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We'll be Together......ALWAYS!!!![AR] UPDT PT9PG35 (Page 31)


Joined: 09 October 2010
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Posted: 27 March 2011 at 1:41pm | IP Logged
aww love AR!!!! sooo cute n their ego!!!!
nikki's here superb!
cont soon n thanks 4 the pmSmile

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xxreenaxx Senior Member

Joined: 03 April 2008
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Posted: 27 March 2011 at 6:42pm | IP Logged
haya loved it!!! plz update asap!!!

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armaans_desire Senior Member

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Posted: 27 March 2011 at 8:48pm | IP Logged
nice ff
plz add me to ur pm list

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anumeha_rajat IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 12 February 2010
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Posted: 28 March 2011 at 7:52am | IP Logged

simply amazing part..

loved it alot..

thnx for the pm............

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amruta04 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 01 May 2009
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Posted: 29 March 2011 at 9:06am | IP Logged
hey kirni
sorry for late reply
it was nice update
loved it
do continue soon
take care and thanks for the pm.

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KaJen_addiction IF-Dazzler

Joined: 27 February 2011
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Posted: 30 March 2011 at 12:45pm | IP Logged
Sorry 4 commenting late.
Nice part!
AR fights were adorable. Also their fire escape scene
Cont soon
Thnx 4 pm

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xxreenaxx Senior Member

Joined: 03 April 2008
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Posted: 31 March 2011 at 2:41am | IP Logged
Im sooo missing an update!!! pls!!!

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kirriters IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 April 2011 at 8:27pm | IP Logged

Hey everyone,

Once again thank you for the wonderful comments I've been getting

Some of you had some questions so I'll answer them here….

First of all…….take a sigh of relief ppl, I won't be creating a love triangle between Armaan, riddhima or abhi or Armaan riddhima and nikki……all are destined to be with their real partners…….NO LOVE TRIANGLES since I hate them more than any of you…..and second thing,….you guys have asked me to complete the gang, I have added nikki in here but am not sure about adding Atul and anjie and I don't think am going to add them either, if somewhere down the road it comes to my mind that there's something missing, only then will it be time to add the two, other wise I don't think there's any need of adding the two. I hope you guys understand.

All were dumbfounded at the moment….they couldn't believe what they were seeing in front of their eyes. "Good morning Dr. Nikita" Keerti said which brought everyone back out of their shocking world. "This is our new intern, Dr. Nikita Malhotra" Keerti announced. "And now she will be working with you guys…..and I hope you guys will be welcoming her with a positive attitude" she finished saying. Only one question was going on in everyone's mind. "What the hell was Nikki doing here? And why hadn't she told nothing to them about her arrival", all wanted answers to the dozen questions which were popping inside of their heads. "You all can interact later…..time for duties" Keerti informed them. "Dr. Armaan, children's ward along with Dr. Riddhima; Dr. Rahul, patch lab and general lab; Dr. Muskaan, you're in the general ward. You all may start with your duties while I show Dr. Nikita around the hospital" she said and left with Nikki following her.

"yeh nikki yaha kaise?" Armaan asked to himself and others. "hume kaise pata hoga? Cousin teri hai ya humari?" Rahul asked. "par dost toh hum sab ki hai na" Armaan said back. "kamal hai… come nikki never told us she was transferring here?" riddhima pointed out. All had too many questions but no one had the answers. Without any further questions asked to each other, all went to their duties silently. All were working quietly, no sound was pecked on by any of the doctors. Finally, it was eleven o'clock and it was also their break time. All proceeded to the cafeteria, where they found nikki waiting for them. "Hey guys" she said as she greeted them. "come and sit" she offered them. They all sat down. " Tu yaha kya kar rahi hai?" Armaan asked. "joh tumlog kar rahe ho….INTERNSHIP" nikki replied. "but you were doing that in delhi na, so yaha kyu..yaha bhi humara dinmaag kharab karna band nahin karegi na? riddhima kya kam thi that you too??" Armaan said. "Armaan…."riddhima echoed. "yeh achi baat hai, mein sochi k waha mein bore hojaongi so I should shift here….mere dost hai yaha and tu mera cousin kam dushman ziyada is here too……so I should come…and you're getting mad….you know ….i even fought with my parents for this,.." she said. "nikki aisi koi baat nahin hai……Armaan didn't mean that" riddhima tried to explain. "Exactly…..he's just annoyed why you didn't tell us…..we're all happy that you came, but you should've told na" Muskaan said. "mere naa batane ki do wajaye hai….pehli agar mein bata deti toh tumlogo k shocked chehre kaise dekh paati? And doori wajah yeh hai k agar mein bata deti na toh yeh Armaan koi shaitani zaroor karta… just to be on the safe side….i didn't tell" nikki said. "joh hogaya so hogaya…par ab yeh nahin samaj k I won't do anything…..ab tu dekhti jaa" Armaan said.

Before anyone could say anything else……Keerti came in the cafeteria. "Dr. Nikita.finally I've found you…I wanted to tell you ……ajj ki duty aap dr. Armaan aur dr. riddhima k saath children ward mein karengi….is it clear?" Keerti ordered. "yes maam" nikki answered. "good…back to work" she said and left.

All resumed their duties after a little while. in the children's ward, Armaan and riddhima were working silently while nikki was getting herself introduced to other patients in the ward. Some time passed and Armaan heard something. "shh shhh shhh" he looked around but didn't see anyone calling him, he looked at riddhima who was busy working on a file and her back was towards him so she wouldn't be calling him. He brushed the thought off his mind and went back to working. A little while later he heard it again, "shh shh" he looked up again but no one did he saw calling upon him or even making the sound. He kinda knew where the sound might be coming from but he decided not act so sure right now. Before he looked down at his file again, he glanced at riddhima who was working at her file…..he couldn't resist the cuteness that was visible at her face. She caught onto his glance……..and then signaled him with her head asking what he was looking at. He just nodded a nothing and looked back in his file. "shh shh" came back. Armaan didn't look up this time. "shh shh shhh" it got more aggressive. He ignored it once again. Before another "shh" could come he looked behind him where nikki was standing and saw that she was about to "shh" again. "Caught you" he whispered to her considering the fact that the patients were resting therefore they shouldn't be disturbed. "As usual" she answered him. "Kya problem hai?" he asked her. "kuch nahin………" she said in a sweet tone. "kuch nahin hai toh chup chaap kaam kar na….kyu dimaag kharab kar rahi hai?" Armaan whispered to her. "uff" she started and came and stood beside him. "Doctor banne k baad how boring have you become?" she said. "boring nahin….shareef…don't you know patients need rest?" Armaan asked. "I know….but still…….phele toh chappar chappar hota tha tu and now" she pointed out. "paagal hogayi hai tu kya? Slow baat kar….ek toh mujhe disturb kar rahi hai…..and upar se itni uchi awaaz mein baat kar rahi hai…….idiot……aur upar se mujhe bhi bol rahi hai baat karne k liye…..agar basket ne dekh liya na mujhe baat karte we and who bhi idhar jab k patients rest kar rahe hai toh hogaya mera kaam" he said. "oh….apni basket se itna dar lagta hai?" she asked. "what do you mean by that?" he asked. "don't try to act…….pyaar kiya toh darna kya" she said. "oyye filmy character……tera dimaag Sachi mein out hai kya bakwaas kar rahi hai…." He said to her. "acha mein bakwaas kar rahi hoon? Jhoot nahin bol, I know you're in love with ridzy" she told him. "tu chup chaap kaam kar and let me too warna basket agayi na toh hojayega hum dono ka kaam" he said. "mein kya baat kar rahi hoon and you are trying to divert the topic" she said. "am not trying to divert the topic, its just you're talking rubbish" he said and walked out the ward. "Armaan ruko na……jhoot nahin bol, Rahul ne mujhe sab bata diya hai" she said which stopped Armaan at once. "kya? Kya bata diya hai usne tujhe?" he asked. "yehi k you're in love with ridzy and are afraid of telling her" she told him. "yeh kaha usne? I told him not to say anything to anyone….dekhta hoon abhi usse" he said and left in anger. Armaan reached the locker room where Rahul was. "Arey Armaan tu yaha" Rahul said when he saw Armaan coming in. "tune nikki ko kya bataya?" Armaan asked. Rahul saw nikki coming in. "meine? Kya bataya?" Rahul asked, he signaled nikki by the motion of his head to ask what Armaan was exactly talking about, nikki just acted like she didn't know anything. "ziyada ban mat, nikki ne mujhe sab bata diya k tune isse kya bataya? How could you? We had decided that we won't tell anyone and you told her" Armaan said. "par Armaan what have I done?" Rahul asked innocently. "dekh Rahul abhi bhi time hai…..sach bata de warna mujhe abhi bhi boxing aati hai" Armaan said. "arey yaar mein kya batao….mujhe khud nahin pata tu kis cheez k baare mein baat kar raha hai" he said. "nikki" Armaan said and nikki came forward. "Rahul ko batao what he told you" Armaan told her. "what? He didn't tell me anything" nikki said leaving Armaan in shock. "what! Mat lab you didn't tell about me and riddhima to her" Armaan asked him. "you and riddhima. PAAGAL HAI KYA! When I had told you I won't so why would I?" Rahul asked. Armaan looked at nikki and she started to laugh. "yeh sab kya tha?" Armaan asked. "nothing just a little prank" she answered still laughing. "that wasn't funny" Armaan said and sat on the bench. "for me it was" she said. "waise it was" Rahul agreed. "tu bhi mil gaya iske saath" Armaan said. "but tujhe kaise pata chala about all this?" Rahul asked nikki. "mujhe toh pata tha" nikki answered. "pata tha mat lab?" Armaan asked. "bachpan se jaanti hoon tumlogo ko…..and I knew something was going on between the two……and I thought abhi tak dono ne apne dil ki baat bhi ek doosre ko boldi hogi…..but my bad luck nothing till now…..abhi tak dono best frnds ka tag laga k ghoom rahe hai" she said. "hahah ……tu toh gaya…..nikki toh bhi pata chal gaya teri lovestory k baare mein….." Rahul said. "Rahul…….mujhe sirf iski nahin tumhari lovestory ka bhi pata hai with Muskaan" nikki said which altered to rahul's face turning red and Armaan bursting into laughters. "ab bol" Armaan said.

Sometime passed and all calmed down. "Acha chalo jab k tumhe pata hi chal gaya hai u better not tell them" Armaan told her. "mein toh nahin bataongi par tum dono kab bataoge?" she asked them. "soon" Rahul said. "ek baat bata nikki…since you're wid us since childhood and you knew about our secret……so do you think waha se bhi same response hai?" Armaan asked. "pata nahin" she said. "humara pata tha wohlogo ka nahin……" Armaan asked. "haan toh isme meri kya galati?" she asked. "nikki jee tusi gr8 ho" Rahul said. "I know" she answered. "I know bari aye…..gr8 toh jab hogi jab wohlogo k dil ki bhi baat jaanti hogi idiot" Armaan said. "toh teri mushkil bhi asaan kardeti hoon" she said. "kaise?" Armaan asked her. "pata laga leti hoon k joh current yaha dor raha hai waha bhi hai kya?" she said. "u can do that? But how?" Armaan investigated. "who sab tumlog mere upar chordo" she said. "hey nikki mere liye bhi haan" Rahul said. "don't worry tere liye bhi pata laga doongi" she said.

Before they knew, riddhima cam and stood behind them. "yeh kya horaha hai?" she asked. All of them frozed, looked around and then to each other. Armaan motioned everyone not to say anything. "yeh kya horaha hai yaha?" she asked again. "ridzy….nahin kuch nahin…..woh I was just here to get a file" nikki said. Riddhima didn't seemed satisfied, she was going to ask something else but before she could Armaan jumped in. "basket…..woh tumhe dr. Keerti bula rahi thi" he said. "dr. Keerti? Theek hai I'll go see her" she said and left. Everyone sighed a breath of relief.

so since the part is finished now
go ahead and plz comment
will wait for all your comments

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