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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

#Devil's Den# Nightmares do come true ;) (Page 2)

bDgT IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 8:43am | IP Logged
Save the BEST for the LAST ~

How many people celebrate a birth?
How many people celebrate a death?
I guess the same number more or less
In some cases, if you are popular
Death does bring out people in drones

How many of you remember the first time you fell off a chair?
How many of you remember the last time you fell off a chair?
I for one do not remember the INCEPTION
But do remember the APOGEE

When was the last time you danced?
When you have your supper/dinner
Most times don't you save the sweet for the last?

When you fly kites the beginning is boring
The ending when it is soaring is glorying

All are hallmarks of the DEVIL

Victory weds those ones
that SAVE the BEST
for the LAST
Or does it?


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49erFan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 8:55am | IP Logged
This show really saddens me today, I thought I started watching cause it was a woman's fight for justice!

Creatives have wronged us again, they showed another 18 year old gal being used by a man for his own revenge! 

I honestly thought they were proving all wrong so our society can move on,  but creatives have wronged me as a viewer!

Im speechless today! Angry

I guess Geet creatives didn't have enough balls to show a man to man fight!! MSK vs Arjun, instead they used woman again! 

As a woman, Im disgusted today!

Maybe NE consented, but she was CONned by a slimeball for revenge for his sister, a sister who has done nothing but wrong to Geet!  A sister who is as evil as George Bush can be, a sister who didnt win her way!  So now when he finds out he will regret, hello the damage is done!  Creatives u have created a virus for ur show, now reel ur way out and I mean out quickly or you've just ruined a beautiful thing!

I've had enough and sick to my stomach guys, really am!  Its not about the show, its not about NE and Arjun, for me its about exploiting females!  Well, what can I say how would a man know about these things!  They just bunch of jerks! 

I think we have to put aside our feelings for Annie today and think of it as a woman!  Is this right, should men be allowed to do that!  As a woman, should we be exploited for ones revenge! I thought this show was sending out a social message, but they've turned it into a total disaster!

Audience wanted a happy fairy tale wedding for Maneet, how long have we been waiting for this moment, what happened in this show today over shadowed this beautiful moment!
  We all got CONned!

Bunch of losa creatives, really they are!

At the rate this tanking ship is goin, I think it will tank even further!  No point in saving it by showing us this!

Only thing I can think of is creatives coming back tomorrow showing Annie actually stopped Arjun from goin any further, but I think the damage is done now!

Adios all!

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vivacious_gurl IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 9:08am | IP Logged

Sorry people ...This non - existent devil has come into existence for a few minutes to request u all to treate this post as non existent as today they only showed non existent brother and the non existent sister performing non existent CON


CVs here is a cake for u..... well its nonexistent and hence u may not be able to view it.....

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maansa IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 9:20am | IP Logged
i vomited after watching tonight's epi....DeadDeadDeadDeadDeadDeadDead
you guys wanna know why? coz after waiting for months....and months...when the shaadi is finally happening... we got NES wedding and SR...AngryAngryAngryAngryAngryDeadDeadDeadDeadDead
What is wrong with the drunken cvs i wonder CensoredAngryCensoredAngryCensored

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Blueberry_07 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 9:21am | IP Logged

Haven't watch the episode. Have not been watching them anyways. Just writing based on what i read.

U guys REALLY REALLY hate your show SO much that u DARED to do such a thing?? I mean just tell me ONE thing, if u could have shown this for NES and Arjun then why not Maan and Geet previously??? I don't get it at all! Wacko I say "dare" coz i actually thought this act of sleeping together before marriage was something you lot were against showing. Not gonna justify what had happened between the two except that it has become predictable henceforth.
Arjun - Useless character. Thought he'll be someone different with the way he works but no, he's the same old boring villian who attacks his victims loved ones.SleepySleepySleepy 
Better option would have been him being MSK's rival and finding his way though to making MSK go bankrupt. Piyush did gave an interview before regarding the Bankruptcy track so am thinking that idea did run through your minds before. Just that along the way something happened and you guys decided to go down the road of cliches. Sad case.
NES- No comments actually. She did looked like the sort who would have gone ahead with it.
Bad bad move. Makes me even more bored than i already am. Storyline is lost. Wedding still going on. Maan and Geet's dialogues puts me to sleep. Lack of simplicity in them. Too many promises made. Maan and Geet's relationship remaining stagnant. Maan being superman who's out to save only and ONLY his Geet. Too much of heroic acts. Wished Maan can be a normal human being and WISHED for Geet to STOP seeing God in him. The more she sees that in him, the more he is behaving like one to her.
Yesterday's episode, Geet talks about her family -- Repetitive. Has happened before already. I actually fastforward that scene. Something is just not right with this show and i can't put my finger to it.
Have officially lost interest in the show. Am now only waiting for the other tracks to unfold. Others such as Sam and Vicky. Doubt they'll be good though i'll still give them a shot.

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49erFan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 9:33am | IP Logged
Very disappointing episode!  Im ashamed they repeated the same thing as to what Dev did! Angry

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panchjun5 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 9:34am | IP Logged

Today's episode was a debacle of EPIC proportions!!!!  The CVS have redefined STUPID.....Way to go CVS...KUDOS TO YOUClap


1) The episode began OH! So Beautifully with Maan and Geet walking hand in hand and lost in each others eyes Embarrassed...Maan in his naughty avatar....and Geet in her Miss Hoshiarpur avatar were so cute ....TongueTongueTongueand Maan with his "Come here I wanna eat you" eyes was mindblowing ....EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedand those eyes as Jyo shud come with a warning notice....And Maan asking Geet to change in front of him was...Blushing...And Geet's himmat is increasing manifold....When she was untying the rope with her teeth...Maan was a goner ....Bechara....LOLLOLLOL...I dunno how these two without even touching each other can set the screen ablaze.....EmbarrassedEmbarrassedFor that GC and DD Bravo....ClapClapClap

2) Then when Daadi entered, their caught-in-the-act expressions were hilarious...and MSK fumbling...LOLLOL....
3) Maan and Geet's respective walk towards the Mandap was nice....Smile....And then Maan and Geet sitting in front of the Pavitra Agni...and doing the rituals looked Divine.....EmbarrassedThis scene looked well shot...The lighting, the ambience, the actors...everything looked perfect....Thumbs Up

3) Pinky Joothi Churavofying and tricking Adi scene were cute and adorable...TongueTongueAnd Adi sir and Pinky batting their eyelashes at each other was so sweetTongueEmbarrassed...Please CVs instead of giving us CON of non-existent people us something like this and we will lap it up and love you for it too...Adi-Pinky Jodi rocks(Caco this is in your supportSmile)

4) Manishaa a piece of her mind to NESThumbs UpThumbs Up...Thank you ManishaaHug

5) Daarji's entry was impactful Thumbs Up....and Geet's fear and worry was wonderfully emoted by DD ...Thumbs Up....and her plea to Maan to stop Daarji or else he will take her away was heart-wrenching...UnhappyPoor Girl ...never gets a moment of complete solace and happiness...I hope she does in the future........

Now to the HIGHLIGHT AngryAngryAngry of this episode....

If we read the pages of the den today...we have 3 sets of opinions....First set who feel that a woman being used for revenge is immoral, irrespective of whether she made the mistake knowingly or unknowingly....Second Set who believe that you  reap what you sow...meaning if you were stupid enough to think that whatever NEB did was marriage than you deserve what you get and the third set who are confused between the two.....

I come in the third set....

On one hand I feel that a women being used as an object for revenge is not right ...but I have read people justify that what other option did Arjun have...after NT's fall to almost death...he feels that there is nothing called right and wrong...and a sister for a sister is the right approach for taking revenge....he might be right in his place....Also...he is not forcing NES....he is just seducing her and she being plain stupid is falling for it....And this might also be considered as a message to all the young girls who fall prey to smooth-talking men who take advantage of them and then dump that has made me stop and wonder...what is Arjun's purpose...Get NES pregnant...then what???....What kind of a revenge plan is he trying to execute??/ Is this a well-planned strategy or the one being carried out in the heat of the moment?? Well, I feel it's he latter....

As my friend Opti pointed out...he will make NES cry, just like how his sister cried and that in turn will make Maan cry....So I ask ...IS MSK the kind of person who cries?? I don't think so....On the one hand he has a stupid sister who has gotten pregnant with a man she thinks she married but has no proof of and on the other hand he has Arjun who might deny everything or may put a condition that I will accept NES in the Rathod clan if you re-accept NT into the Khurana clan...So, in that way he wud have won the rightful place for his sister and exacted the revenge that he wanted.....If that's what he plans...a la Wickham...but unlike Wickham ...he is not after money but is after his sister's happiness....So what wud MSK do?? Will he bow down to Arjun's blackmail or find a way to fight back...??? This will be the next phase of the story I think....

And in the meanwhile what wud be Geet's reaction??? She trusted Arjun and even convinced Maan to hire him....and also told NES that he was a good guy....when she finds out what he has done...will her belief n Humanity be shattered or will she try to right the wrong committed by Arjun...Another interesting track where we can see Geet use her innovative ways to bring Arjun back from the dark side...

All said and done...I'm still confused...why are the CVs using the same old ideas packaged in a new box??? Is there such a dearth of new ideas??? If so then, they can come to GF and read some of the posts in the den, or some FFs written by talented writers like Ann, Opti, Sharmistha etc.... I'm sure they will get plenty of ideas that can be implemented and will be accepted too....

I will end my take my take by saying that I'm still unconvinced as to what Arjun did was right...So,instead of banging my head against a wall I'll just adopt a wait n watch attitude...Afterall, DO I really know better???


Thanks CVs for ruining Maan and Geet's marriage for us...Something all of us have been looking forward to with bated breath but have been rudely shocked and disgusted with NES-NEB con instead...What can I say???

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starlite7 Goldie

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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 9:35am | IP Logged

Helloo Nissar, Ved, Sudhir, Vikas, CVs – today's epi can be summed up as Shock and Awwww  !!


Maaneet Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming


Maaneet walking in the mansion hallway, looking for some solitude.  Ahh, that hallway brings back so many Maaneet memories.  Today's capped it all.  Maaneet now almost married, walking hand in hand … Dadi ne jo haath bandh rakhe the.  The magic and sensuality Maaneet can weave with their eyes is out of this world.  Makes u wanna fall in love again ! Loved the nok-jhok that follows.


Caught red-handed by Dadi for being late….lol !  Dadi too stirs the pot a bit…shaadi ka muhurat nikal gayaa to?  Oh, how they try to cover up, finally Maan blurts out that he doesn't want her to change coz she looks so cute.  Dadi is quick to response and twists his arm such that he too does not have to change.  She asks them to hurry up and come downstairs.  Loved the sneaky smile between the two.


Will talk abt Arjun-NE later.  Today I was really, really, really glad greatful for the FF button … haan !!!


Maan walks back into the mandap.  Loved the way the guests Maan ki nazar utaar te hai :) 


Who gets the grooms shoes ?  The race is on….lol !  Thoroughly enjoyed this scene.  Oye hoye, finally got to see Adinki's blossoming romance.  Loved it…I had a good happy, laugh…pls bring it on.  Adi fluttering his eyelids … ROFL !  I just love Romeo… Oh, loverboy, joote leke chali gayi…man, no one can pull a fast one on this guy.


Geet walk back into the mandap.  Dulhe raja can't keep his eyes off his dulhan.  Loved the sweet whisperings between the two.  Awww they looked so good doing the havan <deep sigh>.


Kanyadaan samay….everyone feels sorry for Geet, except Maan…he looks calm.  Dadi offers to do the kanyadaan…just then 'Thero'….Geet's fear is palpable….didnt I say, Maan will bring back Geet's family. OH YES !!!!!  Why am I happy that Darji is here inspite of the past ?


1.       Every bride must have her family at her wedding.

2.       Darji is the head of the family.  Maan did the right thing by bringing him….the rest of her family will follow.

3.       Bringing back the Geet's family will reopen the Dev/NT case with the HP folks.  Maan will work towards making amends, find out the financial damage done and regain Geet's property for her.

4.       Bringing back Geet's family will be a good checkmate for Arjun/NT saajish.  More sparks will fly !

5.       Bringing back Geet's family will also open the chapter on Maan's past.  Why was he HP the day Geet / Dev had their fake marriage.  What was Maan looking for?


Arjun-NE DeadDeadDead


Again my hunch was right about Arjun-NE's Gandharva wedding. I bit my tongue on giving CVs any hint of what it reminded me of.  But Geetu aptly put it today…reminded me of Dushyant –Shakuntala.


YUCK ! Arjun-NE getting married b4 Maaneet.DeadDeadDead

YUCK ! Arjun-NE CON b4 Maaneet SR.DeadDeadDead


I'm not a prude but this was downright DISGUSTING !


Whatever benefit of doubt I had given Arjun as a new character is all wiped out with today's scene.  He is no better than NT and Dev.  Is this his plan for MSK revenge ?  A character portrayed as a risk taker, resorts to seducing an 18-year old to get his revenge ?  Where is the manliness in this ? I was looking for a pure Man-to- Man, Arjun-to-Maan combat. 


I was very vocal about Ved and his team not copy/pasting Geet's story with another set of actors.  They did just that.


If Arjun really loved NE and wanted to marry her, couldn't he have been man enuff to ask Dadi and Maan for her hand.  Yes, they would have disapproved, but Arjun could have stood up to that challenge to prove himself worthy of her.


Now even if down the road, Arjun finds out the truth and repents, it will mean nothing to me.  He just burned all his bridges.  He will forever remain the black knight with no hopes of redemption in my eye.


No matter how the Nissar, Ved and his team wing it, the damage is done.


Undercutting Maaneet's shaadi with Arjun-NE crap is UNFORGIVABLE. AngryAngryAngry


Nissar and team – execution was good, Arjun-NE character sketch went down the drain.


Gurmeet, Drashti – Supercalifragilistic Expialidocius performance !! Love u ! God Bless !!!


Until tomorrow…. Need to let off some steam and calm down.

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