Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

OS-Simplicity part 3

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Posted: 20 January 2011 at 6:28pm | IP Logged
Hi Everyone! Thanks so much for all the wonderful comments! I plan on finishing simplicity as I already have an idea for a new one. ENJOY and PLEASE leave your Comments!! 
He was done earlier so he walked out, put on his jeans, wrapped a towel on his broad shoulders and went back in the bathroom to take geet and BOY was he in for a treat!! 

There she was. His angelic beauty, his life, his wife, she was wearing his cargo shorts and his black vest. Her hair was dripping wet and she had a serene blushing smile on her face. She took her hand bandages off as her wounds were healing well. She was looking at herself in the mirror. She didn't notice him coming towards her.

He walked up to her and caressed her wet hair. It seemed as if she melted by his mere touch. His warm touch sent shivers down her cold wet body. He turned her towards him and she noticed his eyes. They were sparkling with mischief. She smiled and started to walk away. Maan held her hands and pulled her in his arms.

Maan: waise tum mere kapdo mein kaafi achchi lag rahi ho.

Geet: Maan, I know I have put on weight so  don't try to flatter me. She said innocently.

Maan; I love my wifey now more than ever. There is more of you..he kissed her collarbone area.. to love, to kiss, and to hold. His hands were wandering around her belly. They slowly made their way underneath her oops his black vest

Geet: maan! Jaane to mujhe, apko subah subah bhi romance hi karne hota hai.

Maan: tume mere kapde pehen ka gile balon mein bahar aaogi to meri niyat to kharab hogi hi naan. He kept kissing and sucking her neck, MAAN, abhi nahin even though geet was refusing, she knew she desired his kisses, his touch, his warmth. After the whole Brij fiasco, she wanted him now more than ever, he could feel her melting with his touch, he smiled: waise geet, tum chaho bhi to mujhse aaj bach nahin sakti. She was turned on by his wet kisses, she ran her hands through his hair, threw the towel on the floor and bit his chest in pleasure.He turned her around in a jerk, she was facing away from him. His sudden movement, forced her to lean on his built body.She started breathing harder.He trailed kisses on the side of the neck,  his bit her and then sucked on it

Geet: MAAAAAAAAAAAAANNN, maine apse last time bhi kaha tha, no biting! Chodo mujhe,

Maan: ummm. He nibbled on her neck, her earlobe and moved to her cheeks, and then trailing his way towards her lips by slowiy turning her thus he was facing her. He kissed her lips passioanaltey yet he was gentle. Geet reciprocated with the same zeal as him. She felt she was surrendering her entire being to him. Her legs seemed to melt due to his liplock. His hands were trailing under her vest. His hands were running through his hair involuntarily. They broke their kiss to get some air.

Maan: waise meri jaan aaj bahut sweet hai.  He winked at her blushing smile. Ma.. before she could protest, he lifted her in his arms and they went to their bed. He slowly undressed her while placing teasing wet kisses all over her body. He removed his own trousers and laid on top of Geet showering her with teasing kisses. Geet dug her nails all over his back giving him intense pleasurable pain. He was turning her on with his mere touch. He nailed her to the bed, tightly holding her hands kissing her with intensity while his manhood was caressing her sensitive spots. His movements had a touch of aggression and yet he was gentle. They made love until they were exhausted. They both covered themselves with a duvet and fell asleep. Maan woke up after an hour looking at the time, it was around 11 am. He called his office to postpone his meetings till tomorrow. He slid his hands on Geet's waist and started placing gentle kisses on her neck. OWWWWWW.

Geet woke up with a jolt. Maan. I told you no biting, now I am gonna have love bites all over my body. She complained innocently.

Maan: Jaan! I think you look beautiful my love bites. Waise maine to kabhi tumhaare diye hue love bites ka liye complain nahin kiya?

Geet: baat ek nahin hai. Log mujhe chedednge.

Maan: who to sirf jalte hain.

Geet started getting up, maan pulled her in his arms. He whispered, I love you, tum mein meri jaan basti hai.

Geet gave him a teasing kiss on his lips and responded: Is jaan ke jaan to aap ho. Ab mujhe jaane do please. She said with her innocent pleading eyes.

Maan let her go but then held her hand quickly: Maan singh khurana ko tease karna achchi baat nahin hai. You will pay for that tonight. She giggled and ran to the bathroom.

Maan got up and got dressed and went to see khushi.

Hi Baby doll! Did you miss me? Cuz I missed you a lot. Tumhaari mom mujhe hamesha phasa deti hai. Khushi gave him a questioning look. Ok ok. Main unse door nahin rah sakta. He picked her up and sat on the rocking chair next to her crib. He laid her on his lap and played with her. He couldn't his life without Geet: the melody of his life and his happiness, his khushi.

Geet came running to the baby room and complained to khushi, baby dekho na, aap ke papa mujhe bite karte hain. Maan pulled her in his lap placing khushi on Geet's lap. He kissed geet gently and then kissed khushi carefully on her tiny face.

Maan loved the simplicity and the simple yet meaningful people in his lfe. They were all smiling while Dadi came and took a picture and said: picture perfect family.


I hope you guys like my final installement of simplicity. Let me know what you all think. Thank You all of you for bearing with my story J

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Posted: 20 January 2011 at 9:29pm | IP Logged
Wonderfully writtenSmile
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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 1:33am | IP Logged
yaar.... dat was really awesome... the love , intensity, simplicty just showed up............ way to go gal....i really like de 1& 3 rd part just loved dem................
keep up da good work......... way to go dear.....
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beautifully written hot update plz continue soon
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hey can u gimme the link of the first 2 parts 

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hey..y are u creating a new post for every part..u can update it in the same post na..?

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that is soooo sweet!! loved it!!
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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 4:27pm | IP Logged
HI I am sorry I didnt realize I could have updated in the same post Smile
I also included the previous two parts of simplicity. ENJOY

Simplicity part 1

This is just a figment of my imagination; my story follows the Geet;hui sabse parayi plot except , I was thinking what could happen in the future. This story starts after geet and maan have gotten married and geet just got home after delivering a baby girl named KHUSHI. 

Geet was resting in her and Maan's room while Khushi was sleeping like an angel right next to her in her crib. It had been 4 months since maan and geet got married. Geet was having flashbacks of how her entire life changed. Her journey from Hoshiyarpur to Meeting Maan has been painfully rewarding. She met the love of her life and gave birth to the most beautiful baby in the world. Her marriage to maan was truly a blessing. She suddenly woke up from her thoughts to see Khushi wailing her eyes out due to hunger. 

Geet picked her up and murmured , " Bilkul Maan ki beti hai, abhi se hi gussa nak pe chada kar rakhti hai. Geet smiled thinking about Maan, Her husband, her possessive lover and her savior. Lost in her little world, geet didnt know that Brij had made a full proof plan to kill both Geet and Khushi. He was hiding behind the curtains with the same sword that Geet showed to the police in Hoshiyarpur. He knew very well, that Maan had just left for a meeting and thus wouldnt be back until later. 
Oblivious to his evil intentions, geet put Khushi in her crib again and started walking back to her bed. She suddenly saw a a familiar shadow on the mirror in front of her. She quickly turned around to see her worst nightmare in front of her- BRIJ. 
Brij: GEET, Mujhe jail mein daal kar, tune ek ladki ko janam diya aur ab us KHote Maan ke saath  ash kar rahi hai?? TUjhe kya laga, main tujhe chod dunga. Ek aurat ki jagah hum mardo ke pair mein hoti hai. Us din tune hamein bazzat kar ke kahin ka nahin choda aur uske baad bhi tune ek ladki ko janam diya?? AAJ mein tujhe aur tere paap dono ko maar kar yeh sabit karronga ki ladkiyon ko apne parivaar ke khilaaf kisi bhi haal mein nahin jana chahiye! MARD hamesha sahi faisla karta hai. 

Geet knew she had to save her daughter so she ran to the crib. Brij attacked her from the back and geet screamed in pain ( the same way he attacked her the night she was running from him)
Knowing she couldnt be weak today, her motherly protective instinct kicked in and she quickly turned around and faced HIM. He was going to attack again to slit her in half. he raised his sword and within seconds geet held the sword by her bare two hands. Blood started oozing out of her hands. She was leaning on the crib like a sacred shield. Her eyes were red with pain and anger. She wouldnt budge from her place. listening to this commotion, the baby started crying. 

Maan who had earlier told geet and unknowingly BRIJ who was hiding, that he had an important meeting, didnt tell her where his meeting will be. He decided to keep the meeting in his study so he could keep an eye on Geet and the baby. He had installed a baby monitor installed in the study to look after his two angels. Suddenly, His daughter was screaming. His heart sank thinking something happened to her. He rushed out of the room, leaving his important meeting to see his KHUSHI and geet. 
Geet, meanwhile, gathered all her strength and snatched the sword from Brij. 
Geet: Tujh jaise darinde ko aisi sazaa dilwanogi ki kisi bhi aurat ke taraf aakh ootha ke nahin dekhega. She was the attacker this time. She moved forward and attacked him the same way he did on the night she was running from him. 
Maan ran and was at the door to see Geet bleeding from her hands, back and arms. He came forward and caught BRIJ. He already had paiged the cops and they came to take the monster away. Maan also made sure that BRIJ NEVER gets out. 

GEET was in shock, she ran to her baby, after looking at her daughter who had fallen asleep, geet sank on the ground. Maan rushed to her and picked her up gently, he knew she was in severe pain. He put her in their bed and ran to get the first aid box. When he came back, he saw that Geet was crying, he didnt say anything.he got one of his kurta, turned all the lights off except the lamps. Even though they were husband and wife, he still respected her and knew she would be shy with lights on. 

He walked over to her side, removed her dupatta, made her lean on her broad chest. loosened her dori, geet hugged him tightly still being careful not to touch her husband's vest with her bloody hands. He sensed her discomfort so he quickly removed her clothes, and put his kurta on her. He then cleaned her wounds, bandaged her hands to stop the bleeding and hugged her slightly. 
Maan: geet, tumhe chinta karne ko koi zaroorat nahin hai, mein hoon tumhaare saath. main tumhe promise karta hoon ki iss bar MAIN uske khilaaf action loonga. Use aisi saza milegi ki woh hamare parivaar ki taraf aankh nahin uuthaga. He made her look up, she was calm now. She trusted him more than herself. 
Geet: maan aap mujhse itna pyar kyun karte ho? 
Maan: main to meri KHUSHI se bahut pyar karta hoon. Tumse thodi na. Iski protection ke liye main kuch bhi kar sakta hoon. He said with his trademark lopsided smile. 
Geet: MAAN! she wanted to fold her hands close to her chest but she was in pain. Maan quickly took her hands and kissed them gently. he closed her eyes, he looked up and had the same mischievous smile that she loved. He moved closed to her face and kissed her eyes. He whispered near her ears: waise Geet, tum mere kapado mein bohot hi Sexy lag rahi ho, aur ab to mujhe office nahin jaane ka bahan mil gaya kyunki tumhaare haath to bandhe hui hain. He smiled with a wink. Geet knew what was coming next.... Wink

Let me know what you all think and whether I should continue this story... Also I would loove to hear all your comments and critiques.

 Simplicity part 1 

Thank You all for reading my story. I am all for GIRL POWER so  this time I wanted to make Geet's character a little bolder and stronger. Here is the second part of SIMPLICITY. Hope you guys like it.

Precap: aur ab to mujhe office nahin jaane ka bahan mil gaya kyunki tumhaare haath to bandhe hui hain. He smiled with a wink. Geet knew what was coming next

Maan started leaning towards Geet's face. Geet reciprocated with the same motion. Maan stopped inches before his lips touched Geet's lips. Their eyes met. Geet was drawn towards Maan's glossy transparent eyes that spoke volumes. She knew he was concerned about KHUSHI and Geet but he didn't want to show his discomfort as She would be troubled. Geet moved forward; instead of kissing his lips, she moved towards his ears and whispered:

Geet: itne tension wale samay mein bhi aapko Romance ki padi hai? Mujhe to lag raha hai ki aapke nazron mein meri importance kam ho gayi hai.

Maan who was enticed by his beloved's perfume, strengthened his grip on her waist and responded: Jab meri JAAN itni khoobsurat hai to Romance ka time dekhne ka kiske paas time hai? He winked at her. Geet was surprised by his openness. She had started to see a change in his mannerisms and behavior after marriage. He was more romantic and naughty than ever before. Maan: agar tum meri zindagi ho, to woh meri KHUSHI ho. Tum dono mujhe pura karte ho. Geet: haiii.Geet Blushed!

Maan:tum who importance ki kya baat kar rahi thi? Tum Jal to nahi rahi ho geet?BOLO na GEET?  

Geet: ae lo. DD inka naam hai aur sharam mukhe aayegi? Office mein sab ladkiyaan apko DD yani Dhak Dhak bulati hai. Man karta hai chaped maaro sab ko. Jalne ki baat aap na hi karo to achcha hai. EK tailor ne mujhe almost chooa, aur aap mere tailor ban gaye.

Maan got angry at the mention of the tailor. He held her tightly and said," you are mine forever and no one besides me will touch you" he came closer to her, held her hands gently and kissed her passionately. Geet reciprocated the kiss with the same passion. Moments later:

Geet: Maan chodiye mujhe, aap mujhe kiss karne ka ek bhi mauka nahi chodenge na?

Maan: kya karoon? Itni khoobsurat biwi ko kiss karne ka mauka aise chod diya to main DD-Dhusht danav/Dhak Dhak se Double DUFFER nahi ho jaonga. Geet giggled at his statement. Maan smiled hat her innocence.

Maan: chalo ab so jao, tumhe aaram ki zaroorat hai. Abhi hospital se aayi ho aur tumhe chot bhi lagi hai.Maan and geet went to sleep with maan hugging geet from her back in a protective manner.

Next morning, Geet felt a lot better. She woke up to see Maan was missing. She brushed her teeth and then She started to make her towards the bathroom to take a shower. Maan walked in.

Maan: Geet,  agle 7 din meri chutti hai, to main tumhaare sab kaam karoonga, shuruwat karte hai tumhaare shower se. He winked at her.

Geet: app kuch to sharam karo. She blushed

Maan: is mein sharam ki kya baat hai. Biwi ho tum meri, to meri sherni abhi bhi mere samne sharmati hai?

Geet: haan, kiske pati Maan singh… he stopped her bak bak by kissing her.

Maan: tum meri baat manogi ki aur doon?

Geet: lekin.. he picked her up and took her to their bath room.

He took off his kurta from her body, Geet felt shy so she almost folded her arms towards her chest. He put her in the bath tub and turned the water on. He knew she was shy so he decided to take a quick shower in the standing shower which was only a few inches away. This was he gave her some privacy while still keeping an eye on her. He was done earlier so he walked out, put on his jeans, wrapped a towel on his broad shoulders and went back in the bathroom to take geet and BOY was he in for a treat!! 

please comment Smile

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