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[ My own alternative ending to the stupid series. We shall begin from where the last episode got over. Lets assume that my character (refer to my earlier stories @those who dont know ) Suhaani has come back next day from some work given to her by Acp. 
STORY SO FAR-- Abhi hurt his head on rail track. he then started having a nightmare of being a killer. he went to a doctor who gave him a medicine. Abhi got better and went to visit the doctor to see a different doctor and the same assisstant. this doctor gave him wrong medicines. Abhi started having problems and Acp-Daya got worried for him. He alienated them and left cid. Later Daya found him at a mental hospital and tried to coax him out. Abhi threw him out. Meanwhile Abhi and the assisstant Maya were getting friendly. Maya introduced him to Amit her brother. Somehow the audience could see the different doctor, maya, amit are all bent on smthng wrong. they tried to introduce him to a plan of attacking a building and going against cid. abhi's mind ios poisoned against cid. daya calls abhi but abhi rebuffs him.
Ab Aage....  
Am writing this ending just to keep u all indifferent to what FW will do. we all know wat it does. before much ado lets begin. just sit back with ure cups of coffee or glasses of diet coke and chocolate slabs or pizza pieces. and enjoy]



(Daya sadly reached home. He was upset. Abhijeet just hung upon him and he could not think why. He parked his car and was just getting into his house. It was 10pm and he didnt feel hungry for the food in his microwave. Just as he sat down, sighing out of exasperation, his phone rang. He was somewhat happy seeing the caller-id and answered at once)

Daya- Hello Suhaani!

Suhaani- Hello Daya sir! Kaise ho aap?

Daya- Chal raha hai. Kya tum Mumbai waapus aayi?

Suhaani- Haan sir. Badi mushkeel se maine Acp sir ka kaam khatam kiya. By the way sir, I tried calling Abhi sir. Phone nahi uthaaya so I assume he is with you?

Daya- (sadly) Nahi... Er.... Unke baare mein mujhe mat puccho.

Suhaani- Kyon? Kya baat hai sir? Sab theek toh hai?

Daya- Kal bureau mein aa jao. 

Suhaani- Par baat kya hai? Aap dono ke beech mein koi problem aa gaya kya?

Daya (Shutting his eyes)- Abhi CID chhod diya.

Suhaani- What! Kya baat.... Daya sir, yeh kaisa mazaak? Abhi Maama aur CID....? Nahi.... Kyon? Par kyon?

Daya- Mujhe kuch nahi pata... tum kal aa jao. Bye.

Suhaani- Sir!... (Daya hangs up)

(Suhaani was shocked. Daya's words rang in her ears. She shook her head in disbelief. She then decided to call Acp. She had to tell him she was back.)

Acp- (Picking up the call) Hello Suhaani? Mumbai mein ho?

Suhaani- Haan sir. Aapka kaam khatam ho gaya. Rana aur Sheeru ab jail mein hai. Aur woh Muzzafar case ka investigation meine khatam kiya. Saare dealers ko pakda gaya.

Acp- Good job Suhaani. Maine baad mein baat karunga. (He cuts off the call before Suhaani could ask about her uncle. She becomes frustrated).

(Next morning Daya sir found Suhaani in front of his door just as he was getting out.)

Daya- Suhaani... Tum Yahaan? Kaise... Kyon?

Suhaani- I want to know all the details Daya sir.

Daya- Mujhe khud kuch maaloom nahi hai Suhaani...

Suhaani- Kam se kam mujhe toh bataao kya hua!

Daya- (Exasperated) Theek hain. Aajao andar.

(The two officers sit down and Daya tells Suhaani about the change in Abhijeet after his head hit the rail track till the point when Abhijeet rebuffed him. Suhaani was shocked and angry.)

Suhaani- Yeh kya mazaak Abhi sir ka! Zaroor kuch hua hai!

Daya- Magar woh mujhe aur Acp sir ko kuch nahi bata raha hai.

Suhaani- Ab kya mental hospital mein hain? Kis hospital?

Daya- Managalam Subha Mental Hospital.

Suhaani- KYA!

Daya- Er... Kya hua?

Suhaani- Uss hospital mein.... My god.... O!

Daya- Par baat kya hai?

Suhaani- Sir. Ussi hospital mein kuch hua tha bees saal ki kuch saal pehle, jab Abhi sir ka sab yaadein tha apne pass.

Daya- Kya? Matlab.... (He suddenly remembered Abhi sir saying that what if even a small injury brings back some meomory) My god! (He tells Suhaani this and then asks what the incident was.)

Suhaani- Abhi sir waha par undercover tha. Uss samay woh Delhi Police ke saath tha Mumbai police join karne ke pehle. Waha par aise kuch hua tha toh Mumbai police request kiya tha ki woh Mumbai ki police force join kare. I dont remember the details. But I was a girl of ten aur Abi sir's last words before he left Delhi were Be a good lawyer.

Daya- Matlab... uske baad uska yaadein.....?

Suhaani- Haan, koi paanch-chhei saal ke baad uske par uss attack aaya tha. Tab mein high school mein thi.

Daya- Tum usko kabhi nahi......

Suhaani- Cchod do sir. Lambi kahaani hai. Ab mein jaaongi uske paas.

Daya- Koi faida nahi hai...

Suhaani- Koshish karungi. Aap Acp sir ko baatao ki aap ne mujhe kuch kaam diya.

(Just then Daya receives a call. It was Sachin saying something about a prisoner breaking from the central jail. Daya and Suhaani parted company.)

(Suhaani entered a room in the hospital. Abhijeet was sitting on the bed facing the door, his eyes closed, lost in thoughts.)

Suhaani- Abhi Maama...

Abhijeet (Jerking awake)- Haana, tum? (He smiles a bit) Mumbai kab aayi ho?

Suhaani- Kal raat. Daya sir ne...

Abhijeet- (Getting up from the bed and pacing away) CID officers ke baade mein mujhe kuch mat bataao. Nafrat hai mujhe CID se.

Suhaani- K-k-kya?... Aap... aap... Tum aise baat kar rahe ho Mama? Mujhe soch bhi nahi tha ki... ki tum... meri mama... ek honahar officer aise..... cid ki khilaafh.....

Abhijeet- Kya karoon? CID ne kya kiya? Mere liye kuch nahi kiya.

Suhaani- S-s-sir! Yeh! Mama aise baat... nahi, zaroor tumhe kuch hua hai. Bataaye kya hua?

Abhijeet- Kuch nahi.

Suhaani- Nahi mama. mein abhi koi senior officer nahi hoon. Mein tumhaara bhatijee ki taraf se baat kar rahi hoon. Kya hua.

Abhijeet- Just get out Suhaani. Mujhe akela cchod doh.

Suhaani (smirking)- Huh! Tumhaara bhatijee hone hote hue, main dhoondh nikaloonga. Baat kya hai? Mein tumhe nahi cchodunga.

Abhijeet- Bewkhufi baat mat karo. Chale jao yaha se. CID ki har officer ke saath mera koi lena dena nahi hai.

Suhaani- Accha? Really? (Abhijeet got taken aback by her behaviour) Mama. Kya tumhaara koi yaadon waapus aa raha hai?

Abhijeet- T-t-tumhe kaise pata?

Suhaani- Kyonki iss hospital mein aise kuch hua tha jiske liye tum Mumbai police join kiya tha.

Abhijeet- Kya? Koi khoon?

Suhaani- Khoon? Mujhe saare details pata nahi hai... Magar... Kya tumhe kuch yaadein aa raha hai?

Abhijeet- (Slowly sitting on the bed) Main Khoon kiya tha...

Suhaani- Huh? Yeh kya...? (She stood there astonished)

(Just then Maya comes in)

Maya- Kaun ho tum?

Suhaani (Whirling around) Tum kaun ho?

Maya- Mein Maya hoon. Magar tum kaun ho. Yaha kya kar rahe ho?

Suhaani- Kya tum koi doctor ho? (Then she remembered Daya's account of Abhijeet having dinner outside with a girl.)

Maya- Doctor ki assisstant. Lekin.... Abhi yeh kaun hai?

Suhaani- Abhi? Tum... Dekho, senior inspector Abhijeet ko kuch nahi hua. Abhi issi waqt discharge karo.

Abhijeet- Suhaani. Chale jao yahaa se.

Suhaani- Magar sir. Aap bilkool theek ho. Theek hai, CID join mat karo lekin meri baat maano aur yahaa se chale aa jao. Mein help karungi. Agar Daya sir aur Acp sir ka madad nahi chaahte ho toh mein aapko...

Abhijeet- Suhaani. Chale jao yahaa se.

Maya- Suhaani...

Suhaani- Senior Inspector Suhaani. Aur Abhijeet sir ko Abhi mat pukaaro, samjhi?

Maya- Kyon? Koi rishtedaar ho kya?

(Suhaani thought to herself- Nahi bataaongi. Kuch toh baat hai.)

Maya- Kya?

Suhaani- Theek hai Abhijeet sir, mein jaa rahi hoon.

(She then left. Maya turned to Abhijeet and gave him a medicine. Her brother Amit came in.)

Amit- Woh kaun thi?

Abhijeet- Bas ek cid officer (He suddenly blurted out) meri bhatiji.

(Maya and Amit exchanged glances)

Amit- O. Accha. 

Abhijeet- Lekin mujhe ek baat..... usne mujhe bataayi ki issi hospital ke picche mera ateeth ka koi raaz hai...

(Again Maya and Amit exchanged glances, this time with a different expression)

Abhijeet- Kya tum dono ko kuch pata hai?

Amit- Nahi toh! Yeh hospital zyaada puraana nahi hai. Anyway. Chalo. Aaj humaara big day hai. Sab taiyaar hai.

Abhijeet- O. Par ek baat bataao. Tumlog mera raaz ke baare mein kaise madad karenge. Mujhe samajh nahi hai.

Maya- Dekho Abhijeet. Jo task aage hai ussi mei tumhaara yeh sapna ka raaz cchupa hua hai.

(No one noticed a shadow leaving the door behind them.)

(Suhaani reached the bureau. She was in a shock and she was desparate to talk to Daya and Acp. She came in to see Freddy, Vivek, Sachin and Kajal. There was no Tasha, and Suhaani asked where Acp was.)

Sachin- Acp sir aur Daya sir Dcp sir ke pass hai.

(Suhaani nodded her head. Then she started pacing the room very thoughtfully and worriedly)

Freddy- Kya hua Suhaani?

Suhaani- Kuch nahi Freddy sir... Bas aise hi.... Samajh nahi aa rahi hai... samajh..... (Her voice trailed off as she thought hard.)

(Just then Acp sir came in, followed by Daya.)

Acp- Suhaani. Tum kaha thi?

Suhaani- Acp sir. Daya sir. Mujhe khulke bataao. Kya hua tha uss panra saal pehle jab meri mama ka saare yaadein chale gaye. Khulke bataao.

(Acp and Daya exchanged glances)

Daya- Ab tumhari kya hua?

Suhaani- Kyonki Abhijeet sir ka yaadein ka raaz ho raha hai.

Acp- Matlab?

Suhaani- Unhe lagta hai woh ek khooni hai. Shayad issi liye aap dono ko avoid kar raha hai. (She then tells them what happened.)

(Acp and Daya were shell-shocked.)

Acp- Daya... tum mujhe iss hospital ka naam nahi bataaye!

Daya- Sir, mujhe kaise pata tha... Sir aap jaante ho kya hua?

Acp- Mujhe theek se yaad nahi hai. Lekin ek hi aadmi bata sakta hai.

Suhaani- Woh kaun sir?

Acp- Woh ek retired IAS officer hai Delhi mein. Retired abhi. Naam hai Ajay Rajsrivastava. 

Suhaani- Kya? Woh toh marjuka hai!

Acp- Kya? My god! Unhe Abhijeet ko undercover mission mein bheja tha. Lekin tumhe kaise maaloom...

Suhaani- Unka ek beti hai. Woh meri dost hai. Usnehi mujhe batayi thi. Teen saal pehle heart attack se mar gaya.

Acp- My god... RIP.... 

(Acp, Daya and Suhaani then started thinking. While Suhaani called her Delhi contacts, Daya got in contact with Mumbai police authorities. Meanwhile Sachin, Freddy, Kajal and Vivek called informer after informer to find about Maya and Amit. Acp paced around.)

Acp- Abhijeet... Yeh tum kya kiya! Kyon... Mujhe aur Daya par koi viswaas nahi tha... (He was shaking his head.) Kyon nahi koi bharosa nahi tha humaare par...

(Suhaani and Daya came up to Acp)

Suhaani- Acp sir. Mujhe kuch information mila hai. Vivek ko ek informer ne bataaya ki iss hospital ka koi senior doctor ke pass Abhi sir aaya tha. Informer ne hospital mein koi doosra kaam ke liye gaye the aur yeh dekha. Lekin baad mein doctor gayab ho gaya.

Acp- Kya? Aur ek baat hai. Yeh hospital uss khoon ke baad bandh ho gaya tha. Pata karo kab aur kyon kul gaya.

Daya- Woh bhi pata chala sir. Kuch saal pehle yeh doctor ne iss hospital ko ek private clinic banaya. 

Acp- Ek bada hospital.... Aur Abhijeet waha kyon....

Suhaani- Kahin humaare police doctor ka haath toh nahi?

Acp- Suhaani. Tum aur Kajal issi waqt Dr. Ashok, humaare police doctor, ke pass jao aur pata karo. Daya, tum aur Freddy iss hospital ka doctor ko dhoodhlo. Sachin aur Vivek, tum dono Maya aur Amit ke baare mein pata karo yahaa aur saare information collect karo. Chalo. FAST. 

(All the officers leave on their assigned tasks)

(Abhijeet meets Maya-Amit and a small gang outside a lane. One of the men he recognized as the doctor who gave him the electric shocks.)

Abhijeet- Arre? Aaap bhi?

Amit- Haan. Hum sab mile hue hai. Psychological aur medical purpose ke liye hum sab ek saath kaam karta hoon.

Abhijeet- O, accha accha!

Amit- Kaam se pehle, hum aur ek treatment karunga.

Abhijeet- Woh kya?

Maya- Aao, yahaa pe. (She led him into a room in a house in the lane.) Abhi. Tum yahaa pe le jao. (Abhijeet lay on a sofa) Aakhon bandh karo.

(Amit nodded at one of the men, who came up and sat down beside Abhijeet.)

Amit- Abhijeet. Yeh doctor ne tumhe sawaal pucchenge. Tum jawaab do.

(Maya injects Abhijeet again and Abhi goes into hallucinations, his headaches coming back)

The man- Senior inspector Abhijeet, kya tum CID officer ho?

Abhijeet- Ab nahi....

The man- Tum CID ki khilaaf kyon ho?

Abhijeet- Woh dictator aur woh jo mera dost bulaate hai, sab mera dushman.

Man- Kyon?

Abhijeet- Kuch din pehle aisa ek case aaya tha jab mere par ilzaam aaya tha. Khoon ka ilzaam. Aur Daya ne socha tha mera yaadein chale ke baat sab naatak tha. Aur Acp mujhe par saque kiya.

Man-O. Phir.

Abhijeet- I was hurt. Lekin mein overlook kiya. Ab mera nightmare aate hai woh maine nahi bataaye. Agar woh logone mujhe khooni samjhaate hai toh...toh...

Man- Bura sapna mein kya tha?

Abhijeet- Maine ek khoon kiya.... AAH! A-A-H! (His head aches and he faints)

(Amit and Maya smile.)

Amit- Ab confirmed hai. Abhijeet sach mein CID ki khilaafh hai. (The whole gang laughs over Abhijeet's unconscious body. But no one notices someone coming in and going out.)

(Suhaani and Kaajal reach the police doctor's chamber and asks the receptionist if he was there. The receptionist replied that he was having a meeting. But Suhaani walked on, followed by Kajal. Suhaani was determined to look into the matter at all costs. She opened the door to the chamber and was shocked. The doctor was accepting a parcel looking like bribe from a shady looking character. Both Suhaani and Kajal held up their guns. The doctor fearfully held up his hands and the character froze and the suddenly grabbed his ring into his mouth.)

Suhaani- Nahi!

(But it was too late. The poison from the ring took its effect.)

Kajal (Her gun pointing at the doctor)- Yeh kya, haan? Bribe? Kya chakkar hai?

Doctor (Trembling)- Kya karoon! Yeh aadmi ne mujhe dhamki diya tha. Mera parivaar ko bachaane ke liye yeh sab karna para!

Suhaani- Kya kaam?

Doctor- Kuch deeno ke liye Abhijeet ke par kuch logone nazar rakhne ke tha. (remember the black mysterious qualis following abhi in one episode?) Woh sab ko pata chal gaya ki Abhijeet ka seer rail ki track mein hit kiya tha. Daya-Abhijeet yahaa aane ki pehle yeh aadmi aaya tha aur mujhe yeh dawai diya tha...

(Suhaani understood. The medicine was wrong and gave all kinds of hallucinations. She realised that Abhijeet was pyschologically affected, it was not his memories.)

Kajal- Phir?

Doctor- Uske baad mujhe ek doctor ka naam diya tha. Next din Abhijeet aaya tha mera pass aur maine uss doctor ke pass bhej diya tha Abhijeet ko.

Suhaani- Tum... Tum... ek ..... Anyway. Kajal. Jaldi se jaldi Acp sir ko batao yeh baat.

Kajal- Yes boss!

(Daya and Freddy came to Dr. Ashok's house to see the door half open.)

Daya- Freddy, kuch gadbad hain!

Freddy- Haan sir! 

(The two officers went in, their guns in their hands. They searched for the doctor in each room. Suddenly in the bedroom they found him. Bound and unconscious.)

Freddy- Daya sir! Yeh toh zinda hai!

Daya- Chalo Woodstock hospital leke chalo. Mein yahaa saboot dhoondhke aaonga.

Freddy- Yes sir!

(Freddy takes the man out)

(Daya searches around. He finds a bundle of cash notes in the cuboard. Before he takes them out, someone hits his head.)

Daya- Ouch! (He whirls around and gets a glimpse- the figure looked a bit like Abhijeet) A-a-a-abhi..... (Daya falls to the ground)

(At the Woodstock hospital, the doctor informs Freddy that it was simply a case of chloroform and nothing else. The man would be awake soon. Freddy tried calling Daya and then called Acp. Few minutes later, Acp, Sachin, Vivek, Kajal and Suhaani join Freddy)

Suhaani- Freddy sir, Daya sir kahaan hain? Dikhaayi nahi pada!

Freddy- Maine kab se phone kar raha hoon! Phone nahi utha raha hai! Dr. Ashok ka ghar mein saboot dhoondh raha tha!

Suhaani- Kahin kissi musirbaat mein toh nahi!

Acp- Suhaani. Tum jao aur dekho!

Suhaani- Jee sir! Freddy sir. Zara pata dijiye!

(She leaves after taking the address)

Hospital nurse- CID? Ashok ka hosh aa gaya.

Acp- Good! Chalo sab andar!

(Acp and others get in and Dr. Ashok greets them scared.)

Dr. Ashok- Acp saab, mujhe maaf karo!

Acp- Kyon? Kya kiya?

Ashok- Mera secretary Maya nayi aayi thi. Jis din Abhijeet mere pass aaya tha ussi din Maya ki koi bhai muhje jaan se maarne ki dhamki diye the. Mujhe aise dawai dena pada taaki Abhijeet theek na ho. Uske baad mere jagah meh ek nakli doctor bheja tha! Aur mujhe ghar mein hostage bankar rakhne ke kaam kissi aur ko diye the!

Freddy- Magar koi nahi tha wahan!

Ashok- Pata nahi! Achaanak ek phone call aaya tha aur woh mujhe behosh kar diya. Uske baad kya hua kuch nahi maaloom.

Acp- Ek baat bataaye. Tum yeh hospital ek private clinic banakar kyon khula diya? Jaante ho iska ateeth kya tha?

Ashok- Haan. Mujhe pata hai. 

Acp- Toh phir?

Ashok- Acp saab. Maine socha itne saalon ke baad..... (He bends his face away, ashamed) Pata nahi kyon kiya.....

Acp- Yeh bhi maaloom nahi tha jo bekasur aadmi ko tumne dawai diye the ussi bahaduri ki verjade yeh human trafficking hospital bandh ho gaya tha!

Ashok- Kya?! Human trafficking?

Acp- Haan. Human trafficking.

(Suhaani was driving to the address. As she drove, she decided to call Swati, the retired officer's daughter. Her earpiece in her ear, she dialled and her friend replied. Suhaani requested Swati, an investigative reporter to dig into the issue. Then Suhaani hung up and reached the house. Her gun in her hand she went through the doorway. She called out Daya's name as she searched. Suddenly-)

Suhaani- DAYA SIR! (She bent down to him and shook him. He didnt awake. She looked around and saw a water jug on a table. She snatched it and sprinkled water drops on Daya's face, calling out to him) Sir! Sir!

(Daya slowly regains consciousness. H elooks around vaguely and then, helped up by Suhaani, he got up and sat heavily into a chair, grabbing his head)

Suhaani- Yeh kaise hua sir! Chot lagi hai! (She grabbed atowel and dipped it into the water. Daya took it and put it on his head.)

Daya- Suhaani... Mujhe... mujhe lagta hai Abhi ne maar mujhe!

Suhaani- K-kya? Abhi.... Daya sir!

Daya- Sach mei! Uska chehra dekha maine!

Suhaani- Kya kehte ho aap!

Daya- (His gasps now reduced)- Nahi Suhaani... Woh Abhijeet tha... Abhi... Mujhe yakeen nahi ho raha hai... Abhi ne mujhe maara!

Suhaani- Daya sir. Abhi sir ek khatre mei phas gaya. Woh aapko maar nahi sakta. (She tells him about the police doctor's doings. She then tells him that Kajal called her a while ago regarding Ashok. She also tells him that Acp found out about the hospital's history.)

Daya- Human trafficking! Aur Abhi ek undercover cop tha?

Suhaani- Lagta toh hai aise....

Daya- (Standing up slowly) Nahi. Maine Abhijeet ko khatre se nikaalonga.
Chalo, ussi hospital mein.

Suhaani- Abhi abhi police ne raid kiya. Sab bhaag gaya. Khaali pada hua hai. Aur Abhi sir ko le gaya... Par kahaan kiss ko maaloom nahi hai....

(Daya looks shocked and worried)

(Abhijeet regains consciousness in the same room. He preparations going on for the attack on the news agency office. He looked around and saw Maya looking and smiling at him in an odd fashion. Immediately Maya corrected her expression and came forward.)

Maya- Tum theek ho Abhi?

Abhijeet- H-ha-haan... m-main... er... yeh sab....

Amit (coming forward)- Taiyaar ho jao Abhijeet. Aaj hi tumhaara raaz khulega! 

Abhijeet-O... Ha.... Par.... Er....

Maya- Kya hua Abhi darling? (She gave him her fake smile)

Abhijeet- Er... kuch nahi... bas aise... mera man....

Amit- Arre CHHOD do tumhara man! Kabse bata raha hoon tumhe hum madad kar raha hoon! Tumhaara kya ho gaya hai?

Abhijeet- Kuch nahi.... (His expression changed) Chalo. Attack shuru karein. 

(Amit and Maya smile back, victorious)

(Suhaani and Daya get back to the bureau where Acp was waiting for them. Acp had sent Sachin, Vivek, Kajal and Freddy with policemen to search around for Abhijeet and Maya-Amit. He was worried and as Daya-Suhaani entered-)

Acp- Daya! Tum theek toh ho?

Daya- Haan sir... Abhijeet ke baarein mein kuch pata chala?

Acp- Ek informer ne bataaya ki shahar mein kuch bade hone waalein hain. Aur mera jaan khatrein mein hai.

Daya- Kya!

Suhaani- Aur kya pata chala sir?

Acp- Pata chala ki Maya-Amit do bhai-behen hai. Woh dono milkar human trafficking chalaate thei Dubai mein. 

(Suhaani and Daya looked at each other shocked.)

Acp- Lekin Abhijeet ka ateeth ke saath kya lena dena hai woh nahi pata chala. Dubai mein most wanted hai. Issi liye unassumed naam mein Bharat mein aaya hai.

Suhaani- I see...

Daya- Sir... Mujhe lagta hai Abhijeet.... Kahin usne yeh maaloom hai?

Acp- Kya matlab?

Daya- Matlab... Ho sakta hai Abhijeet apne mission mein ho, aur hummein nahi bata raha hain...

Acp- Hm. Pata nahi Daya!

(Just then Suhaani's phone rings. She answers)

Suhaani- Hello, inspector Suhaani here? O Nandini? Haan.. haan.. o! KYA! Theek hai, baad mein phone karungi. Thanks bye.

(She hangs up and rushes to the TV room. Acp and Daya exchanged glances and followed. On the TV was the news flash- "Disgraced Former CID Officer Holds News Agency Office Hostage" Meanwhile phones in the bureau rang. Sounds of news reporters coming into the security lounge below came. Acp's phone rang, It was the Commissioner of Mumbai Police, calling for explanation and an action against Abhijeet. Daya closed his eyes, sure that it was a nightmare. Suhaani was feeling upset that Abhijeet now became Most Wanted.)

End of Part One Of 4 Hour Spcl.

 Part two of four hour spcl, in d 2nd post.

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Continued from 1st post.

(Copy-Pasted last paragraph from above post)

(She hangs up and rushes to the TV room. Acp and Daya exchanged glances and followed. On the TV was the news flash- "Disgraced Former CID Officer Holds News Agency Office Hostage" Meanwhile phones in the bureau rang. Sounds of news reporters coming into the security lounge below came. Acp's phone rang, It was the Commissioner of Mumbai Police, calling for explanation and an action against Abhijeet. Daya closed his eyes, sure that it was a nightmare. Suhaani was feeling upset that Abhijeet now became Most Wanted.) 

(Daya started to wonder about something. Suhaani was answering calls and the rest of the team was back, fending off the mediapersons. Acp was pleading with Dcp on the phone, telling him that Abhijeet was perhaps victimized. After he hung up, Daya went up to him)

Daya- Sir. Media ko kaise pata chala Abhijeet ne CID cchod diya aur disgraced ho gaya?

Acp- (His eyes on the TV screen) Pata nahin. Koi toh hai.

(Just then Freddy came up)

Freddy- Acp sir, Daya sir! Ek reporter ke saath Commissioner aa raha hai!

(The Commissioner entered. All officers but Suhaani saluted him. The reporter accompanying the Commissioner was looking proud of himself.)

Commissioner- Kya hua? Koi action shuru nahi kiya?

Acp- Sir. Dcp sir aur police commando waha pahucch gaya hai. Humme aur saboot...

Commissioner- Saboot nikaalna bandh karo. Yeh raha saboot. Mera reporter spy ne dekha tha ussi gang ko aur Abhijeet waha tha. Abhijeet ko sawaal pucch raha tha aur bahut hi bataaya CID ki khilafh!

(He turns and nods at the reporter, who then tells Acp and Daya about Abhijeet's complaints. Daya was shell-shocked and staggered back a bit, not believing a thing. Acp was stunned and looked away at loss for words. Suhaani came up, frowning.)

Suhaani- Tumhaari himmat kaise hue, tum humme bina bataaye saare duniya ko bataaya! Kam se kam pehle humaare baat toh....

Commissioner- Matlab? 

Suhaani (Defiantly)- Commissioner. Pehle toh humaare baat sun sakte thei! Abhijeet ko phaasaane jaa rahe hain do bhai-behen human traffickers. Meri pass dono gavah hai jo bata sakta hai ki Abhijeet was victimised. Kuch kuch dawaiyaan aise hote hai jo ek aadmi ka dimaag badal jaate hai, addict bhi bana sakte hai. Hypnotism nahi hai yeh. Yeh ek galat drugs aur galti dawaiyaan ki influence. 

(The whole room grew silent on hearing her. Then-)

Commissioner- Kya tum uski bhatijee ya ek cid officer ki taraf se baat kar rahe ho?

Suhaani- Mein ek lawyer thi police join karne ki pehle. Chaahe toh senior CBI officer Asha ko pucch sakte ho.

Commissioner- Waisabhi... (Looking at Acp) I want him alive. CBI court enquiry shuru ho jaayega. Mein usko giraafter karne chaahta hoon. (With that he stormed out of the bureau, leaving Suhaani even more determined.)

(Abhijeet and the gang had taken over a floor of the building. The occupants of other floors fled. The hostages were sitting on the floor terrified. Amit and Maya now signalled Abhi to do the next step. Abhijeet gave his "wicked" smile and was about to dial Acp's number. Just then police and commando cars and media persons arrived, surrounding the building on the ground. The Dcp got out of his car and picked up the police microphone- "Senior Inspector Abhijeet. Surrender yourself. Yahaan bahut saari police hai aur bhaagne ki koi raasta nahi hai. Inspector Abhijeet...." He continued. Abhijeet snorted and dialled Acp's number)

(Daya, Acp and others were getting into their cars when Acp's phone rang.)

Acp- Hello Abhijeet!

Abhijeet- Hello Acp saab. Kaise ho?

Acp- Abhijeet, yeh naatak bandh karo Abhijeet! Woh logone tumhe phasaane koshish kar raha hai!

Abhijeet (Laughing away)- Acc-ccha? Hahaha-hahaha.... A-c-p saab. Mein ab tumhe ek baat bataane waali hoon. Sunlo acchi tarase. Tum aur woh Daya ab criminal Dhanshivarna ko jail se nikaaldo varna yeh sab maasoom logo ki jaan chale jayega.

Daya- Dhanshivarna??

Acp- Woh human trafficker? Abhijeet tumhaara dimaag toh hil gaya! Abhijeet yaad karo! Yeh aadmi ek khooni aur apradhi hai! Uske khilaafh tum undercover operation kiya tha!

Abhijeet- Acp saab. Mein tumhe ek ghanta dey raha hoon. Agar ek ghanta mein nahi pahuccha toh yeh sab logo ko mein khud maar daalunga!

Acp- Abhijeet. Abhijeet tumhe kya hua! Abhijeet usko toh phaansi ho gayua hai!

(But the phone was dead. Acp held his hand to his head.)

Daya- Sir... Shayad yeh Maya aur Amit koi rishtedaar hoga. Abhijeet ko apradh karwaane koshish kar raha hai!

Acp- Haan... Magar hum kya karunga! Kaise  Abhijeet ko samjhaanga ki yeh Dhanshi bees saal pehle se marjuka hai!

Suhaani- Sir. Mere pass ek plan hai.

(The Cid team reached the building. Between Freddy and Sachin, a masked man came out of the car, his hands handcuffed. Daya, Acp, Suhaani, Vivek and Kajal came out of the other car. Acp approached Dcp.)

Acp- Humaare pass ek ghatarnak prisoner hain. Uske cchod dena pada. Abhijeet ka shart tha. Varna yeh sab logo mar jaayega.

Dcp- Yeh tum kya kar rahe ho! Tumhe pata hai? Yeh criminal kaun hai?

Daya- Hai koi. Humme jaane dijiye andar. Kuch nahi hoga!

Dcp- Acp Pradyuman?

Suhaani- Haan sir, humme par bharosa kijiye.

(Acp dials Abhijeet's number)

Acp- Abhijeet?

Abhijeet- Bees minute baaki hai. A-c-p saab... Ho g-aya ka-am?

Acp- Haan. Hum andar le aa raha hoon. 

Abhijeet- Nai nai nai.... Sirf tum andar aaoege Dhansh ke saath... He-he-he.

Acp- Theek hain Abhijeet....

(Daya and Suhaani looked panicked but Acp refused their company. He led the prisoner into the building. Daya and Suhaani looked at each other and than looked at the rest of the team. Daya nodded.)

(Acp reached the floor level, the prisoner tagging alongside. A man with a rifle came out. He signalled roughly to Acp to follow him. Just as Acp got into the room, Amit fired upon the prisoner's leg.)

Acp- Yeh kya kar raha ho! 

Abhijeet (Coming forward)- Aao aao aao A-c-p saab! 

Acp- Abhijeet, yeh kya ho raha hai! (He bent down to hold the yelping prisoner up)

Abhijeet (Pointing his gun)- Nai nai. Cchod do usko. Ab mere saraf dekho.

Acp (Slowly turning towards the gun)- A-a-abhijeet! Yeh... Tum mujhpar goli chalaaynge?

Abhijeet- Ha-an! (Laughs. Suddenly his head aches) Aa-aa... a-a....(He holds his forehead while pointing the gun) Maya. Woh dawai!

Maya (Coming forward)-Ab tum tumhaara ateeth ka raaz sunoge?

Abhijeet- Haan! (His head throbbing, his gun still pointing at Acp)

Acp- Abhijeet! Mera baat maano! Yeh logone tumhe sirf phasaaya hai! Abhijeet!

Abhijeet- Chup! Ekdum chup! (His head was still aching)

(Amit thought to himself- Wah Maya ki injection bahut hi bariya!)

Acp- Kam se kam mere baat toh suno Abhijeet! Aur pehle yeh sab logoko chhodo!

Abhijeet- NAI! Nai! N...a..i... a-a-a-aaaa-aaaa (He was still reeling while trying to concentrate) Maya! Pehle dawai toh do! Seer mein lag raha hai!

Maya- Pehle tumhaara ateeth ka raaz suno aur isko maar daalo. Iss aadmi ki verjade tumhaar sab yaadein chala gaya!

Acp- Jhuth! Abhi-Abhijeet! Tum yakeen karo Abhijeet! Mein....

Abhijeet- Accha accha accha.... Toh tum ho.... Aa-a-aa-a...

Acp- Abhijeet....

(Just then the whole CID team suddenly trooped in, their guns up. The gang immediately pointed their guns as well. The hostages, terrified, tried to hide away)

Amit- Eh! Aage mat barna!

Abhijeet- Eh! Acp ko goli maarunga aur tum sab ko ghayal kardunga!

Daya- Abhijeet! Hosh mein aao! Tum ek CID officer ho!

Abhijeet- Tha! Ab nahi.

Maya- Abhi. Yeh Daya ka bhi haath hai.

Abhijeet- Accha? Tum dono ab....

(Suddenly Suhaani spoke up) 

Suhaani- Abhijeet mama. Mein tumhaari bhatijee hoon. Mein tumhe bataaongi kya hua tha.

Abhijeet- Accha? 

Maya- Tum kuch nahi jaante ho! Yeh Acp aur Daya aur Abhi ke beech mein.

Suhaani- Abhi mama. Yeh logobe tumhe dhoka diya hai.

Amit- Accha? Hum sirf Abhijeet ko madad kar raha hoon!

Suhaani- Accha? Aise madad?

Daya- Abhijeet... Zara gun neeche karo! Suhaani tumhe saare sach bataaynge!

Abhijeet- Eh! Dushman! Mujhe pata hai tumhaara matlab kya hai samjha! Nai! Gun neeche nahi karunga!

Suhaani- Theek hai theek hai! Lekin meri baat maano! Sunlo mujhe! Please! Mama, aur koi raasta nahi hai tumhe samjhaane mein! Abhijeet sir, please sunlo Daya aur mujkho!

(Abhijeet looked at Suhaani then at Daya and then at Acp)

Abhijeet- Theek hain. Ek minute mein bolo varna Acp ko goli mardunga1

Daya- Abhijeet yeh kya paagalpan!

Abhijeet- Chup! Mein paagal nahi hoon!

Daya- Nahi. Tum paagal nai ho Abhi! 

Abhijeet- Abhi mat pukaaro mujhe!

(Suddenly a shot rang out. Amit's bullet hit Daya in his chest. Daya rolled on the floor in pain.)

Abhijeet- DAYA! Amit! Yeh kya kiya tumne!

Amit- Tumhaara bhalay ke liye!

(Suddenly Maya shot at Suhaani and she fell to the ground)

Abhijeet- Hana!

Maya- Abhi! Sambhaalo apne aapko. Yeh logo tumhaara kaam puran nahi karne diya. Ab fire karo!

Acp (Who seemed unnerved by Daya and Suhaani's injury)- Abhijeet... Ab dekho... Kya kiya in logone! Tumhaara dost aur tumhaara bhatijee...

Amit- Phir wahi baat!

Sachin- Eh! Chup! Abhijeet sir! Zara ek baar humme sunlo!

Vivek- Haan Abhijeet sir!

Kajal- Sir! Aap abhi bhi Cid officer ho! Aapki resignation letter Acp sir ne phek diya hai!

Freddy- Sir! Mein toh uss samay tha! Mera baat toh sunniye!

(All the officers talked together, distracting Abhijeet with all their efforts. Till-)

Abhijeet- Bas! Bas! Ekdum chup! (He focused his gun again on Acp) Haan Acp saab.... (His head was reeling. His ears were ringing. He suddenly looked crazily confused)

Acp- Abhijeet... (In his calm voice Acp tried to convince Abhijeet. Maya and Amit were siblings. Abhijeet, during his undercover operations, had witnessed a murder done by Dhanshivarna, Amit-Maya's father. Abhijeet had the hospital shut down and Dhanshi was soon hanged. Years later, Amit and Maya had fled from Dubai to Mumbai and had, as a revenge, misused Abhijeet's mentality and forced him to almost commit a crime. They even knew the prisoner was not Dhanshi so Amit shot him.)

Abhijeet (As he listened, slowly lowering his gun down) K-k-kya?

Acp- Haan Abhijeet! They wanted to make you guilty! Abhijeet, jo khoon tha sapna mein woh ek subconscious hallucination tha. Woh khooni tum nahi, Dhansh tha!

Abhijeet- Iska matlab... Is.s..ska matlab...

(Frustrated, Amit and Maya held up their guns again at Acp)

Amit- Bas bahut ho gaya! Abhijeet! Maaro!

Abhijeet- Huh?

Maya- Abhijeet! Maaro!

(Suddenly Daya and Suhaani got up. It became evident that they were wearing bullet-proof jackets)

Amit- K-k-kya?

Maya- P-p-par!

Suhaani- Abhi mama. Gun bhejdo....

Abhijeet- Daya! Hana! Tum do-dono th-theek ho?

Daya- Haan boss....

(Suhaani pointed her gun at Maya)

Suhaani- Amit gun bhejdo aur baaki sabko yehi kaho. Ab khel khatam!

(Abhijeet slowly lowered his gun, reeling. He started staggering and then fainted)

Daya- Abhi!

Amit- Magar hum humaare guns....

(Sachin shot Amit in the leg. Suhaani tackled Maya. Freddy, Vivek and Kajal disarmed other men. Acp rushed to Abhijeet's side. Daya gave his hard slap to Amit. Suhanni slapped Maya twice.)

(The news channels flashed all day and night --  
Senior Inspector Abhijeet was under an intensive care and rehabilitation in some highly manned hospital in New Delhi. 
He was whisked away and was now facing enquiry charges. Representing him would be Suhaani his lawyer. 
Amit and Maya confessed that on coming to Mumbai they found out that Abhijeet had lost his memory and therefore they decided to play tricks with his brain. ACP Pradyuman had them charged and a police case against them. 
Deportation orders were made to transfer them to UAE Government.
CBI was considering Abhijeet's case. However Suhaani was soon winning the case.
Armed with witnesses, proofs, psychological evidences, Suhaani aimed to defend Abhijeet.
Daya, Freddy and Acp called to Delhi to support Abhijeet.
CBI officer Asha vouchsafed for Abhijeet.
-- the news went on as days flew by into a month and a half after the incident.)

Scene- at the bureau....

(Acp and Daya were back in town a week earlier. The team was a bit tired after a crank call and a bomb scare. Acp was discussing a file with Daya. Kajal and Sachin were at a computer. Vivek was telling Freddy 1000th time that Abhijeet will be safe.

Suddenly everyone looked up to see Suhaani entering with Dcp. Acp and Daya rushed forward while others stood up)

Acp- Kya hua? Abhijeet toh.... Case har gaya?

Daya- Nahi ho sakta! Suhaani!

Suhaani- Relax Daya sir! (She smiled)

(Relief broke on faces of other officers. Daya broke into a smile after days. Acp grinned)

Dcp- Abhi abhi Abhijeet apne ghar mein hai. Bas aati hogi.

(A voice- May I come in, Sir?)

(Everyone looked at the doorway. Senior Inspector Abhijeet was standing there, his eyes misty and tear-ful, his expression of a pained guilt)

Daya- Abhi!

Abhijeet- D-D-Daya.... Haan Daya!

Daya (Going forward)- Abhijeet tum theek ho na? Mujhe maaf karo Abhi! Maine tumhe theek se...

Abhijeet (shaking his head)- Daya, mujhe maaf karo yaar! Main... Mujhe samajh nahi aa raha hai mujhe kya hua tha....

Daya- Nahi boss...

Abhijeet- Nahi Daya! Tum mera cchote bhai jaise. Mujhe tumhe aise baat...

Daya- Cchodiye Abhi!  Woh kuch nahi. Bas mera bhai ab waapus aaya aur mein khush hoon.... 

(The two officers shook hands, their other hands on each other's shoulders. Then they gave each other a quick hug.)

Acp- Aao Abhijeet! Welcome back to CID! 

Abhijeet (Coming forward, his pained expression back, his palms folded)- Sir! Mujhe maaf kijiye! Aage se...

Acp- Abhijeet! Yeh tumhaara fault nahi hai! Tumhe acchi tarase phasaya gaya tha lekin tum bach gaya. Agar Suhaani nahi thei toh...

Suhaani- Yes sir, I agree!

Abhijeet- Thank you Suhaani.... Sir aap mujhe toh maaf karenge naa?

Acp- Haan Abhijeet... Lo... Tumhaara badge aur gun....

Dcp- Ab mein chalta hoon. Abhijeet take care. 

Abhijeet- Yes sir....

(Dcp left)

Suhaani- This calls for celebration! Chalo sir! Hum bahar chalte hai!

Acp- Haan kyon nahi!

Daya- Chal Abhi!

Abhijeet- Chalo  Daya!

(The team, in a celebration mood went down to their car. This time Acp volunteered to sit at the back, as he knew Daya was missing his buddy and deserved Abhijeet's company. The radio was swtitched on as the car drove off.....)

"Yeh dosti hum nahin todenge
Todenge dam magar tera saath na chhodenge) - 2
Ae meri jeet teri jeet, teri haar meri haar
Sun ae mere yaar
Tera gham mera gham, meri jaan teri jaan
Aisa apna pyaar
Jaan pe bhi khelenge, tere liye le lenge
Jaan pe bhi khelenge, tere liye le lenge
Sab se dushmani
Yeh dosti hum nahin todenge
Todenge dam magar
Tera saath na chhodenge
Logon ko aate hain do nazar hum magar
Dekho do nahin
Arre ho judaa ya khafa ae khuda hai dua
Aisa ho nahin
Khaana peena saath hai
Marna jeena saath hai
Khaana peena saath hai
Marna jeena saath hai
Saari zindagi
(Yeh dosti hum nahin todenge
Todenge dam magar tera saath na chhodenge)

                                            The End

Edited by suhaani.cid - 21 January 2011 at 9:11am

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visrom IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 26 November 2009
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Posted: 20 January 2011 at 5:22pm | IP Logged

It's a good start...but please don't leave it unfnished. Need to read this before tonight's disaster....LOL

And yeah....please give a short intro of the 'story so far' in the beginning.

Edited by visrom - 20 January 2011 at 5:23pm

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suhani.cipamisa IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 January 2011 at 5:24pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by visrom

It's a good start...but please don't leave it unfnished. Need to read this before tonight's disaster....LOL

And yeah....please give a short intro of the 'story so far' in the beginning.

i havnt followed the series at all let alone see itLOL

glad u liked it Tongue

edited-- will add the story so farSmile

Edited by suhaani.cid - 20 January 2011 at 5:32pm
visrom IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 20 January 2011 at 5:34pm | IP Logged
But Suhaani, Abhijeet was out of the mental hospital last week.
suhani.cipamisa IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 12 April 2009
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Posted: 20 January 2011 at 5:40pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by visrom

But Suhaani, Abhijeet was out of the mental hospital last week.

But we dont know where he is staying right? and the scene where he was talking to daya was looking like he was at the hospital......
visrom IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 26 November 2009
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Posted: 20 January 2011 at 5:42pm | IP Logged
To me it looked like an unused section of a newly opened mall.
suhani.cipamisa IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 12 April 2009
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Posted: 20 January 2011 at 5:44pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by visrom

To me it looked like an unused section of a newly opened mall.

never mind just take it as a shady looking hospital.... thats what will come soon.... read on....

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