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We'll be Together......ALWAYS!!!![AR] UPDT PT9PG35 (Page 21)

Crazyy_Fan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 March 2011 at 7:53am | IP Logged

Nyc updt :D

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anumeha_rajat IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 March 2011 at 3:56pm | IP Logged
that was really awsum...
amazin update...
loved AR bickering alot..
thnx for the pm.....

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..Ashi.. Goldie

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Posted: 08 March 2011 at 8:47am | IP Logged
i shall get back leave a longggggggggggg comment soon :P
sabar baby...sabar ka phal meetha hota hai :P

hayye meri billo..wat an update yaar...mindblowing....superb..awesomest ..wowest...jus too good

kaha se aate hai itne brilliant ideas huh.?
but really the whole bickering was so photographic..i cud actually imagine them fighting ..hehehe...too adorable

and the last wala war 3..hmmmm...interesting

ab dekhna yeh yeh dono aage kya gul khilaate hai....

for more updates..stay tuned...same place...same writer...same time(oopss..not same time :P )


love it kirni behena...


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sweety7395 Senior Member

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Posted: 09 March 2011 at 11:46am | IP Logged
hey awesome part
it was so funny the way both the couples were fighting
continue soon
thanks for the pm

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unknown. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 March 2011 at 9:40pm | IP Logged
awsome part
luved da fight
and ww3 LOL
cont soon

harneet <3

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kirriters IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 10:44pm | IP Logged

Riddhima opened a locker to place her belongings. But, before she could put her stuff inside Armaan overtook it. "Yeh mera locker hai" Armaan said as he placed his coat inside. "Jee nahin, yeh mera locker hai" Riddhima shot back and threw his coat out but Armaan caught onto her hand in time. "Oh really, tumhara naam toh nahin dikh raha mujhe" Armaan asked her. "Toh kya hua? Meine pehle choose kiya hai toh mera hua and tumhara kaun sa naam likha wa hai that you're acting so smart" Riddhima asked. "Oh miss smarty pants, mera coat andhar hai, toh mera hua" Armaan said. "Woh cheating thi" Riddhima said. "Locker toh pehle meine choose kiya tha" Riddhima stated. "Sirf Choose kiya tha, buy nahin kar liya tha" Armaan mocked her. "Armaan…..dekho mein akhri baar bol rahi hoon, apna coat nikalo locker se and let me have it" Riddhima said. "Riddhima mein bhi akhri baar hi bol raha hoon, zidh karna band karo" Armaan said. "Armaan…..tum meri baat sun rahe ho ke nahin?" Riddhima asked. "Riddhima……..tum meri baat suno and stop being stubborn" Armaan said. "Armaan……I'm saying it the last time" Riddhima said. "Are you going to take your coat out of the locker or no?" she continued. "No, do what you want to do" Armaan instigated her. "Sure?" Riddhima asked. "Ya sure, I too want to see what you can do" Armaan said. "Armaan I'm saying it last time" Riddhima said. "Pichli baar bhi tumne last time hi kaha tha" Armaan said. "Armaan I'm not doing anything doesn't mean you will do what ever you want" Riddhima said. "Riddhima just leave it you can't do anything, you're just wasting your time" Armaan said. "Armaan" Riddhima moaned. "Kya hai Ri-Dhi-MA" Armaan said mocking her name. Riddhima gasped and at last ended up throwing Armaan's coat out of the locker to the ground. "You threw my coat to the ground?" Armaan yelled. "Yes I did….ab joh karna hai karo" Riddhima said and quickly placed her things in the locker. "Mein nahin karoonga tum karogi, chup chaap apni cheeze nikalo and ache bache ki tarah mera coat uta k wapaas jagah pe rako" Armaan said. "Armaan you got to be dreaming, I'm not going to do any such thing" Riddhima said. "No you're dreaming you're going to do such a thing" Armaan demanded. "No I'm not" Riddhima said. "Yes you are" Armaan argued. "No" said Riddhima. "Yes" Armaan followed.

Both were arguing on their yes and no's and Rahul and Muskaan were just looking from one end to another, their heads nodding from left to right. Armaan and riddhima weren't ready to stop. "Oh god, lagta hai yeh jagra Jaldi khatam nahin hone waala, it's going to be a long fight" Rahul said. "Sab teri wajah se hua hai" Muskaan said. "Na tu mere upar hasta, na humara jagra hota and na wohlogo ka jagra hota" Muskaan continued. "Meri wajah se? Are you mad……and waise bhi what was I suppose to do? You yourself asked a very stupid question" Rahul said. "Rahul don't you get started" Muskaan said. "No you don't get started…….at least we have to be neutral when Armaan and riddhima are fighting warna it'll seriously result in World War Three" Rahul said. "Ja abhi tujhe chor deti hoon, tu bhi kya yaad rakhega…..lekin Sachi mein we have to stop these two warna were gone, they won't stop fighting" Muskaan Said. "Par abhi we can't directly go in their fight since hum bhi phas jayenge……kya kare??" Rahul started to think. "Baap re yehlogo ki larai kabhi kabhi hoti hai aur hoti bhi bohot bari hai" Muskaan said. Armaan and riddhima were still fighting with each other. Their cassette was stammering on the "Yes" and "No" and not a single word was ready to come out. Armaan and Riddhima fighting, Rahul and Muskaan watching them, in between all of this, no one realized that someone else was watching them. "INTERNS!" came out a loud yell from someone who was standing at the door way. Armaan and riddhima froze while Rahul and Muskaan turned around. All were shocked to see who it was. No one was ready to say anything, Rahul and Muskaan went and stood beside Armaan and Riddhima while Armaan picked up his coat from the ground and hurriedly wore it. All stood still and dared not to say a single word, one by one they looked at each other, Armaan to Riddhima then Riddhima to Rahul and then Rahul to Muskaan and at last "Mar gaye" was all that came out of Muskaan's mouth which was only heard by the three since she said it under her breath. The person that was standing at the door way was inside the locker room now and was ready to burst out at the interns at the minute. "MEET ME IN THE MEETING ROOM" said that person in a cold tone and left.

"Shit….aj toh hum pakka gaye…….Dr. Abhimanyu saw us all like this, we're surely toasted, agar yeh humare reporting doctor hue na toh we're gone for sure" Muskaan said. "Not to worry guys, he's not our reporting doctor, its Dr. Keerti" Armaan notified all. "Sachi? Tujhe kaise pata?" Muskaan asked. "Dad ki file mein dekha tha k is saal k batch ke reporting doctor kaun hai" Armaan said. "Wah yaar tu toh bara fast nikla humesha ki tarah" Rahul said "That's me" Armaan said while tugging his shoulder. "Fast? My foot, kisi ki cheezo mein tak jaak karne ki aadat poorani hai iski" Riddhima mocked him. "It wasn't funny and no one asked you so keep out" Armaan said. "Tum na…" riddhima began but was interrupted. "Arey tumlog apni larai choro, Dr. Abhimanyu ne hume meeting room mein bulaya hai, lets see what is it" Rahul said. "Haan aur pata nahin ab kya hoga? Agar unhone Dr. Keerti ko sab bata diya toh?" Muskaan asked. "Bata bhi diya toh kya hua? Doosro ko takleef mein daalne ki uski poorani adaat hai" Armaan said. "You still hate him don't you" Rahul said. "I will never stop, stupid guy has too much attitude, don't know what he thinks of himself, patient se ziyada doosri cheezo ka khayal hota hai usse" Armaan said. "Acha hi hota that you hadn't met him last month when we came here to submit everything and met him, he had just transferred here na and you guys had a pretty bad first meeting" Muskaan said. "Just leave it……don't even bother waise bhi mera mood is miss smarty pants ki wajah se kharab hai and ab uski baat na karo toh acha hai" Armaan said. "Haw……what do you mean, and by the way he's not that bad" Riddhima said to irritate Armaan because she knew if one praised Abhimanyu it would lead fire in Armaan. "Arey Riddhima tujhe kya hua? Tu kab se Dr. Abhimanyu ki tareef karne lagi? You too got mad at him na" Muskaan said. "I got mad? When?" Riddhima asked. "Don't tell me you don't remember none of us can forget about that incident" Rahul said. ~Flashback starts~

Armaan, riddhima, Rahul and Muskaan had come to Sanjeevani to submit their papers. They were told to wait in Dr. Keerti's office. As they were waiting they heard a ruckus outside the room and when they went outside, they saw someone chasing a doctor and that doctor was no one other than Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu was walking arrogantly and someone behind him was pleading him to stop and listen to him once. He did stop but now to listen to the person but to inform him that he doesn't want to listen no more. "Aap ko ek baat mein samaj mein nahin aata ke hum aap k bete ka ilaaj nahin karsate jab tak he doesn't have the right documents need?" Abhimanyu informed the patients father. "Par doctor, mein aap ko bol raha hoon na, joh documents aap ko chahiye who abhi mein nahin laa sakta thode din lagenge unhe aane k liye……jab tak please ab ilaaj kardi jiye, phir baad mein aap documents dekh lijiye ga" the man said. "I'm sorry mein yeh nahin karsakta, it's against my policy, I need documents first then is only I'll see your son" Abhimanyu said and left from that place. Armaan got ticked off and before Abhimanyu could leave the place as a whole, he went in front of him. "Excuse me doctor…….aap aisa kaise karsate hai? I mean koi aap ke paas madat maang raha hai and you're neglecting him" Armaan said. "First of all mister, can I know who you are and what right do you have to interfere in our business" Abhimanyu asked him. "Armaan……Armaan Mallik" Armaan answered him. "And why are you here?" Abhimanyu asked him "I'm here to enter my internship papers" Armaan replied. "So…mr. Armaan……you're gonna be a new intern here right? So, just to make your work easy, why don't you keep out of my business? Warna kahin aisa na hojaye that intern banne se phele you're out" Abhimanyu warned him. "excuse me, aap ek higher position pe hai iska yeh mat lab nahin hai k aap apne to be juniors ko dhamkiya de and waise bhi apka kaam dhamkiya dena nahin balke patients ka ilaaj karna hai, so it'll be better if you stick to your profession rather than warning others" Armaan said. "mera kya kaam hai who toh mujhe pata hai, par lagta hai tumhe tumhara kaam sikhana parega. So, mr. "Armaan" agar tumhe apni nokri pyaari hai toh you better stay out of my way" Abhimanyu said as he pointed a finger to Armaan. "You still don't get it do you? I said, doosre ko bolne se acha aap apne kaam pe diyaan dijiye, that'll be better for you. But no, you just want to order everyone, don't you?" Armaan said and lowered Abhimanyu's finger. Before, any other argument could occur, Dr. Shashank came in place. "What is happening here? This is a hospital not a fight club that all of you are arguing and fighting" he yelled. Both Armaan and Abhimanyu looked at him and then down. Rahul, Muskaan and riddhima came there too, they were listening to the argument all this while. "Dr. Abhimanyu, can I know what all this is about?" Shashank asked. "Nothing Doctor, its just this young man had some add on he had to give me regarding on the fact of me being a doctor" Abhimanyu said. "Well, so I hope that you had your little convo, now can we get back to work?" Shashank said trying to stop the argument since he knew what exactly the argument was about. "Indeed" Abhimanyu said and left after giving a glance over at Armaan and the group. "Armaan, what is this?" Shashank asked Armaan after Abhimanyu left. "Uncle you don't know what he just did" Armaan tried to explain but was interrupted by riddhima. "Yes papa you don't know what really happened, Armaan ki isme galati nahin thi, he was at fault" Riddhima stated. "I know who is at fault and who is not" Shashank said as he glanced over at the two of them. "Dr. Abhimanyu is a senior doctor, and unhe yaha k protocols samjaane ki koi zaroorat nahin hai, and as a matter of fact he is an specialist so aise I don't think you should have done something like this, it might take the reputation of our hospital down the drain" he continued. "But uncle, aise toh patient ko" Armaan started but again was interrupted. "Armaan beta we don't really have a choice, at the instance he's the best specialist that we have so we can't risk him, yes he has bad ways sometimes but is a really good person at heart, I hope you will understand and that you guyz will have no problem working together in the near future" Shashank explained. "I'll try" Armaan said with a not agreeing tone.~Flashback Ends~

"Yaad aya kuch?" Rahul asked. "Haan haan, agaya yaad, but to recall it again, I think Dr. Abhimanyu was right, he was following the protocols after all" Riddhima said just to tick off Armaan more. "Forget it guyz who are you asking? Chalo lets go" Armaan said and left.

When the four appeared in the meeting room, Abhimanyu was sitting on his chair. "Welcome doctors, come in" Abhimanyu said. All of them came in a line and stood in front of him. Abhimanyu glanced at each one of them and his glanced was frozen on riddhima for a quite long time which only Armaan had noticed. Armaan gave Abhimanyu a disgusted look which wasn't noticed by any. Finally, Abhimanyu's glanced moved to others than riddhima. "So, as I was saying since it's your first day here in this hospital, I like to welcome you all, and I hope that you all follow the rules of this hospital and do your work diligently" he said "rather than disturbing others or teaching them the rules of the hospital" he finished off his sentence while he gave a sharp look at Armaan. "And…some of you might be confused about why am here when Dr. Keerti is suppose to be here, actually she got an urgent call and she had to go see a patient that's why she told me to keep an eye on you guys, that's the reason I came in the locker room to see what all of you were up to and for the first time in my life I didn't think of this hospital as being a hospital. Infact, mujhe aisa lag raha tha yeh hospital nahin balke koi machi market hai" Abhimanyu said in a stern voice. "Pehle hi din you guys are acting so childishly, I don't know what you're going to do in the near future? Aap log khud ko dekhenge ya patients ko?" Abhimanyu asked. "Will somebody answer me?" he asked. "We're extremely sorry sir, we know whatever happened was not a good thing to do but we're really sorry" Rahul said. "Sorry? What am I suppose to do with your apologies? Due to your rackets you've caused disturbance in the whole hospital, and now the only thing you have to say is sorry?" Abhimanyu yelled. "Sir, we realize that we have committed a mistake but….." Muskaan started but was interrupted by Abhimanyu. "DOCTOR…! I'm not talking to you right now, the only person am talking to is Dr……" he stopped. "Dr. Rahul" Rahul said. "Yes Dr. Rahul, so I don't want a peck from anyone else" Abhimanyu said bossingly. Muskaan crouched her face down. "You can't do that……you have no right to be mean with your staff, she was only trying to answer and you didn't tell us only one person can speak so how is it her fault?" Armaan asked. "oh I am so sorry, mein toh bhool hi gaya tha k is group mein ek aisa bhi doctor hai jise sab ko bhashan dene ka bohot shok hai…..right dr…….dr. Armaan?" Abhimanyu asked. "Agar kisi ko apni responsibilities samaj mein nahin aati…..toh it's our responsibility to tell them" Armaan said. "Look dr. Armaan, now you're no more an applicant here, you're a intern…and if you want to do your internship, you better learn how to remain quiet" said Abhimanyu. "Sorry to tell you, but agar all this continues on, I can't stop nor can be stopped" Armaan told him. "One more word and you're out…get it" Abhimanyu warned him. Armaan went to say something but instead riddhima took over. "Dr. Abhimanyu, I'll apologize from his side…please forgive him…..woh actually we're all close friends and if someone says bad to one of us, no one can see it" Riddhima said and realized Armaan had given her a sharp look for interrupting him. "I guess you're right Dr. Riddhima" Abhimanyu said as he came near her. "I would like to say sorry, guess I didn't realize your close bondings with each other, but as you know what ever I have said was the best for the hospital, and I also hope that you too are doing this for the benefits of your friends and I also hope that they will consider your benefits too" Abhimanyu finished off his sentence and had a cold stare with Armaan. Armaan wasn't really liking the interaction of Abhimanyu and riddhima and was really getting pissed off with it.

Before anything else could have been said, Dr. Keerti entered. "Thank you Dr. Abhimanyu for taking care of them" Keerti said. "Oh no it's my pleasure, such a nice group of new interns, though some are a bit off, the niceness of one makes the whole group better" Abhimanyu said giving a glance at Rahul, Armaan and Muskaan first and then riddhima. "So, I'll meet you later, bye doctor bye interns, see you all and welcome to the hospital" Abhimanyu said and went away. "Hope you guys had no trouble and if Dr. Abhimanyu had said something unkind, I would like to apologize, he's not that bad but sometimes he gets over the top" Dr. Keerti said. No one said a thing and they got busy with introduction and duties.

AND ALSO..........COMMENT PPL.........





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janu1610 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 11:25pm | IP Logged
nice pat Kinu...
loved their bickering nd bond..
Abhi is such a jerk.He is so arrogant...Angry hate him.

thanks for pm.

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ksg_ritika Goldie

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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 11:36pm | IP Logged
nyc part ...... continue soon .....

 n thanx 4 d pm .......

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