Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

Maaneet's Married life few scenes by eva -- pg 12

evasumi IF-Rockerz

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These I have written in Param's post but thought I will put all of them in one thread...
Geet is in soft dusty rose chifon saree with golden work...
She has come fresh from the shower her hair is bit wet wrapped in towel and her blouse is half undone as was not able to tie the knot on the back of her blouse..
She looks at Maan who was sleeping peacfully..  so she thought till he wakes she will dry her hair.. She is standing near the mirror and suddenly feels his gaze on her.. from the bed he was looking at her..  he signals her to come to him but she shakes her head...
Keeping her eyes on her Maan slowly lifts himself up and slides off the bed..  He comes behind her and trails his finger across her back.

And his lips follows the path and he lays butterfly kisses on her bare back...  he then ties the knot of her blouse and then he encircles her from the waist and pulls her to him he then bends a little and nuzzles her neck softly kissing her cheeks breathing in the fresh smell of her shower gel...  Geet shivers with the sensation and calls his name breathlessly...  Maan says hmmmm Geet what?  She says please stop..  Maan says why? Geet has no answer...  Maan says so does it mean Mrs. Khurana that I have a permission to go further.  Geet softly turns in his arms and hides her face in his chest.  Maan smiles at that and holding her chin softly he lifts her face to his..  her pink parted lips only needed to be touched by her Maan but Maan purposely makes her wait...  He holds her loving face in between his palms and softly kisses her eyelids and then his hot lips travel lightly over her face kissing her cheeks.. the tip of her nose... her chin.. Geet's arms goes around his waist holding him tightly while he suddenly catches her lips leaving her totally breathless..  Maan then pulls her back to see her blushing face he loves to adore..  Geet tries to move away quickly but Maan catches her hand before she runs away.... 

He pulls her back in his arms saying Geet you are forgetting your promise..  Geet lifts her eyes to look at him..  still holding her in his arms he goes near the dressing table and taking the bindi from the table he delicately puts it on her forehead and puts the sindoor in her Maang...  Then he turns her to the mirror and says that...  Geet looks at her reflection and touches her forehead and smiles at Maan looking through mirror and softly says thank you.... 

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evasumi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 January 2011 at 10:20pm | IP Logged
ok here is the kitchen scene..
Dadima has gone to Paris as she promised herself that she would go after Maaneet's wedding...  Annie is back to school..
Geet is home alone only nakul and few servants keeping her company..  She calls Maan and says she needs to come to work..  Maan says no doctor said you need a rest and you are not coming... Geet says ok then you will have to come..  Maan says he has the meeting at three but he can drop for an hour before that...  Geet says ok..
She then feeling happy runs to kitchen and asks Nakul to help her preparing what Maan likes to eat..  Nakul helps her and she is ready with his favorite food which now includes few Dhaba dishes too... ha ha..
Nakul says if she wants him to wait to serve..  She tells him that she will do it and he can go and rest..  She goes to her room to freshen up but sees beautiful crystal vase full of beautiful red roses..  She was surprised and looks around to see if he was there...  she goes near the vase and reads the message.. for my darling wife Mishty...  She bends a little and takes the deep breath for the fragrance of the fresh roses.  She runs in to see if Maan was there but she could not find him... She really wanted to dress up before he sees her all messed up..  She goes to the closet and brings out beautiful ivory saree with red and golden work with the border of big red roses...  red blouse and golden ornaments... she runs to the bathroom and sees the bathtub half filled with rose petals floating on the top..  she was surprised as how come she did not know that Maan was home..  she finds the note on the wall telling her that she better take the relaxing bath as she was working since morning...  she smiles at the note and thinks hmm Maan.. he always knows what is going on... 
While she was taking shower Maan was in the kitchen looking at what she did since morning..  he pulls the curtains and makes the room darker and sets the table for two with the candle in the middle..  while he was setting the last dish on the table he hears her coming to the kitchen mumbling...  He closed the door softly and steps on the side...  Geet comes to the door and pushes open the door and steps in looking at the beutifully decorated table..  Now she knows that no one can to this things except her Maan...  She then turns to go in search of her prince but her prince was just behind her for her to turn..  The moments she turns she bumbs in to him..  She was about to scream but Maan quickly puts his hand on her mouth and softly catches her before she falls...  She knows it is him as she knows his touch so well... Maan steadis her and says softly Geet you look exquisite.  then he looks in to her eyes and says I am hungry..  Geet tries to move away from him and says yes I know I will serve you right away but Maan does not let her go and brings his lips near to her ear and says yes Geet I am indeed hungry... Geet says yes but let me go and I will give you the food.. Maan smiles at that and he brings Geet more closer to him and rubs his hand on her back.. and rubs his nose on her cheek...  Geet looks at his eyes and gets his message and she feels shy saying Maan we are in the kitchen... Maan says yes that makes me double hungry.. Saying he completely pulls her in his arms and envelops her and bends his head to kiss her exposed shoulder.. Geet shudders at that and lifting her hands she encircles his neck and lays her head on his shoulder..  Maan hugs her back and slowly lifts her face to kiss her. Geet lifts herself a bit to take that kiss.  Seeing her response Maan slowly moves his hands on her back and caresses it and keeps on kissing her.. Geet feels totally breathless and feels powerless with the emotions... she holds him tightly as if not to fall as her feet were turning in to jelly with Maans hot lips and hot hands moving on her back...  Maan softly wishpers in her ears...  Mishty I would have raced you to the bedroom if I did not have that meeting at three...  Geet as if comes out of the daze and looks at the watch it reads 2.30 pm... she says hi rabba I really loose the track of time when u r around you better hurry up and have your lunch otherwise you will miss your meeting... Maan holds her and looking in to her eyes says really I rather... Geet pushes him away saying now have your lunch and get going...  Reluctantly Maan lets her go saying softly later mrs. Khurana.. later.. Geet blushes at that and quickly goes and serves the food...

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Ok here is little bedroom scene..


Geet is getting ready for bed while Maan is washing up…

He comes out with his pajama but topless..  Geet was seated at the dressing table taking off her jewelry.   Her gaze was on her hand as she was pulling her lots of bangles out.   She did not realize that Maan has come stealthy in the room and was right behind her watching her with wet hair and towel carelessly thrown around his neck.   He comes to surprise her and bending down he shakes his head to sprinkle her with the water from his wet hair..  Startled Geet looks up and bumps her head with his…  Maan fakes his pain and holds his head…  Geet gets up from the table and starts scolding him saying how many time did I tell you not to spring up on me suddenly…  now see u got hurt..  that serves you right..  Maan says Geet here I am in pain and you want to preach me..  Geet says now hush..  saying she leads him to the bed and makes him sit and goes to get ointment to rub on his forehead..  Maan sees her walking to the medicine cabinet in the bathroom and smiles..


 She comes back to him and standing between his legs encircles his head with her right arm and holds his head in the curve of her shoulder and looking down at him slides his wet hair away from his forehead to see where he got hurt.  She could not see anything so pressing his forehead with the tips of his fingers she asks him softly Maan let me know where it hurts, as I cannot see anything.   Her warm fingertips felt good on his cold forehead as he just took a shower.  He closes his eyes to savor the feeling and says hmm that feels so good…  Geet looks at his closed eyes and smiles tenderly planting a soft kiss on his forehead saying.. you were really busy today right and now really tired but you kept your promise to come home early so I would not feel lonely as now Annie and dadima both are out of station…  Maan just smiles…  Geet keeps on rubbing little pain balm on his forehead talking softly to him..  she then slides her fingers in his hair and starts rubbing his scalp… 


With closed eyes Maan was enjoying this loving ministration from his wife…  Geet knew he loves that so she now standing straight brings Maan's head closer to her and with both her hand she starts moving her palms over his hair and his neck…  She feels little bit knots on his shoulder and starts rubbing his neck and back shoulder.  She did not realized that in doing so she brought Maan's head very closer to her neck… after a while she feels Maan's warm lips grazing her neck.. surprise she looks down to see him kissing her collar bone…  She says Maan?  and wanted to step away but Maan traps her between his legs and encircles her waist and brings her closer to his face..  He takes the deep breath and says hmm geet you smell nice what are you wearing?  Geet says I am not sure something you brought me the other day..  Maan says hmmm that really smells good on you..  Then he lifts his smoldering gaze and looks at Geet…  Geet knows what her husband is thinking… She says breathlessly Maan I need to take of my jewelry…  Maan smiles mischievously and says allow me Mrs MSK..  Geet smiles shyly at him… Holding her from the waist Maan lifts her up and makes her sit on his lap…  Geet says shyly Maan what are you doing?  Maan puts his finger on his finger on her lips and says shhhh Geet let me do my job…encircling her waist with one hand he grabs her arms and slowly pulls her bangles out one by one with each bangle he showers her hand with few kisses…  He then sees the bangle he gave her on their wedding night.  He looks at Geet and starts to pull that but Geet holds his hand and shakes her head.  Maan looks at her with a question?  Geet softly says I never take these two bracelets off as you gave me those on our wedding night.  Maan looks at her and hugs her and softly kisses her forehead. 

He then gets up and makes Geet sit near the dressing table.  Standing behind her he unclasps her necklace and softly lifts her necklace above her head and puts it aside exposing her long tender neck… He smoothly trails his finger on her neck giving her goose bumps watching her reaction in the mirror.  Their eyes meet in the mirror and shyly Geet lowers her gaze. Maan so slowly lowers his head and puts tiny kisses on her neck.. Very slowly he slides her blouse from her shoulder and exposing it plants butterfly kisses making her suck her breath with the hot sensation.  Maan's smoldering eyes looks at her through mirror.  She looks at him through her lashes and shyly smiles lowers her gaze… Maan knows how much she loves his touch..


He then proceeds to take off her earrings.  Her pink tender earlobes were just waiting to be nibbled at.  Maan does not disappoint them…  He then lifts her up in his arms and carries her to bed..  he lays her down and then he takes few pillows and arranges them near the headboard and slides on the bed and sits resting his back on the pillows..  He stretches his legs in front him and bending down a little lifts Geet up and holds her in his arms..  He says Geet you look really tired go to sleep..  Geet says aa lo  I was home all day doing nothing and you were working with such a hectic schedule and now you think I am tired???..  She says I have rested whole day.  Nakul and Raju and others do not let me work at all..  They say dadima and chote sahab have given us strict warning that we should not let you do anything…  Maan smiles at that..  She looks up at him and says with a cheeky smile so Mr. Khurana I am not tired at all…  Maan says hmm to yeh bat hai… ( hmmm is that what it is??) He then rubs his nose in her neck and mumbles in her ear…. Saying then I think I can make you really tired.. Geet hides her face in his shoulder and says softly ohh I did not mean it.., Maan says really..  Geet says hmmm… and unconsciously her hand slips on his bare chest and she starts moving her fingertips on his chest Maan looks at that and looks at her innocent face and smiles hugging her tightly thinking she has no idea what she is doing to me..  Suddenly he puts his hand on her moving fingers…  She looks up to see what happened…  Maan bends a little to look in her eyes and says softly Geet stop it..  Geet innocently looks at him saying stop?  Maan what are you saying??  He just looks at her hand on his bare chest.. Geet sees her palm laying flat on his bare chest and blushes…  Maan then suddenly holds Geet from waist and pins her down on the bed and nuzzling her neck says softly…  now mrs Khurana I will show you what you did to me and starts tickling her…  Geet's melodious laughter fills the bedroom..  she shouts Maan stop… and when the laughter and fun changed to different sounds they both had no idea….


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Let me read and will edit Eva!

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breathetaking yaar you wrote so well that i can see  it before my eyesClapClapClapClapWinkWinkWinkWinkEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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very welllll written......... amazing evasumi...........

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i could picture those happening....

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whoaaaa new thread for this :D soo nice Smileokie before i read ill buy some smelling salts and come LOL if that dint work someone please sprinkle some water o my face n wake me up LOLLOL

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