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Maneet FF: Dreams ~1~ Part 21 page 143 (Page 44)

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Originally posted by -jia-

Thankyou readers. I appreciate all those who took time to comment. I loved each and every comment you guys wrote. Gives me the confidence I need to write more' so my sincere thanks to

jyoti_l, libra25. Shah10, vrsharma, hinalshah, sai22789, shalve,  aamirkhanfan, puth, madhavipatil, zahra15, esha143, gangesegb, krati5, cue1, PaintedSky, sindu555, azmu32, wajiha-1, sharmake11, komlika, Lip-a-Licious, sakadafi, ambbiha, aditiwalia56, Krishnaluv94, Semarnk, -shamima-, sasik, suba2011, heermeher, trishap, mrk_1, XXXYYYZZZ, namita25, princess_xaini, bhanu_rekhag, CutieTeju & PrithviSanyo1

any day sweety.....anything for our maneetWink

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Here is the next part...please excuse any mistakes.. I am not very happy with this part..but this is the best I could do..LOL...LOL

Part 8

Maan couldn't sleep. He didn't know that it would be so difficult. He wished he had never listened to Rajji. He remembered the look on her face when she had asked to spent the night with her sister. And then he had looked at Geet at the moment, she was holding Rajji's hand and something inside him ached. He never had a strong bond with his siblings so when he saw the two sisters, he could not deny them few moments of togetherness. What he hadn't realized at the time was, how the heck was he supposed to sleep without Geet's face in front of him? Their relationship had surely grown from the time they were married. He remembered the time she had asked him to sleep with him on the bed together, he smiled.

"Akele akele, kis baat par muskura  rahein hai aap?" He shot his head up to find the object of his fascination looking at him.
"Geet, tum yahan? Kuch kaam tha?" He stood up from the bed.
"Nahi'aapko kuch bolna tha"
"haan..bolo" his heart thundered in his chest. He hoped against hope that his wife was also finding it difficult to grace the night without him.
"Good night" she smiled and started to walk off.
Maan in one swift motion held her wrist and pulled her towards him. She collided violently with his chest. Putting her other hand up his chest, she leaned a little back when she saw him looking at him intently. Was that anger, desire or something else? She could not decide. She freed her hand and backed a step. With each step, she took back, Maan took one forward. And before she knew it,  her back was resting on the wall with Maan hovering over her. He leaned close, one hand against the wall behind her, the other reaching where his fingers could tangle in her hair.
"Geet" He sounded hoarse as he slowly moved his hand towards her face. He did not know what overcame him.  To think he was here, yearning for her and she thought she could tease infuriated him. He murmured her name again bending close enough to touch her ear lobe with the tip of his nose. She wanted to push him away, but her hands wouldn't listen to her.
 The moment, his fingers grazed her cheek, she jerked " Maan, Rajji aa jaayegi"  she said in panic all the while looking at the door. She knew her sister would not sit quietly in the room and come looking for her and she didn't want her to find them in such condition. It would be too embarrassing.
Maan's eyes lit up' "What did u say?" he inquired'
Geet looked at him surprised'"Ji??"
"Abhi jo tumne kaha'phir se bolo"
"Rajji aa jayegi" Geet said again turning to look at the door in anticipation of her sister's arrival.
"Nahi'us se pehle jo tumne kaha"
Geet looked at him dubiously' she slowly and softly parroted her words as if understanding him " Maan'.Rajji aa jayegi" Listening to her saying his name bought a new life in him. It was as if his name had found a new meaning, the way his name rolled off her tongue... he sighed'
"phir se bolo" he murmured..
"Ek baar aur'" he pleaded.
"Maan.."  Maan sucked in a breath and brought his face closer to her and rested his forehead on hers.  She closed her eyes in anticipation. She no longer was worried about the world, her sister or anybody else. The whole world disappeared into oblivion as Maan slowly and passionately kissed her forehead. A smile crept on Geet's face.
"Good night Geet" Maan released her and took a step back. "And tell Rajji, she gets just one night" He didn't want her to go but he knew if he stayed longer with her in such close proximity, he would not able to control, he was a mere human after all.
A beaming Geet murmured a soft good night and left her husband in the guestroom to sleep a restless night.
The Sunday morning, Khurana Mansion was filled with hustle bustle of Handa sisters. Rajji was supposed to leave the following day and she didn't want spend the day indoors.
"Geet didi, hum kahin baahar chalte hain'.kal to main chali jaaungi" she pleaded.  Geet did not know how to ask her husband to leave all his work and go out with her. They had never gone out before. He had never volunteered to take her and she had ever asked. She wondered if he would agree.
"Rajji Beta, yeh bahut accha idea hai.. we can all go out for lunch, a picnic maybe and then some shopping" Daadi gave her input.
Rajji squealed at the name of shopping.. " yes, yes.. please Didi, chaliye na'"

"lekin'" before Geet could complete her sentence. Maan joined them in the living room. He wore a white T-shirt and jeans. Geet had never seen him in that attire and she couldn't keep her eyes off of him. She swallowed a lump in her throat and asked him " Rajji wants to go out..kya aap'" she trailed off seeing him looking at her, his one eyebrow arched up. 

 "Hmmmm'kahan jana hai Rajji ko?" he asked smugly aware of the effect he had on his wife even in a room filled with people.
 "Shopping" Rajji answered quickly..
"Theek hai' then get ready ..we will go shopping" he said casually picking up the newspaper.
Geet looked at Maan as if seeing him for the first time. Her husband always managed to surprise her. Was he just been nice because of Rajji ? Lekin Geet, jo kuch bhi kal hua'woh.. she thought as her hand went up to her lips unknowlingly.
Maan called Geet who was once again lost in her own thoughts. "Geet" He called her once again. "Aaj na coffee'na breakfast.. bhooka maarne ka iraada hai kya??"
"Oh" she slapped her forehead and quickly walked off to get everything. Rajji had walked off to get ready..she had a long list of things she planned to buy.
As she set up breakfast for everyone, Maan came up her back. "Geet, you also go and get ready..Nakul yeh sab kar lega"
"Lekin aapka brea.." Maan put a finger on her lips.. "Main bas tumne tang kar raha tha.. tum jaao" he talked softly assuring her with a blink of his eyes.
Geet smiled and started to walk off when he held her hand firmly. "Par ek baat hai Geet'mujhe ab sirf tumhaare haath ki coffee achchi lagti hai" saying he brought her hand close to his mouth and kissed it.
"Get dressed, Geet," he said quietly, touching her cheek with his forefinger, setting off a trail of sensation. "Otherwise we would be late. And I plan to make most out of my day off."
Geet's eyes lit up as Maan sipped his coffee to hide his satisfaction.
 Having finished their breakfast, Maan took all of them to a park as Geet insisted. It was too early for the malls to be open yet, it been a Sunday morning.  Rajji wasn't too happy about it but went along as she knew her sister was right. Maan had promised to take her shopping later and then a maybe a movie.

Geet was over the moon. It was her first day out with her husband. She looked around, and was caught by the sight of the lake. The surface glistened with an almost blinding reflection of the sun. Ducks glided forth, fish jumped. It was an astoundingly beautiful day. She thought of the man, she had come to admire and adore in such a short span of time. Maan. He had the power to turn her insides to mush with just a look, to leave her weak-kneed with a touch and to slay her with a kiss. She was falling in love and fast.

Rajji and Daadima decided to take a walk leaving Maan and Geet behind.  Maan stared at Geet while she had a far away look on her face. He looked at the way the sun lit her face and he realized she made him smile for no reason at all.
"Geet" he called out as he took a tentative step towards her.  She smiled at him as he took her small hand in his and stroked her palm lovingly. "What are you thinking?" he asked looking at the lake which had at the moment taken all her attention.
"Just life changes so fast. Aaj kuch to kal kuch'Hum sochte kuch hain aur hota kuch aur hai.. Just until some time ago, I did not even know you but now'." She trailed off, her eyes again focusing on the ducks in the lake.
"but now..?" Maan asked impatiently.
"Now you are my husband" she replied finally taking her eyes off the lake and looking at him in the eye.
"I hope that is a good thing." He hated to admit how closely he was watching her face for her reaction to that question.
Geet gave him a wide smile and Maan's heart sighed in relief.
"It's a beautiful day isn't it?"
Maan couldn't agree more. If possible, he would spend all his days with her and they would become beautiful just like that.


They had lunch at an authentic Indian restaurant as per Rajji's demands. Geet was too happy about it. She didn't know if she would be able to handle the continental food that Maan seemed to like so much. She looked at him and studied him for a moment. His handsome face was lean and his nose classical in profile. She liked the humorous gleam in his dark eyes, liked the way his strong long fingers held the glass, liked the way his collar opened to his muscular chest. A rush of pride filled her. She was proud to be married to this man. He had been watching her and their gazes met. Electricity flared between them. Her breath caught in her throat and her heart began to beat rapidly. 

Once done with the food, the waiter came forward for their order of desserts. Rajji had already decided that all would take icecream but she gave everyone the benefit to choose their own flavors.

"Strawberry" "Chocolate" Both Maan and Geet spoke together.

"eh'lo'hamari koi bhi pasand ek jaisi nahi hai' inko white pasand hai aur mujhe red' yeh continental khate hai aur mujhe sirf desi khana achcha lagta hai' aur ab ice cream bhi'Hey Babaji'ab hamara kya hoga???" Geet thought as she put her hand slowly on her forehead. 
"Geet, kya hua? Headache hai??" Daadima asked in worried tone.
Geet quickly put her hand under the table shaking her head indicating a no. Done with ice cream, they planned for the next agenda on the list. Daadima and Rajji were the first to leave the table leaving Maan and Geet to catch up to them.
Maan had noticed Geet as she kept stealing glances at him through out their lunch.
Catching her gaze, he smiled and dropped a quick kiss on her lips. Her lips tingled where he had just touched her and she quickened her pace to walk beside Rajji.
Savitri Devi declared that she was too tired to cope up with the youngsters and had decided to call it a day while the three went shopping.
It had been difficult for Rajji to contain her excitement as she ran from one shop to another trying on clothes. It wasn't that their Hoshiarpur didn't have good stuff , she had never seen such big malls.  As Rajji was busy picking everything she liked,  Geet would take a look at them and put them back on the rack.  She was eyeing a particular red sari when Maan walked up to her.
"Try it, You will look nice in it." He handed her the material pushing her towards the fitting room.
He had been right ' the sari looked exquisite on her.  The urge to kiss her grew in his chest and he started walking towards her, eager to savor her warmth. But the fact that they were in a public place with people around them stopped him.  She had seen the look in his eyes as she came out of the fitting room and she felt the kind of thrill she used to get as a kid at the fair when the roller coaster went into a steep dive.
"I told you" was all he murmured as he asked the sales lady to make the bill for it.
"Didi, Look at this" Rajji cried in excitement. It was a beautiful pink salwaar kameez
"Can I get this?" she pleaded.
"Rajji, don't you think you already have a lot of stuff picked out?" Geet looked at her sister holding at least a dozen dresses.
"Yes, you can" came a reply from behind.  Both the sisters looked over to Maan as he walked over to Rajji and placed his arm over her shoulder.
"I promised you can get whatever you yes you can" he replied smilingly.
"Ohh'.You are the best" Rajji squealed with delight and gave him a half hug as she went off to try it. He laughed softly and Geet felt a warm glow spreading deep inside.
This is the longest update I have ever done...Tongue 
Please hit the like button and comment if you liked this update...SmileSmile

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its getting better day by day.....
looking forward to more amazing parts....

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amazing.......maan is so nice 2 rajji.......n he has even started falling 4 his wife.......2 gd......continue soon..........


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lovely update sweet heart ................... Ur simply the best ................

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god plz save maan from rajji's shopping i dont think the next time he will take her for shopping and loved the park part really awesome

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lovely update jiaClapClapClap

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