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We'll be Together......ALWAYS!!!![AR] UPDT PT9PG35 (Page 24)

Jenniferfan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 March 2011 at 2:27am | IP Logged
hey awesome part
cont soon

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simone_ksg Groupbie

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Posted: 19 March 2011 at 3:22am | IP Logged
just  came  across  your  ff...and  am  totally  hooked  to  it..
ur  an  amazing  writer...<3
continue  really  soon!

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amruta04 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 March 2011 at 7:49am | IP Logged
Hey kirni
sorry for late reply
update was nice
loved it
waiting for the next update
do continue soon
take care and thanks for the pm.

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Rhea.KaJen Goldie

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 10:49pm | IP Logged
LMAO !!!!
AR ka jhagda !!!
Haha !
Just loved it !!!!

Kamine Modi ko lane ki kya zaroorat thi ?
I always hated him !
Aur abb woh aa gaya hume AR ke zindagi mein....PHIRSE....

Anyway AWESOME update yaar....
Arre baba itna CHOTA update kyun milta hai hume ????

Plz baba next time BADA sa update chahiye plz.....


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..Ashi.. Goldie

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 3:02am | IP Logged
menu naa..abhi tution jaa rahi hu..aake comment marungaaa!!!! :P

haan haan i know...lambaaaaaaaaaaa comment warna chaata :P


haaanji so after a longggggggggggg here to comment on my behena ji ka welcome me..bahaaro phool barsaao LOL

ok so coming to the i really really need to was G R E A T!!!!!
u r always awesome with expressions...and looks and describing the clap clap...ClapClap

and the starting bickering of always was awesome..this duo really seriously cant get enough of fights///.//bt thats what we all love abt themm..right ?
the way u described RM loking from left to right to AR..was soo cute...i cud really imagine that happening...teeehheee
and then that sadu abhi/.....chee yaar...i hate him to the core...his thobdaa literally turns me red wid anger
i had once put fire to his picture from a mag when he had fought wid Armaan in dmg..yeah yeah..sounds funny but yes i did it
and that way..he fights wid armaan..grrrrr....i will *THAPPADDOFY* him....
and the whole convo and shanky for once seemed like a neutral person rather than the one who is always ready to pounce on that was good too

all n all a great part....

p.s. kick that dumbo out of ur ff soon plz

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kirriters IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 March 2011 at 11:15pm | IP Logged

First of all'.thank you for all the wonderful comments'..sorry I don't reply to all separately' takes awful lot of time to do it'..and since IF is sooooo slow these days, its gone impossible to reply to all separate' am so sorry for that.

And now, some of you did have concerns about abhi being negative, and some of you don't like the fact, fikar not, there's a solution to that too. No, abhi won't turn into a positive character all at once he will gradually change, and that's what Nikki is there for''..YES'SHE ENTERING THE STORY LINE IN THIS PART!!!! Hope this will give an approval nod on some of you guyz faces'''so she will create a magic of her own slowly''a little patience is needed.

Armaan, riddhima, Muskaan and Rahul, all entered the cafeteria, exhausted from the duties they had to do since morning. They all went to the center table and sat down. Armaan and riddhima were still not talking to each other even though they were given the same duties to share. Rahul and Muskaan had hoped that some miracle might happen now that they were suppose to work together for a whole day. Half day had passed but still nothing. Both of them weren't talking to each other. Riddhima sat with her face hidden behind her folder that was in her hands while Armaan did the same with the folder he had. "Oyye Muskaan''.yaar yehlogo ko saath mein duties mili thi toh we thought that everything will go back to normal" Rahul said. "Haan yaar, adha din guzargaya, par they aren't still talking, mu chara k bete ve hai dono k dono" Muskaan said. "Yeh sab zaroor Dr. Abhimanyu ki wajah se hua hai" Muskaan continued. "Ab who beech mein kaha se agaye?" Rahul asked. "Aur nahin toh kya? Agar Armaan ke saamne dr. Abhimanyu subah ko nayi aaye hote toh uska mood normal slowly hojata, par unhe dekh k Armaan toh aisa pat ta hai jaise volcano mein lava, they both hate each other, and us mein hi, Armaan ka mood poori subah kharab hoga, toh mazak toh chor usne toh apne kaam k ilawa aur koi baat bhi nahin ki hogi" Muskaan said. "hmm, aur agar baat hi nahin ki hogi toh dono k beech mein argument bhi nahin hui hogi and argument nahin hui hogi toh kahan se dono ki larai khatam hogi" Rahul said. "Yaar kuch kar'.yehlogo ki larai khatam kara warna both will surely blast out" Muskaan said. "Wait" Rahul said and called the waiter for an order of four cappuccinos. "meine tujhe yeh solve karne ko bola tha, and tu hai k khana order kar raha hai" Muskaan whispered to him. "Arey yaar sab normal karne se pehle, Armaan ka gussa utarna parega, warna nothings gonna happen, and then dono ko argument mode pe daalna hai''..then there is a slight chance that things will fall in place slowly." Rahul said. "I'm so confused" Muskaan said, Rahul didn't bother answering.

Soon after, the cappuccinos arrived'''Rahul had ordered 4, therefore, he gave one to Muskaan, kept one for himself, placed one on the side and one that was left he placed on between Armaan and riddhima. Riddhima got ahold of the cup and at the same time Armaan went to pick it up. They both gave each other a cold stare and none of the two were willing to leave the cup. "Armaan, yeh maine pehle pakra tha, so leave it" Riddhima said. "ab mujhe chahiye so you leave it" Armaan insisted. "Rahul ne mere liye rakha tha, so its better you leave it" Riddhima said in a satisfied tone. "Na toh Rahul ne tumhara naam bolke yaha rakha hai, na toh is cup pe tumhara naam likha hai''.so you should leave it" Armaan said. "phir bhi, this would be called mine'..tum doosra cup kyu nahin lelete?" Riddhima argued. "Nah uh'.tum kyu nahin leleti?" Armaan said. "Uh huh''.this is mine" Riddhima said. "No its not, its mine" Armaan said. They kept on arguing. "Yeh tune kya kardiya'.larayi kam karne ki thi and tune baradi" Muskaan whispered to Rahul. "Arey''.meine tujhe pehle bhi kaha hai aur ab bhi kehraha hoon'.larai rokne se pehle''.we have to get Armaan in his normal mood, then only can this fight end" Rahul said. "And now he seems to be back in action" He continued. Armaan and riddhima's fight was nowhere to be seen as a STOP. It continued on and at last, riddhima had to give up. Not because she was tired of arguing but because her pager rang (I NOE BOHOT GALAT TIMING HAI IS PAGER KI). "Ha''c now its mine''"Armaan said making a baby face. "You'll never reform" Riddhima said and stormed out. "Armaan tumlog kya kar rahe ho'.stop the fight now" Rahul said. "Never'..she started it''now she will be the one to say sorry" Armaan said. "and she started it so its her time to say sorry" he continued. Rahul and Muskaan didn't know what to do with the two.

It was evening, everyone was doing their duties diligently. Armaan and riddhima, while working in the same lab, hadn't talked to each other since morning. And if they had to, it was in a rough way they did. But how long could they go this way''.they both were tired of waiting for a sorry from each other'..and they couldn't take it anymore. At last they both looked at each other, their eyes seemed as if they wanted to stop that fight at that instant. Riddhima seemed as she was going to cry so loudly since this was the first time till now they haven't talked for so long, yes they did had fights before but they would get over in about 2-3 hours, but its had been full 12 hours of fight and fight and nothing else. Both of them didn't want to continue all this but were arrogant in their own places, both thought that if one of them stops the fight the other will think that they have gave up. They continued it this way only. Shortly after, it was they're break, Rahul, Muskaan, Armaan, entered the locker room. Muskaan had entered first but hadn't found riddhima, she was expecting her since riddhima had got her free time half an hour before the three. Rahul came in and then Armaan. Muskaan was at her locker checking the days file and Rahul at his and Armaan at his. At last, Rahul noticed that riddhima was no where to be seen. "Oyye Muskaan'.riddhima kahan hai?" Rahul asked. "Mujhe nahin pata,,,,,,mujhe kaise pata hoga?" Muskaan asked. "You were the first one in'..didn't you see her?" Rahul asked. Muskaan nodded a disapproval. "no she wasn't here, and usse toh break adhe gante pehle mil gaya tha, so where did she go?" Muskaan asked. "weird''hey Armaan, tujhe pata hai ridzy kahan hai?" Rahul asked Armaan. "Nahin''.aur waise bhi mujhe kya'.shayad koi emergency agayi hogi" Armaan suggested. "Kaisi emergency? Mein abhi poore hospital ka round leke arahi hoon, everythings settled down, nothings wrong anywhere" Muskaan said. "WHAT! So then where is riddhima?" Armaan asked all worried up. Before Rahul and Muskaan could say anything else, their pagers started to ring. "OMG yeh pager kitni baar bajta hai?!" Muskaan exclaimed. "We can't do anything much, we have to go" Rahul said. "hmm'ya'..pata nahin ridzy kaha hogi?" Muskaan said. "Don't worry she'll come kisi kaam se gayi hogi" Rahul said. "I hope she's fyn'..woh keh toh rahi thi her head's hurting" Muskaan told them. "Aise mein who kahan jaa sakti hai" Armaan said forgetting all about the fight. "Don't worry she must be here somewhere''we'll leave now" Rahul said and both of them left. "Kahan ho tum basket?" Armaan said to himself and exited to look for riddhima.

Meanwhile riddhima was sitting in the fire escape, clutching onto her head since it was hurting for good. "uff, yeh sar bhi na, itna dard horahi hai" she said to herself. "aur upar se Armaan ne poora din dimaag kharab kar ke rakah tha, except for after lunch time, we didn't fight at all after lunch time, neither did we talk" she continued on. "Kahin usne bhi toh yeh ladai band toh nahin karni? Should I ask him'..nahin nahin'..i shouldn't warna usse yeh lage ga that I gave up'' am not gonna do such a thing" Riddhima said to herself. "Lekin'..aur kitni der aisa chalta rahega? We haven't talked perfectly for the whole day for the first time in this lifetime'..haan humara jagra hota hai par'." Riddhima was about to finish but was interrupted by a voice that came from behind her. "par who 2-3 ghante se ziyada thik ta nahin hai" riddhima looked back to find it was Armaan and that he had heard everything that she had said. "Tum?! Tum yaha kya karahe ho?" Riddhima said trying to act like she's still mad at him. "Wohi joh tum kar rahi ho" Armaan said. "Mein kya kar rahi hoon?" riddhima asked. Armaan came down and sat beside her. "kyu tum larai band karne ka nahin soch rahi?" Armaan asked her. "nahin toh'..aisi toh baat nahin hai'.mein kyu yeh sochne lagi''aur waise bhi I haven't gotten your sorry so larai khatam hone ki toh baat hi nahin uti" riddhima said trying to sound normal. "Acha'..? ~Kahin usne bhi toh yeh ladai band toh nahin karni? Should I ask him?~ yeh sab kaun bol raha tha?" Armaan said while mimicking her. Riddhima bit her tongue. "Nahin toh meine nahin kaha yeh sab, tumhare kaan baj rahe honge'.." She said instead. "Oh toh tumhe larayi band nahin karni? Means you don't wanna talk to me any more'.theek hai toh I'm basically wasting my time trying to find out what you were doing here, right? So I should be going now'.have fun while you keep the fight running in between us'.bye" Armaan said and stood up. Armaan climbed up the stairs and opened the door, but before he could step out of the fire escape, "Rukko" riddhima said. Armaan stopped, closed the door, turned around and looked at riddhima. "Kya hua?" he asked. "who mujhe tumse kuch kehna hai" riddhima said. Armaan climbed down the stairs where she was standing. "Kaho" he said to her. "who I was saying''I wanted to say that''who actually" riddhima started off but wasn't able to say what she really wanted to. "Riddhima Jaldi bolo kya hai? Mujhe late horaha hai" Armaan whined. "who Armaan mein yeh kehna chahti hoon k can't we''can't we''can't we" riddhima was trying to get her words out but couldn't but Armaan knew exactly what she wanted to say. "can't we stop this fight? That's what you want to say right?" Armaan said. Riddhima nodded in approval. "Par tumhe kaise pata chala k mein kya bolna chahti hoon?" riddhima asked in amazement. "bas pata chalgaya''as I'm dr. Armaan Mallik''.the mr. cool dude'.." Armaan said praising himself. "acha'..? Mr. Cool dude aka Dr. Armaan Mallik'guess what you are wrong that's not what I wanted to say" riddhima said. "oh really' wat was it exactly that you were hesitating while saying Basket?" Armaan asked. "Why should I tell you?" Riddhima said. "Cause I asked you" Armaan demanded an answer. "Well guess what am not gonna say what I wanted to'..bye" riddhima told him and was about to climb one stair up but before she could land her foot perfectly on the tile, her foot twisted and she trembled and she was about to fall''but Armaan caught her in time''.but no they didn't stop there'.both of them went trembling down the two stairs. "OW" riddhima yelled in a mid voice over Armaan. "Kitna khati ho tum'.moti hato mere upar se" Armaan said. "haw''you called me moti''m not moti''and mujhe bhi koi shock nahin tha tumhare upar ghirne ka" Riddhima said. "Toh ghiri kyu?" Armaan asked. "Mein ghiri toh ghiri'..tumne pakra kyu?" asked riddhima. "tumhe bacha raha tha'..warna uncle kahenge'.k tum meri beti ka itna bhi khayal nahin raksakte toh patients ka kya rakhoge'..mujhe kya pata tha k mein bhi tumhe bachane ke chakar mein ghir jaonga?" Armaan exclaimed. "Jee nahin mere papa aisa nahin bolte'.." Riddhima said. "Haan haan'..tumhare papa toh duud k dhule hai na'.joh mujhe aise hi chor denge daate bina" Armaan said trying to sound funny. "haw'..tumne mere papa k liye aisa kaha" riddhima said and started to smack Armaan. "Acha acha I'm sorry'..nahin kahoonga tumhare papa ko kuch''ap khari toh hojao" Armaan said. Riddhima sat up followed by Armaan.

Both of them looked at each other'..and suddenly started to burst out in laughter. They laughed and laughed until tears were visible down their cheeks. "Come here'.." Armaan said while he spread his arms. Riddhima hugged him hard'..while they still sat on the ground. Then suddenly Armaan handed something over to riddhima. "What's this?" Riddhima asked as she saw Armaan handing her something' was a set of pills that she saw when Armaan opened his palm. "Yeh? Yeh kis k liye?" she questioned him. "stupid'this are pills for an headache' have an headache rite?" Armaan asked her. "Ya but how'd you know?" she looked at him with questioning eyes. "Muskaan ne bataya''" he answered. "aur tum pills leke agaye'?" she asked again. "ab tum sawaal karna band karogi and take them" he ordered. "I will'..later" riddhima said. "ek toh pehle se sir mein dard hai upar se your gonna delay taking your pills even more na" he told her. "I'm gonna take it later don't worry" she assured him. "Aur waise bhi joh sir dard hai who tumhari wajah se hai" she continued. "Meri?! Kaise?" he asked. "aur nahin toh kya agar tum mujhse larte nahin toh mera dimaag kharab nahin hota na toh dard hota" she said. "oyye you started the fight and now are blaming me'..larai khud shuru karo and then blame others" he told her. "No tumne shuru ki thi" she said. "meine shuru ki thi yeh bolke tum ek aur larai shuru kar rahi ho" he told her. "mein shuru kar rahi hoon k tum?" she asked. "obviously tum" he answered. "Armaan'." Riddhima whined. "basket''." He followed her. But before their so called argument can get any further, riddhima's pager started to ring. "Yeh lo tumhari waja se mera pager bhi baj gaya" riddhima said. "yeh bhi meri waja se?" Armaan asked. "haan" she said in a louder voice. They both got up and riddhima looked at her pager. "Kya hua?" Armaan asked. "nothing Dr. Abhimanyu" Riddhima answered. "Why'd he call you?" Armaan asked in a stern tone. "Armaan'.why r u getting all mad? I'm handling one of his patients so maybe kuch discuss karna hoga" she answered. Riddhima saw that Armaan didn't look like he could stay with the excuse. She knew that he was really angry from the inside and she too alike others was aware of the fact of how much Armaan hated Abhimanyu. "Armaan''I know you don't like him'..but its not necessary that he's really the type of person like we assume he is''maybe this is all because of his job'and maybe in his personal life he's really kind and nice" she tried to satisfy him. "Basket plz''don't justify for him in front of me' know I hate him'..and a person like him to be kind and nice to others, never" Armaan argued. "Armaan." Riddhima started but was interrupted. "Riddhima pls" he said. "Acha theek hai I won't say anything''whatever you like to think'..ab chalo I have to go'..i'll see you later'.bye" riddhima said and went away.

The duties were over, and all entered the locker room at once. "Arey ridzy'.thank god ur here''tu pehle kaha thi?" Muskaan asked. Riddhima didn't wanna say where she was and what she was doing there'..she looked at Armaan to help her out in this. "ab batayegi k nahin?" Muskaan asked as she now was standing right beside riddhima. "Muskaan'.woh mein''mein who'." Riddhima couldn't make anything up. "Who ek patient ki tabiyet kharab hogayi thi toh she was there" Armaan said in a hurry. "Haan'..woh ek patient ki haalat kharab thi'.toh emergency" riddhima said while sighing a breath of relief. "acha''."Muskaan said. "Ek minute''Armaan how come your talking on behalf of her?" Muskaan said as she noticed Armaan actually talking on her behalf. "Haan yaar''we mean tumlogo ki larai khatam hogayi kya?" Rahul asked. Armaan and riddhima just looked at each other'and then onto Rahul and Muskaan''.."Haan'..obviously hone ki hi thi na'..we're not like you guys'..we give up on fights often quickly" Armaan said. "uh huh'.hello mister we never fight like you guys'.our fights are miniature unlike you guyz'.." Rahul said. "haan toh kya hua? Your fights are miniature cause you fight always ''we fight once a month" Armaan said. "Who toh hai" Muskaan admitted. "But ek baat toh hai finally you guyz stopped'.warna aj toh aisa lag raha tha Sanjeevani world war three k attack se ghir hi jaata" she continued and all started to laugh.

Their laughter's stopped when all of their pagers started to ring. They all looked at it'..and noticed that they were called to the nurse station by Dr. Keerti. All were surprised to why they were called at this time when they should be heading home. They all went to the nurse station. When they reached there Dr. Keerti was already there to welcome them. "I hope aj ka din aaplogo k liye bohot acha gaya hoga" she said in a husky voice. "aur mein yeh bhi umeed karti hoon k aap logo ne apni duties bohot achi tarah se nibhayi hogi" she continued on. "well aplog soch rahe honge that why have I called you here? Actually there are two reasons, the first one was to congratulate you all for getting through your first day and second reason is to tell you about a new arrival at Sanjeevani that will happen tomorrow morning" Keerti said. "New arrival? But who maam'.." Rahul asked. "A new intern" Keerti answered. "But maam, weren't we the only one's that were going to be here?" Armaan asked. "for the time being yes you were suppose to but this is an immediate decision, the new intern is a girl, and she's shifting here from the Sanjeevani in Delhi, that's all I will tell you guys for now' will be told in the morning" she told them. "Good night" she said and went away leaving all of them puzzled. Silently all of them went to the locker room and sat down on the benches. No one said anything. All were so curious of who this new person will be that they couldn't say a word. "Yeh nayi intern kaun hosakti hai?" Muskaan said finally breaking the silence. "That toh we don't know also" riddhima answered. "and we won't know it either''lets just go home joh hoga subah ko dekhlenge" Armaan said. "ya'chalo ghar par" Rahul said. Without any further thought the four of them just left for home.

The four were so curious to know who the new intern was that none of them was able to sleep peacefully. Each and every minute of the night the only thing that was coming to their mind was who the new intern must be and why so suddenly. The night went rough for all four of them. Finally the morning came and all of them got up quickly and reached the hospital right on time. It was 8:00am when they were called down to the nurse station to get their duties. "good morning interns" Keerti greeted them. "before I give you all your duties I would like to introduce all of you to our new intern" she continued. By looking at their faces, one could point out that they were really eager to know who the new intern was. "Oh here she comes" Keerti said looking in the direction opposite of her. the four of them turned around and were shocked to see the person coming their way. Their eyes widened along with a hidden smile that came on to each and everyone's faces the expression of being shocked appeared but then quickly disappeared lyk the way it had appeared. "NIKKI" all of them said at once.


so finally the part has ended

I hope this was enough for you all'.hehe

And had caused you guyz at the end to come at the end of your seats'..lolz

I tried my best to make it longer''I hope I did

And sorry to those jise gussa araha hai at why I ended at such a point''''''.

So ya this is all for the part

So plzzzzz let me remind you there's a thing called press the like button AND comment!!!

No mere ff;s me no sirf like button press karna''you have to comment also'lolz





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..Ashi.. Goldie

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Posted: 25 March 2011 at 11:38pm | IP Logged

edited *

aawwwyyyyy such a cute update yaar....Big smileClap
loved it to the do u manage to make each n every updt so cool!!!!!

the fight...the drama...the roothnaa the manaana..everything was soooo fab!!!!

i specially loved it when armaan went in search of riddhima n like i had expected..she was in the WORLD FAMOUS FIRE ESCAPE!!!!
the way they tumbled into each others arms..and the way armaan pulled her in his!!!
that was the best scene in ur ff till personal favorite for sure !!!

and nikki's entry...hmmmm...nice nice...i knew u wud stop the part at that point...kya kare apan dono ek hi types hai naa..we do the same wid our ff so yaha bhiWink

anways keep up the great work...will try n comment much sooner from the next time

ashi Embarrassed

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janu1610 IF-Rockerz

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