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Maaneet's Married life few scenes by eva -- pg 12 (Page 12)

Krishna_Sourav IF-Addictz

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 8:36pm | IP Logged
beautiful and romantic them all.
 pls pm me when u'll post next scene.

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Ms-Min-Ho Goldie

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 2:49am | IP Logged
Eva Wow you have the talent to become more interesting each time a word is simply amazing

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KinshukKiDewani IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 January 2011 at 4:42pm | IP Logged
wiked eva!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
u r aweosme!!!!!!!!!!!
luved it
soz 4 tha late reply

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evasumi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 January 2011 at 1:35am | IP Logged

Today I am going to go with party scene....


Geet is almost asleep in Maan's arms.  Maan looks at his sleeping beauty and smiles tenderly.  He traces her face from her forehead to her chin with his index finger calling her softly to wake up.  Geet still does not stir....  he blows soft air on her face and delicately shakes her asking her to wake up.  Grudgingly Geet slowly opens her sleepy eyes and mumbles Maan why are you waking me up I am very comfortable right now saying she snuggles some more near Maan and gets in to more comfortable position.  Maan smiles at his wife and says Geet I know and really hate to wake you up but we need to get ready for the party and if we do not start now we may be pretty late.  Laying in her husband's warm embrace Geet totally forgot about the party.. Her eyes pops open and she looks at her husband saying ohhh the party....  Maan OMG I totally forgot about it.. Maan laughs at her and says Geet do not worry it is not your fault. The mere presence of Maan Singh Khurana makes all to loose their memory....   Geet looks at him under her lashes and says next time I will remember what MSK forgets in my presence.. and then she squints her eyes at him saying my dear husband please remember that may your presence be attractive to many but it is only Geet who can come near you....   Maan laughs heartily at her possessive statement and helps her to sit on the bed saying Geet get going we need to leave in an hour as we have an hour of drive ahead of us.  Reluctantly Geet leaves the bed to go to the bathroom for a quick shower.  Maan thought he would join her but then remember that he needed to go for this party and he will definitely get late if he joins her.  He went in to balcony to look at the beautiful setting sun....   after a while he heard Geet coming in to room calling him to go for shower.  Geet was wearing her bathrobe and her wet her were wrapped in a towel.  Maan looks at his wife's ethereal beauty and comes slowly near her.  Geet looks at him under her lashes.  Maan comes near her and takes her in his arms holding her around her waist murmuring wish we could stay home....   Geet untwines his arms and pushes him toward bathroom asking him to finish his shower asap as they needed to leave for the party....   nuzzling her neck stealing quick kiss he goes to bathroom.


Geet starts getting ready for the party..  She opens the package Maan brought her and wears her blouse.  Keeps the knots undone for Maan and then expertly she wraps violet saree and gets ready to adorn herself with ornaments.  She sits near dressing table and wears long earrings Maan just brought her.  She opens her drawer to take out matching bangles and wears those on both the arms.  She loves to wear lots of bangles.  She does her hair and rolls them up holding the knot with a silver hair pin on the side in complete French knot.  Maan comes back from shower wrapped in white towel.  Geet looks at her husband's masculine body and lowers her eyes hiding her desire.  None of that misses Maan's eyes.  He come slowly toward her and plants a warm kiss on her exposed shoulder.  Geet closes her eyes with the touch of those warm lips on her.  She turns and hugs her husband's waist and traces her fingers on his chest.. Maan grrrs telling her....  Geet stop it you are playing with fire.  Geet smiles at him and says sure Maan....   but I need your help.  Could you please help me to put this beautiful necklace on for me.  Maan smiles at her and nods his head.  Geet lifts the box from the counter and brings it near.  Maan delicately lifts the necklace and going behind her he slides it slowly over her head and to lay it against her beautiful long neck and then fastens the necklace securely.  He pats her neck and bending down a little places soft kisses on her hair.  He looks at her in the mirror and says Geet you look exquisite.  I will have to keep you shielded from other people.  He then turns her to him and touching the corner of her eyes he takes some Kajal and rubs behind her ear.  Murmuring in Geet's ear lovingly......  kahi tumhe meri nazar na lag jaye....   Geet smiles at her husband lovingly asking him to tie the knots of her blouse.  Geet was almost ready except just a touch of eye shadow and lip-gloss.


Maan wore dark navy blue almost black pinstripe suit with purple shirt and a silver tie to match her outfit.  At last Geet was ready with silver medium heel footwear and a silver evening bag.   She looked absolutely gorgeous with her hair up in the knot.  Maan looks at his wife and smiles lovingly saying Geet I am not sure if I should take you to the party.  Geet smiles at that saying Maan let's go we are getting late.  Maan walks over to her and slides his arms around her waist and escorts his lovely wife to the car.  He makes her sit and goes around to other side and slides in.  He tells the driver that he will drive and ask him to go home.  



After arriving at the party hall Maan introduces his wife to his business partners.  They try to shake their hands with Geet but she politely joins her palms in namaskar.  Seeing that Maan murmurs in her ears..  That's my girl.  She winks at him with a mischievous smile.  Few other people arrive with their spouses.  After a while Men started talking business and the ladies started talking about their kids and family....   Once in a while Maan would lift his eyes and look at his wife who was gracefully talking with other ladies.  He was already missing her by his side.  He heaves the sigh of relief when the lights gets dim and they are asked to lead their wives to the dance floor.  He couldn't stop any longer.  He walks to his wife and offers his hand asking for a dance.   Geet looks up and smiles at him putting her hand in his.  With a fluid motion he leads her to the dance floor.  Maan slides his arms around her waist and Geet entwines her hands behind his neck and they dance to a very slow number swaying beautifully together.  Slowly Geet lays her head on his shoulder while Maan hugs her more tightly....   He takes a deep breath..   Geet lifts her head slowly to look at him and smiles dreamily at him.  Maan dips his head and plants a soft kiss on her lips.  Geet breathlessly speaks his name saying Maan please we are in a public place..  Maan just smiles at her..  He then leads her to the terrace bit away from the crowded dance floor..  They stand there in each other arms looking at night sky....   Maan was standing behind Geet with his arms around her holding her from the waist.  Geet was leaning back on his chest resting her head on his shoulder.  Her arms were resting on Maan's arms in the front.... Geet dreamily says this is so beautiful....   dark and mysterious under the starry sky and it is so lovely to look up and see the numerous stars...  Maan says would you like to see the starry sky from up in the terrace..... Geet says I would love to..  Maan says let's go....  Geet says but party?   Maan says we could have our own private party..  Geet says here?  Maan says come I will show you... he takes Geet's arm and leads her to the elevator to ride on the top floor....

Coming out of the elevator he takes her through the corridor and stops at one door and then from his key chain finds a key to open the door.   Geet looks at him with a surprise asking where did he get the key.  Maan says well he had it with him as this penthouse belongs to him.  Geet says you never cease to surprise me....  Maan simply laughs at her..  he leads her in and closes the door behind them.   Geet eyes gets widen looking at the interior decor of the penthouse.  Maan takes off his jacket and throws it on the nearby sofa and then takes her in his arms and kisses her deeply..  Murmuring in her ear that he wanted to do that since long time.  Geet is almost breathless she says Maan you promised me a starry sky....   Smiling at her he lifts her in his arms and tells her to close her eyes and takes her to the bedroom and pushes open the door to the terrace....   He softly whispers in her ears Geet open your eyes.... . The view takes Geet's breath away....   his penthouse was on the top floor and the city was laying below as a tiny lighted doll house and the night sky was just breath taking....   Maan slowly puts her down and says like it?  Geet says oh! Maan I love it....   This is so beautiful....   Maan comes behind her and pulls her closer to him in a tight embrace....  he just could not keep himself away from her any longer.  He starts nuzzling her neck....  Geet closes her eyes and arches her neck to give him more access....   he turns her in to his arms and captures her lips in long kiss leaving her breathless....  Geet holds him tightly around his waist.... .  Maan lifts his arm and undoes her hair leaving them open....   her long hair cascades on her back... Geet brings her hand in front of him and slowly unbuttons his shirt....   Maan suddenly looks down at her handiwork....   he smiles huskily calling her name..  Geet was pretty shy but being bold she continues her work till she reaches the last button..  She still cannot lift her eyes to look at him but does not stop.....  Then slowly she slides his shirt off his shoulders and bares his chest....  She slowly caresses his chest moving her palm on his chest....  Maan could not take that slow torture.... he stops her roaming hand covering with his and tells in her ears....  Mrs Khurana you are inviting trouble.... . Geet looks at him under her lashes and smiles a little.... but does not answer.... . She slowly lifts her arms and pulls his head down saying softly stop talking.... . Maan laughs at her and captures her mouth in a searing kiss...  Now his magical hands starts roaming on her back giving her new sensations..  she snuggles to her husband & moves her body closer to him as if does not want even the thin air to exist between them....  They stand their under the starry sky in each others arms.... .  Then suddenly Maan lifts her up and brings her in the bedroom to lay her on the bed....  In the soft light Geet looks at him and before he could come to her she rolls little farther laughing softly but Maan catches her hand saying oh no Mrs Khurana you do not get away from your husband.  Saying he slides near her and holds her in the circle of his arms....  Geet's laughter feels the room and she says oh I was just trying to make a room for you....   Maan says oh really!! The look in his eyes makes her breathless....   He helps her to take off her ornaments little by little showering her with kisses in between....  Her shallow breathing and trembling lips invites her husband to take her to the journey they both wanted desperately to travel together.... .



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Posted: 30 January 2011 at 2:15am | IP Logged
Hey Eva.............!!!EmbarrassedBlushing Way too romantic.. wish the creatives could take some tips from your review.. This is like reading a Judith McNaughts novel.. simply great..!!!!!

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-Mrs.MSK- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 30 January 2011 at 2:28am | IP Logged
Wow !!! Its wrote it so well that i can see it before my eyesEmbarrassed. i seriously never thought that party scene would be this much romantic but omg u r such a great writer..i wish u all the best continue Smile

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bharkha IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 January 2011 at 2:31am | IP Logged
u wrote so beautifully.. amazing...
do continue ur writing.. its interesting to read.. and the way u write eva... its just awesome

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-Mrinalini- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 30 January 2011 at 2:45am | IP Logged
Fantabulous dear!

Loved it!

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