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Sapna Babul Ka...Bidaai
Sapna Babul Ka...Bidaai

A New Angini FF... (part 10 on Page 19) (Page 16)

tvmylove IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 March 2011 at 8:20am | IP Logged
Originally posted by shanti05

Zee dear it was beautiful...

Loved the scene between Anmol and Ragini and he sleeping off hearing the lori Aww so sweet

His gussa  was justified, that Karan should have just allowed Ragini to enter his room, akhir biwi hai and she got some food for  Anmol and  he was stopping her..
Even if Anmol is busy he will always mak sure he gives priority to raginiWink ..... yes he will... because ragini is his every thing...Smile

I am glad he calmed down and spoke to her ..

Vasu taking the responsibility of Alekh and taking him to Mumbai I am so glad she is concentrating on him to recover soon !!
And angini taking care of the house 

Beautifully pen down !!Clap
Now ANgini moments are coming Wink......i hope now angini will get some time....Wink and they will love khushi more in the absense of alkeh !!

thank you very much for your loving comment dii..... i will come with my next part soon....Smile

tvmylove IF-Rockerz

Joined: 17 November 2010
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Posted: 30 March 2011 at 8:22am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sami01

awws o sweet zee ..anmol sleeping off listening to the lori..and day dreaming aww good keep it up dear loved it

thank's di... i am happy that you read my FF...Smile
tvmylove IF-Rockerz

Joined: 17 November 2010
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Posted: 30 March 2011 at 8:25am | IP Logged
Originally posted by bhondu2010

@Zee its so nice
I loved the  lori singing and Anmol zzzzzz dosed off!

Then angry Anmol Thats my fav love to see him angry and he blasted his assistant for not allowing Ragini in LOLLOL Serves him right LOL

Vasu is becoming quite responsible with Alekh and taking him for treatement
... agree with you now vasu is responsible mother....Wink

Nice we should see this in season two since alkeh is not completely recovered and for khushi she  needs a  fully proper father who he can be with all the effrots he can put to recover

And now Angini taking care of teh house Wow thats nice  both hubby and wifey will have  responsibilities in thier shoulder and some nice moments to share !Embarrassed

Awesome ClapClap

thank you bhondu...Smile i am glad that you like this part......Smile
tvmylove IF-Rockerz

Joined: 17 November 2010
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Posted: 14 April 2011 at 10:37pm | IP Logged
hi friends this is my FF part 9..  and this is not a long part... sorry for that... read and leave your comments...Wink

part 9

guni wasn't at home because of her sister's wedding..

Anmol: Ragini.. where are you????
Ragini: ji anmol ji i am here...
Anmol: what are you doing in the kitchen? i hope every one had there dinner. So call gudi and tell her to arrange this...

Ragini: no it's ok. I can do this...
Anmol: you look very tired.. So you better call gudi. Ok i can do that i will call gudi. Gudi.... Gudi
Ragini: anmol ji.. Gudi is not at home.. Cant you remember Tomorrow is her sisters she it not here....
Anmol: oh god i forgot it.. So we have to go there?
Ragini: yes anmol ji we have to go there because it's a special invitation..
Anmol: oh god fine..!! At what time we should go ragini?
Ragini: anmol ji we must be there at 12.30 and also there is a special calibration at night...
Anmol: fine... Then the whole day we will be there.... No office.. I have some important meeting tomorrow.
Ragini: what can we do know..??Anmol thought 'we...' waw thats sounds nice ragini. and he saw her worried face he said
Anmol: don't worry i will do some thing... He want our from the kitchen. after 15 minute he cam back.
Anmol: you are still here... i was searching you at our room..

Ragini: ha woh... I didn't finish cleaning..
Anmol: ragin you look so tired... Hmmm... Let me help you....anmol went to help ragini.
Ragini: no it's alright anmol ji i can manage it. Anmol start working he didn't listen what ragini says...
Anmol: ok... So what we are going to do with this foods.... Shel i throw this...before he finish his Sentence ragini went near anmol and said
Ragini: No.... No... anmol ji this food must go to Fridge....
Anmol: ops...with a smiling face he said 'I am really sorry ragini..I didn't know that..'
Ragini: it's alright anmol ji.
Anmol: ok... I will keep this things on Fridge until you clean the kitchen...
Ragini: ok... She went to her work back... Anmol finish his part and went near ragini and said...

Anmol: so can i help you to arrange this thing? You can wash and i will arrange thous things...

Ragini: with a smile... hmmm ok... Here the plates..

Anmol: thank you. He took the plates to the dinning table.
Ragini: anmol ji.. Not on the should go to the rack..
Anmol: ops....sorry again... He kept it on the rack. Both of them were very busy... In kitchen...
Anmol: wah... At last it's finish so shall we go to room..
Ragini: but what happen to your meeting.
Anmol: oh i for got ragini i just came to tell you that i postponed the meeting...i forgot it.
Ragini: then we can go to gudi's sister's wedding...
Anmol: ya sure.. But we should go early morning because it's rainy so can't drive fast...So we must start our journey at 7 o'clock..

Ragini: alright anmol ji.. I will prepare every thing....
Anmol: Ok lets go to sleep...
Ragini and anmol both were tired so they went to bed. Ragini was sleeping in a huge bed. And anmol was sleeping on the couch...
Next day morning...they start their journey with the rain..
Tammy: papa.. Why it's raining??? since yesterday it's raining ? Uffff...
Anmol: betah you should ask it from god... All laugh at the car.. Guni nod ragini and anmol about kushi. She was very sad. She missed her papa..
Guni: chahu we want ice-cream...
Anmol: what ?ice-cream.. Now? This is not a good weather to have ice-cream.

Ragini: ha... on ice-cream.

Kushi: pleasc masi
Guni: ya ice- cream..Hen na tammy kush?
Tammy & kushi : ha...we want ice-cream. we want ice-cream!!!... The started to sing it like a song.

Anmol: Ok kids... I will buy...
Anmol stop the car and bought ice-cream for all.
Tammy: but papa we all eat chocolate flavor na so for whom you bought vanilla flavor ??
Anmol: tammy your mamma don't like chocolate flavor . And he looked at ragini.

Tammy: oh... Yes papa i forgot it... All enjoyed the ice-cream. They started their journey back. The reached gudi's home around 11.30 . Gudi and her family gave a worm welcome to the rajvansh family...
Gudi: babih i have arrange a room for you all. Sorry babih only one room i can arrange. Because we have only 2 room's babih..
Ragini:it's ok.. Don't think about it.. It's enough for us..
Gudi: thank you babi.
Gudi ; showed them the room and went. Really it was a small room.
Anmol: ok girls you all get ready first i will stay out.. But don't take much time because we are already late...
Guni: ok we want...just give us 15 minutes chachu
Anmol: thats fine..jaldi karo girls.. And he gave a lovely smile to his loving wife ragini.. After 30 minutes.
Anmol: he knocked the room door..' So are you girls going to open the door or not? Soon i must get ready.. Ragini ope the door. She was wearing a blue and pink mix saree...she looks beautiful in that saree...

Ragini: sorry anmol ji we took much time
Anmol: i am happy at last you girls finish dressing.. So now can i?
Ragini: ji.. I have kept your suet on the bed... We will wait for you ...

Anmol: it's alright... I am happy at last you girls cam out from the room. Ok... Give me five minutes.. I will be back... Anmol didn't take time to dress... He was more handsome in pink suet..
Guni: wahh..... Chachu... You look very handsome..... Hena chachi? Ragini didn't know haw to react... She just smile at guni....
Anmol: thanks.. so shall we go??.. they enjoyed a lot.... at 7.30pm angini decide to leave gudi's place ... it was raining...... the got reach RH on midnight... they were very tired.. so all when to bed...soon...

next day.... it was Sunday... all at home except anmol.. he had some impotent morning he went to office.. guni went shopping with her friends..whole day kushi was very sad.. she missed her papa. tammy didn't want to see kushi sad she tried her best to keep kushi happy. At last she decide talk with her mamma about kushi..because of gunis's absents Ragini was very busy with house work.

Tammy: mamma... she enter the kitchen

Ragini: yes tamanna what you want?? where is kushi?

Tammy: she is watching TV.

Ragini: so my daughter want some snack??

Tammy:No.. i want to talk with you about kushi.. ragini stop she work ant trend around and asked tammy.

Ragini : about kushi.. what happen to her???

Tammy: hi is really sad....she miss her papa.. mamma tell badi maa to bring alekh chachu soon..kushi is very sad without him.

Ragini: tammy they will come soon.... because of this rain there are getting stay with kushi i will bring some snack .. then let all play..

Guni came home at evening she didn't see any one at down stairs.. she was ragini and kids are playing at kids room..

Guni: whats going here??? can i join you girls??

Tammy: sorry guni didi.. you are too late, we just finish playing. We are arranging every thing..

Guni: oh.. no... i have missed it..chachi did you played with them??? ragini nod kushi and said

Ragini: yes guni we played..we enjoyed a lot.. hena kushi??

Kushi: yes guni dii...

Guni: oh.... it's ok now i am here so lets play....some other game. What do you say chachi??

Ragini: yes ofcourse

Guni: then lets go down stairs no at down stairs..

Ragini; arey i forgot it... lets go....

when Anmol enter RH he saw all are sitting in the hall..and guni was telling a story..

Guni: ''then the clown cam and ask Maik...''.. ok first tell me where did we saw clown???

Anmol: not so far in front of us..and he nod guni.. all laugh

Guni: chachu no.... don't tese me.... i am not a clown i am a princess..ok??

Anmol: ok... well you are a princess... anmol answer with a smile..

Guni: good....and you are my handsome chachu... she hugged anmol...

Ragini: i will bring you a cup of tea anmol ji you seem to be tired. Ragin got up to go to kitchen..

Anmol: no ragini sit and listen to guni's story..

Guni: it's ok chachu chachi can go.. but you!!! you are going to sit and listen to my story...

Anmol: me?????? No... please.... not now....

Tammy: come on papa...

Anmol: alright he sat down with kids to listen guni's story. Ragini went to make tea.

At night kushi missed her papa a lot she start carrying .. ragini manage to stop kushi carrying. Tammy was very sad about kushi..guni cam down with a very good idea.

Guni: come lets all play...some thig.... hmmmmm... got an idea. you guys hid i will search you all..

Anmol: thats a good idea... i like it.. lest play

Guni: come on tammy kushi lets play.. kids forgot every thing in a minute...

Guni: ok then listen to the rules. First we are going to play it in home, then no store room no kitchen ok???

All: ok

Guni: then fine..i will start counting...... now....she closed her eyes and start counting

Anmol: lets go bacha party..

Tammy: papa..where should we hid???

Kushi: ha partner????? masi maa shall we hid in one place i am afraid.... kushi request made angin to melt down.

Ragini: yes betah it's night so lets all hid to gather.. but where???she looked at anmol..

Anmol: oh let me think.....ok..!! got an idea.. come with me. he took them to vasinu (vasu- indu)'s room and open vasu's curbed just like a magician showing is magic to audience and said

Anmol: taraaaa.....this is the biggest cupboard and the safest place to hid in RH.. so i think this is the best plays to hid... so lets go in my dear angels..


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shanti05 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 15 April 2011 at 1:15am | IP Logged
Very nice Zee.. I loved  it !! Clap
The beginning  was beautiful with Anmol helping Ragini with the dishes and kitchen.Later the trip to the wedding and  all looked stunning..
The ice cream treat was another cute moment

Aww Khushi missing her papa but glad everyone was there to cheer her.. and Gunii telling a stoyr teh clown tease and finally that Anmol 's hide and seek plan and in Vasu's room in the BIG cupboard !!Smile

Very nice  you can visvualize the whole sceneThansk for another beautiful part
Continue  soon !!Hug

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krithikas IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 April 2011 at 1:22am | IP Logged
Awesome update ZeenaClapClap .Loved Angini's kitchen scene and the icecream scene.ClapClap

Wow they are playing hide and seek wish we could see these kind of scenes in Bidaai 2.Big smileDay Dreaming

As Shanti said I was also visualizing the whole part while reading.ClapClapThumbs Down

Continue soon dear.Thumbs Up

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saveeta24 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 April 2011 at 7:53am | IP Logged
@zee..such a lovely part..Clap
i was all smile reading it and picturising all the scenes..Smile
anmol helping ragini in kitchen and she has to show him where to keep everything..cute moment of them..
next their trip to guddi's place .the icecream scene was too good and trust anmol he knows his lovely wife likes vanilla flavor..he bought it specially for her..Smile
lovely scene how all of them trying their best to cheer up khushi as she is missing her father..
hide and seek and  anmol smart mind biggest cupboard in vasu's room..Smile
love reading this part and do continue soon..Smile
keep it up..ClapClapClap

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sami01 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 April 2011 at 8:56am | IP Logged
very very sweet zee loved anmol helping ragini in kitchen....loved the cute scenes in the wedding ...loved whole atmoshphere ...thankyou zee dear

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