Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

3Idz - AA Baney Ek -Daarji Ki Entry Cherry On Cake

Infinitedreams IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 8:04am | IP Logged

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Nihu ke piya kholenge raaz in Apna Andaaz: (Vinu's Sexy Spoilers):

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chalo epi toh dekh liya..


a suhaag raat...hmm!!

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--Nargis-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Didn't like AA SR.....gross...such a cliched track...UGH!!   And in real life, what are the chances of Anni getting preggy in one time...just because Geet did...Anne will too!!??Ouch

Anyhow...Loved Maan's antics today....didn't want to part form cute.  And she didn't change for sweet!!

Though I liked the promo lengha more....but oh welll....bas shaadi ke phere ho jaye, sindoor and mangal sutra pehna de...that is all I care about...i want them OFICCALLY married...jaldi!!  And then on to the much awaited SR...............CVs  you better give us one after this looooooooooooooooong wait!!Angry

Now Daar ji.....i have a great feeling that Maan had a hand in bringing him here today for Geet.....this maybe too optimistic...but lets see what happens!!

Adi-Pinky scene was soooooooooooooooooooooooo finally we get a hint of the couple in the it!!  They will be incredible sweet and cute!!Embarrassed

Oh...looking forward to the Jhoota that Pinky has stolen the shoes so cleverly!!Clap  

Sorry BOYS......GIRLS always WIN!!!

from Maan to Geet..........

Sitare bikhar jaaye aapki muskurahat dekh kar,
Jaise shabnam pighal jaaye aftab dekh kar,
Ab aapki kya tarif karun,
Khuda bhi khubsurti ko samja aapko dekh kar

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Infinitedreams IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 8:17am | IP Logged
Kya hongey aaj phere poorey? Bolo bolo bolo?

Arey kisi ne jawab nahin diya, chalo main hi bata deyti hoon...Phere bhi hovey aur SR bhi mani, pur MaanEet ki nahin AA kiWink.....

Hai hai hai kya kehna MaanEet ka, ek dum jhakas scene...I seriously loved it, and half dead already...CV"s are mentally preparing us for SR...Zor ka jhatka hulke se i think, hope so, not really high expectations, but let see?Embarrassed....Loved Maan's phul passionate, desired eyes on Geet, ufff jaan leywa...Aankho ankho mein SR mana leyta hai besharam.....Seriously I am keep watching that room scene of MaanEet again, too good...Loved MaanEet & Dadi scene...Loved it how Maan said "iss liye humne kapdey nahin iss ne kapdey nahin change kiye" Loved Drashti blushy smile, soo good.....Ohho jitna i will talk about that scene, me will go talli, so phorget it....

Loved Adi & Pinky scene, tooooooooo cute yaarDay Dreaming...Chori munde ko phool bana gaiee, and he was like "Chali gaiee" with big smile, and Romeo was like "oh lover boy, chali bhi gaiee aur jootey bhi le gaiee" Adi was came back in his sense when he realised that she took the shoes with herLOL...Too good tooo good Pinky, dil khush kur dita....

Loved sweet mandap scene, hai hai hai inki aankho ki gustakhiya meri jaan le leyti hain, but loved it their whispering....Cute....

Phinally our AA got married, and consumated...Scene was well directed, executed, edited..Munda did good job, but kudi's expressionless expression ruined the scene....We all knew that it would gonna happen, the way their story was moving, it only would ended up on this only...In the beginning i thought Arjun would be positive character, but loved to see him bad boy...Arey no one come near to MSk...Our MSK is only hero.....

Loved Daarji entry...From day 1 i wanted to see someone from her phamily, and i knew it that Maan would bring one of them...I remember when Geet was sad and missed her family, the way MSK looked at her, i got the message that time....Arey first wife honey ko kuch toh pharaz nibhao lolz....Anyways so happy to see him.....

Over all 8/10....Loved MaanEet scenes, GurTi was tooo good....Adi Pinky scene rocked, sooo cute....Liked the track....Dadi & office staff was good, and Piyush did fab job as welll..Nikunj still has to improve....


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rickks IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 8:29am | IP Logged
I don't know what to say after watching this episode
Geet says " Aapko bhi na har waqt koi nayi shararat soojthi hai"
Yes Shararat sirf soojthi hai, uske aage kuch nahi hotha, at the time of executing whats on his mind, his body fails to give in.....
I am really disappointed/Sad today, and after today i have stopped wanting a really awesome Maaneet Moment, fresh and romantic.Yes forget the Passionate Seq Romantic seq bhi nahi miltheOuch

Ani-Arjun track...Maine bola that ki yehi hoga,I had told that the way Arjun promised NT at the Hosp clealy showed that he is gonna break all his principles not BEND them..... Pregnant hogi ke nahi hogi is a later part, after consummating its not necessary that ki the person becomes pregnant but according to what was shown today, looks like they have already consummated the relationship Confused Ouch Shocked

The scenes- be the Kisses, especially the SRK kiss Cry, or removing the strand of hair by deliberately brushing the lips, ya kissing the feet, everything top class, execution Brilliant...But alas ANI-ARJUN does nothing to me....These Scene on MAANEET would have set the screen on fire, would have leaves us hyperventilating....but Dil ke armaan asoon mein beh gayeCry

I remember a post opened by humari Thread ki EC....Revs(Revs i miss u , kahan ho tumCry ) where we could post scenes and sequences to be pictured on MAANEET and kissing the feet was one of them....they used the scene but not on our jodi-MAANEET

I had mentioned in most of my posts ki i wanna see Maan do a SRK Style Kiss, it would have burned us, but nahi that too did not come....and i have lost hope of seeing something like thi on MAANEET anymore

I have mentioned quite a few times that i felt the wedding Costumes could have been better....and i also said Geet looked dull, i know having no proper rest is a Big reason, but if the costume dept could give her a better earring and the Nose Ring her face would have been looking more stunning than plain, when she comes and sits in the mandap it hardly looks like she is wearing earrings.....

Symbolism's time....
The scene where Maan and Geet are Tied to each other
Geet tries to go away to get ready but she is pulled back and she realizes that she is tied to him- Symbolizes She will never be able to go away from him, she is not just bonded to him by this rope, but bonded for LIFE. Even if she wishes she cant Smile
Then when she tries to untie the rope, Maan stops her... Symbolizes that he will never leave her to part away from him

The challenge Part
Maan holds Geet's Hand and asks her to remove it on her own.....She Smartly use her teeth to untie the rope....this scene to me Symbolized that Maan will only instigate her, Support her and watch as a silent spectator (He had STILL held her by one hand AND NOT LET GO) and Geet will use her trained acumen to tackle the situation....Maan will be be stunned and feel proud about Geet ,when she emerges winner (She succeeds in untying the Rope na??)

If there is something more will be added....

Love Viji

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LavZ IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 8:42am | IP Logged
  tare hai baarati chaandani hai ye baarat....
saathon phere honge ab haton mein leke haath...
jeewan saathi hum deeya aur baati hum....Day DreamingDay Dreaming 
ganga jamuna se bhi paawan tera mera bandhan...
tera prem hai fulvari aur mera man hai aangan...
janmo janmo ka hi sajni tera mera saath
saathon phere honge ab haton mein leke haath...
jeewan saathi hum deeya aur baati hum....EmbarrassedEmbarrassedDay Dreaming
Meri saanso ki jhankar ho tum, mera sola singar ho tum...
Meri aankho ka intezar ho tum, mera emaan meri shaan mera maan ho tum....
Thode beyimaan ho tum......thode shetan ho tum....
Hah magar yeh saach hai....mere bhagwaan ho tum.....EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Maaneet scenes are alwas a treat to watch......lovely n cute scene.....Maan tho din ba din badmaash hote jaa rahe haina...ver was dis side of Maan hidden....Geet alwas gets da best out of Maan.......One thing Maan is yet to learn is to tell a lie....da way he was tryin to hide his real intentns in frnt of Daadi.....a longg way to go dude!!LOL
Zindagi bewafa hai yeh maana magar...
Chod kar raah mein jaoge tum agar....
Cheen launga main aasman se tumhe...
Soona hoga na yeh, do dilon ka nagar...EmbarrassedWink
When Geet tries to remove da knot n pull away....Maan pulls her bck to him.....asks her to remove it hand is tied onto Maans hand n da odr one is held by Maan... She uses her teeth to remove da knot......all dis while Maan holds her hand....
Even if she pulls away due to sum reason(mayb MCOuch) he will defintly bring her back to him as in her lyf.....hold her hand bt wil let her mak her decisns.....wil support her n stand by her lyk alwas....n her decisn wd tak him by surpriz....EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Chaaha tha kya, paaya hai kya, hamne dekhiye....
Dil mein magar, jalte rahe, chaahat ke diye.....OuchCryCry
We wanted a neck kiss,feet kiss,shoulder kiss n passionate scene pikturizd on got pikturizd on AADeadDeadAngryAngry......lip kiss tho choro......woh nahi ho saktha wid Maaneet...but it got pikturizd on AA?!?!?!ShockedShockedAngryAngryWe wanted Maaneet ke SR.....we got AA ki SROuchSleepyAngry
Now if Maaneet ki Suhag Raath is anythin less passionate den CVs aaplogo ki Khair nahiiAngry.....we want a more paasionate n romantc n HOT SR pikturizd on Maaneet ven eva it may happen....samjhe aap??Confused
Now please CVs...kuch bhi please DONOT shw Annie geetin pregnt........pleasee...request hai.....dey hav consummated der marriag bt dat doesnt mean dat she wil get pregnt....pleasee....dat wd b lyk history repeatin itslf!!!!Dead Anythin bt dat...Donot Create another DevOuchDead......bohot mushkil se ek se peecha chora hai...ab ek aur nahi....Arjun is not lyk Dev so please let it b sumthin else......ConfusedY is dat all da men related to NT end up secrtly marryin a gurl n den gettin her pregnt??Shockediss bar aisa na ho....please!!!!Dead

Daarji is here for da kaanyadhaan......Maan is da real reason.....widot doubt....he shd b da one who has got Daarji coz he lookd least affectd on seein Daarji......i alwas wantd Maan to get her wd b sumthin very very sweet....EmbarrassedPinky flirtin wid Adi n gettin da jootheWink...Way to Go Gurls!!!ClapClap....ab agar Romeo joothe chura le tho Tasha hai naa......Wink

Waitin fr da phere.....kal hogi na?Confusedwe r done wid AA scenes so dat leaves us wid Maaneet unless dey shw Annie findin Arjun......Ouch
Anythin els will b added later.....
Loads of Luv,

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reea88 Goldie

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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 9:14am | IP Logged

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