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Maneet FF: Dreams ~1~ Part 21 page 143

-jia- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 January 2011 at 2:58pm | IP Logged

Hey Peeps, I just started my first  FF on Maneet. Hope you guys will give it a read. Please do let me know if its good and if I should continue. Thanks :))

(C) Ratna "PerfectYaRav"
The whole room was decorated with flowers and candles. Sweet fragrance filled the dimly-lit room. The bed was decorated with a canopy of flowing white flowers and in the center of the bed sat the bride dressed in a red lengha. Her hands were adorned with henna and beautiful red bangles. She wore anklets that made a tinkling sound when she moved her feet a little. Maang tikka and large earrings on her ear she looked a perfect bride. With her ghooghat covering half her face and a big nose ring visible only made her lips seem more supple and kissable. But her eyes glistened with tears and fear. Fear to be married to the person she was. She didnot know what she had gotten could her life have changed in just a matter of hours? She remembered the day Savitri Devi had come to her house for a marriage proposal for her grand son. Her parents were happy beyond words. Khuranas were a known entity in Delhi and they were more that happy to say yes to her. Savitri devi had brought her grandson along with her that day and everyone took an instant liking to him. He was a jolly, happy n always wore a smile on his face. And when he played with her brother tito, laughed n joked with Rajji, she knew her parents were taking a right decision for her. He was easy to talk to and she had just conversed with him once.
"Geet, are you sure you gonna go forward with his proposal? I mean, if u say no, I will understand and can talk to daddi"
She had just bowed her head and blushed. She was too shy to utter a word. And that was all they had talked. She didn't ask him anything and neither did he. Maybe he knew everything about her and understood her uneasiness, because he just stood and walked back to where the elders sitting. That was also the last time she saw him. After 2 weeks all was set and then came their wedding day.She was all ready to marry him...had dreamed about her married life but instead of marrying him, she was now married to his brother. What kind of joke life was playing with her? Her life which was going so smoothly up until few hours ago had changed its direction and now she didn't know what lied ahead. She hadn't even managed to get a glimpse of her husband for her eyes were clouded with tears, not that it mattered. She would sure get to see him soon, wouldn't she? she thought and shuddered as the door creaked open and she felt her toes curling on their own as she saw a shadow moving in the room and walking towards the bed.
He walked slowly up to his room with slow steps lost in thought. How could he have said yes to daddima? It was such a big decision which he took in a matter of seconds. "Khaandaan ki izzat" was what she had used to get him to do this. "dono parivaaron ki izzat mitti mei mil jaayegi, Beta agar aur koi raasta hota to hum aapko yeh karne ke liye kabhi na kehte, bechari us ladki ka to sochiye, uska isme kya dosh hai? uske ghar waalon ka isme kya dosh hai?, plz beta" She kept repeating the lines till she was too weak and collapsed on the nearby sofa. He was scared to see her this lifeless and couldnt say no to her .He had never said no to her and so he obliged and married the girl he had never seen before.
He opened the door to his bedroom and stood frozen. Was this his room? and then his eyes fell on the person sitting in the middle of the room and his mind screamed. Ofcourse it was his room. He glanced once towards the person sitting and thought she was shaking with his every step he took inside his room. He walked in anger towards the bedroom and banged the door shut.
She looked up and shook at the loud noise of the door banging shut and sighed and wondered. Wasn't he supposed to come near her, open her ghunghat and see her? Now what was she supposed to do? Sit and wait, she thought.
He came out after changing from his sherwani to his kurta and saw that she was still sitting where he saw her last. Wondering what he should say or do, he walked towards her.

She saw him coming closer and she froze. Was this the moment, she wondered as her hands shook and her ears burned with anxiety. His hand came near her head and went past her as he took hold of the pillow behind her and walked off towards the couch. She let go off the breath she didn't know she was holding when she saw his retreating figure. Confused as hell, she got up slowly and walked towards him.

"It's too late, you must be tired, change and go to sleep. Hum kal baat karenge" His words made her stop in her tracks. She turned towards the bathroom and walked slowly as tears flowed freely from her eyes..
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OMG this is so interesting...plz do continue.

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sounds really interesting! will love to read further, could you PM me when you update please Smile

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Interesting and Amazing story line ... please do continue ... Can you please add me to your PM list ... Can't wait to read the next part ... Please Update soon :)

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-jia- IF-Dazzler

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Thankyou all those who commented.. I didn't get a very good response but still posting the next part....

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-jia- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 January 2011 at 4:38pm | IP Logged
Please excuse any mistakes
Part 2
He saw her from the corner of his eye as she walked with her back to him and he could make from her sagging shoulders that this was not what was she was expecting. Did he make a mistake? Should he go and talk to her? Why did women make everything so complicated? Before he could decide, she had already walked into the bathroom and closed the door making the decision easier for him. He just closed his tired eyes and put in arm across his forehead.
She walked in the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror. She took off her dupatta and stared at the lady looking back at her in the mirror. What the hell happened in there? Who did she get married to? All her dreams shattered in matter in seconds. Does she have a heartless person as her life partner? How was supposed to live like this? Will he ever talk to her..heck will she be able to even see his face? Doesn't he wanna know who he married? Isn't he affected by the turn of events? He went about like nothing has happened.... This all scared her as she went about changing her dress and removing her jewellery. She slowly opened the door and walked back to the bed. Glancing once at the back of the sleepy husband, she got into the covers and tried to sleep thinking what life had in store for her..
Maan woke up with a sore neck and back. He hadn't gotten much sleep last night. He looked at the empty bed wondering where did she go? Did she sleep well? Muttering under his breath he walked to the bathroom to take a shower and start the day.
Geet had already woken up long time back. She couldn't sleep much either so she had planned to start her day early. She showered, prayed and made morning tea. When she came back to her room, her husband was not where she left him few minutes ago. Was he up, she wondered and looked around when the bathroom door opened and he walked in with a towel around his neck wiping his hair wearing just his trousers. She gasped and turned around. Maan didn't think she would be back in the room and was in a shock to see her standing a few feet away, her back turned. He quickly picked up his shirt and picked up the cup of hot liquid she had put at the table.
"What the hell is this??" he barked
She stood frozen confused and scared. What did she do wrong ?
"Ji" she asked timidly slowly turning around but not once lifting her eyes.
"I don't drink tea." saying he banged the cup on the table and walked out.
She looked at his retreating back with tears threatening to break free. Like she would know, what he drank or not. Couldn't he talk nicely and tell her what he wanted? She could have gotten him that. She had just wanted to do something for him. She had seen all these years how her mom made morning tea for her dad and she just did the same. She walked back to the kitchen with a glum look when she saw Nakul making breakfast.
" Nakul, sahib subah naashte me kya lete hain?" she inquired
"Ji betiya, eggs, bread aur coffee" he replied
"Oh coffee...tabhi to maine sochon ki chaai ko dekh kar itna gussa kyun ho gaye" she muttered. " to theek hai coffee de deti hoon unko" She went about to make the coffee quickly as Nakul left to give Daddima her medicines.
Maan sat at the dining table waiting for his breakfast and reading the business section of the newspaper when Geet came and laid his breakfast in front of him. He picked up the toasted bread and took a bite and reached for coffee when he saw her. She was standing clutching her saree pallu, eyes downcasted.
"ab yeh kya hai?" He asked in anger
"ji" she said looking at him for the first time. Her big brown chocolate eyes pierced his soul. He shouted again "yeh" holding the cup in his hand.

"Coffee" she replied wondering at her husband's behaviour. "dekhaai nahi deta inko" she wondered.

"Main sirf black coffee peeta hoon, woh bhi sirf ek cube sugar ke saath. Jab tumne kisi baat ka pata hi nahi hai to kyun subah subah jaltiaan karke mera mood kharaab kar raho ho?" he was seething in anger "Nakul" he shouted..
Geet shook in fear as he shouted at her. She had just wanted to do something for him. What's wrong in that? And couldn't he tell her nicely what he liked and not liked. She turned around and ran up the stairs. Maan ran a hand on his head in frustration.
" Aap humse naraaz hai to us bechari par kyun baras rahe hain?" Daadima walked towards the dining table. She had heard her grandson shouting at her bahu.
" Uska pehla din hai aaj is ghar mei, agar woh aapke liye ya kisi aur ke liye kuch karna chahti hai to aap kyun usko dosh de rahein hain?"
" Daadima please, main pehle hi late ho gaya hoon, mujhe office ke liye nikalna hai" He stood up and walked.
" Aaj ka din bhi aapko office jaana hai?" she asked disapproovingly. Sighing she added "Agar jaana hi hai to jaldi aa jaayega, aaj Geet ki muh dikhaai ki rasam hai aur hum chahte hain ki aap bhi ghar par ho"

"Theek hai" he said and walked out the door.

He entered his bedroom to pick up some files when he saw her sitting near the window sill looking out. She had a forlorn look in her eyes and was deep in thought. He tried to say something but couldn't form any words. So he picked up his laptop and files and went.
She waited and waited and waited. She thought he would come and talk to her. Didn't he say that last night that we will talk tomorrow? Then why didn't he? He came in the room but not once looked at her or made an effort to talk to her. What kind of ruthless, harsh, heartless husband had destiny given her? She closed her eyes as tears flowed her cheeks.

"Geet beta" Daddi called out to her

She quickly wiped her tears and forced a smile and welcomed Daddima. "Jeete raho beti" Daddima blessed her and kissed her forehead.

"Maan ki baaton ka bura mat maan na..woh dil ke bure nahi hain bas gussa kuch ziada karte hain....aap to jaanti hain beti ki Dev ke chale jaane ke baad hum dono parivaaron ke paas aur koi raasta nahi bachca tha, so humne Maan ko is shaadi ke liye raazi kiya. Beti, aap chinta mat kariye, Maan ko thoda waqt dijiye...unke liye yeh sab bahut jaldi mei hua hai.. hum jaante hain ki woh aapko bahut khush rakhenge." She patted her head and asked her to get ready and come for breakfast downstairs.

Geet felt a ray of sunshine after having an heart to heart with Daadima. Maybe he was just adjusting to his new life just like she was. She knew she was gonna be married but it was all sudden for him. She smiled and tahnked her Babaji for knocking some sense into her. Now she would not make any mistakes and try her best.

Smile Plz comment /press like button

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Amazing update :)
Can't wait to read the next part.
Please update soon Big smile

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charmed ones IF-Sizzlerz
charmed ones
charmed ones

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lovable update..

simply fantastic

keep writing

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