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Maneet FF: Dreams ~1~ Part 21 page 143 (Page 36)

-jia- IF-Dazzler

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Sorry for the is the next part

Part 7


Maan took a shower and dressed himself in a black suit with a white shirt. He stepped in the room when he saw her sitting in front of the mirror... She wore her dark brown hair long and straight.. She was wearing the sari he had gotten for her…he knew she would look heavenly in that…She looked so beautiful, so pure and she glowed. He liked the fairness of her complexion. Maan stared at her for a long moment, his intense brown eyes absorbing every last inch of her dress.  She looked ethereal and he was happy, she had decided to wear his gift.  He found immense happiness in knowing that. 

She was trying to fasten the dori of her blouse however because of her wounded hand could not. He heard her wince in pain as she made yet another worthless effort. He walked ever so slowly towards her not once taking his eyes off his struggling wife who seemed to have no knowledge of his presence.
He slowly touched her hands and felt her shiver in surprise as he took the dori from her hands and started to tie it for her not once letting his gaze waver from her face. Geet looked at him through the mirror. She lowered her eyes as she felt his hands touch her skin a little longer than they needed to. His hands slowly made it to her shoulders resting there. He skimmed his fingers along her arms, sending sweet chills up her spine. She opened her eyes and saw him gazing back at her. She stood before him and turned. He took her hand and stroked the soft flesh of her palm with his thumb. Her eyes closed once again. He kissed the tender underside of her wrist and felt her shiver. Her response fired the racing need inside him. He looked at her from under thick, dark eyelashes, saw her tremulous mouth, felt the skittering of her nerves and knew that she was feeling just as he was.
The atmosphere was thick with unspoken words and very slowly she reached out. It was as though her hand moved of its own accord. The knock on the door brought both of them back to reality and they moved away from each other in a flash.
"Beta, aap tyaar ho gaye to neeche chaliye..sab aapka intezaar kar rahe hain" Daadima called out to them.
Maan and Geet looked at each other with flushed faces. They looked like small kids who had just been caught.
"Ji Daadima…chaliye.." Maan started to move when Savitri Devi stopped him.
"" she blocked his way.
Maan looked at her puzzled. Didn't she just say that they were supposed to go down.
She laughed at her grandson's confused face.. "Aap dono ko ek saath neeche aana hai." She tried to clarify herself. "Geet beta, jaldi anaa.." she caressed her head lovingly and left her room.
"Ummm…to chale??" Maan extended his hand towards Geet.
Geet could feel her heart beating wildly as she followed him down the stairs. Maan's one arm was around her, draped over her shoulder, and her fingers were linked through his. They looked the picture of a normal couple in love.
He couldn't believe his eyes…Maan and Geet were really married.. He watched with wide eyes as the happy couple made their way down the stairs hand in hand as everybody looked at them in admiration. They seemed to be so much in love and Maan was smiling??…his brother….. his step brother was smiling. Dev couldn't believe his eyes. He had never seen Maan smile like that. He didn't look miserable as he had pictured him. He seethed with jealousy and anger. After everything, Maan was still getting all the attention and he was still hiding in the dark corner of his own house amidst the crowd of people. His eyes fell on Geet, she looked blissful in a sari. The last time he had seen her was in a salwaar kameez which did no justice to her curvy figure. How had he missed that? Naintara was nothing in front of this tempting lady. He needed to find a way to get back to this house, if nothing else he would atleast feast his eyes, he smirked as he sneaked his way out just like he had made his way in without anyone noticing him. He had work to do..plans to make…and FAST.
Daadima wanted Geet to meet a lot of people and she dragged Geet with her. Geet who wanted badly to create some distance between Maan and herself couldn't be happier to oblige. Her heart was racing at a supernatural speed and she wondered if it would just explode and she will fall down like a stack of cards. It had been nerve wrecking to stand so close to him after what just happened in the room upstairs. She wondered how could he remain so calm and composed.
She followed Daadima quietly and meekly, greeting people on the way. All the while she could feel his eyes feasting on her. She turned towards the direction, she had left him but couldn't spot him anywhere. She scanned the area over and over again. She wondered where he was for she could still feel his presence. Her eyes were still searching for him when Rajji came over.
"Didi, kisko dhoond rahi ho? Jiju ko??" her sister teased.
" Chup badmaash…kisi ko bhi nahi" Geet faked her anger on her sibling. "Haan…main to waiter ko dhoond rahi thi….woh mujhe pyaas lagi thi na is liye" she replied thinking of a quick reply.
Rajji chuckled.. " Didi, woh us taraf khade hain" she pointed behind Geet.
Geet turned around almost immediately and found her husband looking at her with a glint of mischief in his eyes and a grin on his face.
Maan had been enjoying the hide and seek he was playing with her. Geet couldn't wait to leave his side but the minute he wasn't in her plain view, she looked anxious. When she had turned and her eyes laid on him; he could actually feel the anxiety leaving Geet's body. He smiled.
He made his way towards her with a glass of juice in his hand.
"Yeh lo.." he offered her..
"Mujhe nahi chahiye" she turned around.
"Geet..mujhe to laga tha ki tumko pyaas lagi thi.." he winked at Rajji, who giggled but quickly composed herself when she saw her sister staring angrily at her. She took the glass quietly and had a sip. She couldn't believe the nerve of her husband. First he makes her nervous then he makes fun of her. She sulked away, while Maan snickered.
"Let's dance."  He plucked her drink from her hand and set both their glasses on a passing waiter's tray. He put both hands on her waist and steered her toward the dance floor, trying his best not to get totally distracted by the soft curve of her slender body, the gentle sway of her sari-covered hips.
As they hit the floor, he spun her into his arms. She landed flush against his chest just as a slow romantic duet began. Maan thanked his fate for his continued streak of good luck.
He anchored her to him with one arm and guided her around the floor with his other. The flowery scent that had teased him throughout the whole week now enticed him closer and closer. He settled for grazing her temple with his cheek so that he could talk while they moved together.
"Geet, you look beautiful". He spoke in simple words. He didn't need any extravagant fancy words to convey what his heart felt and she understood.
She peered up at him, her cheeks surprisingly getting pinker than they already were.
He edged his fingers lower on her waist to graze her hip. She followed him effortlessly around the floor, making him wonder how well matched.
When she smiled, her soft lips curling , he wished to capture the moment in his eyes for eternity..
 All his life he had been driven in his career, taking care of business, determined to prove himself to his family. But Geet made him want to forget all about that, made him want to focus solely on doing anything in his power to make sure she always had that beautiful smile on her lips. As the music ended, Maan twirled her away from him and then reeled her back into him tightly.
He took her elbow and guided her through the crowd towards the patio, where they could be all alone. She saw the way his eyes had darkened and something deep inside her began to melt.
"I have wanted to do something for a very long time" He heard the roughness of his own voice.
Wh-what?" she whispered, as he walked and came to face her.
 Her lips trembled, and he traced their shivering outline with the tip of his finger. He moved his finger to smooth the curve of her jaw, and from there to her neck, and then farther down her bare back.., she shook uncontrollably.
"Geet, you are trembling…is that for me?"
She swallowed not been able to answer him back. His cheek against her own was enticing, his scent surrounding her. His mouth brushed hers, warm and inviting. She couldn't deny the soar of her pulse at his touch. Desire stirred low in her belly, radiated outward to her limbs and tingled every inch of her body. She advanced to threading her fingers through his hair and pulling him closer to kiss his lips, to caress the gentle scratch of his bearded cheeks. Without reservation, he kissed her gently and deeply..Their first kiss.
As they stood on the porch of Khurana mansion, she feared he was just an illusion that was sure to slip away once she closed her eyes.
"We better go inside," he said reluctantly, "It's cold out here. I don't want you getting sick"
Geet didn't care if the wind was whipping through her bones. She wanted to stay with him. As if understanding what she wanted, he embraced her, and she nearly melted against him. She could feel his muscles bunching beneath his shirt. The power of who he was, of his strength. He backed her into the room full of people, sheltering both of them from the cold wind that blew outside.
Ok done... I don't know if their first kiss was too soon ... but I still took a risk.. Let me know ur views.... Smile
Please hit the like button and comment if possible.. as you all know I love reading them..SmileSmile

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Originally posted by -jia-

Originally posted by jyoti_l

hey your update n loved it....
waiting for the party to take place...

P.S. plz add me to your PM list...just add me to ur buddy list...will send u a pm
Thanks JyotiBig smile

loved the update....
wow maan n geets first kiss....lovely...
i dont think it was soon as teh moment called for it...the party ...the atmosphere...the dance...both looking good...Wink...i wonder how anybody can stop themselves....LOL
dev was there..Shocked...n now planning to come back to create chaos in their lives...Angry .....
wish usse pehle maan n geet get settled with each other so that their r no insecurities misunderstandings...
waiting for the next part....update soon....

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too good ...worth the wait.....
do continue soon...Smile

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Originally posted by vrsharma

mee waiting for the update
Updated Big smile
shah10 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 31 January 2011 at 11:16am | IP Logged it.
hate dev..
i hope he doesnt create misunderstanding bt maaneet.

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wovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv simply superb
i am not finding words to praise this update. it is really awasome

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wow jia it was just awesome but wht is dev planning
awesome update yaar plzzzzzzzzz update next part soon

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awesome update dear
loved it..
very well written..
do continue soon
thank u very much 4 pm..!!

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