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Lets fly the flag of faith for true love & TASHA (Page 2)

masz Senior Member

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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 2:29pm | IP Logged

Kavita, Wow, when you said it was long…… you weren't kiddingLOL. Great analysis totally agrees with youClap. Love trust… sometimes needs to be earned and by making Dutta blind can be beneficial AGREE. Love to see Dutta trusting and understanding others through his blindness.  Also to figure out the vamp and villain in his own home.  I sooo want TaSha together. If and I agree the CVs takes this foundation to better his character it will be more realistic and more in character, but these days my faith in the CVs is lacking especially with the Seema fiasco, I just wished they had portrayed it differently….. I believe to keep thing simple is the best way to tell a story add too much complications then you are heading for problems/bloopers. I believe the best stories are the simplest.  Yet I still have a tiny bit of faith…… I think I'm starting to blabber so ill stopLOL.

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prettywoman Goldie

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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 3:24pm | IP Logged
very well written Kavi as expected from you!! and yes, long too.. u have said it all.. i also watch the show for Dutta and even though he was incapacitated, the show got its spark as soon as he appeared on screen be it in his appearances in front of baaji, nakku , AS or getting up with naku's name on his lips and then the heart wrenching way in which he asks aathi kyunn nahin..
i also did not like seema having blood on her forehead, but as i said in anotehr thread, she is unaware of nakku in D's life and she sees this as a chance fir self redemption.. i just hope that now he is awake, things move a bit faster..i think it will as now naku is on no food/water vrat and so D will have to come back to ehr soon na..

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notsorry Senior Member

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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 3:47pm | IP Logged


Thank you for the acknowledgment as always.

There are many on this forum whom in recent weeks,  I see are putting their thoughts into threads and post responses  who seem to share similar thoughts on the characters' traits and personalities. I am encouraged as this is so needed if LTL's CVs are looking for more realistic tracks and track sequences.   Some of the forum members may not have been paying much attention to the minute details of these characteristics and personality traits expressed by the actors/actresses in the scenes and it is my opinion that is why many of us including myself at times feel frustrated during what is termed "dragging episodes".   I agree with you and others that many of the distracting plots and unnecessary scenes in the sequence of the tracks, the track's pace and essence if thought out well, before the start of the track would surely improve the pace and more to the point of the story.  It was you I believe who mentioned the commercial/business incentives of the channel that must survive in the marketing world because after all TV serials including LTL from the channel's point of view is for entertainment purposes.   It is my opinion from seeing some of the comments on this forum that some would not watch the serial if the episodes/scenes were more realistic.  I for one watch the show for the realistic portrayal of the characters personality traits as it relates to real life keeping in mind the so called "dragging episodes" as the channel's business interest to hold on a wider audience for mere entertainment purposes.  So I would have to say I take the good with the bad as Liz Darcy mentioned in her thread.


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notsorry Senior Member

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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 4:44pm | IP Logged
@ZubyDutta - Zuby,
You are very wise person.(don't know how old you are but if you are young in chronological age then you are so wise for a young person).  You thoughts here are so very true to human behavior in every social culture. Reconciliation, intimacy and closeness are dependent on forgiveness  respect, love and trust.
I agree with your analysis of the blindness. Dutta/MR portrayal of his acute blindness if MR/LTL's writers have done any homework on acute blindness because of trauma they would continue to show the behavioral manifestations by Dutta for a few more episodes. Mainly his loss of self-esteem and hopelessness and the need to build back his strong self-image by trust because as we all know what kind of temperament he has and it would certainly be a very difficult task for anyone attempting to help him recover except Nakusha as she is the only one he seems to be thinking has always been there for him but the Seema track, Dutta's hatred for betrayal and his need to build that trust is necessary for him to love and accept her unconditionally with no future room for doubt on any matter not just his belief about her lack of trust in telling him about her raaz.. There could come a point where Naku may have to tell him about Kala, so here again is the trust issue not just about her knowledge about Kala's deeds and wanting to deal with it her own way but the trust she should have had in him to make him aware of this.  Aneesa


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KavitaDR Senior Member

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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 8:48pm | IP Logged
@ ZubyDutta]

Superbly written,Kavita as always.Clap

Though the present track has been rubbished off as crap collectively by the forum, there were also many firsts that ought to be acknowledged. The very first one & also the major one as so rightly pointed out by you & Aneesa is Dutta's unfortunate disability. D has gone thru profound physical & emotional pain all  his life but he was more or less able to meet it head on.This was mainly due to sheer physical power.But this newly acquired disability is a whole new  unnerving experience.Where his main faculty, his vision has left him thus making him very disoriented & confused. That's one reason I think he hasn't yet asked exactly where he is & that his family be contacted immediately.This complete dependence on strangers horrifies him beyond any measure.This could be the reason instead of shouting for help he set off on his own out of the house. Secondly he has never really been this alone in his life before.His safety net has been snatched away from him. Whatever turmoil or earth shattering events that has happened in his life his mother & friend Baji were always there for him.His cousins & their families though not genuine atleast rallied around him.And there was Nakusha as was portrayed thru the FBs.Ever present to steady him every time he stumbled in the last nine months.Today he has lost the use of eyes & none of them are there for D.What could be more pitiful!Thirdly the Patil Niwasis. Bajirao led D into a life of crime albeit unknowingly but he now truly feels the loss of his only support in his life to that very life of crime.The sisters Leela & Roop spent most of their adult life plotting & scheming against their cousin's happiness.But now they realise the true loss of their father figure.Lastly AS.Just how at the end of the tether the seemingly strong single mother has been pushed by only news of her son's accident.What would have happened if there really was a dead body?
My point is this concept is so beautiful on paper.Evil's temporary victory.The king missing during battle.His queen & commander's undying efforts to hold everything & everyone together.The king badly injured disabled & disoriented in a courtesan's boudoir who has her own history with the king. Thus the following tale of forgiveness,redemption,sacrifice & healing.Then there are dangers lurking even in a seemingly innocuous dance hall in the form a VIP visitor the enemy of the king.Its an absolutely charming concept .Its has a beautiful old world charm, like belonging to some victorian era but the execution!Aye!there lies the rub! It is the pathetic execution of this beautiful track that has brought down the enthusiasm of its audiences to almost zero level.Right from the accident, to the reactions of the family,the conduct of the other key players Nakku, Baji & Seema took everything down the drain. The concept of a "Mujra" itself was  a breath of fresh air.I'm so sick watching actors in their mid-30s pretending to be 16 having epileptic seizures like dance movements.In such days a Mujra seemed a welcome change.But alas again the execution was so crass.The only people who kept this show on its legs were Dutta & Chaskar with their unmatched talent.
LTL has always been a breath of fresh air.Its like that quaint quiet little village or town one suddenly comes upon after driving endlessly thru the cities's overwhelming crowd, noise muck & pollution.Its the dinner that's served piping hot by ur husband that u've been rushing home to prepare after a back breaking day at the office.All the mini concepts within LTL has been such.Unique & Unmatched.But alas only so long they are ideas.But once the execution is complete a totally different haphazard product is unveiled.
I sincerely hope next week meets us with loads of sweet surprises & we have our most loved love story told as it ought to be told & deserves to be told

Thank you Zuby for your detailed reply and apologies for the delay in coming back to yours and all the different posts to this thread.

 I will have to plead guilty to the fact that even I have been part of that majority who who has found fault with the current LTL track and, rightly, to a large extent. But I find myself compelled to don the devil's advocate mantle and come in defence of Dutta's portrayal as a physically impaired man who has to set on a quest for a new way of life after all that he has gone through for so many years. I have written in earlier threads that come what may, Dutta will always be the emotional boat of safety for Nakusha because of that relationship of pain (dard ka rishta) that destiny had decreed for the couple.

Being separated for the first time from all that represents his personal safety net as you put it will allow him to put his life and all those who depend or rely on him in perspective for his final redemption and personal healing. During this nerve-racking process where he will stumble many times before reaching his real destination who is Nakusha in the sense that she represents the haven of peace and happiness that he has denied himself because of all his prejudices and denial of his self and his feelings. This track should probably be the preparation grounds for the more bitter and ferocious battle that he will have to wage against his own kins (Kala, Suds and to a certain degree Leela and Roops) to be able to restore the balance of the delicate family equations that he had never understood/addressed or perceived, properly, before. And should he need to make choices thereafter, he will no longer be torn as he would have been through the furies of physical and emotional adn psychological hell.

Being looked after Seema is not something that I, personally, as a fan of TASHA can take but Dutta will now be able to undertake an arduous physical journey when he will put to rest all the internal demons that have plagued his life and the ensuing guilt in accepting wholeheartedly, the real sensation of love and belongingness.

I will not dwell on the crass treatment of the storyline in Seema's residence as enough has been said about it by many members but I will join you in reiterating the wish that LTL, just like its main character snaps out of its lethargy to embrace once again its concept of "Uniqueness" I just pray that the CVs or the Channel are still as passionate as the beaten but not broken fans of this ELS.Embarrassed

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sub_rosa IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 8:54pm | IP Logged
@Zuby....I completely agree with you! This track must have looked nice on paper! But the problem lies in the execution....and in our inability to connect with Seema as a character!

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shruti10august Senior Member

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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 9:15pm | IP Logged
Well done Kavita.... Thumbs Up
Excellently portrayed.... Clap .... Clap.

A lot has already been said, so i won't say anything about it as there is nothing left for me to say.

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KavitaDR Senior Member

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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 9:22pm | IP Logged
Dear Kavita,
To be very frank I did not see anything nice last two weeks except for Dutta uttering Naku abh kaha reh gayi tu.....his desparate attempt to hold on to the person who always came forward even when he did not want her.....
Now I must say the way you have put Aneesa's thoughts....I must applaud it.  Yes maybe a blind Dutta can now 'see' many things, maybe he can atlast enjoy life like a ordinary man. 
Last two weeks Mishal mainly has been inactive, of course I understand the main lead does need a break at times because shooting can be very taxing....but somehow I felt the episodes were lacklustured.  The spark was missing and top of it filled with bloopers, maybe MR is the central force of the serial but it does not mean if he is inactive for few days the serial should tank instead it was a good opportunity to develop other tracks bonding, a bit of seema's past...her journey of realisation what she has lost and maybe pairing up Baaji with one of the sisters...good or bad Nakusha still has her family but Bajirao has no one other than his friend Dutta.  I also learnt the creator of LTL Jayesh Patil has left for greener I wish him all the best for his new future, I would like to join you Kavita to request the creatives please do not spoil the story, keep the episodes blooper free and try to maintain its Tin

My dear Jayati,Smile


Rest assured that I have got no contentions, whatsoever, about the crass and gross treatment of the storyline of LTL during, not just the past two weeks but over many intermittent periods since the inception of LTL. You are, absolutely, right in pointing out the fact that, were it not for Dutta, the track during the last two weeks was horrible enough to be consigned to history. I have never hidden my angst and despair at what we have called the erosion/destruction of the essence of the story and the CV's lack of sensitivity and vision in former threads and even this one for that matter.


It is not for me to defend the makers of LTL and its promoters but hope that they seize this final opportunity to put the story back on track now that they are supposed to have sorted out their internal issues that we better steer clear of. As to the multiple suggestions of all members of the forum and the viewers in general, we would be the happiest fans if the CVs decided to snap out of their ivory towers and reviewed the different feedbacks coming from different platforms to ensure that LTL regains its glory as a different love story on TV. Tying up all the bits is a top priority and would buy them time to think about the eventual orientation of the show. If only, we could get them to hear the voice of Reason.


Let's not despair for a last time, as our battle to ensure that Mishal Raheja does get his dues as the backbone of LTL, must have raised the alarm that viewers will not, forever, compromise on the Channel/PH's creative shortcomings and internal problems.  Pinch

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