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Saath Nibhaana Saathiya
Saath Nibhaana Saathiya

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So I thought this time Ahem needs to get a taste of his own medicine. At first you guys might not like the story but do continue to read because there will be a lot of Gohem moments don't worry I am a huge Gohem fan so I will have a happy ending for them. I also am sorry everything is in English I was born and raised in America and even though I can understand and speak Hindi fluently I can't really write in it because I misspell a lot of stuff. Hope you like it

So its Kinjal's wedding everyone has left and Gopi is at home crying in the mandir. She is remembering the day that Ahem told her she has to leave forever after Kinjal's wedding. She also remembers her mami telling her she can't step back into her house as she was nothing but bad fortune for her. Gopi thought she was home alone and saw only one solution in front of her. She is talking to Kanhaji asking for forgiveness for the sin she is about to commit and take her into his home and heart. She then looks down at the bottle of poison in her hands. Baa, Chirag kaka, Hetal Kaki, and Jigar had just left for the wedding when Hetal kaki says she forgot Kinjal's and Dhawal's presents so they go back. They enter the house as Gopi is opening the bottle and they all are shocked to see what she is about to do. Hetal kaki yells GOPIIIII.

Jigar quickly runs over to her and grabs the bottle out of her hand. Gopi is surprised and scared to see them all there. Baa and Hetal kaki ask do you have any idea what you were doing. Even Chirag Kaka told Gopi to say something. All Gopi could do was fall to the floor crying. Everyone was shocked to see her in this state and Hetal kaki walks over to her and hugs her to calm her down and tell her what's wrong. Gopi couldn't say anything and then Chirag kaka walks over to her and holds her shoulders and makes her stand up and hugs her. He says beta you consider Hetal your mom then that makes me your father please tell me what's wrong. Slowly Gopi begins to talk. She explains after Ahemji made me take back my wedding vows he also told me to leave the house after Kinjal's wedding he said I would no longer be part of his or his family's life. Mamiji also told me not to go back there as she would not accept me. What else can I do I have nowhere to go.

All four of them are shocked to hear this and have tears in their eyes. Chirag kaka pulls Gopi out of the hug and wipes all her tears and tells her she does have a house. She has a full family so there is no need to even think about the sin of committing suicide. Gopi looks at him confused and then looks down. Hetal kaki at that point holds Gopi and says your kaka is right. You want to know who your family is and she says we are. She says you have a loving Baa who never gets tired of saying your name. You have me and your kaka who are your parents from today. You have always considered me your mother and not your saas and Chirag kaka as a father. And you have me Jigar adds in. He walks over with a light smile on his face. You have a brother now. I always wanted a sister I could look after and now I do.

Just then Chirag's cell rings and its Ahem asking where they are as the wedding is done and they are ready for Kinjal's bidaii. Kaka tells him to go on with it because they are stuck in traffic and won't be able to make it. Ahem explains the situation to his mom and Kinjal is finally married and sent off to her house. Chirag informs everyone Kinjal's wedding happened without any problems and everyone is coming home. Gopi gets real scared and starts shaking and starts crying again afraid to face Ahem. Chirag kaka again walks up to her again after seeing her upset and says don't worry about a thing no one will say anything and I want to see who has the courage to say anything to you today.

Ahem is driving home and is thinking finally Gopi will be gone forever today. I won't have to tolerate her any more. The first thing I am going to do is throw her out of the house. He looked very relieved and relaxed. Hetal kaki took Gopi upstairs and tells her from today you will stay in this house as a daughter not bahu so first thing is to change out of your clothes. She gives Gopi a nice salwar kameez to wear and tells Gopi she will no longer wear sindoor or her magalsutra. Gopi is shocked and Hetal kaki assures her she will hold onto it until the day Ahem accepts her. She says I know you will always consider Ahem your husband and now Ahem will realize what you were to him and will learn to accept you and that day you can have these two items back. She also adds this stays between you and me. Gopi nods and gets changed.

Ahem walks into the house and starts searching for Gopi to throw her out. Just as he was about to go upstairs he spots her in the mandir. He walks over to her and Gopi also sees Ahem walking over to her in full out anger and gets very scared. He starts yelling at her. Wow you always acted like the ideal bahu and look at you today already showing your true colors. What do I care you are leaving this house right now. As he went to grab Gopi's hand Jigar grabs his hand to stop him and says no one can kick his sister out of this house. Ahem looks shocked at Jigar and then is fuming at Gopi.

So you were so desperate to stay in this house you emotionally blackmailed him. Raashi was so happy seeing all this and just stood there with a smile. When Parag tried to interfere Koki stopped him and said let Ahem take care of this as Gopi knew she has to leave today no one will stop him. Parag not able to speak up stays quite. Ahem continues that I don't care what you said to him you are leaving right now. You are such a disgusting person and at this point Jigar raises his voice and says enough and warns Ahem to stop insulting his sister or else. Ahem then turns to Gopi and says look what you have done. You have turned my brother against me and raises his hand to hit Gopi and Chirag Kaka at this point turns Ahem around and gives him one tight slap. Everyone is shocked and Hetal kaki and Baa rush over to the crying and scared Gopi. Koki says how you could hit my Ahem for Gopi's mistake. She very well knows she must leave. Chirag is very angry and yells enough.

Chirag continues that Gopi was already to leave but not just this house but this world. Everyone gets one more shock and Ahem looks at her with widen eyes. Chirag says this poor soul never got any love in her life. When she got married to Ahem she came to this house thinking she will finally get a little love in her life. I also thought that she will be able to change Ahem and teach him to love life and not be so mad all the time. But I was wrong and instead of supporting Gopi you supported your son. You even watched your son make Gopi take back her wedding vows and did nothing to stop that. Whatever pain you wanted give this poor soul you have given her but no more. As Koki was about to say something Baa speaks up and said this is my house I will be the one to make the decisions of who gets to stay here and who has to leave. Koki you are the younger bahu of this house and Hetal is the older. You have no right to question Hetal or Chirag. Koki is left speechless. Baa continues I watched Gopi go through so much pain but no more. I have decided that from today Gopi is the daughter of this house. You don't have to worry about her because her family is here to take care of her. She then draws everyone's attention to Jigar, Hetal, and Chirag to show who she is talking about. Ahem you wanted nothing to do with Gopi that's fine. You didn't treat her like your wife on for even a minute in your life. You even made her take back all her wedding vows. That's fine you are free from today to do as you please and live as you please.

Chirag then goes to add and if anyone says anything to my daughter or hurts her in any way I won't spare them. Also if anyone has a problem with this decision the door is right there they are more than welcome to leave and can step back into this house when they can accept Gopi. With that Hetal and Chirag take Gopi into the guest room and have her sit on the bed. Gopi realizes where she is and says this is Ahemji's room. Hetal says I had Mani put all of Ahem's stuff back in his room and had all your stuff moved to this room and says tomorrow we will decorate this room to your liking as it will be your room from now on. As the two were calming her down Ahem walks in and Chirag tells him that from today he will be sleeping in his own room as this is now Gopi's room. Ahem just silently walks out. Gopi is really tired but to upset to sleep. Chirag tells Hetal to sleep with Gopi as she is very upset and she needs the love of a mother right now. Don't worry about me I will be fine and if anything our room is right next door so I can call you. Hetal says ok.

Hetal kaki makes Gopi lie down and pats her head like a little child. Gopi then says Kakiji can I call you maa and Kakaji papa from today. Hetal was so happy hearing this and says of course. Then to make Gopi smile she says if you didn't then me and your papa would have been very upset with you. Gopi says she can't sleep as she has a habit of staying up late waiting for Ahemji. Jigar was standing at the door and heard what Gopi said. He says good that means I can then spend some time with my sweet sister. Gopi gives a small smile. Jigar walks over and says you can give me a better smile then that and with that comment we see Gopi's full smile. Hetal was so happy to see Gopi feeling a little better and then couldn't stop herself from yawning. Gopi sends Hetal off to her room saying she will be fine and not to worry. Once she kissed both good night Hetal leaves the room. Jigar says I always wanted a sweet little sister that I could protect and look after and she would look up to me whenever she was in trouble or needed something. But oh well I got half my wish and Gopi gives him a confused look. Jigar then explains what he means.

I wanted a sweet sister which I got. Who cares if your older you are still my sister and I still can look after you and protect you. And you still have to look up to me when you are in trouble or need something because you are shorter than me. That last comment made Gopi giggle a little and Jigar was elated to see her like that. Jigar then asks in a very innocent voice can I ask you something. Gopi says sure and Jigar asks can I call you Di from now on. That question warmed Gopi's heart and said of course in a sweet and happy voice. He could see that the night's events had taken a toll on her and she was getting tired so her tucked her in and wished her a good night and watched her fall asleep.

Raashi couldn't believe what she witnessed. She quickly calls her mom and tells her about everything that just happened and doesn't know what to do. Urmi was shocked too but had already started to think of some sort of scheme. Jigar quietly closed the doors to Gopi's room and headed to his room when he met his parents in the hall and informed them that Gopi is fast asleep and Hetal says we were just coming to your room to see if Raashi is ok as she loves her sister very much and probably is very upset with everything that happened with her. Raashi is bad mouthing Gopi left, right and central. She is asking her mom for a good way to get Gopi thrown out of this house. With that she turns around and sees that Jigar and his parents have heard everything. Jigar doesn't say a word just goes up to her slaps her and drags her downstairs and throws her out of the house and says when you can accept Gopi come back and ask for forgiveness and I will maybe then be able to accept you and then slams the door on her face.

The three return upstairs and say we will discuss this in the morning and go to their room to sleep. Ahem is lying on his back thinking about everything that happened and says why do I care she is out of my life I have no ties to her now so why should I be worrying about her or anything related to her and falls asleep. The next morning Gopi wakes up and sees Chirag and Hetal waiting for her to wake up and quickly gets up and walks over to them and takes their blessing. Hetal gives her another salwar kameez to wear and asks her to come down for prayers. After everyone comes Baa asks about Raashi and Jigar says she will return to this house when she accepts Gopi and everyone understands what might have happened. Hetal says Gopi come on start the aarti and Baa says yes the morning prayers are only complete when you do them. Koki and Ahem can't stand to hear any of it but need to put up with it and look at the idol. Gopi starts to sing in her beautiful voice which everyone admires but Koki and Ahem. Baa does the aarti first then Chirag and Hetal, Jigar, Gopi, Parag and Koki, and finally Ahem. After that Chirag and Ahem head off to work and Hetal instructs Mani to help Koki in everything today because she is going shopping with her daughter and son. Gopi says maa I have everything I need and we should stay home and help out. Jigar says Di you don't have anything you need. First we will get furniture for your room to your liking and then we need to buy you a whole wardrobe to wear as all you have are saris and you don't have to wear those any more. Also the painters are coming to paint your room so please tell me your favorite color. Gopi looks over at Koki once and sees her giving her a dirty look and she looks down.

Hetal picks up Gopi's head and says from today you don't have to lower your head for anyone. Jigar getting impatient says come on Di tell me your favorite color. Gopi says light blue. That's a nice color Di I like it and he calls the painters and tells them the color selection and they all head out to do the shopping. The furniture shopping was easy because Gopi had simple taste and they found the cutest bedroom furniture to go with the light blue color Gopi selected. Next came lunch and they had Gopi's favorite. After that came the clothes. Hetal and Gopi picked out outfits together. At first Gopi was very quiet but then she started to choose different dresses. Jigar whispered something to Hetal she gave him the go ahead and he was off. The women were finally done and so was Jigar. Hetal said Gopi I know you don't like heavy jewelry show your papa has bought you a whole bunch of light sets I hope you like them. Gopi said that wasn't necessary and Hetal replies this was your papa's gift so you discuss that with him.

They walk in with many bags and Hetal calls Baa and shows her all the clothes they bought. Hey Di tonight you can sleep in my room and I will sleep on the roof because of the paint but we will stay up late and play games and talk and do all kinds of fun things. Gopi just nodded. Baa then asks Jigar what's in your hands. He says a surprise for Gopi but she will get it when it's the right time. That night when Chirag came home he gave Gopi all the jewelry he bought for her and she was very hesitant to take it and Chirag says you won't take your papa's present. Gopi smiles and slowly accepts it. It is time for dinner and with the first bite Ahem knows the food tastes different and wants to spit it out. As he was about to say something he realizes that is because Gopi didn't cook it and he didn't realize it but he had began to love her cooking. He ate very little and said he wasn't feeling hungry and excuses himself.

The next day they get Gopi's furniture and everything is set up in her room and all day she put away everything that they both and was given to her. Again Ahem was disappointed as the food was not cooked by Gopi and again he did not eat.  Gopi seeing this got worried about his health and decided to talk to maa about it. Maa can I come in of course come in what is it Gopi beta. Can I make the food from tomorrow? I am getting very bored not having anything to do all day. Hetal just smiled at her and then looked over to Chirag and says see how much your beti cares for her husband. He didn't eat food for two days and she is begging to cook from tomorrow so he doesn't fall sick. Gopi felt a little shy in being caught. Chirag walks up to Gopi and says Gopi beta can I ask you something? Gopi replies yes papa. He says look at me and she raises her head to look at her father. He says how come you are so nice. Even after everything that happened and everything he said to you how can you still love him unconditionally. This man made you take your wedding vows back and yet you still consider him your husband. Why did god make you so nice? With that Gopi said papa he may not love me but I love him and since our marriage was an arranged marriage we have to learn to understand each other with time and one day this understanding will turn into love. I still hope and believe that one day Ahemji will see my love and accept me.

Chirag was proud to hear his daughter's response and just blessed her and said I hope your wish is fulfilled very soon. From the next day Gopi took over the kitchen duty. Everyone was happy with that since they finally got to have good food again. Ahem was very satisfied and even ate a little extra. Chirag didn't give up the chance to make Ahem realize why he is so satisfied with today's food. He says Gopi beta the food was wonderful today. For the past two days I was missing your food. At this point Ahem realized what he had done and was stunned. Gopi who was sitting between Hetal and Jigar smiled and said thank you in English. Everyone was shocked when she said that. Jigar praised her and said Di you are a fast learner and have a great memory. Chirag asked him what he was talking about and explained to him that Di heard me say that to someone and asked me what it meant I didn't know she would pick it up that fast though. Ahem was still staring at her with his spoon still in midair. Jigar had to give him a like kick to make him stop staring. Ahem couldn't believe it. That is all he thought about all night. He fell asleep thinking about Gopi.

The next morning Jigar says Di stay ready tonight because I want to introduce you to my friends. And here wear this tonight. Gopi asks what is it and Jigar replies it's the surprise I bought for you but don't open it till tonight Gopi says ok. So Gopi prepared dinner and then went to get ready. Ahem saw her doors open a bit and decided to see if she was in the room. He was actually happy to see her in there and watched her open Jigar's gift. She was a little shocked to see the salwar kameez in there. It was a sleeveless and light blue with silver embroidery. Ahem got lost in his thoughts thinking about how she would look in it. Though was taken out of them when he saw Gopi coming towards the door and quickly hides to the side so she wouldn't see him. She goes to Hetal and says maa can you tell Jigar I can't wear this and Chirag says why not. She shows him the top and says this I not proper for me to wear. He says beta it is ok because we gave him permission to buy you that dress and we have a reason for it to so wear it with no worries.

But papa I don't think I will be comfortable in this because I have never worn something like this. You will be fine don't think about it just wear it with confidence and you will be comfortable. Gopi then leaves to go and get ready. Ahem is in his room cursing himself as to why is he caring about her. She is nothing to him and then starts to wonder again and says how will she look? With that thought in mind he goes downstairs and waits with everyone to see Gopi. The two finally come and Gopi is hiding behind Jigar holding onto his arm. She had the dupatta part open so it will over her shoulders and her bare skin. Jigar slowly removes her grip and moves out of the way so everyone can see her. Koki just walks away but Hetal and Baa both say she looks lovely. Jigar says maa can you please tell Di to fix the dupatta and with that Hetal pushes it up and at that point Ahem is just drooling. Gopi and Jigar say bye to everyone and Ahem thinks what if someone misbehaves with her and tells everyone he needs to go out for some important work.

He follows the two and watches them closely. Jigar introduces Gopi to everyone and all his friends are so nice to Gopi. One of his friends asks Gopi to dance with him to a slow song. She says no I don't know how to dance and then looks at Jigar and he says it's very easy let me teach you and takes Gopi out onto the dance floor and places her one hand on his shoulder and holds the other and places his other arm on her waist. After a while she gets the hang of it and his friend cuts in and Jigar happily places Gopi's hand in his hand. His friend knew Gopi was very nervous so he kept his distance and kept his hand very lightly on her waist as if was barely touching her. She too was hesitant to put her hand on his shoulder but eventually did. Seeing this enraged Ahem. He knew it was a friendly dance but still couldn't take it. The song was finally over and Gopi walked back to Jigar. Ahem who was furious left in a huff not knowing that Jigar knew he was following them and Jigar purposely made Gopi dance with that guy.

Jigar then excuses himself for a second and makes a phone call and says that we were right. Ahem bhai loves Di a lot but just hasn't come to realize it. He was so jealous watching Di dance with someone else our plan is going to work. He then said I have to go bye. Ahem reaches home and storms up to his room. He couldn't stop thinking about how some random guy was touching Gopi. He then even starts talking out loud to himself saying Gopi wasn't even comfortable with him. How could Jigar be so careless? Then Ahem started pacing around his room. He was thinking that he needs to keep a closer eye on Gopi to protect her. Just then he heard her voice and looked outside his room and walked towards her. He actually startles her a little and she drops her purse. Without looking at who it is she bends down and picks up her purse and then realizes its Ahem in front of her. She quickly turns around and covers her head and as Ahem tries to say something to her she runs away into her room in fear.

Ahem is shocked to see this and then thinks why am I so possessive about her she means nothing to me. With that he goes to his room and sleeps. The next couple of days Gopi stays close to Hetal or Chirag and avoids Ahem as much as possible. It's Gopi's birthday and she goes and gets blessing from her maa and papa and baa. Jigar then comes and says happy birthday Di and gives her a hug. He says today you will spend the whole day with me so go get ready. Gopi does as she is told and goes downstairs where she hears Ahem asking Jigar if he can take him to office with him since his car has a flat. Jigar says sure bhai. I was just waiting for Di. It's her birthday so I told her to spend the day with me. Just then Gopi joins them and Ahem is stunned by her beauty. He is left speechless and Gopi is feeling very shy from his stare and Jigar is very happy to see this. Jigar acts as if he forgot something and leaves the two alone. With a calm friendly voice Ahem wishes her happy birthday and he hears Gopi say thank you and that brings a smile to his face hearing her sweet voice again. His smile even bought a smile to her face. Jigar comes and says did I miss something funny that everyone is laughing. The two realized they were caught but Ahem didn't care because for the first time he saw his Gopi smile at him. He then realized what he thought and just told Jigar we are getting late.

Once at office everyone was so stunned by Gopi's beauty and everyone was talking about her. No one at work knew what went on in the house so they all addressed her as Ahem's wife and hearing this gave Ahem a satisfied feeling and around lunch it dawned upon him what was happening. He had fallen for Gopi but his ego and anger never let him see that. He knew he had to do something before he lost his love again. He calls Jigar into his cabin and tells him not to bring Gopi please. Jigar says ok and tells Gopi to wait here he will be right back. When Jigar comes in Ahem asks him to sit down and Ahem is a little hesitant to say something but Jigar encourages him to say what is on his mind. Ahem starts off telling Jigar I know what I did to Gopi is wrong and I today want to tell you what made me be the person I was to her. I was in love with a girl and mom didn't approve of her so I married her choice which was Gopi. I thought with time I would forget my love and come close to Gopi but before anything like that could happen the circumstances bought us farther apart. But today I realized that behind all the hatred I had for her it was really my love. I admit today I love her and want her back in my life. Jigar was so happy to hear this. Jigar says bhai I am so happy to hear this since this is what me, mom, dad, and baa wanted.

We wanted to make you realize what Gopi meant to your life. Ahem had tears in his eyes by now and was happy to hear this. Ahem continues that there is still one problem. I have given Gopi so much hatred and pain that she has nothing but fear in her heart for me. Bhai that's not true, when maa took her sindoor and magalasutra she was very upset and told maa she can't live without you and maa told her she can have this back the day Ahem accepts you which will be soon. But before that can happen we need to get rid of the fear. I have a plan don't worry bhai you will be with Di very soon and oh yes there are two conditions first you have to promise to never hurt her again and in order to make her yours again you have to marry her again. Ahem says I happily accept both your conditions. Then leave everything to me and watch how you get your love back. He quickly calls his parents and tells them everything and they are so happy to hear the news.

Jigar says Gopi we will go out for dinner for your birthday I have already told maa and papa so don't worry about them. Gopi just nods and agrees to what is being said to her. As they are leaving Jigar goes to Ahem and says bhai we are going to celebrate Di's birthday would you like to come and winks at him. Ahem says sure in a friendly manner. The three reach the restaurant and sit down. Jigar says this is mine and bhai's favorite place. Jigar then pretends to get a call and says I have to go I forgot about something important and Gopi gets up to leave with him and he says Di stay here and enjoy your dinner no need to ruin your birthday and was off with that. He didn't even give Gopi a chance to protest. The music starts and Ahem asks Gopi if she would like to dance. Gopi was shocked to hear that and how could she refuse her Ahemji anything and nods her head a little. Ahem is so happy seeing her agree. He stands up and puts his hand in front of her and she places her hand in his. They slowly make their way to the dance floor and Gopi gets a little nervous to put her hand on his shoulder but Ahem already put his hand on her waist and so she gave in. After about a minute Ahem puts Gopi's other hand which he is holding on his other shoulder and moves his hand down to her waist which makes the distance between them a little less. Gopi gets real shy and Ahem is so happy to see her blush like that.

Finally the song was done and they head back to their table and order food. The whole time Ahem was staring at Gopi and Gopi feeling so shy couldn't even look up. When they were done Ahem orders Gopi's favorite vanilla ice cream and feeds her a big spoonful and wishes her again. Gopi goes to pick up with another spoon to feed Ahem but he stops her and tells her to feed him with the same spoon he used. After they were done with the ice cream Ahem pulls out a small box with a bow on it. He slowly gives it to Gopi and she is so happy she begins to cry. Ahem wipes her tears and asks why is she crying. Through her broken voice she says this is the first time someone ever gave her a present. She opens it and sees a beautiful pair of earrings. She loved them and could not hide her happiness and Ahem was happy she liked them. They finally leave as Gopi says it's getting late. When they get to the car Ahem opens the front door for her and she slowly gets in and gets very frightened. She still doesn't know how to tie a seat belt and the last time Ahem yelled at her a lot because she couldn't tie it. When Ahem got in the car he saw Gopi's change in reaction. He at first didn't understand why she was so scared all of a sudden. He then remembers the first time he told Gopi to tie her seat belt and how rude he was to her. On top of that they were completely alone and that also made Gopi very restless.

Carefully Ahem reaches over Gopi and she quickly closes her eyes and is ready for a screaming but nothing. He tells her to open her eyes as he will not yell at her. His calm voice helped calm her down a little. She watched her Ahemji tie her seat belt with a smile on his face. She was still scared and nervous because this is the first time she has been completely alone with Ahem since the whole incident after Kinjal's wedding she was quite the whole ride home and just looked down and clenched both her hands around her dupatta. Ahem purposefully took the long way home so he could get stuck in traffic and get to stare at Gopi longer. He regretted that decision when he saw how uncomfortable she felt because she felt like she was breaking her mother's and father's trust. Ahem just continued to steal glances of her and thought to himself that I will one day replace all these bad feelings with good happy ones. When they finally got home and he let go of her seat belt she rushed into the house beetroot red and her heart racing. To her surprise Jigar, Hetal, Chirag, baa and Parag were all up with smiles on their face.

Chirag walks over to Gopi and hugs her and says he has the best gift for her today but she only has to take it if she wants it. Ahem had just made it to the door and stopped in his tracks because he was so happy seeing Gopi get the love of a family. Chirag looks at her and says today we have chosen a life partner for you who has promised to never hurt you and keep you happy and is ready to marry you. Gopi is shocked to hear this and can't say anything. Chirag says we would like you to meet the boy once before you make your decision. Just then Chirag looks up and smiles at Ahem and says here he is. Gopi slowly turns around scared to see who it is but is shocked to see Chirag referring to Ahem. She looks back at Chirag and says papa. He says we all had only one intention to make Ahem realize that he really loves you and we would only let you back into his life when he could accept that fact.

So beta what is your decision. She gives Ahem a smile and nods her head yes to Chirag and runs away all shy. Everyone was happy that everything worked to plan and Ahem didn't take as long they all thought he would take. Then we hear this marriage can't happen I don't agree to it. They all look to see who said this and see Koki. As Hetal is about to say something to her baa says this marriage will happen whether she likes it or not and she doesn't have to come if she doesn't want to. Koki says Ahem is my son and she will decide who he marries. Ahem at this point said enough. Mom you took my love away from me once and my life fell apart but not this time. I will not let you take away my love again. She yells Ahem and Parag finally steps up and slaps her. You always think about your pride and nothing else but today I will fight for my child's love. Ahem will marry Gopi and that's that. Koki was shocked and just leaves from there. Ahem goes to his dad and hugs him and baa. Next he goes to Jigar and thanks him for everything and then he goes to his kaka and kaki and asks for permission to go and talk to Gopi.

They look at each other and say yes but also say behave yourself. Ahem actually blushes a little and leaves to visit Gopi in her room. She has already changed and is just staring at Ahem's present and pouring her heart out to it. Ahem secretly watches this and then knocks on her door and comes in. She quickly gets up and immediately looks down but can't hide her smile. Her heart begins to race when she realizes he is walking towards her. He takes her into a tight hug. He starts talking after a couple of minutes. He thanks her and says he is so grateful to her as she gave him a second chance and promises to not let her down this time. Finally Gopi hears the words she has waited for all her life. He says I love you, I love you very very very much and promise to never hurt you again and I never want you to be scared of me again.

Ahem lets her go and says he can't wait for their wedding and all the plans were in full swing from the next day. At dinner Ahem decided to make Gopi blush a little and got a naughty thought in his mind. Gopi was still sitting in between Hetal and Jigar and as she put a bite of food in her mouth Ahem started playing footsy with her. The contact made her choke on her food and go beetroot red. That didn't stop Ahem he continued all throughout dinner which made it hard for Gopi to eat but eventually she finished the food on her plate. At night Ahem, Jigar, and Gopi where on the roof playing cards and Jigar asked Di what do you want for your wedding as your gift I mean. Gopi replies you will give me anything I ask and Jigar says of course. Gopi says please bring Raashi back and forgive her. Jigar is shocked but couldn't refuse his sister. The next day he goes to Raashi's house and tells them about the wedding and invites everyone. He also says Di asked me to forgive you and bring you back and Raashi's heart melts at that.

As soon as Raashi comes back she goes straight to Gopi hugs her and apologizes for all her mistakes and Gopi tells her it's ok. So finally the big day comes and everyone is so happy and even Koki comes around seeing her son so happy. Raashi gets Gopi ready and Gopi looks like a beautiful princess. She decided to wear her old wedding dress as she loved it a lot. She also wore the earrings Ahem gave her. The wedding happens with great success. Hetal and Chirag take the nervous and hesitant Gopi to Ahem's room which is decorated with flowers and candles. Hetal makes her sit in the middle of the bed and as she was about to leave Gopi asks please maa don't leave. Hetal smiles at her daughter and tells her to calm down and everything will be fine. She asks what's wrong. Gopi says she has no idea what will happen tonight. She was scared the first time she came married to this house but had no one to talk to at that time. That night Ahemji just came and went to sleep I was a little relieved but also upset since he didn't say anything to me. But now she has her maa and Hetal gets what she is saying and nods at Chirag and he understands and blesses Gopi and leaves so Hetal can explain the process. Gopi tells her mom she is not ready for that mentally or physically. She begs her not to leave her. She tells Gopi that Ahem loves you very much and knows you are not ready and won't do anything until you are ready. When Chirag leaves Gopi he goes to Jigar's room since that is where Ahem is. He goes to Ahem and explains to him what Gopi just said and asks him to be build his closeness with her at a slow and careful pace. Ahem was shocked at her innocence. He knew she was very innocent but this innocent he was even happier. Ahem said kaka I had no intention of coming close to her until she didn't give me the sign that she is ready. I could clearly see that she is not ready for the physical relationship that is why I will build the relationship mentally first and then try to build the physical relationship. Chirag was happy to hear this and see that Ahem is so understanding.

Hetal is trying her best to calm down Gopi but has no luck and calls Chirag back in the room. He comes and puts his hand on her head and sits on her other side. He says he just went and talked to Ahem and he knew what I was going to tell him and told me he is going to build this relationship mentally first and then when you tell him you are ready he will begin to build the physical relationship. Gopi was a little relieved but couldn't let go of her parents' hands. Slowly Chirag loosened the grip and took his hand away and blessed her again and kissed her forehead. She looked at Hetal with worried eyes and Hetal just smiled and which made Gopi smile a little and freed her hand to. She too blessed Gopi and kissed her on the head. Gopi sat on the bed so nervous.  When she heard the doors open she looked up and saw her husband and her heart began to race. She quickly looked down and clenched her skirt with both hands. Ahem slowly entered and locked the doors. The click of the lock made her close her eyes for a couple of seconds. Ahem slowly approached the bed and once there he stood and looked at Gopi for a while and then saw her clench fists.

He sat down and made his shy wife look at him and said Gopi don't worry I am not going to do anything. All Gopi could do was think about what Hetal told her about what a husband and wife do on their wedding night. Ahem slowly released both of her fists then took one of her hands in his and said I know how nervous you are. I didn't know you didn't know about the process and having it explained to you the night of your suhaag raat makes it even worse. But don't worry I won't do anything with you until you are ready. Gopi is just looking down breathing heavily as Ahem is trying to calm her. To lighten the mood and calm her heart and breathing Ahem tried to change the subject.  He says thank you and Gopi finally says something in a very low tone. She replies for what and he then answers for wearing my gift on such a special day. Its helps Gopi feel more comfortable with him and she actually smiles. Ahem then feels a tear fall on his hand and lifts her head up again and sees her crying and asks what's wrong while wiping her tears. She says she is very sorry and she just can't be a good wife if she tries. And then Ahem realizes what she is talking about. Ahem then sits next to her instead of facing her and puts one arm around her to hug her and tells her to stop crying and that she actually the best wife.

Ahem says that sleeping with another person is a very important and personal thing. Everyone needs time to adapt to the idea of it. It's worse for you because you only learned about it like an hour ago. She then through her sobs says you are really not mad at me and don't think I am a bad wife for asking for some time. I am not at mad at you at all. I am so happy with you. You gave me the greatest happiness by marrying me and I am so lucky to have such an innocent wife like you. This really made Gopi feel better and then Ahem says lets change and we can talk some more. As Gopi was about to start removing her jewelry Ahem says I will help you take everything off. He walks Gopi over to the dressing table and takes off all her jewelry and then hands her a new salwar kameez he bought for her and asks her to wear this. She happily takes it and walks into the bathroom. Ahem changes in the room while Gopi in the bathroom. Finally she comes out and they both head back for the bed. They talk about various things and at one point to make Gopi laugh a little Ahem says Gopi you washed my laptop for me but never told me if you were able to get it clean. It did more then bring a smile to her face she started to giggle a little. Her giggle was interrupted by a yawn and seeing this Ahem gets up and grabs a pillow throws it on the couch and goes into his cupboard and grabs an extra blanket and heads for the couch seeing this Gopi stops him and says you can sleep on the bed it's fine. Ahem says I know you are saying it just because you don't want to see me sleep here but I will be fine. Gopi says really its ok for you to sleep on the bed and if you want to sleep separately then I will sleep on the couch.

Ahem knew he wasn't going to win with Gopi so he gave in put the blanket back and threw the pillow back on the bed he made Gopi lie down and then he lied down next to her and said good night and they both fell asleep with smiles on their faces. The next morning Gopi was up bright and early like always and watched her husband sleep like a baby. She got ready went to downstairs. She was back to her saris. Hetal was seeing Koki off and Koki was happy she got to meet Gopi before she left. Her and Baa were going on a yatra for a couple of months. Hetal and Gopi see both women off and return to the kitchen. Hetal sees a glow on Gopi's face and happy to see her so happy. Hetal asks beta are you happy. Yes maa I am very happy and they make everyone's breakfast. Jigar and Chirag come down together and Gopi joins them in the living room and Gopi says in a hesitant voice can I ask you guys something. Chirag says yes beta what's on your mind. I know now that I am married you are now my kaka and kaki again but can I continue to call you maa and papa both Hetal and Chirag are elated to hear this and nod yes. Jigar jumps in and says mom you can only say yes if Gopi lets me continue to call her Di and Gopi says that's fine. All are happy. Hetal say Jigar go get Ahem and Parag and Jigar got the hint they want to talk to Gopi alone. Hetal has Gopi sit between her and Chirag and takes her hand in hers. She says see everything worked out last night right. You were worried about nothing. Ahem is very understanding and will never do anything you are not comfortable with. Gopi starts blushing and Chirag lovingly puts his hand on Gopi's head. After a while Chirag says all my wishes have come true I only have one left and that is to become a grandparent soon. Gopi just smiled and looked down.

As the days went by Ahem and Gopi became closer and closer. And everyone was happy to see the growing relationship and knew that Gopi was ready for the next level. Jigar and Raashi were going to a friend's wedding and were going to be gone for a couple of weeks and the three grownups had to go see a sick relative and decided to stay out of the house for a couple of weeks too with that excuse so Ahem and Gopi could come even closer on a physical level. Ahem and Gopi got the idea and Ahem couldn't wait to see what his wife was hiding. So the first couple of days Ahem started to just flirt with Gopi and be somewhat touchy with her. One night they were sitting on the couch flipping through the channels bored since they had nothing to do. So Ahem decided to get a little naughty. Out of the blue Ahem asked Gopi have you ever been kissed even though he knew the answer. Gopi a little taken back by the question started to blush and Ahem succeeded in doing what he wanted to. As Gopi tried to get up he pulled her back and made her sit on his lap. Gopi said someone will see. Ahem says impossible because I sent everyone home. Gopi and Ahem were completely alone. So Gopi are you ready to get your first kiss. Gopi just got shy and looked down. Ahem made her look at him and wrapped his hands around her and moved in for his kiss. The kiss was light and so pure. He pulls away to see Gopi's reaction and even though Gopi wanted to break his gazed she couldn't. They ended up making out for a very long time and then headed upstairs and fell asleep staring at each other. After that night Gopi made it clear to Ahem she is ready to consummate their wedding. Again Ahem sent everyone home early so he and Gopi can be alone. Gopi was in the bedroom getting ready for bed and had just gotten changed into her salwar kameez. It was the one Ahem gifted to her on their suhaag raat. When she turns around she sees a huge spider on the wall and starts to scream Ahemji Ahemji. Ahem rushes up the steps and rushes to Gopi and ask what's wrong and she points to the spider. Ahem looks at her and laughs a little grabs a tissue and picks the spider up and throws it out the window.

Gopi you are such a baby. And with that he pulls Gopi close to his body and starts kissing her lightly on the lips. Then slowly Ahem asks Gopi can we go all the way tonight. Gopi just gets shy and looks down and nods. Ahem couldn't contain his excitement but wanted to make this the best experience for Gopi so he went real slow. He made her sit on the bed and made out some more with her and increased the passion in his kisses slowly and when he knew she was ready he removed his sherwani and pants and proceeded to her clothes. After all the clothes were off he made her lie down and lowered himself on to her and covered them with the blanket. His wife's innocence made the whole experience so natural. The next morning Gopi got up and remembered the night before and then looked at her sleeping husband. She slowly got up wrapping the bed sheet around her and left the blanket alone so she wouldn't disturb Ahem. She quickly got ready and went down stairs. That day all Gopi could do was blush every time she thought about Ahem or saw him. In a couple of days everyone came home and were so happy to see Ahem and Gopi so close. In the evening time everyone sat down for dinner Gopi was going to sit next to Hetal and Jigar when Chirag asked her to sit next to Ahem. Gopi got shy but did as she was asked. Mani served everyone and after just one bite of food Gopi felt uneasy and she just thought it was her nervousness and tried to drink water but before she could reach for the glass she had to get up and run to the bathroom. Gopi had not told Ahem anything but she has been throwing up since two days. When she comes back Hetal asks what happened are you ok. Gopi says she doesn't know why but for the past two days she has been throwing up in the morning and also feeling very dizzy. Ahem says why didn't you tell me before I would have taken you to the doctor. Gopi said she didn't want to worry him as it was also just in the morning the rest of the day she was fine.

Hetal and Chirag share a look and Hetal says see your daughter honored your last wish. Gopi knew what her maa was talking about but no else did. Jigar asks maa what wish are you talking about. Hetal says she will tell everyone later but tomorrow the first thing I am doing is taking Gopi to the doctors. The doctor confirmed the news and Gopi was so happy and Hetal comes home and announces the news Ahem goes crazy with excitement. Two days later Koki and Baa come home and they are given the good news. Nine months later Gopi has her baby. They have a baby girl and Ahem is so happy since he has another Gopi to love. They name have Diya. Finally Gopi has completed her family. She has caring parents, a sweet brother, a loving husband, and a beautiful daughter. Ahem says to Gopi you have finally completed my family and my life and Gopi says and you have completed my life. With that they hug and then walk downstairs with their daughter to show her to the whole family. 

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That was beautiful! Loved it. You should write more. It was fantastic.
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That was just WOW!!! Loved it it from the beginning till the end! Thx!
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Hey deepz, ur way of writing is fantastic.. Nice short story, loved it!
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fantastic Deepa....keep writing
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Hi Deepa! a very cute positive story! I hope the serial shows even a fraction of the optimism in your story! Keep up the good work! I am looking forward to more stories from you.
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Hey thanks for the comments and just to clear the some confusion my name is Avni it's the second half of the username

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Welcome to the forum n to GoHam Gang Avni.

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