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We'll be Together......ALWAYS!!!![AR] UPDT PT9PG35 (Page 7)

kirriters IF-Rockerz

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Somehow the day had gotten over. All of them were exhausted as they exited their last class which was human kinetics. This class was like hell to them. Two and half hours sitting in one classroom, the only thing to do was to copy a dozen notes one after another. By the end of the class, it always seemed like to them that their hands will fall off. As they exited the class, no one said a word and all of them went to their favorite caf and slammed themselves in those high chairs that were laid around the tables in the caf.

"yaar, this human kinetics class, just takes away my life", Muskaan exclaimed. "sachi, by the end of this class, I don't even feel lyk I have hands, all goes numb", riddhima followed. "only two more weeks and then no human kinetics class, god am so waiting for that day", Rahul said in a joyous tone. "in 2 weeks not only this class will end but finally we'll return to Mumbai'.no more kasauli then'..i'm waiting to head back'to my parents", armaan said sounding excited. "And, then sanjeevani.....interns banjayenge hum sab na!!" riddhima exclaimed. "yah...real stuff then", rahul said. "par ek jaane ka haal bura r u suppose to look at blood?" armaan asked. a frown appeared on muskaan's face.

Everybody started laughing as they saw Muskaan's reaction changing instantaneously. "uff'..kya life hai meri' sucks", Muskaan said. The afternoon went off like that.

~Armaan and Rahul's Room~

It was 6:00pm. Armaan and Rahul both sat on their beds trying to think about what they're gonna do tonight. Every Friday evenings, it would always be the same. Both of them would think a lot of what to do and then when they finalize their decisions they call the girls to ask if they agree or no.

"Yaar armaan aj karna kya hai?," Rahul asked. "sabar kar na'.sochne de", armaan insisted. "pichle ek gante se tu soch toh raha hai", Rahul mocked him. "soch toh raha hoon, teri tarah thori na'kisi ka dimaag kharab kar raha hoon", armaan mocked him back. "Oyye, meri kya galati'..mein jab bhi koi idea deta hoon, all of you disagree on it," Rahul stated. "haan toh hum kya kare, tere idea bhi toh aise hi hote hai, kabhi bolta hai k park chalet hai aur kabhi bolta hai k nadi kinare chalet hai''aisa lagta hai k hum youngsters nahin balke 80 saal k bure log hai", armaan said in a higher tone. "haan toh tere suggestion toh bohot ache hote hai na? kabhi movies toh kabhi dinner ya kabhi pubs", Rahul said. "haan, toh atleast the girls agree on it unlike ur ideas, which they don't even bother to listen", armaan said. "chal bey chor'.tere se baat karna hi beakaar hai'.", Rahul said. "toh nahin kar na'..", armaan told him. Both continue to think'.and at last both of them jumped up, "IDEA", both of them said at the same time. "LETS GO FOR A MOVIE", again at the same time.

"par kaunsi?", Rahul asked. "lets go to some action thriller, bohot saari lagi vi hai in the near theatre", armaan suggested. "nahin nahin'lets go to a romantic flick", Rahul suggested. "kyu bey muskaan ko purpose karne k tareeke doondne hai?", armaan asked.

Armaan and Rahul both knew each other's secrets and both even knew that whom one loved. Armaan knew that Rahul loved Muskaan and Rahul knew that Armaan loved riddhima. Both had their secrets save inside each other's hearts and had decided not to let them out. Atleast not until they know what the girls think about them.

"nahin nahin aisa koi plan nahin hai", Rahul said as he tried to turn the topic around. "jhoot na bol, I know what you're planning'..waise btw does muskaan has a hint that you like her?", armaan asked. "paagal hai kya? She's gonna kill me if she gets to know''ek number ki jhalli toh hai", Rahul said. "and btw tu action thriller picture kyun dekhna chahata hai? Riddhima ko gundo se bachane ke tareeke doond raha hai kya? Toh phir usko tu purpose kar?", Rahul continued. "chal bey, mujhe apni basket ko purpose karne k liye tareeke nahin chahiye''who armaan mallik ko bare ache se pata hai k usse kya karna hai'.", armaan answered. "hmm chal dekhte hai kaisa hai tera tareeka", Rahul said. "who baad mein dekhna'.chal phele lets ask the girls," armaan said and went to pick the phone up.

~Meanwhile, Riddhima and Muskaan's Room~

Both of the girls sat on their beds and were watching tv. "yaar yeh lark one abhi tak phone kyu nahin kiya?", riddhima asked. "ya I know'.humesha toh ajaata hai''.aj itni der kyu?", muskaan stated. "pakkah abhi tak koi idea nahin mila hoga", riddhima said. "yeh larke bhi na ek number k budhu hai", muskaan said. "oyye buddhu hoga tera Rahul'..mere armaan ko kuch nahin bolna", riddhima said in a kind of strict voice. "chal bey mera Rahul tere armaan se way better hai atleast flirt toh nahin hai", muskaan said. "armaan flirt nahin hai'", riddhima said. "Accept the truth ridzy..he's a flirt", muskaan said. "No, he's not!", riddhima argued. "Yes, he is'." Muskaan insisted. "No Ways'..aur tu meri chor aur apni soch'..tera aur Rahul ka ek minute bhi banta toh nahin hai'.bas dono larte rehte ho'..tumlogo ka hoga kaise? Atleast mere aur armaan ka banta toh hai, tumlog kya karo ge? Bol bol'.", riddhima demanded for an answer.

Riddhima and muskaan both also knew about each other's secrets and had promised each other not to reveal that the fact to whom the two loved. It was a mere secret between the two and they didn't want to reveal the secret'..atleast not till the guys admitted anything.

Before, the two could say anything further, the phone rang. Riddhima picked it up since it was closer to her bed. "Hello'" riddhima said in the phone. It was obviously armaan who called her. "Hi'basket", armaan said in the phone and put it on speaker so both can talk and riddhima did the same. "haan toh kya plan hai aaj ka?", muskaan asked. "we're thinking of going to movies", armaan answered. "movies! Wow'.kaunsi?", riddhima asked. "we still don't know yet' you guyz have any suggestion?", Rahul asked. "hmmm'..lets see'.", riddhima said "hey I have an idea", muskaan blurted out, "lets go watch AANDIYAN'..", muskaan suggested.

The guys got a frown on their face. They wanted to watch the movie but the only problem was that it was a scary flick. And both knew that riddhima will watch almost anything but not a scary flick but riddhima didn't know that it was an scary movie. "Muskaan'tu paagal hogayi hai?", Rahul said in the phone. "kyu kya hua Rahul '.kya karabi hai movie mein?", muskaan demanded an answer. "haan batao na Rahul kya karabi hai?", riddhima too demanded an answer. "kuch nahin basket'.", armaan said. "kya matlab kuch nahin'..agar kuch baat nahin hai toh Rahul ne muskaan ko paagal kyu kaha?", riddhima stated. "who toh bas mazaak kar raha tha", armaan said. "haan mein toh mazak kar raha tha", Rahul said. "whatever'..chalo lets meet at the theatre at 9 sharp, bye for now", riddhima said and disconnected the phone.

~At the theatre~

Armaan and Rahul had already reached the theatre''and were waiting for the girls. "pata nahin riddhima ka reaction kya hoga is movie ki taraf..its pretty scary dude", armaan said worryingly. "yeh muskaan bhi na'..", Rahul said. "tub hi na'humesha muski pe barista reh''shayad bechari ko yaad nahin hoga that it's a scary flick'.warna do you think she would've named it?", armaan said. "pata nahin is larki k dimaag mein kya chalta rehta hai", Rahul said.

Before they could talk any further'.the girls appeared in front of them. "Hi guyz'", both said. "hi'", armaan and Rahul said in a weak tone. "kya hua tum dono k moods kyu utere ve hai?", muskaan investigated. "muskaan tu ek minute yahan ayegi?", Rahul said and pulled her away. Armaan and riddhima just stood there wondering what Rahul had on mind. "kya hai Rahul'.kyu mujhe yahan kheech laya? Problem kya hai?", muskaan asked. "problem kya hai? Tu mujhse pooch rahi hai? Ask yourself'..yeh hum kaun si movie dekhne aye hai?", asked Rahul. "AANDIYAN", muskaan replied. "is movie ka genre kya hai?", asked Rahul. "horror", muskaan said freely. At first muskaan just told him'.then her brain bell rang that what had just happened. "W*H'.riddhima doesn't know this is an horror flick'she trusted me and came'..omg'.ab kya hoga'..we'll have to tell her''", muskaan said. "are you crazy'agar tune usse batadiya toh she'll never watch this film''and this is your favorite actor's movie' can you miss it?", Rahul asked. "joh bhi ho''bhaar mein gaya favorite actor'.i'm not gonna lie to my frnd chal tu," muskaan said and left.

Muskaan came where riddhima and armaan were standing. "kya hua muski? Why do you appear so worried?", riddhima asked. "ridzy'I'm sorry", muskaan apologized. "sorry? For wat?", riddhima asked all puzzled. "actually this movie is an horror flick and I didn't remember that'..and you don't watch horror flicks'chal hum koi aur movie dekhte hai", muskaan said and started pulling her towards the exit of the theatre. "par muski yeh toh tere favorite hero ki movie hai", riddhima stated. "I don't care'..tere liye bhaar mein gaya actor'hum nahin dekhenge", muskaan said disappointedly. "nahin hum yehi movie dekhenge'..", riddhima stated. "KYA!", was the only thing that came out of armaan, muskaan and rahuls mouth. "basket are you okay? I mean your gonna watch a horror flick?", armaan asked.

"haan kyu nahin? Agar muski mere liye apne favorite hero ki movie miss kar sakti hai toh mein uske liye ek horror flick nahin dekh sakti?", riddhima stated, "mein aur muskaan yehi movie dekhenge'.if you guys wanna watch'..then come warna bye", riddhima continued. "no no we're coming'..", the guys followed.

All were standing in the popcorn line. Rahul and muskaan had left to get the seats after they'd got their popcorns. "waise basket, I didn't know you were gonna say yes for a horror flick?", armaan asked. "I wasn't gonna, but I saw that if muskaan can sacrifice watching her favorite actors film for me'..and atleast I can try to watch an horror flick for her", riddhima answered. "hmm'.woh toh sahi baat hai'.btw agar tumhe dar lage toh don't worry am there'..", armaan offered. "no thank you I'm ok", riddhima said. "are you sure? Btw meine suna hai k is movie mein bare darone bhoot hai'so be careful", armaan warned her and left. Riddhima had already started to feel the chills running up her veins. "ARMAAN", she said and ran in behind him.

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Posted: 28 January 2011 at 11:24pm | IP Logged
hey awesome part
really love their friendship
wow so AR and RM love each other but havent confessed yet
cant wait to read more
continue soon
thanks for the pm

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..Maitree.. IF-Rockerz

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Wow Awesome Part Kirni!
AR and RM in love with each other already...and they don't know yet?WOW.Really,WOW...I'd love to see what happens in the threatre..!!!
Please cont.soon..
shonadesire IF-Dazzler

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hey dear.........awesome partClapClap...............loved AR n RM friendshipSmile...............i hope they confess each other soon..........
thanks for pm
continue soon

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Posted: 29 January 2011 at 1:10am | IP Logged
Kiru yaar nice part .
Why  don't we have Armaan  in our livesConfused
Loved their bond.
Hope this confession come soon.
Orkut Scraps - Quotes And Sayings
thanks for pm.
love u loads.

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Posted: 29 January 2011 at 2:54am | IP Logged
loved this part........
thnx 4 the pm

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ksg_ritika Goldie

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Posted: 29 January 2011 at 2:59am | IP Logged
hey kirni ....
nyc part .......
thanx  4 d pm .......
really lukin 4wrd 2 c wat happens at d movie hall once d movie starts ......
plzzz update soon .......

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GuDiYa... Goldie

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awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeee part
loved it

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