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Maaneet's Married life few scenes by eva -- pg 12 (Page 9)

shah10 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 January 2011 at 8:50pm | IP Logged
great part.

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-Mrs.MSK- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 23 January 2011 at 12:22am | IP Logged cant wait for the party scenes EmbarrassedI wish CV's read this and do exactly what U have written BlushingBlushingBlushing

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evasumi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 January 2011 at 1:06am | IP Logged
Thank you Ladies for the tremendous response.  I am really overwhelmed by it thank you very much...
love to al eva

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anky_1205 Senior Member

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Posted: 23 January 2011 at 4:46am | IP Logged
OMG!!!!!!!!! Beautiful....Love reading your post. you are a wonderful writer.

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Ilovemsk IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 January 2011 at 5:11am | IP Logged
loved it
plz pm me when you next update x

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maanluvsgeet IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 January 2011 at 5:18am | IP Logged
awesome. plz continue soon.

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evasumi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 January 2011 at 2:57pm | IP Logged

I will come back to the the party scene later but thought would do the SR scene.  I am not sure how much justification I will be able to do but I will surely try it..


Pinky and Annie bring Geet at the door of Maan's bedroom.  They stop there at the door and before pushing open the door for a bride to enter they give her warm hug.  Annie turns to Geet and says Geet I am so happy that you and Maanbhai are married now and we truly are sisters now.  She hugs Geet and says you are the best for my Maanbhai.  Today I officially hand over my brother in your hand.  


But Pinky was standing little sadly her eyes were feeling with tears..  Geet looks at her and says Pinky why are you crying.....  Pinky says I never had a sister but when you came to live with us and I truly found one sister in you but now you are married and I am alone again.   Geet wipes her tears and hugs her tightly and says Pinky being married does not mean I cease to be your sister.  I will never forget that you took me in when I came to Delhi and your father loved me as his own daughter and opened his house and his heart to for me.  I can never forget that you shared your family with me in such a way that I never missed my family.  And BTW you are going to be following my path too..  Pinky looks at her with surprise and says what do you mean Geet?..  Geet leans forward and mumbles in Pinky's ear....  even though I was getting married I did get a glimpse of you with my dear friend Adisir....   Pinky blush and looks at Geet's laughing eyes and says hush Geet it is too early to say....   Geet says we will see.... 



Annie says ok girls if you are done with your girly talk then could we take my SIL in her bedroom....   saying she pushes opens the door and asks Geet to step in.   Geet stands at the door and looks at beautifully decorated room for their first wedding night her cheeks turning little red looking at the bed beautifully done with the strings of red and while flowers dropping from the center of the ceiling....  and red rose petals thrown of the white sheets around the beautifully decorated heart which says Maan and Geet..  She looks at the girls and says Thank you.  Pinky asks Geet do you like it?  Geet says like it?  I absolutely love it.  You guys have worked so hard through out my wedding to make it memorable....  Annie says not us Geet.. It was always Maanbhai who wanted to do everything perfectly so that you would always be radiant and smiling....   Geet speaks his name under her breath and looks dreamily at the decor..


Pinky and Annie teases her and says now dear bride we have to leave you alone so that your husband can come to you..  They slowly lead Geet on the decorated bed and adjust her outfit so she can sit comfortably.  Pinky then adjusts her scarf on her head.   Geet draws her knees near her and puts her palms on it resting her head on them.  Pinky and Annie leave her and closes the door behind them giggling hiding their face.  They go to boys and say who wants to play prank with Maansir?   Boys say not us we are from the groom side and we cannot do that.  All were looking at Pinky telling her that you called him jijaji so you can play the prank..  Pinky says no way....   did you see how mad he was when Romeo asked him about the honeymoon..  hey I do not want to loose my job....   He is only jijaji when Geet is around to save me....   otherwise I am even afraid to talk to MaanSir.  They all then look at Annie..  Annie says leave me out of it I am  too tired to think....  but may be tomorrow will catch Maanbhai as we need dadi do be with us to save us.... 



Geet is seating alone in the room with fluttering heart.  Her ears attentive to even a little sound..   She looks around and thinks that Maan went to such a length to fulfill her each and every dream.  He even brought her Darjee for the wedding and she remembers the moment where he so humbly stood with join palms in front of her autocratic Darjee and asking him to do the honor of giving her away in the wedding....   Her eyes swim with the tears..  she thought that she is the luckiest girl in the whole universe to be the bride and now a wife of Maan.  She looks up and says reverently Babaji I can never thank you enough for brining Maan in my life....   she was resting her head on the back on her palms on her knees and thinking about all this.  Suddenly she sees the door being pushed and Maan stepping in..  Her heart as if misses the beat..  she could hear her own heart racing..  She tries to control her breathing but it was just too erratic to stay control..  She closes her eyes tightly and waits to hear his foot steps coming near to her.... 



From the door Maan sees her nervousness and stays there near the door till she feels at ease..

After a while Geet slowly opens her eyes to see him still at the door.  She blushes and drops her gaze.  Maan looks at that and smiles knowing now she is ok..   Maan slowly comes forward his one hand behind his back as if he is hiding something.  Geet is feeling so shy she has not courage to even lift her eyes to his.   Maan comes near the bed and lifting his turban from his head he keeps it on the side table and comes near and sits in front of Geet.  Geet hearts starts fluttering and she still has not lifted her eyes to look at Maan..  Maan slowly holds her chin and lifts her face speaking softly Geet open your eyes.   Geet shyly shakes her head.  Maan slowly blows air on her face and arranges the lock of hair behind her ears..  saying softly I feel like the most luckiest person in the world who has the most beautiful bride.. Geet sits there and hears him praising her..  She feels his index finger outlining her features and moving closely near her lips....   Maan feels her light tremors and brings his face closer to her face....   Feeling his hot breath on her face Geet tries to turn her face..  but Maan holds her chin and says softly no Geet.. Now I have the rights to kiss you.  Haven't I?  Geet just says nothing..  but Maan insists asking'. Do I have the rights Geet?  Geet slowly lifts her gaze to him and says softly you have all the rights Maan..  Maan asks all rights Geet?  Geet blushes at that and nods her head looking down..  Maan softly laughs at that and proceeds to unburden his wife with those heavy ornaments....   



First he lifts her Maang Tikka and plants a soft kiss on her forehead and lifts it totally and puts it on the table....   His long fingers find their way behind her delicate ears to undo the heavy earrings.  Maan blows softly on her ears making her shudder..  She smiles at his tenderness....   Maan then moves his palm seductively at the length of her arms keeping his gaze on her face to see the emotions playing on her face..  He slowly lifts her palm and holds her fingers and delicately removes the bracelet with the rings and puts it aside.  He proceed to do the same with other hands....  after freeing her hands from those heavy bracelets he holds both her palms and brings them closer to his lips and plants soft kisses on the back of her hand..  making Geet shudders with the pleasure.   Maan sees that and smiles....   He loves making her smile....   He then slowly brings the gift box and says softly Geet this is for you.   Geet looks at him and says you have given me everything I do not need another gift from you.  You are the best gift God has given me....   Maan smiles at that and says Geet please open your gift and let me know if you like them....  Geet nods her head and delicately pulls the ribbon to untie the knot.  And then unwrapping the package she sees a beautiful golden box saying to my beloved wife for making me the happiest man in the world..  she smiles at that then lifts her gaze to Maan..  Maan nodes his head telling her to go ahead and open the box..   Geet opens the box and sees beautiful gold payals (anklets) with lots of tiny bells..  she loves it.....   She asks Maan how did you know I love payals.  Maan says yes I guess as much when you lost one of your payal and was feeling sad.  I wanted to give you then but thought I will give you today as you wouldn't except gifts from me then....   Maan says I have one more gift for you....    She says one more?..  He brings another little box and asks her to unwrap it.  She opens it and sees beautiful golden necklace with a heart shape locket with beautiful engraving saying Maan ki Geet.. 

She loves it so much.... she closes her eyes and holds it to her heart and then says Thank you Maan I will cherish this till my last breath.   Then she offers that to him in her palm saying would you please put this on for me?  Maan was waiting for her invitation.  He lifts himself from the bed and goes behind her and sitting behind her he lifts her hair and slides the necklace around her neck and fastens the claps at the back.  He could not resist kissing her neck.  He then slides his arms around her waist and pulls her back in his arms.  Saying softly Geet....   She turns her face and looks in to his smoldering eyes and seeing the expressions in his eyes she entwines her long arms around his neck and blushes and hides her face in his neck..  Maan tightens his arms around her and crushes her to him leaving Geet breathless....   He then slowly pulls himself but Geet does not let him pull himself away but holds him tightly.  In doing so she grazes her lips on his neck softly kissing him.. Maan was just too surprise to move but he loves it.. He murmurs in her ear..  Hmmm I love that..  Geet lifts her surprise eyes at him....   He seductively brings his lips near her ear saying you kissing me..  but before she asked him too many questions he silences her by capturing her parted luscious lips making her speechless in no time..  He holds her head with one hand and his other hand helps her to undo her outfit....  The sensation of his mouth was too much for Geet to bear she was totally unaware what his other hand was helping her undo her wedding outfit....   His long finger did their magic on her bare back untying little knots and little tiny buttons of her wedding outfit....    his hand started making circular motion on her back slowly making its way on her shoulder....   he delicately slides her outfit from her shoulder exposing it for his kiss.  His mouth leaves her lips and starts working its magic trailing soft kisses from her neck to her shoulder.  His light stubble pricking her soft skin giving her some new sensations..  She was swimming in the pool of sensation holding him tightly....   She arches her neck to give him more access.  He didn't need any further invitation..   


Geet had no idea how her husband's magic captivated her.  She finds herself completely in his arms.  She did not want to think anymore she was just too powerless with her husband's expertise. She just decides to surrender to him and let her husband lead her to the path on their journey together of their marital bliss with deep satiated sigh..



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_Sahra_ Goldie

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Posted: 24 January 2011 at 3:05pm | IP Logged

Thanks for the PM

"He then slowly pulls himself but Geet does not let him pull himself away but holds him tightly.  In doing so she grazes her lips on his neck softly kissing him.. Maan was just too surprise to move but he loved it.. He murmurs in her ear..  Hmmm I love that..  " gave me Goosebumps your such a good writer

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