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A New Angini FF... (part 10 on Page 19) (Page 13)

tvmylove IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 February 2011 at 9:16pm | IP Logged
hiiii...Smile i am with my FF part 7..... friends........ readthis part and tell me haw it is.......

7 part

at last all when to there room's.. tammy wanted her mom to sleep with her.. so anmol went alone to there room..

he just sat on his bed (couch) and he though what happen before five minutes a go..????? and the words which Ragini said to Vasu...yes mamiy ji you are right... did she said thous words or it's my imagination..??? No.. she said that...but is it true.. what it means???? or i think she just said it front of all.... he was nervous.... and... he felt sleepy.... he just slept on the couch...

same time at kids room..

Tammy: mamma do you like my purse???

Ragini: ya.. darling...i didn't know my daughter is so big to select gift for her maa..

Tammy: no.. mamma.. i was confused.. papa helped me... i know papa i is very good in selecting gifts for you..

Ragini: what your papa selected this ??

Tammy: ya.. you like it na?

Ragini: yes.. but i though this was you selection.. it's ok lets go to bed... but there was a question mark on her face...

Kushi: masi maa.. haw was the cake???i just love it.. do you??

Ragini:' i was very beautiful.. and testy.. mmm.. yami.. just like both of you..' said that and she hugged tashi... ' i am sure this is guni di idea..'

Tammy: No..No.. you are was papa's idea.. hahaha...he brought the cake...i toled you na kushi if papa will buy some thing mamma will like it... they are best friend na... just like us... kushi.... she was think king whats gong on...

Ragini: come on bacho lets sleep... you have to go to school at morning..

she put kids to sleep... but she is still asleep... she was thinking did anmol ji did all this thinks??.. oh what kind of person he is...i haven' t do any thing for him.. or for his happiness... but he has done and is doing a lot for me and my family.....he is my husband .. she juts holed her mangalsutra and though this mangalsutra , sindurh and this colors which with me today... all he gave me, my whole family is very happy and my daughters smil and all of this happiness he gave me and my family.... why should he do this to me... what should i do return to him ...i haven't any thing to give him.... but i must do some thing for him... and he deserve it... she was thinking about anmol.. and what he did for her and her family... and she went to sleep.

On morning rajvash house is just main market  

Tammy: mamma where is my tie...
Ragini: here it is.. She gave the tie to tamanna...
Kushi: masi maa soon plat my hair.... Ragini plat kushi's hair
Ragini: come on lets go you both mush have your breakfast

At angini room

Anmol: oh...good where is my wallet.when he was busy n searching his wallet
ragini enter the room. And she know what he is searching.....'' m....hmm....hmm...''
Anmol stop searching and he just terned to see who is that....

Anmol: oh... Ragini,Thank god you are here... I am searching for my wallet...

Ragini: yes i know that... You cant find you wallet it was  on your study table.. And here it is'...... Anmol just looked at her...'because it was some thing new from ragini....
She gave him his wallet...
Anmol: oh.. Is it? Thank you.. And ra...ragini... My...

Ragini: ya.. and ...handkerchief...
she said.. He smiled.. Her it is..... And here is the car key...
Anmol: ...(smiling ) thank you Ragini ji... She was shy.. She just looked down...
But anmol was surprised to see ragin's behavior... She was totally changed.. The though ' Is this the lady that i saw last 7 years...?' he
Looked at ragini and asked permission.... 'so..may i go now?' ragini smile and said'

hmm...ya..sure.....; her happy and smiling  face made anmol happy.....

At the dinning table

Ragini just seat the table and called tammy kushi....

Ragini; tammy kushi come on have your brakefirst.... kids stop playing and rushed to the table..

guni called tammy and said just send your mom out from this place for a munit.. tammy did the same she said that her pencil is missing.. Ragini went to the kids room to search the pencil... guni took the opportunity to tell every one about the party arrangements

Guni: ok every thing is set...chachu.. you have to come around 5 o'clock.. party is at 7.00 o'clock.. we have lot to do. badi maa will handle inviting guest. and Alekh chachu will handle the decorations.. all is set....

Anmol: good then lets go.. bacha party...

Kushi: where is mais maa...

Guddi: wait i will call babhi..

in a minute Ragini come with guni..

Tammy: mamma.. my pencil was here..

Ragini: ok thats good i was searching for it...

Anmol: come on kids lets go..

Guni and Alekh was busy with the party arrangements... Vasu was busy in the phone inviting friends and family members...

Ragini arranged the kids room and then when to there (angini) room..she arranged every thing and.. she took anmol's gift...she went front of the mirror and took the saree and placed on her and saw haw it was so beautiful and it suets her a lot...she placed her hand on saree and just draw the design on the saree ..spent some times with it like a kid.....

at Vasu"s room

Vasu: yes ragini.. what do you want?? ragini was standing front of vasu..

Ragini: mamiy ji i just thought to going to "kaushalya nivan" ?? i though like to take blessings from maa, babu ji.. and nani ji...

Vasu: yes my can go. But at what time you will return back..

Ragini: Now.. i will go.. and pick tammy and kushi.. then i will go to "kaushalya nivan".. then....

Vasu: oh... that's good..

Ragini: i am going mamiy ji..

Vasu: bye ragini

Ragini: bye mamiy ji.. i want take much time..

Ragini went to school piked kids and went to "Narinikhethan"

At "kaushalya nivan"

phone rings....

kaushaiya: hello

Vasu: hello..kaushaiya ji. Vasundara speaking here

kaushaiya: oh... vasundarah ji.. have is party arrangements?? veenu ka babuji said that we must come early there...

Vasu: oh.. that's good...but I called you to tell.. that don't talk any thing about the party with ragini.. now she is coming there.. she want to meet you and sharma ji..

kaushaiya: oh.. is it.. no.. we want talk any thing..

Vasu: we just want to give her a surprise party...

kaushaiya: alright vasundra ji we want tell her any thing...

Vasu: then we meet at evening.. bye

kaushaiya: ya.. sure ok... bye....

 and kaushi said every one about vasu's phone call... In five minutes;-) ragini arrived with kids... She had blessing form every one...all wished her a happy birthday. Then sharma j wanted ragini and kids to have lunch with them. So she called Vasu and said that their having lunch at kaushalya nivan.. Kids changed there clothes.... And they had there lunch... and spend some time there it was 3.30 pm.. so Ragini wanted to go home..then sharma ji said ''Ragini betah.. lets go to mandirh.... today is a special day for you. So lets all go to mandirh and then you can go home..veenit is also had come so lets all go...''

Ragini: alright babuji as your the way i didn't visit mandirh fore long time...

all whent to mandirh and did the pooja... after that ragini said good bye to all...

Malti: areh ragini... today is Ragini's birthday.. so why don't we.. visit Ragini's place ?? what do you think venu ji???

Vinit: ha..ha... that's a great idea...hein na babuh ji???

Sharma: yes betah

Ragini: thats good babuh ji... lets go....

on the way to home Tammy kushi was very exited... they just want to know what just going on at there place....

@ rajvansh house.... main hall

alekh: haw is this guni?? ragini likes flowers... so what do you think?? the whole house was superb... and it was like a garden....

Guni; waw.... chachu you have got very good ideas........... anmol chachu is right you are the preface parson to do this decoration.

Alekh: oh... thank you guni..

Guni: is the refreshments are ready???

Guddi: yes.. yes.. i am just cleaning the kitchen....

Guni: oh.. thats good.. you may do your work..

whole Sharma family and ragini arrived with the kids..when ragini enter the house she was shocked to see whole house was decorated, it was so beautiful... just like a garden. They can smell the Jasmin flavour

Guni: surprise..!!!!!! and welcome chachi

Alekh: welcome..!! welcome..!!! Ragini...

Kushi: papa..she ran to alekh...and gave a hug....

Ragini: what are you guys doing.? What is this things..

Guni: chachi.. we are getting ready for your birthday party...

Ragini: party... for me?? for my birthday??... oh... guni it's needn't ???

Guni: chachi... i don't know every thing is set.. now we all just want you to get ready...

Tammy: please... mamma....don't say no...... we can have lots of fun.... please......

Kushi: ha... masi maa... say yes....

Kaushy:'s just a party na..what's wrong on it?

Ragini: maa... then you all know this??

Sharma : han.. ragini betah..

Ragini: no... please don't force me.. you all know i am not a small girl to have a party for my birthday..... at that moment vasu enter the hall..

Vasu: ok.. then fine... guni call anmol and tell him that his wife don't won't a party... poor guy... he was prepare ring this party since 4 days....

Ragini: what.. since 4 days??

Vasu: yes ragini. Guni call your chachu and tell him.. poor guy he will be so sad...

Guni: ok badi maa,,, i will. Guni dial the number...ragini was confused she said

Ragini: No.. guni... it's ok..I will get rady.. no need to call him.. i think anmol ji will be very busy at office... i will get ready now... all was very happy.... and then a back to work.... sharma ji was very happy to to see his daughter's change.... vasu welcomed sharma family and thy had a chat

Malti: ragini go and get ready soon..It's 6 o'clock..

Ragini: oh.. ok babih... i will... she went to kids room...and saw are there are ready. they was getting ready for party... ragini helped them.... and went to angini room

anmol rushed hurry and he saw Sharma family has come. he was very happy to see them he just talk 2 3 words and went to see guni..

Guni: at last you are here chachu??? what happen why are you late...

Anmol: ok.. oh... madam.. so many questions... i had a meeting dear.. thats why i am every thing fine???

Guni: ya.. chachu do you want to see the cake?

Anmol: cake.. yap.. waw.... sweet as you

Guni: no... sweet as your wife...

Anmol.. O.. yes..sweet as ragini... and he smile

Guni: haw i look??? haw is this dress...??

Anmol: you look.. party my princess

Guni: thank you chachu.. now it's your tern... just dress and come down soon..almost you are leat..

Anmol: ok.. here i am going...but where is ragin ?

Guni: she is at room i think..

Anmol: oh.. ok..

anmol went there room. And hie stop at at door and knocked the door.. expecting a reply from ragini..

Ragini: yes.. come in... she tern to see who is that...

waw.... what a this a dream... look at the eyes.... oh.... god.... she is my wife ragini or an angel??? she look awesome....all this running through his mine... he was mesmerized ..

he felt that it is a dream.. after five minutes he saw she was wearing his birthday gift.. she was so beautiful...the sreen sari with golden's just suets her... he just want to say that... but in front of her beauty he is speechless..

Ragini: anmol ji... aap.... the party

Anmol: yes... Ragini.. just now i came.... and.. you... look so beautiful.. today..

Ragini": with a beautiful smile thank you... and thank you for this saree..

Anmol: who... i just hope you like it..

Ragini: yes it's very beautiful...she went to near the bed and took a anmol's dress and gave it to his hand and said.. this is for you.. hope you will like to wear this today...

Anmol: waw... that's great... i was wondering what should i dress have select a beautiful dress for me too.... thank you...

Ragini: it's ok... get ready soon..

Anmol: yes.. in a minuet .. he was very happy.. he went to the washroom with his dress..when ragini about to go .. guni came in to the room....she was so happy to see ragini wearing anmol's gift....

Guni: chach..!!! waw>> you are so beautiful...... and nice choice from chachu... she huged ragini...

Ragini: is tammy and kushi is ready???

Guni: yap there waiting until you come...but wait lets chachu come...

Ragini: i will..... and anmol came back from washroom..

anmol ragini and guni went to gather.... All happy to see ragini.... She was very beautiful and very happy to.... Kaushalya ji and sharma ji had tears on there eyes.... They was very happy to see ragini smiling...
And then party started.... All had lots of fun... Kavya, tammy, kushi enjoy a lot.... And Guni alekh bought the cake to the hall... All wished Ragini a happy birthday.... Ragini cut the cake.. And feed all.. Anmol though what a lovely day is this she feed me tow times.. In one this a dream??
Guni: good evening lady's and gentleman...i hope you are enjoining the party... To add some colors to the party.. My anmol chchau...wants to give a surprise to you all.. And she looked at anmol... He was confuest..? He was thinking. 
who me... What can i do... He said.. Now guni not this time.. And he terned he saw a expectation in rginis eyes.. And it's turning in to dis pointed.. He just closed  his.. Eyes.. Ragini just sand front of him. He open his eyes... His wife watching at him..

first time in his life he start to sing.... For his love

ho ho ho o o o o o o........ aa aa aa aa aa.......
tumhi ehsaason mein, tumhi jazbaato mein
tumhi lamhato mein, tumhi din raato mein
baakhuda tumhi ho, har jagah tumhi ho
haan main dekhu jahaan jab, uss jagah tumhi ho
yeh jahaan tumhi ho, woh jahaan tumhi ho
iss jameen se falak ke darmiyaan tumhi ho
tum hi ho beshuba, tum hi ho
tum hi ho mujheme haan, tum hi ho
tum hi ho, o o o o o o o o o o....... he just sang freely.... and the song was just made for him.....

kaise bataye tumhe aur kis tarah yeh, kitna tumhe ham chaahate hai
saaya bhi tera dikhe toh pass jaake, usame simat hum jaate hain
raasta tumhi ho, rehnuma tumhi ho
jisaki khaaish hai humko, woh panaah tumhi ho
tum hi ho beshuba, tum hi ho
tum hi ho mujheme haan, tum hi ho, tum hi ho
tumhi ehsaason mein, tumhi jazbaato mein
tumhi lamhato mein, tumhi din raato mein
kaise bataye tumhe shab mein tumhaare, khaab haseen jo aate hain
kaise bataye tumhe labz woh saare, jism ko jo mehkaate hain
iftida tumhi ho, inteha tumhi ho
tum ho jeene ka maksad, aur wajah tumhi ho
baakhuda tumhi ho, har jagah tumhi ho
haan main dekhu jahaan jab, uss jagah tumhi ho
yeh jahaan tumhi ho, woh jahaan tumhi ho
iss jameen se falak ke darmiyaan tumhi ho
tum hi ho beshuba, tum hi ho
tum hi ho mujheme haan, tum hi ho
tum hi ho o o o o o o o o o o.....

Guni: chachi soon don't think much.
she don't have a choice so she start to sing

Na Kuch Poocha, Na Kuch Manga
Tune Dil Se Diya Jo Diya.......... she just looked at him......
Na Kuch Bola,  Na Kuch Tola
Muskura Ke Diya Jo Diya............. he was so surprise...... and
Tu Hi Dhoop, Tu Hi Chau
Tu Hi Apna Paraya
Aur Kuch Na Janu, Bas Itna Hi Janu
Tujh Mein Rab Dikhta Hai, Yaara Mein Kya Karun
Sajde Sar Jhukta Hai, Yaara Mein Kya Karun
Tujh Mein Rab Dikhta Hai, Yaara Mein Kya Karun
Rab Ne.. Bana Di Jodii.....

anmol...... Sharma ji.... Vasu and Kaushy was very happy to see ragini singing and specially for anmol.....

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tvmylove IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 February 2011 at 9:25pm | IP Logged
so haw is it guys?
i would like to thank isha for selacting the song which anmol singed..

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krithikas IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 February 2011 at 9:43pm | IP Logged
WOW WOW WOW Fantastic Zeena,Clap

Loved the whole birthday party sequence.Big smile

The wallet scene on Angini was so well written.ClapClapClapI could visualize them on that scene.So beautiful.EmbarrassedEmbarrassedBlushing

Anmol giving a surprise party for Ragini.EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedPoor guy doing arrangements for 4 days.WinkWinkWink

Loved how you described Anmol felt while seeing his wife so beautiful wearing the saree he gifted.Embarrassed

The songs are so perfect for Angini.ClapThumbs Up

Continue your Awesome work.Thumbs UpHug

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bhondu2010 Goldie

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ClapClapClap  Very nice Zee..
I enjoyed it totally
I loved  different expressions ragini gave when she came to know that all this was planned by AnmolDay Dreaming
And he has been planning it for 4 days Aww so sweet of him

Ragini is just lucky to have a wonderful husband like Anmol
And the songs each other sang for each other was a beautiful one .
i was smiling a lot reading this update
Thank You for making Angini so special for us !Hug

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shanti05 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 27 February 2011 at 11:36pm | IP Logged
Zee Very nice I read it two times and kept a big grin on my faceClapClapClap

Very nice you made the scenes look so beautiful for Ragini to understand Anmol being a good husband and doing such lovely things for her.

SHe was so happy and he was also so glad that she wore the saree he presented her. 

THe way the house was decorated for her specially and made it look elegant fr her she  was happy and surprised Anmol did all these preparations in the four days time planning
and the singing with Gunni insisted them both to sing was so sweet

Thanks Zee very nice scenes you give us and make us fall in love with Angini all over again !!

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tvmylove IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 February 2011 at 6:56am | IP Logged
krthika, bhondu and shanti di... hope you  enjoyed it well....Cool

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krithikas IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 February 2011 at 6:58am | IP Logged
Originally posted by zee10

krthika, bhondu and shanti di... hope you  enjoyed it well....Cool
It was Fantastic  Zeena.ClapYou just continue to give us this treat.Smile

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anmol2 Senior Member

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Posted: 28 February 2011 at 7:11am | IP Logged
hie zeena ur most welcome
and this part was the best of all the others
keep it upClap

Edited by anmol2 - 28 February 2011 at 7:12am

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