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ObodroKargosh IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 7:29am | IP Logged

Heya guyz..Hug
For ppl who love the show n love analyzing herez a common pour in & share your views/thoughts about the episode/show..

Few rules to keep the discussion flow nice. :)

1. No actor or character bashing. 
2. No derogatory terms to be used. 
3. Keep the discussion off of issues not concerned with this forum. 
4. Feedbacks appreciated not sarcasm or digs at the actors and the show.

Note:Permission given by the KMH2 Dev team.

hello lovely people!!!

here is our new siggie...just by one vote, this siggie won Embarrassed
apparently i liked #3 and only 1 person liked it as well LOL oh well, it's in my album pssht that's all i care about
even this one's nice Big smile

PS: you all can use these if u want to Embarrassed

and Sanjiiiiiiiiiiiiii my lovely sis thank u for making that Mohabbat Lounge banner Embarrassed and Qurratttttttttttttt my best friend and sister! thank u for making this lovely siggie Hug tho she doesn't even come here i'll still say thanks LOL

alright since i was up all night, LITERALLY! and have to get ready now for college for the longest day, I hope i don't fall over somewhere LOL my eyes are straining so much right now

the best part is: i am awake before my alarm rang LOL tho it will go off in a minute LOL

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ObodroKargosh IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 7:31am | IP Logged

ahhah if u read the above post, my alarm just rang LOL
ehmm still got me scared ConfusedLOL

I have officially lost it LOL this is what happens when i stay up all night LOL

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Du_Nish Goldie

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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 7:37am | IP Logged
@sanjie - thanks for the awesome lounge banner - it shines to the standard.
@pooja -  the poster rocks;-)
a gift for u on this post pooja;-)
Pooja, I was going to post a DMG clip today for you, but I will wait after the party,I will post itWink
Edited 1:
Guys today the episode arohi biji was 3 muchROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL 
i cant hold my laughs and woke my aunty up and reminding me to write on the dissertation. I will write later.
Best part of the day:
and the bit of biji shefali and arohi;-)kya dialogue hein yaar,ROFLROFL
Edited 2:
I love today's episode a lot and I am giving an overall of 8/10 (because I skipped all the Ahluwalias bitLOLLOL) for the show!
The show is getting better and better and giving me the love that I have for ''Kitani Mohabbat Hai''Thumbs Up
Today my analysis is entirely on concept:
The concept is growing awesomeClap When we saw yesterday the burning with fire Arohi to come to seek revenge from the Singhania and she had already seen it to be a ''won game'' from her side by leaving no stones to make Arjun went away by himself. It is a won game because everybody is not welcoming her. Everyone in the family had the distant and isolated looks  and she knew it is really easy to get away from the family.
Ironically she said to Arjun that in a married life, the married couple have to share ''ups and downs'' together and she has come to ''give the sadness part to Arjun as well.'' Of course burning with a ''stigma'' that she has not yet ''forgiven'' has made her said the sentence in the way ''to give the other person's deep wound.''
It was going the way she thought until Biji gave another ace entryClapClapClapClap with ''kamaal ki dialogue'' - the rawness and the  kindness well blendedClapClapClap to the extent that everyone except the members in the Singhania loved her attitude.
And this time the ace entry comes to give the ''nayi dulhan'' a ''warm welcome''
What the mother in law did not do, she completed all the rituals and by that binded again this new married couple in the sacredness and purity of the marriage relationshipThumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs Up and Arohi realised that she is actually an elder image of herself. For that warmth love and welcome she got from Biji, she has already been tied in the sacredness of this relationship. Her heart has already got the message and she felt conflicted because this was not the reason why she came here.
The way she kicked the kalashHeart and got the high appreciation from Biji is awesome because she has already ''seen the blow of change'' in this familyThumbs Up
We got a little husband wife nok jhok where they talked naughtily rather than with hatredness and even if Arjun has seen that Arohi is jealous to what he is going to do, he has once again underestimate Arohi. Actually,he is not at fault, it does take time to realise that someone is ''a carbon copy'' of you and this is the reasons of clashes and easily forgiving and acceptance as wellClap
RPS who has already seen that Arohi's character is like Biji and adding with the coming of Biji, he is playing safeClap
Then the little talk between Rajveer and Gauri is not only an indication that Rajveer is behind the culprit but also ''Gauri also will start play the cards of love for Rajveer not to doubt her -  a love story between them is on the tidesThumbs UpThumbs Up
The last scene was another good scene where Shefali,her true and best friend of all, has come at her place, knowing like Biji, that in whatever circumstances, that the marriage has already taken place now. As we know Shefalil she is more of a listener, rather than adviser, she will just be by Arohi's side and let Arohi unpuzzled her own dilemma. She will do something when Arohi is still confusedHeartHeartHeart
The talk on Biji Arohi makes me see this episode outstands others:
''A married lady,where all the rituals have been rightly done , in any circumstance, she is the rightful and dutiful wife of the man. No matter what type the family the man belongs, she has either to cope/compromise or where she found it needs to be changed,she needs to stand to it. Now being married, it is not only the Husband who has to protect the Wife but it is also vice versa. It is not a game,where whenever we enter in and whenever we exit. The true character and strength of a woman lies when everything is going against her waves, she knows that she has to match her tides to it rather than getting carried away. The in-laws come into priority in the marriage constitution, no matter how much the girl loves her family. The faster one assimilates it, the better for the person''StarStarStarStarStar
I know that I have put it in my words but that was the message. And I say,that's a true word from a true family, unlike at her maternal side, who is thinking of getting her back.  Biji has proved to be the true well wisherClap and better than even anyone in the Ahluwalia. Arohi has felt the power and intensity of the words but when again thinking for a while, what Arjun did, she refused to accept it. Ofcourse,it is not once said and to be accepted immediately. Now the message is here, she will accept it surely by herself. She is telling the same to Shefali who Shefali knows will be here to bring them closer in love rather than drifting them away and so the story will continue after Arohi inculcated this fact that is in the welfare of everyone, ''Mr Arjun Singhania and Mrs Arohi Singhania will help those members who have drifted away to know the meaning and understand what relationship is,its values and how to hold it.'' That's the ending feel I got from what I watched today and I like itThumbs Up

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shiviloveskmh Senior Member

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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 7:51am | IP Logged
hey people...
Omgggg wat to say bou episode... V nyccc... ROFL!!!!
Superb entry of bijji.... Wen bijji came evry1 thought ki ab arohi gayi...lolzzz ab uska ulta hi hua....ahahaha i like it...
Arohi puttar... "bijji ye waise wali shaadi nai hai... Tere fere hue , kanya daan hua, toh fir...
Wen bijji said ki kalash lao n all for ghar parvesh toh sabki shakal dekhne wali thi...too gud...
Ahaha best part was punches of bijji.. LOLzzzzzzzzz
Bijji : arohi iss kalash ko apne paer se andar ki taraf girao..
lolzzzz kya giraya kalash ko sidha arjun ke paas jaake pahuncha.... Agar lag jaata toh..waise shot bara mast tha... ;-)
Hahaa bijji ne kumud ki ring utar wali haww so sad for her...diamond ring deni pari... Sob i like it...

Ok rajveer n gauri part was nice.. Mein toh chahti hun ki jaldi se investigation ho...gauri ki shakal dekhne wali thi...

Shefali too cute like always...

Arohi n shefalis convo nice.....

Arjunnnnn apki smileeee ufffffff maar daala....

Best line:-
Arohi : mein yahan iss family ko sudharne nai bajane aayi hun...
Arjun n arohi both were looking gud...Overall nice episode...

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kavyasam IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 7:59am | IP Logged
Kitne logon ke umeed par Bucket ful of pani gire LOL kya kya socha tha lekin yeh to couch pe aagaya,  I was wrong know yday I said guestroom,  but singu's  are kanjoos ppl,  they dont have any extra room,  no wonder arjun's room was so smallLOL,  that there was no room for a couch in there .  just kidding how will the family see him sleeping out of his room otherwise LOL.   and that too after being wished by wifey.   Did we see a streak of a 'gentleman' here that he let her have the room or did they have a tussle that we were not shown LOL.
hillarious,   saasuma  going to throw her bahu out in josh but suddenly realises she is under scanner LOL,   micky too is cunning why will he get into trouble ,   and now dont tell me arjun was listening to all this silently again D'oh ,  why is he acting like he has always hated her , from day one Ermm  that conflict of  ' I was in love with her once '  need to be shown, not only when she might look hot but also when someone is insulting her.   Saving them and us enters the one and only rockstar of today's episode BijiClap .   aate hi dhamaal macha di.   the prolouge for this being Dadu's assurance to the family that however evil  rps or mickey are biji will still protect arohi.  (for now they even think arjun is equally evil and I want cvs to  prove quickly to them and arohi that he is not ) . 
haaainn in which illusional scene did the ' mangalsutra and sindoor ' ritual take place ShockedErmm Stern Smile,  yeah right we viewers are taken for granted na kar lo kar lo humara mazaak Evil Smile.   we will satisfy ourselves that  we did that  ritual in our wedding thread on IF .   Even arohi is doubtful about it LOL look at her nod for those questions.   wah Clap kya kick maari she aimed and hit at Arjun and he was taken aback for sureLOL but the dialouge that followed 'tumne to saare ghar mein bikher diya ' Clap biji rocks,  finally arjun arohi had a look at each other that 'yes we are married now'.   sasuma ki phir se vaat lag gayi ,  is baar sampatti par diamond ring se hath dhona pada Clap,  
finally kisine SR ki baat ki ,  we all knew that as soon as biji comes ,  it is d day for these two LOL.  and there were no questions asked,  nobody dared to argue with her LOL.  sr ki naam sunte hi hatred ki one layer nikal gaya kya Wink ,  both of them started to tease each other LOL Embarrassed arjun finally talking romance with wifeyEmbarrassed , even though it is sarcastic, but who cares LOL.  
                         parda parda is on its way ,
                         more layers of hatred to sway,
                         bach ke rehna AA, 
                         its gonna blow u away .
rajveer ki dimaak finally working ,  wants to find out who might have pushed her, gauri's dimak also working 'she might have slipped off'  rajveer still super sharp 'no no I want to chk the videos for myself'  good finally,  now gauri tu kya karne wali hai ,  may be she will join hands with rudra again ConfusedSleepy
last scene again biji rules ,   she is lovingly yet firmly  told arohi to try and accept the situation.  that he is your lifepartner.  the irony is  this  search for lifepartner was one of Arohi's most  precious part of her life,  when she found out it was arjun at the destiny moment she was thrilled she thought her dream came true.   but now it is exact opposite the word lifepartner did not mean anything to her.  
If you see Arjun's character, it is extremes in all the traits he has shown till now - love, dare, kindness, anger, temper, sarcasm, humility (towards rudra) everything is at its extreme.  where as Arohi is composed and has a boundary for every feeling,  she can stop herself to please others,  will this nature of hers make her accept biji's words and soften her towards arjun ?  lets see. 
again kutumb tune Ermm we got no problem with it but every episode? anyways only praiseworthy thing today Biji's acting and her dialougesClap
but in this take also I have not been able to admire arjun, cvs  where is ma Arjun ????????  we want him back ASAP. 
@Nisha - Fantastic post ClapClap I really wish that CVs read it.
@pooja - the siggie is fab  Clap, looks like a movie poster Thumbs Up,  thanks to your friend.

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aksh4IF IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 8:10am | IP Logged
arre yaar.. wat happend to the beginning of the episode.... i thought may be the video had missed the starting .. was it just me or did they start abruptly?? 
wow!!! ok.. finally found the beginning of the episode.. 
let me start out with Clap and then

and then a bit more

ok i think u get my pt. 

arohi toh sixer pe sixer maare jaa rahi hai.. brattiest bahu of the yr award milna chahiye..Clap Arjun ko bhi kehna pada "you have proven your point".. Arjun.. tum usse narak mein chod ke aaye the.. ab woh narak ko apne saath lekar aayi hai.. "wish you a very happy married life dear ArjuN" i am surprised he didnt put up a fight to get his room bak!! shaayad usko bhi laga hoga ki ek din ke liye itna adventure kaafi tha.. LOLand whats with his parents yaar.. jogging karne bahar jaate waqt they didnt see him on the sofa?!?! ya arohi ke dar se poori raat bahar hi the?? ROFL

i half expected the ahluwalias to have a cop car stationed outside the singhania household.. well atleast dadi toh aa gayi na.. i like the concern on arohi's dad part..finally kuch to jata rahe ho ki beti ka khayal hai.. nahi toh divorce ke peeche hi padhe the... but when he said "woh abhi bahut choti hai" kartar singh ne meri dil ki baat kehdi. Arohi has more spine than all of the Ahluwalias put together.. And yay!! daddu called Singhania dadi.. yeh daddu hum viewers ki bahut sunte hain.. he first gave arjun a clean chit.. and now hez helping with singu dadi.. 
this episode is fantabulously howlarious... this trak just keeps getting better and better.. PartyDancingarjun on the sofa.. LOLkumud is afraid of torturing arohi.. LOLmikhail thinks its "arjun ka gharelu mamla".. LOL
dadi ka entry bhi toofani tha.. the smirk on Arjun's face when dadi went upstairs.. beta, tu jaanta nahi kahan phas gaya hai.. i just wish dadi had yeller at Arjun for a bit longer.. i mean that is something very unethical that he has done.. 
Arohi and Dadi are just awesome.. "teri akal chuhon ne kutar li hai kya tere baalon ki tarah" ROFL "yeh shaadi vaisi nahi hai" the way she checklisted all the shaadi ke rasm.. 

But aaj ka highlight toh grihpravesh ka scene hi tha.. full marks!! There are so many lines in this episode.. cant pick a dont mind me..

vaise.. yeh mangalsutra aur sindoor toh bade magical hai yaar.. aur kisi ko nazar hi nahi aate...

"eh helloo.. tum kyun nahi samjhate" arjun looked very much like a hen-pecked husband here... yeh scenes dekhne ke liye toh aankhen taras gayi thi "vaise tere gal karne ka style bada changa hai.. sunoji ki jagah eh hello.." when Arohi was thinking "yeh sab tumhari vajah se ho raha hai.." Arjun's reaction was as though he had heard her thoughts!! Arre waah arjun, pathy toh tum ban gaye, abhi telepathy bhi LOL this whole scene, Arjun, Rudr and Kumud's expressions were awesome to watch.. haye!! kaleje mein thand paigayi.. 
upar se arohi.. i thought woh cricket mein hi maahir hai.. aaj toh kalash ka football bhi dikha diya.. LOL
aur dadi toh kamaal pe kamaal karditta.. "daan ko pure ghar mein bikher diya.. " the excitement in her voice when she said that.. shez truly the comic relief in this trak.. ab arohi kuch bhi karegi.. dadi toh uska upside hi dekhne vali hai.. bahut hi optimistic dadi hai.. kaash aisi dadi sab ki ho.. Clap
"ring acchi hai par kadi zyada sundar hai" 
"jaate jaate bata toh de ki kaunse 5star hotel mein le jaana hai" 
"aaj tum dono ki suhaag raat hai" is se bada badla dadi arjun se nahi le sakti thi.. i was hoping dadi would slap arjun.. but this is sooo much better.. ROFL And Arjun turned around to see if Rudr was gonna say something abt his predicament.. any advice???
and then Rudr's expressions at dadi's plans for arjuhi suhaag raat..ROFLhe seemed like  i so dont envy being arjun today ... LOL
arohi and arjun's convo.. in dono ki chemistry superb hai .. woh kya kehte hain.. khilte hai dono ek dusre ke saath..Wink
"tumne kuch kaha kyun nahi.. ab khabardar jo tum raat ko vapas ghar aye.. bahar hi raho" ROFL kya yaar arohi.. pehle din pati ko kamre se bahar, ab doosre din ghar se bhi bahar?!?!
"mein kyun bahar rahunga? infact ab mein shaam ko hi ghar aa jaonga.."LOL
"thik hai, toh mein nahi aaonga.. kisi aur ke ghar chalajaonga.. kiske? kisi ke bhi" ROFL
"mein bahut seedha saadha type ka hun na" Wink
Dadi and arohi convo was awesome.. dadi ko finally apni protege mil gayi.. par unhe kya pata arohi toh "sudhaarne nahi band bajane aayi hai" 
wonder when shefali will tell arohi abt arjun's karnama at the bachelor's party.. Day Dreaming
and now looking forward to tomorrow's club scene.. dono suhaag raat se bachne ke liye club mein pahunch gaye..ROFL hope they get drunk to irritate and jalao-fy each other..LOL although i shudn't get my hopes high no? WinkTongue

o and Rajvir finally apna dimaag laga raha hai.. usko gud luck.. jaldi kuch karo apni biwi ka.. 

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-Olly- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 8:28am | IP Logged
oh finally our arjun answers arohi..and that too in a cool way..loved him....when arohi warned him and said him not to enter the house that nite..arjun said he will make sure he wud come in the evening only coz it was his house also..LOL....and when arohi said that its her house as well then arjun replied ok he wud go to someone else house!!!ROFL..arohi's expression was ..Shocked..hmm we can feel the jealousy ..Evil Smile...cant wait for the maha episode!!..yuhoooo i am on arjun's side!! 

overall a good episode..i am happy that arohi is unaffected by beeji's words...and she wud make arjun;s life hell which in the process they will fall in love again..Heart...i am happy that mikhail is afraid of his smart bhabhi so we r free from any side character track!!LOL...gauri's truth may not come out so fast!!..Angry..i am waiting when arjun comes to know that gauri pushed his sis and he wud teach her a lesson along with rajveer!!LOL...

PS: my arjun aka karan was looking so hot!! in white shirt hayee..i loved him today..he even slept on the cute..he was looking like a bachcha while sleeping..reminded me of kmh 1 days..

so tomorrow is the maha episode!!...i think when arohi sees that arjun is not returning home she may get suspicious and go to the club with shefali to check arjun..and arjun seeing her wud try to make her jealous and in the process gets jealous himself!!!! cant wait to see...

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adhasrujana Senior Member

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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 8:43am | IP Logged
Arohi awesome awesome i liked everything your dress your dialogues your behaviour in front of dadi respect for elders your feeling that she is as adorable as DJ n daadi too -aspect ko bhi +bana diya khalash ko aise maarna it went just above Arjun's shoulderLOL
tum kya karna chahti thi aur daadi ne jis tarah response di wowTongue
n Arjun 2 change in his behaviour not as rude as he used 2 be n i love all sweet quarrels between Arjun Arohi i missed them till now but now its gonna be fun watching choti choti baaton par ladayi jagda karnaROFL
yippie i think i am going to c what i want 2 c in the show sweet love between Arjun ArohiEmbarrassed
n mrs.mukud singhania pehle se hi she never looks like a woman n today track suit pehnne ke baad she no more gives even a feeling that she is a ladyAngry
haha let us c what's in store ahead for us as Karan said "Romance" n "fun"
Karan Kritz 2day's episode both did their best gave their best i loved you both
waiting for next episode maha episode n
"jalna jalaana" game is gonna be good good we can expect it form kitani mohabbat haiHug
Karan u were looking extremely handsome in black n white combo

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