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Sapna Babul Ka...Bidaai
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A New Angini FF... (part 10 on Page 19) (Page 14)

saveeta24 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 March 2011 at 6:05am | IP Logged
@zee..another awesome chapter...Thumbs Up
from start to finish you did kept the interest..liked the flow of the story..
well written scenes..ragini in thoughts about anmol..she is just spellbound about his  good heart and esp he knew all her likes and dislikes..he chose every gift given by the girls so perfectly for did touched ragini's heart.
at last she made a decision to do something for anmol as he deserved it.well it so true and time ragini realised it..
love this scene in angini room..anmol this time perplexed by ragini's behaviour as she knew where he kept his wallet or handkerchief..well something which made him happy..Smile
from the kids to grown up ones all doing a surprised birthday party for ragini..well most credit goes to anmol..
ragini again perplexed that anmol organised the party for her..
the best part..birthday atmosphere.all enjoying.surprise anmol singing for his ragini and such a lovely song...Smile
wat to say the one ragini sang was so suitable for anmol as he did everything so unconditionally for her..his love for her is just admirable..Clap
zee once more a great continue soon..keep it up...ClapClapClap..

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bhondu2010 Goldie

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Posted: 22 March 2011 at 10:45pm | IP Logged
Please update your FF!! We are all waiting !

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tvmylove IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 March 2011 at 7:27am | IP Logged
Originally posted by bhondu2010

Please update your FF!! We are all waiting !

i will update it very soon dear.

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sami01 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 March 2011 at 9:32am | IP Logged
zee tumhara ff is beautiful ..a request when u update eddit ur title to say u updated and what page..then i find out ke u updated its easy waiting for next part

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tvmylove IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 March 2011 at 9:48am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sami01

zee tumhara ff is beautiful ..a request when u update eddit ur title to say u updated and what page..then i find out ke u updated its easy waiting for next part

thank you di... i am glad that you read my FF.... ya dii.... i will do it next time... almost i am writing the next part of the FF... i will update it soon....
tvmylove IF-Rockerz

Joined: 17 November 2010
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Posted: 29 March 2011 at 5:37am | IP Logged
i am back with my FF.. 

part 8

he was at his cabin.. thinking about what happen last night.....

at room......

Guni: hachi I can't believe that you sang a song...i am very happy about it chachi....

Ragini: yes guni even i can't believe that ...

Guni: chachi that song suets chachu.. he is the one who is giving all the happiness... for all of us..anmol was at the door step..he heard the talk between guni and ragini......

Guni: chchu.. come in, so at last you sang a song fro your wife.......??

Anmol: hahaha..... yes guni... Ragini just looked at him and gave a slight smile... shetry to avoid his gaze...

Guni: ok chachu i am going...... bye good night.... i think you both have lot to talk tonight...she hugged her chachi and went....

anmol and Ragini only at the room...he have thousands of question but he is unable to talk any thing... so the room was silent.... at last he decide to talk to her....

Anmol: thank you for wearing my gift.... and.... you.r... your beautiful today...

while avoiding his gaze she thanked him.... 'thanks anmol ji'....

anmol didn't get much time to talk to ragini.....tammy jumped in to her mammy and said mamma you are so beautiful today.. hea na papa????

Anmol: yes tammy... you are right..... your mamma is so beautiful.....but not only to day.......

Tammy: yes..... papa..... i am just look like mamma na????

Anmol: yes betah you are just like your mamma..... so sweet my angel....

Tammy: she hug anmol and he place a kiss on here forehead...and she said mamma tonight i want to sleep with you and papa.. anmol was surprised and ragini was shuckedd...

Anmol: tamnna betah now you are a big girl.... so you should sleep alone......not with mamma , papa... you should think about kushi too...

Tammy: ufffffffffff.... papa...i know i am 8 years old now.. but i like to sleep with both of you....kushi is sleeping with guni di.. so please......!!!!

Anmol: tamanna ...betah...

Ragini: Anmol ji if tammy want to sleep here let she sleep here....she spill out thous words in a lo tune

he was surprised.... is this Ragini or some other...he was questioning him self..

Anmol: but Ragini... ok... as your wish...

Tammy: thank you mamma.. i love you.. she placed a kiss in ragini's right cheek...

come on lets sleep.... I am very sleepy. Then they went to the bed...anmol was quiet surprise...about his wife's behavior

Tammy:she hugged ragini and said..... mamma will you please sing lori for me.....

so ragini start singing lori...anmol was so triad, he had a long day and after long time he got a chance to sleep in comfortable place..Ragini's lori brought anmol a deep sleep...

Karan: excuse me sir... your wife has come ... anmol was in his thought about last night..... sir ...sorry for disturbing you... sir....

Anmol: ... yes .. karan... he was just wake up from his dream world....

Karan: sir your wife has come .. may i send madam in???

Anmol: what ragini has come... where i she???

Karan: she is in the visitors room sir...

anmol: what are you doing? why didn't you send her to my cabin?? ...he was very angry at the moment....what this karan has done he thought..

Karan: 'sir you said don't disturb you.. so thats why i thought it's better to ask you and send madam in'..he stood up from the chair..he was very angry...he went out and look for ragini.. she was siting on a chair after seeing him she stood up with a smiling face.. but she didn't take much time to realize that he is not in a good mood... he worked forward and said

Anmol: lets go in Ragini..and karan you come with us...

Karan: yes sir.

In the cabin

Anmol: karan do you know who is she??? he point out his finger to Ragini and asked him.

Karan: yes sir she is your wife sir..

Anmol:then why did you stop her out???

Karan: i am sorry sir.. i thought that you don't want to see any one... so thats why i..

Anmol : haw can you stop my wife entering my cabin?? haw can you do such a thing ??? ragini was surprised.. she understood whats is going on.. so she came near anmol

Ragini: anmol ji leave it.. he did his job...

Anmol: no ragini.. he should know who you are. What you mean to this company and in my life.. karan do you know she is also a director in this company..

Karan: i am sorry sir i didn't know.. and i am very sorry madam...

Ragini: it's alright karan'' Anmol ji relaxes..

Anmol: but ragini''

Ragini: relaxes Anmol ji nothing happen here... he just flowed your instructions.. thats all... now you can go karan... she saw anmol ji in anger after long time. she offered him a gals of water..

Ragini: anmol ji please haw some water.. then every thing will be fine..he just looked at ragini there was a pleasant smile in her face..he forgot every thing what happen before a minute a go..

Ragini: is any problem in office???? if you want you can share it with me..she saw anmol is getting cool....

Amol: no ragini every thing is fine i am ragini is everything is ok???

Ragini: yes anmol Ji. i just came here to give you your lunch.. you have forgot it...

Anmol: oh.. yes... i am sorry ragini i forgot it... thank you very much..

Anmol: but Ragini you needn't to come here .. You would have send it..
Ragini: it's ok.. i am on my way to pick the kids. So i thought it's good to give your lunch.
Anmol: oh is it... So you are going to pick the kids.?

Ragini: yes Anmol ji. I think i should leave now. Tammy and kushi will be waiting fore me..

Anmol: ya sure.... He went with Ragini and open the car door for he. said 'good bye' to her. He was very happy to see ragini in the office.. On the way to the cabin karan apologizeanmol..

karan:excuse me sir. I am really sorry sir i didn't want to stop madam out. But... before karan finish his words anmol.... said
Anmol: it's ok karan. But don't do this again..
Karan: yes sir i want... Karan thank god and thought 'sir is now in very good mood thanks to ragini madam...

@ rajvansh house

It was tea time. So kids had tea and start playing with alekh..
Ragini got a small brake ..she came out to see kids playing. She sat on the swing...but the watcher was bit moody.. She enjoy watching kids playing.. And she thought what happen at office to day.... She saw angry anmol. And his she still can't forget thous bright dark black eyes...she was thinking even though he is anger he looked handsome... god what am i thinking .. what has happen to me...?? why should i think about anmol ji?? who is he?? he is tammy's father thats all... nothing more.. but why am i thinking about him..ragini was totally confused in with here thoughts....

ragini...... ragini....where are you? Oh here you are... i am searching you allover the house.. ragini was still thinking what happen at office...she wake up from her thought

Vasu; Ragini.. is every thing alright???betah i am talking to you.. whats wrong with you???

Ragini: ji mammi ji.... i am ok.. i was just watching kids playing......

Vasu: ragini they are not here their playing in play room.. whets wrong with you ragini..i need to talk an important thing with you... almost it's drizzling lets go in...

Ragini: ji mammi ji... lets go...

at vasu's room

Vasu: ragini we need to talk some thing important...

Ragini: yes mammi ji whats wrong is every thing alright...

Vasu: yes but listen what i am gong to say now..

Ragini: ji..

Vasu: slokh called me today. He said his professor is now in India, mumbai.. so he said to show Alekh to him.. slokh has said every thing about Alekh... so the professor is going to be in india for 2 weeks... so i called him and he said me to bring alekh tomorrow evening... he is free at evening.. so i thought to take alekh to mumbai.. indrajith also will come to mumbai.. from goa...

Ragin: thats a very good news mammi ji.. i am very happy...

Vasu: yes ragini.. but there is a problem

Ragini: whats is it mammi ji??

Vasu: if we are not of couple of days at home haw can you take care of this things alone??? can you ragini??

Ragini: mammi ji you don't worry about it... anmol ji and i am here na.... so every thing with be fine..

Vasu: then what about kids..

Ragini: kushi will be little sad... but i will take care of her...

Vasu: i know dear you and anmol will take a good care of it.. so ragini the flight is to night.... at 8.30pm..

Ragini: then mammi ji we don't have much time.. i will jiaji's stuffs..

Vasu: ok.. i will do others... and i am going to tell the kids that we are leaving mumbai for a week... for some business works...

Ragini: ok mammi ji thats good...

vasu said the kids that alekh and she going to mumbai for some business work they will return back in one week... kuchi was bit sad... but she was happy that here father is also now going on business trip as her partner...

Ragini informed about vasu alekh mumbai trip to anmol.. so he came home so..... it has started rain..... so at 7.30 they whant to airport.... kushi was very sad... tammy to....anmol went to drop them around 9.30pm he was back home.... kushi ran to anmol and ask about her papa.. he explain every thing to thashi... and they when to bed......

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krithikas IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 March 2011 at 7:55am | IP Logged
Lovely Zeena.ClapLoved the part where Anmol slept listening to Ragini's lohri.Day Dreaming

Loved How Anmol got angry when Ragini was kept waiting Heart.Anmol was such an Adorable husband.Day Dreaming

Alekh going for treatment with VasuBig smile,So Angini alone with kidsEmbarrassed ,expecting some romantic moments between Anmol and Ragini in your next update dear.Wink

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saveeta24 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 March 2011 at 10:57am | IP Logged
@zee.thank you for update..Smile
lovely part esp anmol angry with karan.Thumbs Up
the guy got a big lecture from anmol for not letting ragini in his office but made her sit in the waiting room..
he sure loves his ragini so much esp when he tells karan do you know who she is and how did you stop her from coming in my cabin....could picturise this scene..Smile
sweet cute moment its ragini herself who accepts to let tammy sleep in their room which surprised the end he too slept with ragini singing the lori..Smile
vasu taking alekh for treatment and all responsibilty of the house on angini..hope alekh treatment is positive ...he is back to normal esp for khushi who loves him so much..
do continue soon keep it up great job..ClapClapClap

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