutta will have to go beyond his 5 senses, then he will realise her true meaning and value.

 Very well said as the onus now lies with Dutta to let go of his hang ups and show a generosity of spirit that seems to be lacking since the FR when it comes to those who are closest to him, i.e, Nakusha, Baaji, AS and Madhu to whom he does owe some filial duties.

Regarding Dutta accepting Nakku, you know this is what I always wanted....I dint want Dutta to simply accept Nakku as a 'favor' or JUST bcos he is MARRIED to her, or for the sake of a 3rd person (like AS - remember when Nakku called out to Dutta to tie the dhaga on his hand, he obliges in an uninterested manner, and later he looks at AS as though he did all that JUST for AS!). So I dint want Dutta to accept Nakku because of either of the above mentioned reasons. I wanted Dutta to accept her because he GENUINELY NEEDED/LOVED HER - not because he HAS TO, but because HE REALLY WANTED TO! And its a true reality - you dont understand the value or existance of a person when everything is fine and only understand the TRUE value of a person when you DESPERATELY NEED that person. Arent we all like that in some way....dont we tend to take the people who loves us to bits for granted, and tend to give more attention to people who dont care much about us? Even in Dutta's case...somehow I always got a feeling that he listens more to Kala and gives her a certain importance, as compared to even AS. I remember after Nakku's FR, Dutta said he was equally pissed with everyone in his family, and wasnt even ready to listen out to AS. But somehow Kala always had the power to influence him and get him to listen to her atleast. I remember, when Kala speaks, Dutta doesnt talk back much . I dont know if anyone else noticed this.

I could not have described it any better, except add that Dutta must snap out of his unconscious existentialist battles within himself and his personal paradox that have marred his life. He does need to come down that pedestal that he has inhabited for too long and take stock of his priorities.Being inactive will give him the time to indulge in an in-depth analysis of his life up to now. And he has taken the first steps by calling for Nakusha in his hour of need and suffering. As for Kala, whenever poetic justice prevails in LTL land, I wish that Dutta makes it a point to remind his "sister" of the intrinsic values of filial bond and the need to preserve its sanctity in all circumstances.

ow lonely she had been all this while without one. Still Dutta never cared to even listen, and just walked off. Now he will understand the importance of his family. He is blind and helpless today, and is feeling all the more helpless bcos he doesnt have anyone of his 'own' around him. He is left to the mercy of some strangers. But when he comes back to his family, even if he would remain blind, am sure he would be more at peace there as he would be in his HOME .

On a lighter note, Kavita you always write like a journalist
- the way you have quoted other members of the forum if you felt you have borrowed some thoughts from them, and your systematic and perfect writing .....I really appreciate your efforts in making your posts really perfect, and giving it the same respect you might give an official writing, inspite of the fact that this is just a casual forum .

I have answered your query in the PM sent to you. LOLLOLLOLAnd Thank you for the compliment.


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suhana19 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 9:55pm | IP Logged
Hey Kavita Hug
Excellent post as always....Loved itThumbs Up
U said it all yaar....i have no words to express yaar...really totally speechless....Keep on rocking with the amazing and superb posts yaar....Thanx for the PM...But read before ur PMLOLWink
Love and Hugs suhanaHug

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Fishfish IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 10:04pm | IP Logged
@Zuby - Lovely thoughts, as rightly pointed out by you, this show has so much possibility but with crass and poor creativity they spoilt it.
@Aneesa - The other day Kavita was telling me about you :)...dear I watch this show for MR and specially like his subtle expressions.  I have no problem if MR takes a couple of week off from the show and takes things a bit easy...doing a daily can be taxing and he has worked hard for a year...what I am pissed of, the creatives failed to live up to our expectation, give us something new ....I even was dissappointed the way they treated the Chaskar track had much more possibility.  To top it all, by direction, bad acting and blooper filled episodes.
@Kavita...dear I am ready to overlook everything if they give us a couple of rocking episodes and yes MR is staying now lets get the story back on the track.  Kavita, I always feel we should use the forum more do constructive criticism, as we point out the mistakes but also applaud the good work...most of us watch the show for the unique storyline and MR...but we should not think chalo MR is staying back so my work is done....No, alongwith MR I want to see a rocking story and a rocking performance.

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KavitaDR Senior Member

Joined: 18 September 2010
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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 10:09pm | IP Logged


"We have all fought hard on the forum and other platforms to ensure that LTL remains a fairy tale about the mystery of life, love and hatred in equal measure, truth and beauty, betrayal, compassion and pain, hence, the faith and belief that we have upheld, despite having been treated so shabbily by the Channel or the CVs. We just pray that the story now gets back on track and this was my reverence for a show that I have loved and the characters that I have idolised. "
Lovely post Kavita and you just summed up what LTL is to me in the above words. Here's hoping the creatives stay true to their beautiful creation !!!!! They have given us wonderful memories to cherish but at times its hard to ignore the dragfest,whatever be the reason. How I wish,they could have shown Madhu as a pillar of strength to Nakusha these days amongst exploring other relationships at PN.
I couldn't agree with Anessa more. It's not what you see but what you understand defines your life.
Thought I know that Naku's  dark/white color was not an issue with Dutta but the trust and faith she didn't show  in their relationship (by hiding the truth) was, somehow I feel the darkness phase might also help Dutta understand what an  emotionally wrenching experience it must have been for Naku to be surronded by darkness -- darkness of being labelled ugly,darkness of insecurity (she was forced to hide her real looks,her parents cdn't provide a secure enviornment),darkness of not knowing what lies ahead in life and  all this might help him appreciate his wife  all the more  thus solidifying their relationship. I hope I am making sense here!!!!
Thank you Ships. Since we all moved "hurdles" to ensure that we get to save the very essence of LTL, the least we could do now is to stick together and give a chance of redress to the makers/CV's/Channel. Time will tell us soon enough whether they deserve our trust.
Yes, Aneesa is a gem and is so passionate about the human condition. I, only, hope that she comes out herself and adds her personal sensibilities to extremely valid view-points. This is partly the beauty of the LTL forum as besides new friends, it has given me and many others a wonderful opportunity to exchange and discuss ideas and concepts across the continents. So, Thank you, IF, LTL DT.ClapClapClap
As regards the last part of the threas regarding the element of trust from Dutta after the FR debacle, the current track has finally given us the confirmation that Dutta has now merged all images of Nakusha (dark or fair) in his mind. Hopefully, this last tragedy that has struck TASHA will pave the way for a rational and balanced evaluation of life, relationships and the bonds that unite a couple. He would have realised at the end of his tether in Seema's house that true love does need to go through a test of fire for strengthening values and belief systems that he would finally learn to share with Nakusha.

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KavitaDR Senior Member

Joined: 18 September 2010
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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 10:24pm | IP Logged

Kavita, Wow, when you said it was long?? you weren't kiddingLOL. Great analysis totally agrees with youClap. Love trust? sometimes needs to be earned and by making Dutta blind can be beneficial AGREE. Love to see Dutta trusting and understanding others through his blindness.  Also to figure out the vamp and villain in his own home.  I sooo want TaSha together. If and I agree the CVs takes this foundation to better his character it will be more realistic and more in character, but these days my faith in the CVs is lacking especially with the Seema fiasco, I just wished they had portrayed it differently?.. I believe to keep thing simple is the best way to tell a story add too much complications then you are heading for problems/bloopers. I believe the best stories are the simplest.  Yet I still have a tiny bit of faith?? I think I'm starting to blabber so ill stopLOL.

Thank you Sweetie,
Long post!LOLLOLLOLLOL Well residents of the same county should support each other. EmbarrassedThis was for "The Garden of England"....our lovely Kent...What say? I must be going crazy as this is so far removed from LTL...but to come back to your post, it would be great if the CV's lent us viewers an ear or both ears. They would not regret it and LTL would have soared new heights.
As to the current track, i agree that keeping things simple does ensure an easier life but fate has other decrees for TASHA. How could, otherwise, a simple non-descript story at its inception, capture the attention of so many viewers across continents and weave magic. It is a  pity that the CV's seem to have overlooked or simply forgotten that basic premise and landed us so many tracks that just did not integrate the basic storyline as they would have wished or conceptualised...(if they still do of course). LTL seems to be tottering and does need a good shake-up.
See you sometimes on the forum.

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KavitaDR Senior Member

Joined: 18 September 2010
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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 10:44pm | IP Logged
very well written Kavi as expected from you!! and yes, long too.. u have said it all.. i also watch the show for Dutta and even though he was incapacitated, the show got its spark as soon as he appeared on screen be it in his appearances in front of baaji, nakku , AS or getting up with naku's name on his lips and then the heart wrenching way in which he asks aathi kyunn nahin..
i also did not like seema having blood on her forehead, but as i said in anotehr thread, she is unaware of nakku in D's life and she sees this as a chance fir self redemption.. i just hope that now he is awake, things move a bit faster..i think it will as now naku is on no food/water vrat and so D will have to come back to ehr soon na..
Hey Vandana,
I do need my friends to put up with some of my eccentricities sometimes.Embarrassed...and long posts are my speciality LOLLOLLOLand probably says something about the depth of my feelings for a story which defies our conception of love and the pain it sometimes unleash on mere mortals. i just pray that the CV's, finally, get a notion of what they are squandering away....
I would not jump tjhe gun as yet as to the show having got its spark back yet, but, I was certainly relieved to see a conscious Dutta hankering for Nakusha and the support system that he had denied himself. What would I have given for Nakusha to be present when he utters "Ab kahan hain tu.....Aati kyu nahin..."?
The least said about Seema "anointing herself with Dutta's blood, the better, and, lets just hope that it does not add to the chest of bloopers, CVs persist in collecting. I just hope that we get Seema's redemption/forgiveness track over by Monday in time for Dutta's return to Patil Wadi in time for Nakusha's Vrat Savitri. I remember a post a while ago where I equated Nakusha's subservience and subjugation to Dutta's love and family to Savitri. Little did i know then that CV's would incorporate this element in the story.....What to do, jumping on gravy trains does have its own attractions...LOL
Big hugs to you,

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Wanderbug IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 11:25pm | IP Logged

beautifully written..more than Dutta- nakku's plight that you have delved in in this masterpiece i was more moved by einstein's quotes. being a science student all my life...of course i admire the man but never knew he had such deep philosophical steak in him...

coming to th present track...i was one of those who wanted seema back because i wanted a full closure for dutta before he moved on...seeing the one woman who he had thought he loved and wanted to marry..the one with whom he had had his dreams of family...we all might deny but seema was most important part od Dutta life not because she betrayed him...but because she was the one who awoke the deepest feelings in his heart...who made him acquainted with the most base of feelings...much before nakkusha existed..she was the first love...which no matter how much we vetto has its own special meaning in one's life....

my problem with the present track is not that dutta is shown being so close to chanda who tends to him and touches his hair lovingly...she has taken such liberties before...and so she has no inhibition to do so again...whereas for nakku and dutta the bonds for physical closeness are still very thin and fragile...she still feels inhibited in touching him on her whim as she still sees him as saab....then there is the matter of him being angry with her...just when they were getting to the stage where could have overcome their hesitations and really become one in all sense they were torn apart again...

my problem is the way they are handling the track which had great potential....i don't want to see helpless dutta....i want him to learn to trust hi other senses more now and rise like a fighter....and i don't want to see kala-suds-chaskar at all....they disgust me...and mang filling thing....i know you all are trying to find a silver lining in that particular cloud but i am sorry but i feel that particular cloud was not even needed in our sky of LTL in the first place as the sky is already cloudy enough for Tasha..

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-Carrie- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 11:30pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by nizam13

@ZubyDutta - Zuby,
You are very wise person.(don't know how old you are but if you are young in chronological age then you are so wise for a young person).  You thoughts here are so very true to human behavior in every social culture. Reconciliation, intimacy and closeness are dependent on forgiveness  respect, love and trust.
I agree with your analysis of the blindness. Dutta/MR portrayal of his acute blindness if MR/LTL's writers have done any homework on acute blindness because of trauma they would continue to show the behavioral manifestations by Dutta for a few more episodes. Mainly his loss of self-esteem and hopelessness and the need to build back his strong self-image by trust because as we all know what kind of temperament he has and it would certainly be a very difficult task for anyone attempting to help him recover except Nakusha as she is the only one he seems to be thinking has always been there for him but the Seema track, Dutta's hatred for betrayal and his need to build that trust is necessary for him to love and accept her unconditionally with no future room for doubt on any matter not just his belief about her lack of trust in telling him about her raaz.. There could come a point where Naku may have to tell him about Kala, so here again is the trust issue not just about her knowledge about Kala's deeds and wanting to deal with it her own way but the trust she should have had in him to make him aware of this.  Aneesa


Thanks Aneesa! Smile You think I'm wise?Shocked Strange.Mom says I think & behave like a four yr old.LOL Jks apart.I'm with u completely. Most here at the forum call D a "gadha" (donkey).Not only because he was "blind" to Nakusha's love & devotion but also to so much treachery & plotting by his own under his nose.Now he being really blind would really see people for they really are. He will finally see thru the smokescreen created in PN for his benefit.
I hope a lot of mysteries are unravelled by this new events in D's life.
Take care.

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