Update from Siddhart's death to Now

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Before the leap

Taashu told everybody that she is pregnant but Abhay found out that she is not pregnant just doing it to get the families sympathy.

Abhay divorces Taashu meanwhile there is a misunderstanding by Siddhart's parent between Kkusum and Siddhart where Siddhart divorces Kkusum. Regarding that abhay doesnt have cancer and kkusum is with him because she likes him

Later on siddhart finds out that abhay really has cancer and he runs to kkusum for apology where he meets an accident before he dies he calls kkusum twice and records a message in first one he tells her to meet him and when he was recording the second message he meets an accident, Kkusum sees the siddhart's missed calls and listens to the first message and is happy that siddhart wants to meet her. Kkusum runs and takes a taxi to meet siddhart, everything is stopped because of an accident kkusum couldnt look at the person because people were infront of the person.

Kkusum receives the next message and listen to it at the end she hears him scream and then kkusum realises that that was siddhart there

Siddhart was still alive when she reaches there Well siddhart tells her he is sorry and dies in her hand. Siddhart mother blame kkusum for everything.

Pundit Jee sees Kkusum in White sari and freaks out and tells her not to wear that color ever as a widow.

Later on Kkusum marries abhay because she can only save him from this.

Kkusum marries him and they go to america for abhay's cancer

In america when they reach evrything of kkusum gets stolen and abhay has an headache.

She goes to the hospital and MEETS ESHA PURI who is married to some puri guy (not armaan suri) and have a son.

Same story repeats Esha helps kkusum and they become friends meanwhile esha realises that abhay and kkusum have some dooriyan between them so she decides to reunite them but fails before they leave america esha meets an accident where two black people from america shoots esha

Abhay takes care of esha and esha falls in love with again but still acts like she doesnt

They leave america and go back to india where taashu is waiting to tell the kapoor house that they were living with esha but kkusum says esha is not the same one (guess what she is the same)

Esha comes back to india and save kapoor house from taashu but nobody knows esha wants abhay back and she and taashu are together in this.

Later on when everyone of esha's plan fails she decides to get abhay the other way esha on one party gives abhay to much drink that he starts dancing with everybody thinking that she is kkusum, kkusu gets jealous and leaves where abhay follows her they argue with each other and ends up telling that they love each other esha gets worried and follows them and reach the place sees abhay and kkusum on one bed sleeping (u know what that means)

Esha gets mad, kkusum comes in and says thanks esha it was because of u me and abhay are together now (she said it because in america esha tried to get them back and they knew that she was doing it)

Meanwhile lalit starts suspecting esha

Esha then finds out that lalit is hiding a sceret all along which happens to be that Siddhart's car was hit by abhay's car when abhay found out that sidhhart and kkusum are meeting he decides to clear their misunderstanding and leaves the hospital and has an headache and again and hits his car in siddhart's.

Esha uses taaashu and taashu tells everybody that abhay killed siddhart but lalit knew the truth before he could tell the truth to kkusum esha decides to finish him off but fails, then in hospital esha gives him a medicine that puts lalit into a big comma and he becomes a statue

Esha thinks that she has won but she doesnt know that lalit before went into comma wanted to tell kkusum something about esha which makes kkusum suspicious

Kkusum later on finds out that esha is behind everything and she traps him and kicks her out of the house

Then a charater name saaskhi and abhay's mother sarala's brother ajay maliya enters, ajay and aryaman fall in love with the saakshi

Ajay maliya sacrifices his love and let her marry aryaman before the marriage saakshi gets raped by someone and everybody blames abhay for this but kkusum doesnt believe it then later on it turns out to be ajay maliya.

Meanwhile when ajay becomes kkusum's enemy he tries to spoil her reputation in kapoor house but fails when kkusum gets pregnant kkusum later on find out that ajay and esha are together in this

Kkusum was so much into the case that she loses her baby by falling on a rock and to esha's advantage she tells the doctor to tell everybody that she cant be a mother again

Ajay maliya gets the punishment of 20 years in jail and enters Mahi in the show who was suppose to give kkusum her baby and leave as a sarrogate mother, but she falls in love with abhay kkusum gets suspicious and one day thinks that abhay is cheating on her before kkusum decides to leave abhay forever she finds out that she is pregnant, with a happy face she goes to abhay who just came home after looking kkusum everywhere kkusum enters the house and mahi who is living in the kapoor house is consoling abhay, kkusum sees this and decides to leave abhay forever

Kkusum gets the train to ludhiyana which meets an accident and everybody thinks that kkusum had died but she is alive and her baby too

After kkusum leaves to ludhiyana the age leap happens

Kkusum has a daughter name Kumud

Abhay has a daughter from Mahi name Kali

Aryaman and saaskhi have a son name Kshitij and Nakul

Esha has son name Garv

Kumud wants to study in mumbai but kkusum refuses but later on gives her permission kumud goes to mumbai and meets kali who later becomes her friend

Nakul who is kali's boyfriend hates kumud so much for being a middle class

Kumud gets a job at kapoor house and is blamed for being a thief kkusum get to know this and leaves for mumbai but kumud gets cleared off the robbery it turns out to be nakul's friend

Kumud then has a competition in collage where she competes nakul, nakul becomes her friend but kumud wins the competition nakul wants revenge where he locks kumud in room and when people come in they see kumud on top of nakul, nakul tells them that she was malasting him

Kkusum is shocked of hearing this and gets even a big shock when abhay blames her for this, nakul is kali's boyfriend after that incident kali starts hating kumud

Kkusum decides to sue nakul for this, abhay asks kumud to not to do this but kumud refuses

Kkusum and kumud go to court and where abhay is called who says that kumud did this becase she doesnt have good manner, kkusum is in the court listening to abhay (if u want to see this i have this as video clip give me ur email address i will email u it is not that clear) kkusum gets mad and gets up, to the biggest shock of abhay, abhay sees kkusum , kkusum tells him not to blame her for anything and she has good manners because i taught her those manner and she is my daughter

Shocked abhay comes to meet kkusum where he finds out that kumud is his daughter, kumud who hated her father since she was born finds out that abhay is her real father and starts to hate him to much (after this misuderstanding between kkusum and abhay is cleared)

To clear kumud's name abhay goes through every evidence and finds out that she is not guilty

Before kkusum and abhay meet in the court kali forces abhay to marry mahi and mahi knew that kkusum is alive

Kali starts hating kkusum and kumud but mahi tells her not too because mahi was kinda a call girl

Kali is told that she cant marry nakul and she has to marry esha's son garv who nobody knows about nakul who is behind abhay's wealth tell her to do the engagement with garv

Garv is a sweet boy who loves kali so much and he is kshitij (aryaman's son) best friend

Kshitij and kumud loves each other and accidently sleeps with each other, esha finds out that this is what happened between kumud and kshitj she decides to spoil kumud's reputation and asks her assitant to take their photos and send them to kkusum (which is now replaced by mansi roy)

to kali's advantage she tries to expose her because she gets to know about the photos

Abhay finds out about this and is pretty mad at kumud (kumud later on forgives abhay too for not being with kkusum) meanwhile Kshitij finds out that he has cancer and decides to leave kumud and on the other hand garv finds out that kali is cheating on him, kumud consoles garv where kshitij blames them for having a affair (actually he didint mean it he just wanted them to be together because he thought he had cancer)

Kumud finds out that she is pregnant and decides to kill her self where garv holds her hand and then kali finds out that nakul is cheating on her and she realises that garv is her true love (meanwhile kali pretends to like kkusum and starts living with them)

KKusum goes to garv from kali and abhay goes to garv for kumud rishta before abhay and kkusum say anthing garv asks both of them that he wants to marry kumud

Kshitj who is in america finds out that he doesnt have cancer and runs back to india to stop the marriage but fails esha makes him so helpless that he couldnt do anything

Garv and Kumud get married and kali decides to get garv back on any cost. meanwhile garv and kumud start liking each other before garv tells kumud that he loves her he gets to know that kshitij was not lying about his cancer actually Nakul knew about the wrong report of kshitij which later on is revealed, nakul didnt tell anybody because he wanted marry kali and if kumud and garv marry then he and kali could get marry to (nakul was just behind abhay's wealth)

Garv tells kumud about kshitij but kumud doesnt really take it seriously she just goes and apologises to kshitij

Kali later on instigate garv that kumud still loves kshitij and he has to leave her alone, kumud and garv leave for their first trip but kkusum has an accident, kumud is waiting for garv at the airport where kshitij comes and takes her to the hospital.

garv sees this and gets suspicious and kali instigates agains saying that she is pregnant and they had a doctor appointment

Meanwhile Mahi who is killed by someone later on is blamed on kkusum abhay does everything to get kkusum out of this but fails then enters Sohan (Ejaz khan)lalit and nikita' son who gets kkusum out of the jail. But later on is revealed that abhay is the killer, nobody believes kkusum who knows this but sarala does believe her later on kkusum says i dont want my family to be bothered and decides to prove abhay innocent and that is when abhay brings kkusum back in the house

Kali goes behind garv to shimla where they acciently sleeps together which really never happens in the serial

garv finds out that kali is pregnant and decides to marry kali where kumud asks for divorce, kumud and garv gets divorce and he marries kali

later on kshitij finds out that kali is not pregnant and decides to expose her but fails, arundhati knows that kali is not pregnant, she gets the report of kali's pregnancy, to create a misunderstanding between kshitj and kumud

Later on kumud finds about kali's fake pregnancy report and blames kshitj for not telling everybody and then threatens kali of exposing her

Abhay decides to marry kkusum and but kali says no and leaves the house and meets an accident and where arundhati hides the truth saying that kali lost her child in the accident

Kumud gets mad and meets kali where kali says u lost kumud now i am saved and u cant do anythig cause now ur mother wont marry my father and my lie is completly hid she keeps blabbing the truth not knowing that kumud is recording everything

Kumud puts that cassette in abhay's tape recorder but abhay doesnt listen abhay is recording somehting in the recorder in the office not knowing the tape is on recording he says that i love kkusum i love u so much i cant live without u and i want marry u

Kumud puts the tape infront of everybody and abhay's voice comes out then kali asks abhay to marry kkusum

Abhay never shows up at the wedding and then everybody starts looking for abhay and then they find out that kapoor industry is in great debt garv decides to read every file and listen to every tape he recorded and that is when he listens to the tape of kali, now as u see garv wants divorce from kali

Well i hope u are completly updated now

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Whoa man thanks SOOOO MUCH!!!!...now some things make sense...
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Thanks a lot.That was a great summary of everything that has happened. ClapI dont' really watch kkusum anymore as it gets on my nerves but reading your summary was great. If u have time could u please update what exactly is going on these days. I am so confused with how tashu entered out of nowhere and where was abhay all this time. I would really appreciate that. Thanks again.
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Clapgr8 summary......................it will help all those hu dun watch da show regularly or have missed out
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Thanks mfarhaniqbal33

I startes watching Kusum after the generation leap and always wanted to know what happened before and how these charactes are connected


Thanks a bunch

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Hey im new to the forum and i have been looking for that clip of kumud and abhay in court for ever!TongueMy email adress is *** can u please please email it to me! thnx

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wow thanx!!yeah i am totally updated i just skimmed throught it all!!!what clip r u guyz talking about? send me one at ****

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I have a question. Before the 20 year leap, who played Tashu's character??

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