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We'll be Together......ALWAYS!!!![AR] UPDT PT9PG35 (Page 35)

..Ashi.. Goldie

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Posted: 13 April 2011 at 11:55pm | IP Logged
res. for now

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teenorchid IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 April 2011 at 2:15am | IP Logged
good goingggggg

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KaJen_addiction IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 April 2011 at 3:53am | IP Logged
nice part!

cont soon

thnx 4 pm

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..Ashi.. Goldie

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Posted: 16 April 2011 at 3:51am | IP Logged
awesome awesome part che!!!!

maza aya padhne mein!!!

Armaan is such a dumbo at times..he was trying to hide from

loved the part...the scenes and dialogues were fab!!!

specially the current one :P lol

keep it up

love ya

p.s. sorry not a long one this time..i have to write many..and my hands r paining

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unknown. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 April 2011 at 3:27pm | IP Logged
awesomee part
cont soon

harneet <3

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kirriters IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 April 2011 at 2:55pm | IP Logged

Riddhima sat in the locker room thinking reasons to why Armaan, Nikki, and Rahul were behaving oddly since afternoon. She couldn't make anything out of it….her brain wasn't functioning well. She tried harder but no luck arrived to her. "Akhir kya waja hosakti hai?" Riddhima asked to herself in confusion. "What has……" she began but was interrupted by Muskaan. "Pata nahin kya samajta hai apne aap ko. Aise behave kar raha hai jaise kahin ka raj kumar ho" Muskaan said as she entered the locker room. Riddhima didn't know what had happened but she knew that it was something related to Rahul. "kya hua Muskaan? Mood kharab kyu hai tumhara?" she asked Muskaan. "Pooch mat, mera mood abhi itna kharab hai k mein kisi bhi second blast hosakti hoon" Muskaan replied to her. "But……hua kya hai? That you're so angry. Is it anything to do with Rahul?" she asked Muskaan. "anything? The whole thing is related to him. Pata nahin kya hua hai chuchundar ko, duper se itna ajeeb sa behave kar raha hai, wohi nahin balke nikki aur Armaan bhi. Pata nahin duper se kya kusur pusur karahe hai ek doosre k kaan mein, aur jab bhi kareeb jao, all get startled and start asking stupid questions, aur toh aur right now when I went, Rahul told me Dr. Keerti was calling me and when I went there, ulta Dr. Keerti yelled at me that I should be working not wondering around" Muskaan explained. "Mat lab tere saath bhi wohlog yeh hi kar rahe hai?" Riddhima asked. "Mere saath bhi mat lab? Mat lab tere saath bhi?!" Muskaan exclaimed. "Haan same to same happened to me, because of them mujhe Dr. Keerti ki daat sunni pari……pata nahin teeno kya kar rahe hai" riddhima said. "I know aisi kya kichri paka rahe hai teeno that uski daal banke humlog pees rahe hai?" Muskaan said. "Kahin yehlog humlogo k khilaaf koi khel toh nahin tayar kar rahe na?" Muskaan continued. "agar kar rahe hote toh nikki wouldn't be there, nikki wouldn't plan anything against us" riddhima said in confidence. "Who toh hai…..par agar koi shararat nahin horahi toh kya horaha hai?" Muskaan asked puzzled. "who toh mujhe bhi nahin pata" Riddhima answered. "Zaroor kuch toh garbar hai" both said at once.

Where on one hand, both riddhima and Muskaan were getting worried about what was getting plotted against them; on the other hand Armaan, Nikki and Rahul were sitting peacefully in the Cafeteria sipping their coffees. "Life seems so peaceful na?" Nikki said. "hmm….." Rahul and Armaan gave in while in their dream lands. "Oyye where are you two off to?" Nikki asked snapping her fingers in front of their eyes to get them back on earth. "No where we're here" Rahul said. "lagta toh nahin hai" Nikki said. "haan haan tujhe kaise lage ga? Tune kabhi pyaar kiya hai? Billi" Armaan said. "tumlogo ki jori mila rahi hoon wohi kaafi hai" Nikki said. "mila de toh acha hai…..kahin pata chala milaate milaate hum budhe na hojaye" Rahul said which sent Rahul and Armaan bursting into laughter. "haslo…..jitna hasna hai haso….end mein toh mere paas hi aoge na….Nikki Jaldi pata laga na……riddhima aur Muskaan k baare main" nikki mimicked. "who sab toh dekha jayega…..filhaal am just wondering how life will be after mine's and riddhima's wedding" Armaan said. "meri aur Muskaan ki bhi" Rahul came in. "haan haan tumlog bhi" Armaan said sending both of them back into their dreamland. "oyye hawa k panchi…..chup chaap wapaas zameen pe ajao" Nikki told them; Armaan and Rahul back on earth. "abhi toh pata bhi nahin chala k us side pe kya hai and dono apne apne dreamland mein udh jaate ho" Nikki said. "Haan haan abhi nahin pata chala toh kya hua kabhi toh pata chalega na?" Armaan said. Before anyone could say anything else, Rahul saw Muskaan and riddhima enter the caf and hushed the two down. "oyye abhi chup karo……..riddhima aur Muskaan agayi" Rahul said. "kaha?" nikki said standing up in fear that they must be somewhere close and must've heard their convo. "Entrance pe hai… jaa….warna shak par jayega" Armaan said pulling Nikki to sit on the chair. As Muskaan and riddhima were coming to the group, Rahul started, "Shak par jayega kya par gaya hoga, remember dr. Keerti ka bahana bana k we had sent both of them…….dr. Keerti ne daat nahin diya ho kahin" Rahul whispered. "Kya baat kar raha hai" Armaan said. "In that case, we're goners………just hope they don't say anything" Nikki whispered back.

"Dekh teeno kaise araam se waha bete we hai" Muskaan told riddhima as they walked towards the table. "Haan, hume daat khila k araam se bete hai" Riddhima said. "inhe toh abhi hum dekhte hai" Muskaan said. "don't do such a thing muski, pehle yeh toh jaanne de k yehlogo k beech mein ho kya raha hai? Then we'll do something" riddhima told her and the two proceeded towards the group.

The two came and sat Riddhima beside Armaan and Muskaan beside Rahul. "Hi guys" Riddhima said. "Hi" replied Armaan, Rahul and Nikki. Since the girls had decided not the pinpoint anything, they silently sat down. "Kya chal raha hai?" Muskaan asked a bit later. "Who kuch nahin humlog toh tumlogo k baare mein……" Rahul started but was stopped by Armaan. "Humare baare mein? Tumlog humare baare mein baat kar rahe the? Kya baat kar rahe the?" Muskaan asked. "nahin nothing who …….woh" Nikki started to say but couldn't get anything. "We were wondering where both of you were….right guys?" Armaan said and the others agreed. Riddhima and Muskaan thought it to be a bit weird and had sensed that something was surely wrong. "par…" Riddhima started but didn't get a chance since Armaan interrupted her. "Arre why are we talking so much, abhi humara break hai lets eat something….i'll go and order something" Armaan stood up. "I'll come with you" Nikki said and stood up. "arey nikki Armaan order kar lega na….tu kaha jaarahi hai" riddhima asked. "haan you don't worry I'll order….i know what you want" Armaan said. "who kya hain na my taste has changed so I will have to go" Nikki said. The two started to go and Rahul stood up. "Ab tujhe kya hua?" Muskaan said. "tera bhi taste change hogaya hai kya?" she continued. "Nahin nahin toh……who I needed to talk to the workers…..woh ajj kal sandwich bohot ajeeb sa hota hai…so pooch k ata hoon k akhir maamla kya hai" Rahul said. Before anything else could be asked or said, all three left. "Kamaal hai…..aj dusra din hai and he's already concerned about the sandwiches" Muskaan said. "Muskaan, yeh sandwiches ki baat nahin hai……zaroor kuch garbar hai" Riddhima said.

As riddhima and Muskaan sat by the tables all confused and not knowing what to do next, Armaan, nikki and Rahul were standing at the counters ordering their food and sighing a breath of relief. "Baal baal bach gaye" Nikki said. "haan who toh hai………warna mr. raaoll ne toh hume pasane ka bandobas kar liya tha" Armaan said. "ab meri kya galati? You guys know na I don't lie to Muskaan……." Rahul said. "haan toh isliye usne poocha toh tune bata diya na?" Armaan said. "atleast mein teri tarah riddhima ko occasionally joot nahin bolta rehta" Rahul said. "jab zaroorat hoti hai jab hi mein usse kuch chupata hoon" Armaan said. "aur kya mat lab you have never lied to Muskaan? Tune grade 10 mein us larki ki madat ki thi whom Muskaan hated the most, and you told her that you didn't….wasn't that a lie? Abhi jaake Muskaan ko batao?" Armaan said. "oyye jaana mat………warna baat banne se pehle hi bigar jayegi….she's never gonna forgive me" Rahul said. "ok mere doh majnu…..koi kisi ko kuch nahin batayega……..we're here to order food, so can we do that?" Nikki interrupted in the middle. "Haan toh kar raha hoon na" Armaan said. they ordered the food and proceeded back to the tables, where they only found Muskaan. "Ridzy kahan hai?" Nikki asked. "who Dr. Abhimanyu came…….he said he needed to talk to her and maybe she's being assigned a new case" Muskaan said. "par abhi toh uska break chal raha hai……abhi kaun si conversations karni hai saru ko?" Rahul said. "agar mujhe ek khoon maaf ho na toh sab se pehle toh mein usko jaan se maar daalu" Armaan said. "hello….koi mujhe batayega yeh dr. Abhimanyu kaun hai?" nikki asked. "he's one of the senior doctors….such a saru he is……patients se ziyada toh usse apni fees se mat lab hai" Muskaan said. "really? So does anyone said anything to him till yet?" nikki asked. "kaha tha na….humare mahache Armaan ne" Rahul said. "wat happened then?" nikki asked curiously. "ARGUMENT" Muskaan exaggerated. "what…….guys you ought to tell me about the whole thing" nikki said. "tumlog baate karo……I'll be back……" Armaan said. "Tu kaha jaa raha hai?" Rahul asked. "No where……I'll be back in a few minutes" Armaan said. he didn't feel good with the idea of riddhima gone with Abhimanyu. Armaan left. "chalo na ab batao na" nikki insisted. They started to tell her about everything.

Armaan went all around the hospital….but wasn't able to find riddhima. At last he found her in the locker room studying some file. Riddhima saw him come inside. "Tum yaha?" Riddhima asked. "haan kaam tha" Armaan faked. Riddhima started glance at the file again. Armaan took a file out of his locker and acted like he really was studying it. "Armaan…….." riddhima called. "haan bolo" Armaan said jumping from the bench he was sitting on right next to riddhima which made riddhima feel a bit weird, it felt to her that Armaan was waiting for her to call him. "Agar kisi patient ko bronchial asthma ho toh what type of a treatment would you prefer for them?" riddhima asked him. "Bronchial asthma? But jahan tak I know none of your patients have this type of health prob" Armaan said. "this is a new case, Dr. Abhimanyu gave it to me a while ago" riddhima told him. Armaan got angry at this point but managed to keep it in. "Tumhe lagta nahin hai k aj kal Dr. Abhimanyu tumhe kuch ziyada case dene lage hai?" Armaan said sarcastically. "Armaan…don't start again" riddhima said. "Ok fine…I won't say anything" he told her and went to his locker. Riddhima realized he felt bad by what she told him. She stood up and went to his locker. "Acha baba sorry……I didn't mean that" riddhima said. "nahin isme tumhari galati nahin hai…..i say too much sometimes without the need" Armaan said. "Armaan…..kaha na sorry….kyu itna naraz ho?" riddhima said. "tumhe nahin pata?" Armaan asked. "pata hai…..cause I stopped you from saying anything again about dr. Abhimanyu" riddhima told him. "you stopped me from saying the truth about him" Armaan said. "Armaan…..choro na…….let's just not talk about him for the moment….." she told him. "I will…..if he stops calling only you for new cases" Armaan said. "ahhh toh yeh problem hai…..mujhe kahin se jalne ki bu arahi hai" riddhima said. "mein kyu jaloonga?" Armaan said. "mujhe kya pata…..shayad…." riddhima started but stopped and was about to leave when Armaan pulled her back. "Shayad what?" Armaan asked. "shayad tumhe yeh acha nahin lag raha that someone's falling for me and you don't have a gf" riddhima said. "who Abhimanyu aur tumhara bf……uski toh mein" Armaan said. "kya mat lab? Kyu who mera bf kyu nahin hosakti?" riddhima asked. "kyunki…'re mine" Armaan said leaving her in shock. Riddhima was in shock…she wanted to believe that he had just told her that he likes her….this was the moment she was waiting for years….she wanted this moment to stop this minute but good things have to end. "kyunki….you;re my best friend…..and you're not gonna be with some idiot" Armaan corrected himself in a hurry.

Even though Armaan had covered for himself…..both felt something weird going on inside them… riddhima it seemed lyk Armaan had said the thing she wanted to hear even though he had covered the fact fairly well…..and Armaan was worried about what she must be thinking of him. Before anything else could be done, Muskaan, Nikki and Rahul entered the locker room and they got busy with the group. It was night time; both couldn't get over with what had happened in the locker room earlier that day. But, they also decided not to act upon it till they really knew what was going on in the hearts of the two. Riddhima assumed what Armaan had said later was his true feeling, she ignored the mistake he faked that he had made…and Armaan assumed that riddhima would take his corrected version and won't mind the first one since he didn't know that was exactly what riddhima wanted to hear from him. They decided that they will keep on being as friends till nothing is confirmed.

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-RabiaKSGKaJen- IF-Rockerz

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First To Comment :)
Ridhzy & Muski Got Shouted By Hitler..
Ammy, Raooolll & Nikki Are Lucky Each Tym The Are Saved..
Raoolll Is Shooo Shtupid...
"I Cnt Lie To Muski" LOL..
Armaan-Riddhima In Locker Room <3..
When He Sed Yur Myn <3..
Oyee Hoyyee <3..
Waitin For The Part When Nikki Fynds Owt Feelings Of Ridhzy For Ammy & Muski For Raool...
Plzzzz Update Shoon 

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ammy_ka_ashu IF-Dazzler

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