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Misha and Shaurya OS - |Bewildered|

Akankshaa. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 3:40am | IP Logged

Here's a piece of work I wrote, inspired by the Night World. Comments and criticisms are most welcome! :)


Someone was there. Behind me.

I couldn't hear the crunching of the undergroW*H behind me. I couldn't hear the snapping of the twigs and branches behind me. I couldn't hear the sound of footsteps or a heavy voice asking me to give up. I couldn't hear anything at all. It felt like a bell ringing in my mind asking me to keep running. And before I could protest, my legs started moving and I ran headfirst crashing into the jungle. I had no idea where I was going. I knew I would probably end up somewhere deep in the jungle, lost. I knew it .. but I couldn't shake the gut-wrenching terror I felt inside. I couldn't escape the sharp sight I fell on me. And I couldn't help but keep running - knowing the consequences, but not being able to stop.

In the distance, I saw darkness. Someplace dark. A cave, maybe. I ran towards the cave. I knew that it could belong to some wildlife animals and I might as well invite myself to become their dinner for today. But right now, the most terrifying danger was behind me.

As I ran, I saw images flashing in my mind like I am skimming through the pages of a journal. How did I ever get myself in this mess? Only one name screamed in my head. Shaurya. Shaurya. Shaurya.

He totally changed me. From a fun-loving, biker chick, easy-going brat - I turned into a lovestruck blushing teenager. But he loved me for who I was, or so he claimed. He understood me like no one else did. He didn't want anything from me. He didn't want me to blush. He didn't want me to wear make up. He didn't want me to prove my girlyness. He wanted me to be me - something that was hard since his very sight caused heat to rush up my cheeks for some unknown reason.

I saw the images of our first meet. He knew my name and he knew that he had seen my picture in the Dobriyal's office. That one moment of introduction, and a firm handshake, and I should have known my life was never going to be the same again. We met, again and again. And the fondness I had for him just grew wider. I tried to tell myself it was just a infactuation, and it will go away. But I found myself turning red and grinning like an idiot when ever he talked to me. I found myself turning green and purple when he flirted with other girls. I found myself wanting to drag him to myself, and hold him like no girl ever could. I found myself wanting things I never thought I'd be wanting to or from someone.

But then it all changed. Or it started to change. He was changing. I don't know what was happening, but I could feel it. His senses started becoming alert, he became more short tempered, he snapped at me for no reason. At first, I thought that it was because he never loved me. And he had grown out of his liking for me. But he was like that with everyone - lost, confused, misplaced. He seemed to be in his own another world. He never paid attention to me, or anyone, for that matter. He kept glancing at the forest much too often. He seemed to be attracted to the muskiness, to the wild odour. He seemed to enjoy there. He seemed to be free there, to be himself.

It was okay. It was all okay. Until I saw him in the storeroom, today morning. He was on the grounds, convulsing, screaming, withering. I ran up to him instinctively. It was horrifying. More horrifying than the feeling that someone is behind you in the jungle, like I am feeling right now. I saw him asking me to go away. I saw him threatening me to go away. And I found myself turning tails and running. I found tears streaming from my eyes as I closed the door behind him just like he asked me to. And the next thing I know.. I am in the forest.

As I was running, I found myself still confused as for why I was here, of all the places. But sometimes you feel a force greater than nature, taking over all your senses and directing you to your fate. Was this my fate? Death?

I skidded to a halt as my legs gave way and I ran out of breath. But more than that, I realised that the darkness I had seen .. It wasn't a cave. It wasn't a place. It was a person. He was covered in a black cape and a black mask. Only his eyes were visible .. and they were a frightening shade of blood red.

I instinctively took a step behind, and turned around to run. But what I saw behind me was more amazing than anything in the whole wide world.

I had never seen a dog this big. No, it couldn't be a dog. A wolf, maybe? His fur was a shade of grey so pure you could almost imagine the wolf to be from Alaska. His eyes were hypnotically silver and black. They were like a pool of magnets I couldn't get my eyes off. It was a he, I could tell you that.

Usually, when you see a sight of a wolf who is bigger than you and probably weighs tons more, you should feel terrified. But I didn't - and that amazed me more than anything could have, this day. I almost felt this urge to go up to him, to ruffle through his delicate fur. I found myself raising my hand. And then I saw his teeth. His big, wolf-like, canine teeth - and I snapped out of it and dug in the danger I am in, right now. I was stuck between a huge wolf and a black masked person.

The world froze around me. I realised it much later, that it wasn't the world that had froze. It was me. I found the wolf pouncing and I ducked down and screamed. Yes, Misha Dobriyal screamed. I braced myself to be under the wolf any moment now and the wolf ripping me apart any second. It never happened. After a minute or two, I opened my eyes to find the wolf on top of the person. The person had a knife in his hand, and he was trying to attack the wolf. But the wolf had sharp reflexes and he cleverly dodged the weapon and dug in his teeth into the person's neck.

I forced my gaze away and ran. I could hear haunting screams coming from behind me. I could feel the wolf tearing apart his neck and flesh. And I knew that if I ever got out of here, these visions would never leave me alone. They would scar me for life. But I couldn't worry about that.. Not just yet.

I found myself running once again, crashing in what ever direction that was close to me. Right now, all I knew was that I had to get out of here before that wolf rips me apart. Any moment now, he'd realise that I have ran away .. and he'd come after me. The screams had stopped. I came to a abrupt end as I realised that someone was standing in front of me. Shaurya. He has his jeans on, and surprisingly enough, he wasn't wearing any shirt on such a chilly afternoon.

As I moved towards him, I noticed the heat radiating through him. So much so that I felt dizzy and weak in my knees. I managed to stumble through the undergroW*H. And the next moment, I felt someone's arms around me. Strong. Comforting. Perfect.

''Misha, misha you scared me. Please don't ever do that again?'' Shaurya murmered through sobs. Sobs? Was he crying?

Misha found her lips curving in a smile, and hugging him back. ''Im sorry Shaurya, Im sorry!'' She closed her eyes and rested her face on her shoulder for a moment, until she had the vision of him withering on the ground flash in front of him. She immediately backed up and broke the hug.

Shaurya tensed. ''Wh.. what's wrong, Misha?''

''You love me, right? I mean..I don't know if this is love. But this is too strong to be a infactuation. This.. This is love. And..''

''Yes, I love you, Misha'' Shaurya smiled and moved forward for another hug, but Misha took a step behind. ''Don't you love me?''

''I do'' Misha snapped too quickly for her liking. She paused and sighed. ''I need some answers, Shaurya.''

She looked him in the eye - and he understood. He needed to tell her. He wanted to. He wanted someone he could share his experiences with. ''Misha .. Do you believe in the legacy of the curse for the creatures on the other side of the river?''

''Yeah, I have read it somewhere.'' Misha said. ''My dad owns a lot of books about that stuff. Isn't it the one where it says that there is a truce between two creatures living on the opposite side of the river. It has been going on since centuries. Those two creatures are mortal enemies. And according to the truce, they need to stay on their part of the land to avoid any confrontations and killings.''

''Yeah.'' Shaurya nodded, his shoulders tensed, and jaw squared. ''Do you know who those creatures are?''

''Vampires and werewolfs.'' Misha said, her eyes blinking. ''How is that got to do with anything?''

''That has everything to do with this.'' Shaurya said, his voice grave. ''According to the truce, if any vampire trespasses werewolf's land, it would awaken a curse and they won't be able to walk in the sunlight. And if any werewolf trespasses a vampire's land, it awakens a curse that the person who has descended from the werewolf who broke the curse, changes into a werewolf and gets trapped in the darkness forever.'' His voice was raw, and his eyes were blank. Devoid of any emotion. They was so blank .. it scared Misha.

''What do you mean?''

''Do you know my father? Mr. Kapil Chauhan? Turns out that he wasn't my biological father. My real father was a bas***d who left my mom when she got pregnant.'' His voice had an angry edge to it now. ''And he was one of those creatures that lived on the opposite side of the river.''

''Oh'' was all Misha could say. And before she could comment any furthur, Shaurya went on.

''The truce was broken, Misha. One of the werewolfs crossed the river few months ago and the curse awakened. And you know who that werewolf was?'' He looked sharply at Misha.

''Who?'' Asked Misha, though she thought she already knew the answer.

''My biological father.'' Shaurya said, lightly. ''He crossed the river to catch a vampire who got close to the treaty line, and summoned me to this darkness forever. As soon as those other werewolf creatures got to know about this, they approached me, told me the truth, and prepared me to deal with it. I changed, Misha. For no fault of mine.''

Misha could feel tears brimming in her eyes. This can't be happening. Shaurya .. werewolf? She had seen all the signs. She had felt him changing. She had felt him becoming more impatient, more hyper, more attracted to the forest. She had seen him convulsing and withering in pain. She felt herself taking a step back, and she felt Shauya looking at her, his eyes pleading. She stopped as her mind snapped something she hadn't even thought of till a while ago.

''You saved me, didn't you? You were that .. wolf.''

''From that person, yes. He was a vampire. My enemy. Our clan's enemy.''

Misha looked at Shaurya. His eyes had turned into a angry shade of black. He looked at her and his face softened. ''What now?''

''Why are you here?'' Misha asked, blankly. ''Ain't you supposed to be on the opposite side?''

Shaurya laughed humourlessly. ''You ain't scared of me, are you? I just told you I am a predator, a monster and you don't even care.'' His voice turned grave again. ''I was changed, Misha. And that truce only binds the natural werewolfs and vampires to their land. Besides, I don't have the werewolf blood. I won't die if a vampire attacks me. I won't feel anything.'' He smiles - though the smile failed to light up his eyes.

Misha couldn't take it anymore. This guy, Shaurya, had gone through so much in his life, and it wasn't even his fault. And moreover, she was the person he trusted it with. He saved her, comforted her, helped her. And she was not going to leave him when he needs her the most. She found herself hugging him, wrapping him up in her arms. The intensity of her feelings scared Misha, but that fear vanished as she felt Shaurya's arms surround her. He might be a predator, he might be a wolf. But he was Shaurya. He loved her. And she loved him. That was all that mattered.

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_SnowFlake_ IF-Rockerz

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woooooooow................very nice akanksha..........gr8 storyClap

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 hmm..another vampire-werewolf story but with indian characters. its a sweet story dear, but it would have been nice if you took the story in a different direction rather than having the old edward-bella theme Tongue

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very good
keep it up

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