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Maneet FF: Dreams ~1~ Part 21 page 143 (Page 88)

esha143 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 February 2011 at 7:18am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -jia-

Originally posted by chubzy

Omg! I cnt believe tat bein a nonwriter u did pen down ths sensual part of ur ff so beautifuly, there is always very thin line which differentiate a truly sensual yet decent witout a trace of vulgarity scene from something which become indecent whn u attempt these kinda scene n m glad u didnt cross tat thin line, very wel written must say!
Thankyou dear... ur post put a lot of confidence in me and i m very happy that I didn't cross the line... I wanted to put the statutary warning of 16+ but then decided against it as the warning always serves as a flame to the moth...nahi bhi padna hoga kisi ne to zaroor padenge.. lol...LOLLOL
Thanks once again...Smile

Jia thers no need for u to put up the 16+ warning..ur update is lovely....haven't u read any of the other FFs here where the specific scenes are much more intense than urs....still they don't put up warnings, like u said it'll attract more attention only....

*I mean no ill to any one...I'm just referring other FFs as for info only*

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looking forward to an update today.....

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I m updating :)

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-jia- IF-Dazzler

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Thank You all for leaving such wonderful comments. I love you all…

Sorry for the delay, here is the next part. Please excuse any mistakes.

Part 14


He placed a red rose on the tray and looked at it in contentment.  Maan had woken up with Geet curled up in his arms. The serene look on her face clutched his heart. And at that moment, he had wanted to do something for her for a change. So he tore himself away from bed regretfully and proceeded to make tea and coffee. Tea for her and coffee for him.  


When he had removed himself from the bed Geet felt suddenly cold. She placed a hand on the side and finding it empty, she sat up covering herself with the blanket. Last night had been magical for her. They hadn't planned on it, it just happened. She knew she was happy and content with her new life. It hadn't started the way it was supposed to…or maybe this was exactly what was planned for her by destiny. The sheer power of Maan's love for her drove her crazy. She mused over the fact maybe she was the luckiest woman on the planet.


Maan didn't know how to cook paranthas like Geet so settled for some butter and toast. He slowly and carefully walked into their bedroom with the tray and saw his lovely wife sitting on the bed staring into space. "Good Morning" his voice laced with excitement.


She snapped from her thoughts and looked at him. She gasped as if he had suddenly grown ten heads. "Aap?…aur yeh kya hai?" she looked at him perplexed. Maan grinned as he placed the tray on the side table and took her hand.


"Breakfast in bed" he chuckled. He made her sit comfortably placing a few pillows behind her and brought the tray in front. Nobody had served her breakfast in bed ever. The act itself filled her heart with warmth. "I don't know much cooking so it's just some toast and tea. Nakul will make proper breakfast later" He said offering her a cup.


"Awww Maan you are so sweet, so cute…" Geet exclaimed with enthusiasm as she sipped her tea.


"Don't ever call me cute" He snapped back.


"But this is so sweet and cute" she repeated herself.Maan glared at her again causing her to giggle and repeat the word cute over and over again.


"Geet," Maan warned, staring at her with hot eyes, "If you don't mind your tongue, I'm going to lose it."


"Lose what?"


"My control. You're this close - " He held up two fingers one centimeter  apart, " - to having me steal that damn blanket away from you."


"And do what?" she teased


"Kiss you." He replied with the same mischief that held her eyes. "- Everywhere" he added with a lop-sided grin.


The cup trembled in her grip. "Everywhere??" She croaked.


Maan leaned forward and took the cup from her, setting it safely aside. He took her shoulders and slowly lowered her back into the bed. Looming over her, he whispered, "Everywhere, as in every single place on your body I've touched….I ache to touch."  He kissed her, a gentle teasing brush of his mouth. Geet closed her eyes in content. Heat poured into her stomach and heart. Her life at the moment was perfect.


Maan looked at his nave wife. He wanted to capture the moment for ever when the ringing from his phone pierced the whole room.


"Aaaah.. yeh phone ko bhi abhi aana tha" he cursed while Geet chuckled and sat upright as soon as Maan's hold on her loosened. He quickly kissed her forehead and picked up his cell to be greeted by a sulking voice of his Daadi.


"Maan beta, aap to humko bhool hi gaye. You haven't called me once ever since I left. Busy with your wife?" She teased him.


"Nahi Daadima, aisi koi baat nahi hai" He muttered as Geet traced his bare shoulder with her fingers making invisible designs. He brushed her hand away as he listened to his grandmother. Geet traced the shell of his ear softly with her fingers troubling him once again.


Maan held her hand as he gave her a deadly stare. "Stop it Geet" he hissed.


"What?" Daadima snickered. She heard Geet's laughter over the phone in the background and was pleased to know that her grandson's married life was going over smoothly.


"Kuch nahi Daadima" He moved far away from the bed knowing Geet would not stop troubling him. He signaled her to finish the breakfast. "Aap kaisi hain?" he asked.


"Hum theek hain. I just called to let you know that I am coming back tonight. Just send the driver to pick me up from the airport" She replied


Though Maan was happy to know his Daadi was going to be back, somewhere in his heart, he felt a little sadness. They no longer would have the house to themselves anymore, he grimaced.


Maan finished his conversation with Daadima and walked back to Geet with a glint in his eyes.


"Maan, yeh chai to feeki hai……" Geet complained.


"Kya? How is it possible? I know I added the sugar." He took the cup from her "Let me see" He took a sip as Geet looked at him in awe. 


"Geet, I think it is perfect. Do you take a lot of sugar?" he looked confused.


Geet laid her head on his shoulder and hugged him. "Aap itni jaldi meri baat maan lete hain…I was just pulling your leg. It's the best tea I ever had" she spoke her faced buried in his neck.


"Oh… so you were pulling my leg?" He pulled her away from her and faked his anger.  Pushing her away from him, he stood up. Geet's heart lurched to her throat. Has she really angered him? He woke up early for her, cooked for her, brought her breakfast to the bed and she had offended him with her stupid antics. She was so mad at herself; she probably spoiled the prefect morning.


"Maan please, I'm sorry….I didn't mean to" She stood up frantically.


He grasped her chin and turned her face toward his. Maan held her by her shoulders and kissed the top of her nose. "Relax Geet, I was just joking" he smirked. Geet sighed in relief and hugged him once again.


"Now finish your tea and get ready. I have an important meeting today" Maan reluctantly pulled himself away from her.


Geet walked into the bathroom to freshen up while Maan walked away making a call on his phone. She came out to find the bedroom empty but still the sight brought a smile on her face. On the bed lay a bright pink saree her husband had supposedly kept for her. She delightedly picked it up and wore it. She was fixing her hair when Maan walked back into the room. Seeing Geet dressed in the saree picked by him gave him an unfamiliar delight. She looked divine. Geet turned around sensing him and walked towards him smiling happily.  He had to kiss her then. He couldn't wait any longer…He dipped his head as his lips softly took hers. Her lips were soft, intimate, taking him in, accepting him. Making him a part of her. Desire shot through him, almost buckling him with its intensity. Pulling her tight against him, Maan wrapped his arms around her, knowing now why life existed. For the first time, he understood its meaning in a way that went beyond the rational, the practical. And Geet, his wife was responsible for that.




Maan had been busy the whole day with meeting so didn't notice when Geet left to pick Daadima. It was only when he found her office empty, he came to know from Pinky that she had left for the airport. Why hadn't she informed him? A short email, a text could do the needful, he hated getting messages about his own wife from others. He tried to ignore the hurt he felt and left to meet Mr. Demello.



Maan walked in the mansion and saw Daadima sitting talking animatedly with Geet. They were so engrossed in their talk that they failed to notice him. Maan cleared his throat to get their attention.


"Maan bte, Aap kab aaye? Humne to pata nahi nahi chala" Daadi said while Geet got up and walked over to kitchen to get his evening coffee giving them a chance to talk.


Savitri Devi tried to reason with Maan about Dev's actions. "No Daadi, He needs to know that his actions will have repercussions and after what he did, I am not going to let him live under the same roof as Geet."


Savitri Devi held her head as Geet walked in with the cup of coffee. One look at Daadima, she understood that Maan had not paid any heed to her words. Her heart tore between the 2 people she loved. She wanted both of them to be happy but didn't know how to make it alright. Passing his coffee she smiled slightly at him asking if he was alright. He however didn't smile back, held his stern look and walked away taking the coffee along with him.


Thankyou for reading..Don't forget to comment...

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words can't describe what icons can

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hey i like your ff...itz great...
plz add me in your pm-list

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awsome part.

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The morning after was really beautiful. Smile

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