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Maneet FF: Dreams ~1~ Part 21 page 143 (Page 51)

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Thankyou to all who took time to read and comment . I love you all...Hug As usual please excuse any mistakes... here is the next part

Part 9

The whole day had been tiring for all of them. Maan could visibly see Geet dragging her feet up the stairs to their bedroom.  But for him, the day had been a complete success. He had gotten to spend time with his lovely wife, know her a bit more. How she got happy with the simple things. And he was already making plans for their next time.

He was sitting on the bed reading the magazine when Geet came over.

"Aap aaj bhi yeh kitaab padne ka naatak karenge?" she asked playfully.

"Kya?" Maan looked at her baffled.

 "Tum ko kisne kaha ki main naatak kar raha hoon.." he put the magazine in his lap.

" you were really reading it?" her face fell as she plopped herself on the bed and crossed her legs. Maan quickly threw the magazine on the nightstand and put his head on her lap.

" who says ki naatak karta hoon?" he looked up at her shocked face.

"What are you doing? Utheye'" Visibly perplexed she pushed him trying to make him get up but he didn't budge. Closing his eyes he murmured' "Rehne do na Geet..achcha lag raha hai.." She immediately stopped pushing him away. The serenity that fell on his face made her place her hand lovingly on his forehead.

Maan gave a satisfied sigh as Geet slowly ran her fingers over his hair.

"Geet, tell me something about yourself"  he said, his eyes still closed. 

"What do u want to know?" she asked. " Anything and everything" came his reply. She started to tell him about her big family, Rajji, Tito, her parents, her childhood memories while Maan silently listened.

"Maan, so gaye kya?" she looked down at him. Not getting an answer, she concurred he was really asleep. She looked at his face and was washed with a wave of emotions. She slowly bent her head down to place a soft kiss on his forehead. She was inches away from laying a kiss, when his eyes opened.  Maan's hands, tangled in her hair as he cradled her head, guiding her mouth towards his. This time she couldn't move. Frozen to her spot, she closed her eyes and felt his lips, felt her own lips part to accept him, felt him as his tongue slid inside her, felt the urge to melt against him and hold him close. They kissed for what seemed like eternity and finally Maan released her and she lifted her head dazed at what just happened. She blushed profusely as she licked her lips.

"I......I thought you were sleeping" she stuttered as she looked everywhere but him.  Maan groaned as he got up and cradled her face.

"I was......well not exactly'" He didn't seem to get the words out right. "Laying there in your lap felt pleasant and peaceful" he laid out the truth.

Geet just nodded her head still refusing to look at him. Maan propped her chin up and urged her to look at him.

"Geet, look here..I didn't mean to startle you." She could hear the urgency in his voice.

"Please" he begged.  She forced herself to look in his eyes . He took a sigh of relief finding nothing but shyness there. He closed his eyes in relief and engulfed her in a bear hug.

Maan reached for the quilt and pulled it over her. He settled on his back beside her and eased her into his arms. It was a beautiful night with enough moonlight to show the perfection of her features, her tipped up nose and her pointed chin. He visually traced every line of her face, though they were already imprinted in his memory. "So jaao Geet, Its been a hectic day"

A light breeze blew through the window and she shivered then snuggled closer to his side, wanting his warmth.  She murmured in her sleep, and her arm reached across him. Her breath drifted over his chest and her hair teased his skin. He clenched his jaw and hugged her closer.


Geet was going crazy. The phone was ringing yet again and she still couldn't find it.. "Hey babaji.. yeh aawaaz kahan se aa rahi hai....landline bhi nahi hai....kahin Maan aaj apna phone le kar jana to nahi bhool gaye" she spoke to herself as she walked towards his table. As she approached it, the ringing got louder and she established that it was coming from the box placed there. She opened it and found a red cell phone inside. It was ringing.

"Hello" she answered cautiously.

"So at last my wife found her gift'mujhe to laga tha ki...."

"Kya laga tha aapko?? Haan...kya? Ki main paagal hoon.. mujhe kuch pata nahi hai? Aur yeh konsa tareeka hai gift dene ka? Itne der se phone baj raha hai aur main isko dhoond dhoond kar paagal ho rahi thi..Mujhe sapna aa raha hai ki yahan table par ek box hai aur usmei ek phone hai.. boliye..ab kuch bolte kyun nahi??? Hello....." Geet rambled off'

Maan clutched his head on the other side. He had thought it would be a nice gesture to get her a cell phone for he had noticed that she needed one but never asked for it. But his wife never made anything easy for him. She was always ready to fight him.

"Geet...aaram se..koi peeche nahi pada hai tumhare..saans to le lo'"

Geet inhaled in and out slowly calming herself. The information that the phone was infact a gift for her settled in her and she smiled. She spoke calmly this time." Vaise thankyou hai, phone ke liye"

"You are welcome" he smiled.

"Maan..." He heard her call him and he came to the conclusion that he would never be able to get over the sensations he gets whenever she called him by his name.

"Hmmmm" he replied with his eyes closed.

" Aaj jaldi ghar aa jaana'Daadima ki subah jaldi ki flight hai....aapko yaad hai na?"

"Haan Geet, mujhe yaad hai. I was the one who got her the tickets, remember?" he replied picking up a file. "aur?"

"Theek hai....bye" She disconnected the call.

She worried about what she would do all day once Daadima also left for Mumbai. Rajji was gone and she already felt so lonely. With Daadima gone too, her days would just get longer, she decided to talk to Daadima about it..maybe she could recommend something.


Maan's happiness knew no bounds. What Daadima was suggesting was a dream come true. He would have Geet by his side all day long. But Geet looked skeptical and had refused all together.

"Nahi..nahi...yeh mujhse nahi hoga. Maine aaj tak kabhi office mei kaam nahi kiya" she whimpered. As if having Maan within ten feet distance was not torture enough, the prospect of spending the whole day with him gave her the jitters. She loved her husband no doubt and been with him always turn everything around her topsy-turvy. He would drive her crazy. She would end up been nervous all day and will not be able to relax at all.

"Geet, tum kitna darti ho.." Maan uttered.

"Excuse me'main kisi se nahi darti" she replied with her hands on her hips. Maan looked with amusement at this new sight of his wife and decided to go down this path if it was a means to an end.

"Then prove it" Maan said challengingly.

"Fine" she crossed her arms and went to have a talk with Daadima, mentally cursing herself for falling in a prey to her husband's tactics.

Daadima had motivated Geet to start going to office along with Maan. She argued her case and tried to make Geet see sense in while situation. She had a degree in architecture and was fully capable of helping Maan in his work.  It was also her right as an elder bahu of Khurana Khaandaan. Plus she wasn't going to do any task alone and Maan would be there to help her every step of the way. She just needed to take the plunge.  Finally Geet was ready, as ready she ever will be, to take that.



Naintara noticed Dev been on edge ever since he came back from Delhi. He was gone for a day but it seemed have to create a big rift between them. He no longer was his usual jovial self. There seemed to something amiss and she wondered what Dev was up to now.
Dev had been burning in jealously ever since he saw them together 'happy. He didn't know why it hurt him so much but it did. He had always tried to get Maan in tight positions through out his life and he always managed to outgrow them. This was one position, he was sure he would not be able to handle. Getting married was never in his cards and he had time and again made it clear to Daadi. The day Daadi had asked him to marry Geet, he had his plans moving. He was going to crush the prestigious Khurana name and Maan Singh Khurana. What better to do than deny to marry the girl on the wedding day. The fact that the girl would be humiliated in the society too, held little to no importance for him. He was blinded with his rage, fury and hatred he had for Maan.  But now, everything was ruined AGAIN. He mentally worked up a plan and dialed Maan's number and sneered.


Thankyou for reading.. Comment please....Smile I would love to read your views.. any suggestions/criticism is most welcome.
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Love is all around!

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Gud part dear

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great update....................

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great update
so maaneet wil be in office soon we gonna hav office romanceLOLLOLLOL
wat dev gonna do AngryAngryAngryAngry

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lovely update dear ....................

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such a wonderful part.Smile.......both seems to be comfortable in each others presence now...........ugghhhhhhhhhAngry........y has that bloody dev ecided 2 interfere in their lives now.......hope this doesnt create problems in maanet lives now..........nyways continue soon cz i cnt w8 2 no wat happens nxt.........Wink


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