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priyachand IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 6:12am | IP Logged
loved ur idea! i have never watched hindi serials after all these channels started. I too started to watch Geet accidentaly and got addicted to it. (to the irritation of friends n fly).
i had suggested earlier for making a movie but as u said that wd be redoing everything again and i don't know who'll be willing to foot d bill. but if kichdi can be taken as a movie why not Geet.
But your idea is even better. in fact i started watching Geet thanx to one hour episodes. they used to have one hr episodes which used to narrate geet story from starting and elaborate on the past week story. CVs can redo this and make a 3 hr movie and bring it out as a DVD. it will sell llike hot cakes. there has already been lot of requests for Geet DVDs. there has been no response for dat. this movie idea wil be even more crisp as we can cut AA scenes(wow!) and complete it with wedding!
we have lot of good vm makers. if they can attempt also it will be good.

EBasso IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 6:14am | IP Logged
Thank you for such kind words folks. Like I said before, I am no creative, I am just an obsessed fan :) I don't want to be the one making the movie. I'd like to leave that upto the experts. I just want to see one made. I have fantasy's about the movie being a hit :)
sarrm Senior Member

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Posted: 01 February 2011 at 2:10am | IP Logged
Originally posted by dtri

Hey dtri, first and foremost welcome to the world of Maan and Geet. They are two protagonists who have throughly and completely stolen our hearts. And in GHSP, both are indeed incomplete without the other.
Thank you for reading the Maan ka khumaar, un aankhon ka kamaal post. I only just noticed your message about this link, hence only just saw ur lovely post (my comments are in red and blue)
I was absolutely Mesmerized and blown away by the show. Before I knew it, I had spent 9 hours watching it non-stop. In just 4 short days, I caught up to January and started the show from the beginning (of course skipping about first month or so of pure drama). I only watched the Maan and Geet scenes leading up to the scenes starting in Delhi, and then started watching the full episodes from then on. And I completed the full cycle in 2 more days. By now I was in maan's world. I had fallen head over heels in love with Maan Singh Khurana and there was no turning back. I had finished watching all episodes but I hadn't had enough, so I started the show over again, and finished it in a few more days.
I got hooked up on Maan one fine day with mere glimpses of his attitude and that smile in the conference room when he goads geet into joining back at work. In the begining i found him intriguing, cause just looking at a glimpse of him reminded me of one of those M&B hunks that sweep every woman off their feet with just one look and leave them heaving and panting!!!
I then saw more of him in one complete episode and i was hooked, i went online and saw all of GHSP, loved Geet, Maan, their character, their acting, their chemistry, the storyline and there was no going back. Now, my hubby has serious competition in this fictionary character, I have gone totally bonkers over this guy (as u might have already guessed by my post). Now, Maan gives me a high that my hubby used to give me before he became a very busy guy.
OK to cut to the chase, as far as i am concerned you have got an excellent idea. Personally I have always thought that GHSP's inherent storyline is one that deserves more media attention, if nothing than to initiate a change in the mindset of the vast majority of fanatics of false honor.
And needless to say Maan and Geet are simply spectacular so watching them on the silver screen will be a treat like no other. GC, DD have tremendous potential that can send them soaring to the heights of success in Bollywood, with the right director of course. And nissar has been amazing in tapping into their potential and bringing out the best in them thereby creating a  phenomenal series. If they go on with the project of making a movie out of it, wow, it could well be a hit with ofcourse the right publicity and marketing. Its not impossible, and the opportunity for success could well be there.
 I agree with your points - the music albums should stay as the original in GHSP. They are fabulous songs with Maan and Geet.

BTW i really like your post and ur outright admission of how maan has affected you. Maan is amazing and we on IF are all absolutely crazy over both Maan and Geet.

Part 2 - A new kind of Hindi Film - GEET:

Watching it over and over again I realized that as brilliantly as Geet is crafted, it has its share of strong as well as weak moments. The more I cycled through the show the more and more I started to narrow down my most favorite and least favorite scenes of the show; the more I started to dissect the show and started picking up on missed details etc. And one day it occurred to me. What if we take the best of the best of the best scenes from Geet, and make a movie out of it?

It would be a novel, one of a kind project, never been done before on Hindi Cinema. Of course we've had Khichdi, but that was shot entirely independently after the completion of the show. This movie would be comprised of the scenes from the show itself. An adventure lasting no more than 3 hours from start to finish. May be then, I can watch it with my hubby without boring him to death with all the side tracks of the show. (Hmm! I wonder if there is anything prohibiting this from happening legally.)

If done right, this could turn out to be the most romantic movie of the decade. DDLJ of 2010 (Okay may be I am getting overly dreamy.) But think about it. Geet ki kahani in the backdrop with moderate amount of comedy and lots of romance with a happy ending. There are so many advantages, we can go through the journey of Geet's life just in 3 hours and see the best scenes ever shot on Indian television in a carefully crafted package. People who don't watch the serial can get interested in watching it. And imagine the publicity Gurmeet and Drashti would get. Of course there's risk. What about the current track you ask ' well that can carry on as planned without too much disruption I hope.

The creatives of this show have given us some scenes I have never seen before in any other show, any other movie in my entire life. And trust me; I have watched a lot of silver screen romance in my life. Barring some parallel tracks that are weak, every situation created in Geet Maan's life has been nothing short of extraordinary. And the Dev/Mira, Annie/Arjun tracks not picking up may not be the creatives' fault. It's not easy to create a sizzling chemistry like Geet and Maan's and match up to those well defined characters, especially as a parallel track of the same show where the protagonists take away all the points. The point is, there is an influx of talented team members at work behind the magic of Geet, and if they put their heart on turning Geet into a super hit movie, they can.

The reason I put this post on IF is because I have no way of reaching Endemol, or Geet Team, or Nissarji. IF seemed like the best platform to express my passion about this show and get other fans' opinions on the topic.
So if anyone were to ever think about turning Geet into a movie, here's my two cents on how it would go:

'     First 20 minutes shaping the tragedy of Geet's life (Entry of Dev/NT, the wedding, 3 or 4 Maneet scenes establishing their dislike towards each other ' Taweez, Maan saving Geet's life in water and from Brij, Amritsar, etc.)
'     The next hour in Delhi (with a lot of humor and comedy in Khurana constructions) leading up to Geet telling Maan all truth about her life and then walking away to leave Delhi. This can include effectively shortened versions of office troubles, Intensely shot scenes like Kurban hua, Dinner scene where Maan holds a chair for the oblivious Geet (this one may be a stretch), Dhaba scene, beautiful Rain sequence, Dargaah, Mangetar Naatak, Jealousy Bit, Nightclub scene, Earring scene. All while sketching Maan's personality, showing scenes like his insistence on Geet admitting her feelings first out of his ego, his creepy room of old collectibles, his anger over the pregnancy news and the realization of his mistake of not listening to her. During this period show very little about Dev and NT. (It seems like a lot to fit in an hour but it's possible. Not even all of the above scenes need to be there ' like I said only the best of the best)
'     Then another hour of some powerful scenes like Manali, Their izhaar-e-ishq in the Jungle camp, engagement cute moments, face off with Dev, Geet's misunderstanding of Maan's intensions about the wedding, NT's attempt at Geet's life, Khoon Bhari Maang and the night after, where Maan puts Geet to sleep (Ah! So incredible.) Entry of Brij, The heart piercing hospital sonogram scene, and Wedding preps with some really cute funny moments we've all seen, like Geet in Maan's lap, at the wedding shop the tailor scene etc. (Oh, and no need for Arjun Annie Track at ALLLLL.) I would have loved to see Maan's Soul penetrating apology to the baby for picking Geet's life over baby's but let's face it. That's the biggest blunder the creatives made on the show. How were they expecting a 4 month baby to survive if the mother was dead? So unless they can come up with another twist there, that beautifully enacted scene can't do in this movie (by the way incredible job by Gurmeet in that scene. I can talk about it for hours).
'     And the final 20 mins to half hour of Climax. Wedding with some melodrama, Maan on the horse, Brij exposed, NT back to jail and they all lived happily ever after.
'     Also, since I have been thinking so seriously about this, I thought, the movie would need a music album too. Background score is perfect but there are instances where they can add fresh songs to certain sequences. Except, I can't imagine any song fitting the rain scene better than behne de. The impact that song had on that scene was magical beyond words. I couldn't sleep that night just lied there reliving that scene over and over again playing Behne de in my head all the while. Also, there's another piece of background music where a fast violin tune fiercely plays. It was played right before behne de started. They can make more use of that score. It's a beautiful music sequence.
'     Chhi chhi babaji ' I love the way Geet says that. Got to be there in the movie.
'     I am sure I am missing things. I guess I will edit this post if I think of more things ?
My first thought was to make a home movie of my favorite Geet Scenes and just do away with that. But then, I only have access to poor quality videos, unsophisticated SW, no skills and no patience to go through that exercise ?

Folks ' If you think I am out of my Mind, please don't hesitate to let me know. May be there are cons to releasing Geet as a movie that I am not seeing. May be you can smack me around a bit and ask me to wake up and get back into the real world. But until then, off I go watching my dream man. Haven't seen his face in a couple of hours (okay I am not that insane I am just acting like one for now).

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EBasso IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 February 2011 at 8:57am | IP Logged
Sarrm thank you so much for reading my lonnggg post and taking the time out to reply to it... I have noticed a lot of Geet fans come from similar background... married, hooked to the show, lovely husbands who understand our addiction :)
Anyway, I still think the movie will give this show and our favorite stars sooo much publicity and popularity... And of course, my selfish motive of being able to watch it with my hubby :)
I really really hope someone actually adapts this idea and we get to see Geet on silver screen in the near future. I anxiously await the day when this happens :)
EBasso IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 February 2011 at 7:04pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sanjh1234

first welcome dear and second u didn't mention the time limit of the movie as we know 2-3 hrs will be too less for itLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL
If we stop where Maneet get married and live HAPPILY EVER AFTER --
No Torture of AA --
I think we can manage a 3 hr GHSP - the MOVIE!!!
roseinbloom IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 February 2011 at 10:25pm | IP Logged
Haila Dhwani! You thought of it too!? I thought of it too .. but didn't have the energy to think of soooo much ! You truly went all out!
And I couldn't agree more about BG tunes... and that fast-paced violin one !! Ahh we share so much in common with our love for GEET!
I really hope someone catches their attention onto this.. would'nt mind watch a movie on GEET in the theatres actually! Not at all!
Mindblowing Post! And don't worry we've all got Maaneet fever!

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Posted: 01 March 2011 at 6:07am | IP Logged
I am all for Geet- the movie, made in the origonal style and class in which the show started...

Nice mail!


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sun-naaaaaaaaa IF-Sizzlerz

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