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A New Angini FF... (part 10 on Page 19) (Page 6)

rekha02 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 12:21pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by zee10

hi guys... i was thinking and thinking that do i must write a FF or not... at last i wrote i small part soo try is read this and tell me what should i d...Smile  i am not good in writing.. and also  it will be soo hard to read for u guys... hehehehe.. hope that u guys will understand what i have written...all the best to all of u who is going to read my FF.. hehehe...

Mr. rajvansh we are proud to have a deal with u... so mr.rajvansh i think now we a good business friends..thank u very much...

Mr. kapadiya yes ur right .. so Mr.kapadiya I have to go now i have an impotent meeting.. nice to met u..

 karan cancel all my appointments i am very busy ...

 but sir.. we have a impotent meeting now with Mr.mehera...sir it is a big deal.. but sir u toled Mr. kapadiya u have a i impotent meeting.. i thought u r attending this meeting...'

karan do what i say... ya i have a meetimg very impotent meeting @ home.. with my daughters.. ok.'..

 ' ok.. i am sorry sir' .. it's ok.. now i am leaving. Home..

@ rajvansh house

anmol is coming ruining ... ragini was shocked to see anmol is in hurry.. she asked anmol.. ' y what happened anmol ji???

am i late rajini??

y what for anmol ji??

ur asking what.. hmm i think tammy is angry with me...

anmol ji please tell my y tammy is angry ....

ohhhh.. i am sorry tammy called my she toled me that her doll house is broken again..i toled her i will com at 2.00pm and fix it.. but now it's 3.30pm.. where is she?

Anmolji she is fine... she is in play room....

ok then i will go and see her first..

ok i will bring u coffee.. u look soo tired...

anmol entered the play room.' Bachcha party what r u bought doing...'

papa... partner ... u cam?? ... we war wating for u... see papa what happen to our doll house..ouff

oh.. don't worry now i am here i will fix it...

and then ragini enter the play room.. with anmol's coffee.. 

ok guys haw was it????Smile

Quite a nice attempt at FF. Great going, ZeeBig smileClapBig smile

rekha02 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 06 May 2005
Posts: 6635

Posted: 25 January 2011 at 12:28pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by zee10

ok here i am withe my FF part 2... hope u all will enjoy this part.... 
 when ragini enter the play room she saw kids are very busy... anmol too...

Ragini: ok bache whats going on.????

then kushi ran to words ragini and said 'masi ma our doll hose broken .. partner is making it...ragini loockd at busy anmol... she was confused to see anmol ... and she thought

'haw can he do such a thing.. haw can this man love her daughters so much... he cam from office.... so hurry to make the doll house for her daughters.. why should he do this thing to this kids?????' she was in a thought... suddenly tammy call ragini... she was awaken from here thoughts...

Ragini: ya tamanna why my dear???

Tammy: mama where is the spanner??? papa need it....

ragini gave it to tammy.. at the moment alekh enter the room.. he was happy to see all are busy in making the doll house..'waw.. whats doing on here?? tammy what are u doing with that spanner?? khushi.. what is in your hand??'

Kushi: it's paint papa....

Tammy: ha chachu.. we r making our doll house...

alekh: 'ohhh??? let me help tammy ke papa.. shel i paint...??'

Anmol: ya sure baiya why not... com lets do this to .gather.

Then ragini tern on here voice and said ''anmol ji.. you seem to be so tired .. so you may have 'this coffee please.

Anmol: ohh...ya it's a good idea ragini'... he took the coffee cup and sat on the bed..main wail ragini also siting on the bed..' chachi where are you.???..' guni's voice came from out..

Ragini: 'guni i am at play room.' ragini got up soon to see guuni but see couldn't move her palu was stuck... she turn around to see... anmol was siting on her saree.. and enjoying the coffee..suddenly anmol felt uncomfortable and then he saw he is siting on ragini's Saree.. he stud up and said 'I.a..m..I am sorry ragini..i...didn't..'

ragini was bit uncomfortable and with a slaeit smill she said 'it's all right...' she move to words the room to go out soon then anmol again said ' ragini,,,she stop for a while .. ' thank you for the coffee...ragini smiled as a answer. then guni come there

'oh.. whats going on here??why what happen to the doll house??ok i can see it.. don't need to explain me.ohh.. chachi you are here.. i am searching you every where.. i think you are helping your handsome husband na?? you will tell me 'guni stop this jock.. i know chchi you are so buey with your handsome husband..' ragini was bit shay

Ragini: guni why did you called me... ragini asked guni.

Guni; 'oh.. i forgot it chachi i need a help from you..i want to buy a saree to our dance competition..but i don't know to chose saree's.. can u com with me to buy it??/

Ragini:hmmm. ok.. but not now i am busy now..

Guni; oh.. com on chachi i want to take it to the college tomorrow'..

Ragini: but guni i can't live tammy and khushi at home alone...

then anmol said ' ragini you don't worry i am here na...?

Guni: NO.. you are coming with us.. chachi lets take them too.

Anmol: Who..??? me???? why should i com??? i don't want to go on a shopping at this time

Guni: oh.. chachu we need a driver.. because our driver so???

Anmol:i can't come as a driver.... All started to laugh

Guni: no chachu not only as a driver you should pay the bill for me...

Anmol: hmm.ok.. any thing for you my dear..

then alekh said' 'tammy ke papa you all go i will paint this house..''then ragini took the children to chaing there cloths...

anmol and guni at living room.. guni start teasing anmol.' chachu now tell me what are you going to buy now...

Anmol: what???

Guni: what will you buy for your beautiful wife...??

Anmol: guni we are going to buy a saree for you.. not for your chachi..

Guni: ya i know but i am suer you will buy some thing for your loving wife... i want ask again..

then kids came running and said " we are ready".. ragini followed the kids

Anmol: ok bachcha paty lets go....

in the car

to buy a saree the whole rajvansh family lady's are going. Mom is missing..anmol brake the silent and said.

Guni: one saree is your problem chachu??? don't worry tammy and khush is with us

Tammy; ya papa can we buy some thing??

Anmol: yes my primnesses why not... what ever you want you can have it

Khushi: waw partner.. then i want a new doll... to our doll house..

Anmol; ya partner.. you can buy..

Ragini: tammy khushi no.. nothing.. we are going to buy a saree.. only a saree

Anmol: ragini let them buy what they want... as a father i must buy and give what they want...

Tammy; yes... i love you papa.....

Ragini: ok as your wish...anmol ji..

anmol smiled.....

haw is this part guys??????Smile

this part is too good, looks like you are very good with episodic FFs. All parts can surely make great fun filled episodes of Bidaai ClapClapClapBig smileEmbarrassed

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bhondu2010 Goldie

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 1:14pm | IP Logged
Very nice part Clap
I like the way the kids are innocently asking Ragini for a baby boy in the mall and then Anmol covers up the issue...

Now this will be some dis comfortable situation for both of them for a while

Please continue soo

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tvmylove IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 January 2011 at 10:48am | IP Logged
Hi my dear friends i will continue my FF part 4 soon... bit busy this days.... hope you all enjoyed my FF..... Will see will anmol give the gift to ragini or not... i will come with my story next time.... untill that bye....

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sami01 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 January 2011 at 11:15pm | IP Logged
very very nice zeee maza aa gaya  very nice keep up the good all now

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tvmylove IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 31 January 2011 at 4:33am | IP Logged
thank you rehka, bhondu. samidii.. i am so happy that you guys read my FF... 

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anmol2 Senior Member

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Posted: 31 January 2011 at 4:39am | IP Logged
hie zee today is finaaly my holiday in between the two joint exams so i was a bit little free to read your ff and post my comment it was owesome dear
ill also come back with my updated posts on 19Wink
tvmylove IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 31 January 2011 at 4:42am | IP Logged

hi guys i am with my FF part 4.. read this part and tell me haw is it???

kids was so tired... so they want to go to bed soon.. so ragini went to the kitchen to prepare dinner.. anmol and guni was in living room.. anmol's phone rang ...

Anmol: hello yes.. karan..oh.. i forgot.. ya i am coming now... ok...

Guni: what happen chachu??

Anmol: i have an importune meeting now... i forgot it.. i have to go now..

Guni: but is almost 8.00 o'clock..

Anmol: ya meeting is at 8.30.. i think will be on time...i will tell ragini and go.. anmol went to the kitchen... he saw ragini is busy...with knife and spoons...she is cutting some vegetable.. her hire is disturbing her....anmol wanted to help her but he know he cant do he said

'ragini.. i have a importune meeting now....i have to

Ragini: but is dinner time anmol ji.. why don't you have your dinner before you go.. i will prepare it soon..

Anmol: no.. ragini...the meeting is in a party... so i will have my dinner at the party.. i have to go now ragini.. bye.....

Ragini: ok... anmol ji.. ........anmol went to the party... tammy and kushi had there dinner ragini and gunni joined them kids was so tired they went to bed soon... ragini sang lorie for tammy and kushi....

.. it's almost 11 o'clock..but still anmol didn't come back home.. ragini tried to his phone.. but his phone is switched off.. oh.. why anmol ji is so late... then she heard a car sound.. she went to the down stairs... she was shocked a man brining anmol.. he couldn't work he is drunken.. she couldn't believe here eyes...she ask the man who brought anmol.. 'why what happen to him??? 'madam... some one have given him sleeping him....;what???..' ragini was shocked and said the mane 'ok keep him on the sofar'...'ok madam.. thank you very mush for bringing him..'it's ok madam.. good night...'

ragini was thinking now what should i do???ragini called guddi and with her help she took anmol to there room.. she put anmol on bed and toled guddi to go and sleep... after guddi goes she closed the door and trend around she was shocked, couch is missing... 'what where is the couch??? oh.. mami ji toled that she is changing some furnitures ..O no..she have taken the couch... now what should i do.. she trend to the bed she saw anmol is sleeping.. but he is in full kit... she went near anmol.. and she slowly removed his shoes..and kept his legs on the bed..she loosed his tie and removed the 2 button in anmol's shirt..she sat on opposite said in the bed and she start thinking what happening here...she felt so sleepy.. she don't have she also slept apposite to anmol... in five hours she felt some uneasy and wake cup she saw anmol's hand is in here wist.. she raise her hands to take of his hand but she couldn't move her hand. Anmol was sleeping in her hand...she couldn't move her self...she struggle she self but she couldn't do any thing...ragini was nervous... she can't bear this situation... but she can't do any thing... she was so emotion to see anmol so closer to her... when she struggle her self... anmol hug ragini and now anmol's hire is almost in ragini's mouth...but she can't do any thing... in five minutes anmol's leg is on ragini... now she trying her best, but she can not do any thing...after 7 years.. a man is so cloes to her.. ragini was bit shivering..she forgot to breath....she can here and also fell anmol breathing... at last she desaite to wake up anmol.... but befot the anmol released ragini and trend... but this time her mangalsutra was stuck in anmol's shirt button..she quickly got up and try to remove it.... this time she succeed...she was so happy...she got up and move to a chair .. and slept there...early morning she got up and went to the wash room.. before anmol wake up... she cam back wiping her hire..she saw anmol is still sleeping.. so she sat front of the mirror and start her makeup... anmol was happily sleeping on the bed after lon time...suddenly a sound cam from bed side ragini trend to see whats going on... she saw anmol is fallen down...she can't stop her laughter... she laughed... anmol was still sleepy.. he can't understand what happen yet... he was just looking at his beautiful wife... and her laughter.. he was thinking what a lovely day it is... this day is starting from my lovely wife's smiling face... waw... till he was sitting down.. with the sleepy eyes.. and uncombed hire...

Ragini: why what happen anmol ji???

Anmol: hmm.. i don't know what happen.. i saw a dream.. i was looking at a river.. and i was working in the river bank.. but now i am down here...

Ragini: oh.. then i think you.. jumped in tho the river in dream.. hahaha... she was laughing.. anmol was so happy to see her laughter... then anmol reliase that where is he... he was sleeping on the bed... he can't believe his eyes... did i slept in the bed??? last night.... but i ... i can't remember any thing..anmol was thinking...

Anmol: ragini... haw did i cam home.. i can't remember.. i was at Mr. Meheras party... now i am here.. what happen...ragini???

Ragini: 'actually....this is what happen anmol ji..'. she toled the whole story... but until.. ragini and guddi bought him to room..

Anmol: oh... i am sorry.. i don't no what happen last night...but what i am doing on bed...where is th couch???

Ragini: mame ji has change some furnitures at home... so i think she is changing the couch too..i think they will bring it today...

Anmol: oh... where did you sleep last night.... i am sorry ragini... because of me this thins happen to you na... i am sorry...i just hope i didn't bother you last night

Ragini : it's alright anmol ji.. it's almost 6.30..... ragini change the topic..

Anmol: what!!! god.!!!.. anmol ran in to the washroom... ragini sill siting front of the mirror and thinking what happen last night... " i am sure he want do any thing like that for me... he knows his limit he want cross it... but after long time... such a thing happen to me, after ravirs death this is the first time a man was so close to me.... but i... " mama" ragini weak up from her thoughts..... tamanna was calling ragini... ragini rushed down stairs...

so haw is this part my dear friends.... i tried my best guys ???? sorry guys sill anmol didn't give his gift to ragini... i think next time he will give it.. to ragini......Wink

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