Laagi Tujhse Lagan


Laagi Tujhse Lagan
Laagi Tujhse Lagan

Dutta , Desperate to reach his Nakku !!!.

Anu-Reddy IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 January 2011 at 8:44pm | IP Logged

Finally got some time to post my views on the episode and have to say we had a very touching moment in the episode by Dutta and Nakkusha. Finally the show seems to have picked up some pace . Warna aise lagraha tha ki laagi snail ko peecha chod jaayegi LOL.

1)First and foremost, chaskar is sure a dreadful don very unlike the entry he had in this show. What? Shocked. Didnt get it? LOL. Alright lemme explain Tongue. The day he entered the show he seemed such a joker who was dying to meet Dutta LOL and yesterday what do we see? A whole town tensed over his entry? ShockedLOL. I mean I never saw even Dutta get such a "terrified" entry like Chaskar did LOL. I feel this chaskar is not the chaskar that entered the show LOL. He just looks like that one, talks, walks and dresses up like that of their story seems to be as different as zameen aasmaan LOL.
2) Chaskar screams "chanda" , "chanda" .........and ofcourse chanda doesnt come outTongue. I mean comeon how will she comeout? . Shouldnt Chaskar be screaming "Seema" now? LOL. Seema ki 7 yrs purani ya 10 yrs....... (whatever u prefer Tongue) wala yaadash  jo agaya seeing Dutta LOL.She ofcourse mightve forgotten her present name LOL, because like all the other laagi world praani's she too has been living less in "present" and  more in her Flashbacks LOL.
3) Chanda tensed upstairs, chaskar like a "hero" TongueLOL, ya villain ?Tongueya ullu's friend? Tongue ya bakara LOL , whatever u would want him to be , ur pick Tongue. Anyways I love to call  him "bakara" LOL not in Kala's hands but in Dutta's hands, once D regains his full hosh aur awaaz and ya eyesight too LOL. Anyways ya so chaskar does a bit of left right left, and goes upstairs to Seema's / chanda's room and ta-daaaaaaaaaaaaa power cut TongueLOL . Looks like chanda didnt pay the power bill as she was busy attending D's wounds LOL and ya she didnt have a generator too , so lights go off LOL. Now its chaskar's turn to turn blind LOL. Looks like its Lets-Play-Blind-game at Pagal world these days LOL. Anyways so lights go off and chaskar says, "Turn the lights on, otherwise I would fire" ( ?? Shocked Acha??? ShockedLOL. Looks like once lights go off, everyone's brain ki bathi also goes off in this pagal duniya LOL. Chaskar jiiiiii LOL, u cant even see whats next to u, what the hell would u fire at buddy? TongueLOL.  Seema ke ghar ke lights went off not ur brain's fuse, dimaak lagou or start eating chawanprash LOL,  u will need it soon enuf now that kala will trap u big time TongueLOL)
4) The most hilarious moment of this scene has to be Chachaji's moo pherna when chaskar says "Why didnt u tell me that chanda is coming" LOL. He reminded me of Baaji-Dutta's rooti biwi act LOL, ya  yahan biwi is quite old thats a diff case LOL
5) One of the most beautiful moments of today's episode, Dutta's whisper "Nakku" while getting up because of Seema's song  Smile. He has "Nakku" in his dil aur dimaak. This scene just proves that fact yet againDay Dreaming.
6) Seema busy dancing, entertaining chaskar (Who btw was jumping from his chair like a monkey Wacko.  Someone should tell him either he needs to really get out there and dance or just sit quite LOL, jumping like this is quite distracting LOL sply when seema herself is distracting us and dutta with her crappy dance LOL) and there upstairs, Dutta sitting up on his bed, wondering where he is and whats going on around him.  The way he becomes restless, exhaling, and the way he rolls his eyes in desperation, frustration over his helplessness to help himself ..........very well enacted by the actorEmbarrassed.
7) Dutta finally seems to have mellowed down and taken the situation in his stride.No wonder he in a very calm and deep voice asks , "Anybody there?". That was such a depressing thing to watch.  Dutta is temporarily blind, helpless, admist ppl that he isnt aware of , doesnt know where he is situated and how he got there. He was like fish out of water feeling suffocated.
8) The way he first makes sure no one is near him by moving his hands and then slowly holding the bed gets down, placing his feet carefully forward..... have to say Dutta is learning to help himself.  This blindness will show him the real world, I guessSmile. Loved the way he touches candle and realises its fire.  He I feel will use his other senses now to guage ppl and surroundings unlike earlier where he used his eyes and brain ........ hmmmmm did i just say Dutta's brain? ShockedLOL. Nope trash itLOL. He just uses his eyes nothing else to analyse pplLOL. Anyways so he Slow strides , reaches the door and makes an exit. 
9)  Dutta on roads, banging himself to a wall nearby, slow striding in the dark and the only thing that he has on his mind..... Nakku. All he keeps thinking while walking is abt Nakku.He first remembers how Nakku saved him once when he tumbled post FR. He realises he is missing that helping hand now. He then has flashes of the real Nakku, FR scene. Nakku on the other hand remembers how Dutta didnt allow her to leave that night when she got him to sleep in her lap. Its wonderful to see both of them remembering the same scenes. Soulmates jo hai Day Dreaming.
10) Dutta remembers the final moments he spent with Nakku before heading out that fateful day, touches the thread that Nakku tied around his wrist and says, "Where are u? Why dont u come now?"...... What a hearttouching moment it was. The way Dutta turns his head off before saying "Kyun nahin aathi", was meant to show the way he is frustrated over himself for missing Nakku so much so that he wants her back desperately. Dutta finally lost the war within himself, he is all Nakku's...........
11) Nakku on the other hand at their room, with tears, finally puts her sadness into words, "Its been a while, now come back". Time is flying and there is no sign of Dutta. Her hope that D will return might be dwindling seeing that there is no positive sign anywhere. What a sad moment in  D-Ns life. Both so desperate to meet each other, and fate (As in Kala) played its part and seperated them temporarily. 
12) Nakku says, "Come back now" and we are shown Dutta closing his eyes and just walking forward onto the road. Its as if he has heard Nakku's plea and is walking towards her.......or so I felt . Wonderful symbolism Embarrassed.
13) Dutta is hit by truck, and is hit on his head yet againLOLand the saga Dutta's-Love-For-Ghaav continues LOL. I mean seriously how many times will Dutta get wounded in the show? . If he was a real man his body wouldve given up by now enduring so much pain nd so many wounds LOL. Anyways atleast this ghaav gives me hope that we will see Dutta get his eyesight back very soonLOL. What? didnt get it?ShockedLOL. 80s ke films dekho, whenever someone looses their eyesight , theuy will get it back only when they are hit on head next time LOL, 80s ke films mein there were no doctors naa thats why LOL, samja karo guys, this is what one calls "Natural Therapy"  TongueLOL.
14) As always Nakku has telepathy or her pathy's accident LOL and she wakes up screaming........... "saabbbbbb" Tongue. Baaji runs to see what happened. Nakku lets him know that she can hear Dutta's voice all the time LOL. I wish Baaji told her that not only she but even he and AS got the same disease of seeing dutta, and hearing his voice everywhere LOL. Jks apart loved the way he assures Nakku that nothing can happen to Dutta Embarrassed. Feels so good to see Baaji, calm, composed and confident Smile.
15) Hated, absolutely hated phattu call chaskar, "Bhaou" Ouch. That name is patented for Dutta, wish we get rid of this new "Bhaou" in town soonAngry Ouch.
TidBits :
1) I want to know how in the hell seema managed to change into that mujra wala attire in few seconds? LOL. No srsly I want to know LOL. The guy , chaskar was at her door steps when she was still shown tensed abt the situation, and the next min lights go off and then the next min, she is downstairs at the centerstage of her house, all decked up nd ready to break into a jig? TongueLOL. This defies Nakku's weird car driving act LOL.
2) Chaskar ji has some issues with his eyes, I swear he does. I mean nothing else will explain the reason he keeps his shades on even inside the house LOL.
3) Looks like the person who dropped Dutta's clothes at Pagal niwas gabbed another Dutta's dress and gave it to Seema LOL.  The kurtha that D is wearing is one of his own kurtha's that he wore during pre-FR track isnt it? TongueLOL.  How in the hell did that kurtha reach Seema ka ghar? ShockedLOL.  Nakku and Baaji are just wasting their time in searching random places, instead they should keep an eye on Dutta;s wardrobe LOL and follow the person who is trasferring D's clothes from the closet to Seema's place and Ta-Da  "Dutta miljeyega" LOL
4) Seems like Dutta's life long quota of "sleep" is being fulfilled now LOL. The guy didnt sleep for last 10yrs properly naa, so no wonder he is not waking up for the past few days LOL. He is taking after "kumbakaran" , looks like. Now next we might see Dutta eat non-stop for a week or so LOL to fulfil his hunger LOL.
5) Seema should stop calling her dance "mujra" LOL. She should name it something else LOL. She can call it her morning workout or something LOL. It was definetly no where near "dance" LOL.
Just felt its been a while I typed a post , so wrote this one in mins. Iam so sleepy right now, not sure what crap I typed LOL
Would love to read ur comments ........... Smile

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KavitaDR Senior Member

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Posted: 20 January 2011 at 8:47pm | IP Logged
Hi Anu,
My poor fingers had a well-earned rest for the past two weeks on the forum (except for little tid-bits here and there, just could not bother). I cannot plead RSI on that count at leastLOLLOLLOL.
Good to see you offering some relief from the sensation of excesses coming from Patil Wadi/Ratnagiri and Ramnagar (Seema's village if I recall correctly) these days. And for once, we cannot accuse our poor Gadha whom I will rename the poor lamb for the time being as he has been such a good little boy in his induced slumber. Seema must have asked the Doc who saw him to administer the maximum doses to aid her contemplation of DSP.....whilst Nakusha is scouring the countryside looking for her hubby. Add to that the multi-dimensional appearances of Dutta for Nakusha, Baaji, and AS....all the aspiring students of metaphysics could have had a field dayROFLROFLROFL.
But on a serious note, those sequences were probably the only ones that I would call the saving graces this week and  add them to Dutta's attempt to find his way home where he had to be hit by the same sniper who, incidentally, completed seven avatars on LTL....He is either popular or possibly the most out of work junior artist that LTL CVs have at their beck and call any time of the day. And what do I say to the rest, you have summed it up so beautifully. Chaskar always gave me the creeps, I would have had another Anna any day. I can bet that the "Jamaila Bhaou" still has lots of footage to earn from LTL courtesy Kala who has been given a rest for two days in a row. Miracles will never cease.
All said and done, we do need to see the story back on track and it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep the faith now. I just hope that we get to see some bursts of dignity now. Enough of Seema, Chaskar, the horrble alleyways leading to Seema's residence and the Phattus of LTL's world. Smile

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pbtghosh Goldie

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Posted: 20 January 2011 at 9:12pm | IP Logged
Aaj agar aap post nehi karte to hum ruth Unhappy jate. kuch dino se aap chuppi laga rakhkhe hai.
aap ne truck driver ke bademe kuch likha kiun nehi. ye ladka kitne bar dutta se milchuke hai phir bhi pehechan nehi paye.LOL

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testing9 Senior Member

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Posted: 20 January 2011 at 9:23pm | IP Logged
"  Nakku and Baaji are just wasting their time in searching random places, instead they should keep an eye on Dutta;s wardrobe  and follow the person who is trasferring D's clothes from the closet to Seema's place and Ta-Da  "Dutta miljeyega"   ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL

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-MeMyselfI IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 20 January 2011 at 9:28pm | IP Logged
I noticed that the truck driver is the same person who shot Naku...LOL....looks like the person who hired him didnt pay when D he is driving truck these many times r they gonna use that actor?...LOL

Chaskar isnt as smart as he thinks he is...why would he say he killed D in front of all those people...D' hopefully the gadha believes Chaskar is his enemy when he is told so...Silly

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droopy_asleep Goldie

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Posted: 20 January 2011 at 9:53pm | IP Logged
Good to see a post from you Anu!
Oh God, the show has got to be christened as Laagi Tortoise se Lagan, its was not moving. The only ray of hope was Dutta pining and wanting Naku - beautifully acted :)
Why cant Dutta get his sight back?
Why cant they show us Seema-Dutta confrontation?
Seriously, that chacha has got to be the worst actor on this planet. I think he was the same guy who sang Tu Meri Zindagi LOL, he should restrict himself to lip sync, dialog baazi suit nahin karti :)

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divya17-7 Senior Member

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Posted: 20 January 2011 at 9:59pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Anu-Reddy


hey anu....

ur update was really good.......... i didnt know u write comedy so well........

ur tidbits are amazing........... ur comment on chaskar wearing glasses inside the house is the ultimate oneLOLLOLLOLLOL

n rahi baat dutta ki vision loss........... i think whoever has given the idea that he gets back his vision once subjected to trauma........ the logic might b, there is a clot formed in the retina (i suppose) n if there is trauma to the head or anywhere close by the eyes, the clot might get dislodged n might help in resolving the blood supply which has been clogged in the eye.... n patient gets backs his vision........... i hav heard of temporary vision loss but not for so many days........ there are medicines to dissolve clots....... wats this doc doing.......... he is the least knowledgeable doc i hav ever come across in life.......LOLLOLLOL

dont u think v hav to take classes from seema n naku for speeding up r getting ready ways, my hubby wil b the most happiest........... to see if i get ready so fastLOLLOLLOL

the truck driver appearing so often is cost cutting approach....... in the LTL......

he has potrayed himself as morey's goon in a scene where naku gets saved by dutta in her gori roop......... then, he has been anna's goon in disguise of a sanyaasi in the mandir scene also.... holding a gun in the poojari bagLOLLOLLOL so im not surprised if r naku's majnu suresh is the cameraman in actual............

i expect this truck driver to come back again..........

ur update was very good...........LOLLOL


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shruti10august Senior Member

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Posted: 20 January 2011 at 10:03pm | IP Logged
Well done..!! Thumbs Up . Nicely interpreted.... Clap.

Now wat i think is that dutta vl regain his eyesight. Watever it is i just wish this chanda track to end soon, nd TaSha reunion asap.

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