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Maneet FF: Dreams ~1~ Part 21 page 143 (Page 54)

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Thankyou to all who took the time to read and comment . I love you all... Please excuse any mistakes... here is the next part

 PART  10


Next day Geet got ready to start her day in office. She wished Daadi was here for a few more days till she settled in this new venture of her life. Maan had seen how fidgety she was the whole morning. He walked up to her, holding her by the shoulders and giving them little squeeze asked, "Geet, Are you ok?? Are you sure about all this?"

"Sure" came the prompt reply.  

"I am right here, you know" He said looking deep in her eyes.

"I know" she sighed. He watched the way she walked down the stairs in front of him looking all confident but he knew well about the storm raging in her heart.

He followed her into reception and introduced her to his secretary "This is Pinky" he announced, looking at the lady with a bag of chips at the desk. "Pinky, this is Geet, my wife...she will be joining me here at office"

His phone rang and his eyes turned dark instantly looking at the caller ID, he turned his attention to the ladies in front of him and asked Pinky "Will you show her around?"

"Yes, Sir. Of course." She replied.

He gave a ghost of a smile. "I'll see you later, Geet," he said softly. Geet had felt so proud when he introduced her as his wife. She heart warmed up, yes she was his wife and it was the first time, he had said it out loud.  

Then he was gone, and Geet found herself watching his retreating back almost wistfully. She was on her own now and it was up to her to show not just Maan, but everyone else in the company, that she could do the job properly.

Pinky took Geet for a tour of the office wondering why her boss didn't do it himself. She gestured to a chair. "So Mam.....would you like something?" she asked.

Geet shook her head. "No nothing and please call me Geet."

Pinky popped another chip in her mouth.. "Ok. Geet Madam"

Geet chuckled... "Just Geet would also be fine"

Geet walked to her cabin which was next door to Maan's with just a glass wall dividing the two rooms. She wondered if he had purposely given her that particular cabin. They both were in full view of each other and she smiled. She saw him immersed in work and looked at the couple of files Pinky had given her to review. Geet had never worked in an office before, so by the end of the afternoon she was absolutely dead on her feet.  

She was also beginning to get an inkling of just how vast Maan's empire really was...and how hard he worked. No wonder, he never had time for himself.


Dev threw his phone away in fury.  Why does that man have to be so self-righteous all the time? He was fuming inside as he threw the contents off the table in one lash scattering them all over the floor. Out of the blue, an idea struck him. If Maan was not going to forgive and forget, he would try a different approach and it might not be so difficult. On the contrary, it will be the easiest thing on earth, he ever did.



Geet walked up to the glass wall and put her hand on it as if to caress Maan. He was staring into a file in front of him and he wore a dangerous expression. . Maan seemed to be in an awfully horrible mood. She decided to go and have a talk with him. She entered the hallway and was surprised to see everyone dispersing like they had fire in their pants. She saw Pinky wiping her eyes as she hurriedly came from Maan's office.

"Pinky??" She called out to him but to her amazement saw her running away from her. Geet ran and caught up with the diminishing Pinky.

"Pinky, Kya hua? Maan ne kuch kaha?" She asked Pinky who had her eyes glued to the floor.

After much coaxing, Pinky narrated the whole incident that happened a few minutes ago in Maan's office leaving Geet seething with fury. And like a determined lady she marched to her annoying husband's office.

She barged in and he lifted his head up from the file he was reading for a spilt second and then went back to doing what he was doing earlier. Geet tapped her foot impatiently, irritated at him for not giving her the time of the day.

"Kuch kaam tha?" he asked nonchalantly.

"Aap apne aap ko samajhte kya hai?? Pinky par chilana zaroori tha kya? Aapko pata bhi hai...." she started off without hesitation.

 "Geet.. What the hell is wrong with you? I have a lot of work to do and don't have time for your antics right now." He barked at her. He was already upset and didn't need her to instigate him further.

She gasped.

"Aapka naam Maan Singh Khurana nahi.. Zalim Singh Khurana hona chahiye" She spat at him.

"What did you just say?" He threw the file which landed with a whip on the table. "Come here" he said in a serious tone.

She felt her knees turning semisolid as he rose deliberately in a slow motion. It intensified the impact of the action, of his size and height. He remained behind his desk as she came to stand before it. Then he leaned forward from across the table, propping himself on flat palms, bringing his gaze in level with hers.

"What did you just say?" he asked again in a calculated low tone.

"Maine...I...aap" she struggled to get the words out.

He moved from behind the safety and shelter of his desk, approached her where she stood rooted to the spot. He stopped a breath away, felt her engulfing him with her essence.  He mentally cursed himself for scaring her like that.  She had no idea why he was on an edge and it was unfair on his part to take it out on her. All he wanted to do at that moment was to crush her to him.

He found himself reaching for her hand, his fingers skimming up her arms. It was as if he had electrocuted her. She stiffened. With a long, pained groan, he dragged her back into him and she melted against him.

He gently crossed his arms around her, molding her to his body, his lips tracing a path up her neck until they closed over her ear lobe. She whimpered with delight and her head rolled over his shoulder, giving him more access.

He scooped her up with his arms and secured his lips over her petal-soft ones. He let out a groan as he felt her whimpers of surrender. Carrying her to the nearest couch, he took her down on top of him, everything inside him roaring for him to let go of the control and to make her his forever.

Maan twisted his one hand into her lustrous satin hair while the other rested on her midriff and they kissed, over and over again.

"Geet, Sweetheart" he moaned.

She cried out at hearing him call an endearment for her for the very first time. She knew she was losing it and they were in his office for crying out loud. She wriggled out of his embrace and sat upright on the couch beside him, both panting.  She rested her head on his shoulder while he brought both his arms around her protectively.

"So, what were you saying?"

Geet fell into a fit of laughter and Maan joined her.

"Why were you in such a bad mood?" she asked him finally. "Everybody in the office is so scared of you"

He didn't know if he could answer that question of hers. "It's called discipline, Geet" he defended himself.

"Aap isko discipline kehte hain? Aap kisi Hitler se kam nahi hain" shaking her head, she complained again.

Maan faked his anger and she quickly stood up.

"Dekha....dekha.. kaisi badi badi aankhein kar lete hain aap." She took a step back and continued her rambling.

"What was the need to scold Pinky so much? Do you know her father is sick and she just wanted to go home early? Lekin aap to aap hai....uski baat sune bine hi bechari ko itna daant diya."

She saw the wave of compassion pass over his face and decided to continue. "So I have given her rest of the day off"

"WHAT?" he stood up with hands on his hips.

"Jaane deegiye na Maan, Vaise bhi half day to ho hi chuka hai." She circled her hand around the nook of his arm.

"Hmmm..." "Theek hai Geet...ummm...Have you eaten lunch yet?"

"No," she answered regretfully shaking her head.

Maan placed his hand over her cheek, "Want to grab one with me?"

"Sure" she shrugged and together they went out to eat at a nearby restaurant.


TA- DA !!! Sheesh  I am so bad with office romance... ROFL...  But I still tried....

 Chalo ab kudiyo phata phat comment likh daalo...while I try to write the next part....

Thankyou for reading!!!Don't forget to comment.

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yeyyy....1st one....Dancing
so maan n geet in office...nice...Thumbs Up
maan got angry...Shocked..but i think that was normal...was it because devAngry called him...
loved geet when she marched upto maan for speaking her mind..Big smile
mr n mrs khurana making out in office...Shocked..chi chi babaji ...koi dekh leta to...LOL
love how geet can make him relax....Smile
loved the update...Clap

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Awesome part.... loved it

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loved the update..............................

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awsome update.
lkike geet in office
do continue pl.

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lovely update dear ........................thanks for the update ...................well it was good office romance of maan and geet ................continue soon ...........

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vry sweet.....geet shuld b the 1 acting bossy in th office now.....wuld love seeing this.....hahahaha.....

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Lovely enjoyed reading everypart. Thanks for sending PMs.Eager to read the next one

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