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"we r always going to be together"-Epilogue-PG 114 (Page 94)

avani_9 Goldie

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Posted: 03 March 2011 at 7:08am | IP Logged
hey dear sorry 4 late comment
i was too much too much busy so taht i cudn't read ur update
it's gr8 part n update soon
thnx 4 pm

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Part 17


It has been 2 weeks since Geet had been admitted to the hospital. All these days Maan stayed outside her ward watching her every movements, keeping updates on her health progress but not daring to approach her, in case she again fall ill. He would never deliberately endanger Geet's life and that of his would be baby. Ranveer and Smriti would update Maan on Geet's activities and progress from time to time since they were the only one who was allowed to meet Geet. Geet had even refused to meet her parents after being awake. During these 2 weeks Maan neither went home nor to his office. Everyday Ranveer would bring a change of clothes for him while getting to the hospital in the morning. Maan would always be sitting outside in the hope that today Geet would want to meet him or would ask for him but such a treat did not come for him. All his hopes went down the drain. He still did not know the reason for Geet hatred and her aloofness was eating him from inside. It was finally the day when Geet will be discharged from the hospital but he knew that Geet would never agree to go to Khurana mansion with him and that's why he had asked Ranveer and Smriti to take Geet with them to their house for the time being.


On the other hand, Nupur was getting restless as she did not know whether her plan had worked or failed. For the past 2 weeks, she has been trying to reach Maan in the office but no one knew his whereabouts and she could not go to Khurana mansion to ask for him. Even his cell phone was switched off. There was no means to reach him. She did not know what had happened between Maan and Geet after her conversation with Geet. She was dying to know whether she was on the right tracks or not. If her conversation with Geet did not affect their relationship, then seeing them together in a comprising situation will surely do the trick. But still Nupur wanted to make sure that her aim had rightly hit the target or not so that she could plan her next move. This time she will not let Maan go away. She will not lose him at any cost.


Smriti and Ranveer were helping Geet pack her belongings from the hospital ward. Smriti was stuffing her clothes in a bag while Ranveer were taking care of the medicines. Now, they only had to wait for the doctor's last check up and for the discharged papers to be bought. Geet was sitting on her bed playing with her braid when Smriti decided to breach the subject of Maan's and Geet's relationship.


Smriti: Geet, I want to talk to you about something important?


Geet: Yes, what is it?


Smriti: Geet, we have been friends for more than 2 years now. That's mean I know you pretty well.


Geet: May I ask where this conversation is heading towards?


Smriti: To be frank, I want to talk about you and Maan.


Geet: Please, I have nothing to say on that subject.


Smriti: No, there is too much to say. You have concealed the truth from us and have been avoiding this topic like a plaque. Seeing your health condition we too did not force you but now you are fit and fine and we are going to talk about it whether you deem it fine or not.


Ranveer: Leave it Smriti; if Geet does not want to talk about it then we should not force her.


Smriti: No Ranveer, Geet has to tell us what happened that day that reduce to a state where we almost lost her. Do you realize Ranveer that Geet could have died alongside her baby if their conditions had not improved? So Geet you are going to tell us all about what actually the matter is. Why are you so angry with Maan? What has he done?


Geet: He lied to me. He broke my trust. He betrayed my love- shouted Geet


Smriti: How? I mean how you can say that. We have all seen him. He loves you a lot. We have seen his care, his distress since you are in hospital. You…………….


Geet: All of this is a farce. A ploy to get what he wants. He does not love me but Nupur. He only married me so that he could get me out of his life without any hassle after his mission was completed.


Smriti: What are you talking about? From where does Nupur land in all this? She is out of you people lives and never going to come back.


Geet: No, she was never out of Maan's life but only made herself scarce for a few days, so that when she comes back, it will be forever.


Smriti: Tell us clearly Geet. We are unable to understand a word that you are trying to say? What mission are you talking about? You are not making any sense here.


Geet: That day when I went shopping for the baby, I met Nupur at the mall and she…………..


<Flashback: Geet and Nupur conversation>


Nupur: Hi Geet, how are you?


Geet: Hi Nupur- she did not wanted to talk to Nupur because she knew where the conversation would be leading but she could not be rude also. She mumbling that she had lots of shopping to do, she made a move to leave Nupur behind and as it is Nupur was not in a mood to let go.


Nupur: So shopping, hein………….


Geet: Ya, just a few things for the baby.

Nupur: Oh really. As much as I hate to disappoint you Geet but I have to let you know that whatever will be bought for the baby, it will be me buying them- she said sarcastically. So don't bother yourself and don't stress a lot. Just concentrate on bringing this baby into this world.


Geet: Why will you be buying things for my baby?


Nupur: Because later on its me who will be taking care of this baby.


Geet: Have you lost your mind? Why will you be in my baby's life. Have you forgotten that its mine and Maan's baby not yours.


Nupur: Only for the moment. After it is born, it will be known as Nupur's and Maan's child. You will not be anywhere, neither in Maan's life nor the baby.


Geet: I just don't have to listen to your rubbish. I am going. Just hope that Maan does not hear about this madness of yours or else I don't know what he will do to you.


Nupur: You are living in an imaginary world Geet. Running from the truth does not alter them. As soon as this baby is born, you will be out of our life. If you don't believe me, then you only have to wait till Maan himself will give you the divorce papers. Maan loves me and only me.


Geet: Oh ya! That is why he is married to me. That's why it's me who is pregnant with his baby, its me who bears his name, who lives in his house as his wife. You know what Nupur; you should see a damn good psychiatrist because you have completely lost your mind. Maan will never divorce me. If he had to divorce me, he would never have got married to me in the first place.


Nupur: It was all our plan.


Geet: What???????


Nupur: I mean me running away from the altar, you getting married to Maan, was our entire plan.


Geet: You are lying.


Nupur: No, I am not. Lets get out of here, as it is we are drawing a lot of attention- with that she grabbed Geet's arm and dragged her out of the shop to the open food court where she made her sit at an empty table and proceeded to take the opposite chair.


Geet: I don't believe any word that you are telling me. You are just out to make trouble between me and Maan. And if this was your plan, why are you disclosing it to me, you should have kept it secret.


Nupur: Why will I be making trouble between you and Maan when I know that eventually he will be mine and will return to me only.


Geet: But why would you people do that? What was your ulterior motive?


Nupur: Actually Geet, we never thought badly of you but Maan did all this for me. He loves me a lot and cannot live without me. We were once truly happy together but when we were on holiday to Taiwan, I went with an accident there. And in order to save my life, doctors had to perform an operation to stopped internal bleeding which has left me unable to conceive a child. Maan was shattered at first but later on he suggested that we can adopt a baby after our marriage but I was not for it. I always knew that Maan wanted a baby of his own; his own blood and flesh. That's why I told him to get married to someone else but he would not hear of it. I even tried to threaten him with a suicide attempt but still it did not work because according to Maan if something happens to me, he will also die. The wedding date was approaching and no one in the family knew about my accident and Maan had prohibited me from informing them. I was feeling very low of concealing such a big thing from our family members but Maan had said that it was for the better. I once again tried talking to him about getting married to someone else when he suggested the idea of a surrogate mother. That's where you come in Geet. It we would have taken the help of a stranger, and then sooner or later, everybody would have come to know about the truth, that's why we used you. But when Maan called you in UK to ask when you will be coming back, we were quite horrified to know that you have no intention of coming back. This would have sabotage our plan. In order to make sure that everything goes according to plan, Maan himself came to fetch you from UK. He used emotional blackmail when you were not ready to melt and BINGO, the mighty Geet Handa agreed to come to his friend's wedding. We knew that you still loved Maan and we used that love itself against you. On the wedding day, we made it appear as if I was going away for a modeling assignment to further my career. We both knew that you loved the Khurana's a lot, they were next to your kin and to save their next to salvage reputation, you stepped in to marry Maan as we had expected. Later on Maan made you believe that he has fallen in love with you and would like to spend the rest of his life with you only. Therefore he took you to a honeymoon, where he slept with you and Maan you pregnant. And as soon as this baby is born, Maan will divorce you, talk the baby away from you and come back to me.

Happy ever after for Nupur and Maan.


Geet: Nice trick Nupur, but I still don't believe you. Why should I believe you. You could me making all this up because you suddenly realize that you want Maan back and you cannot get him till he is still married to me.


Nupur: Oh, my dear Geet. You can be so naive sometimes. Maan is only mine and will come back to me only. As far as about telling you about our secret is, that sooner or later you would have known about this, so why not now. So that you can prepare yourself mentally for your separation.


Geet: Maan loves only me. He cannot have faked all the emotions when I am in his arms

Nupur: My sweet baby Geet, Maan is a utterly attractive man with a highly sexual charisma. I understand that many are attracted to him. But also he is no saint and is not set to spend his life as a monk. I understand he is a highly oversexed person and he must be fulfilling his needs somewhere when I am not available. He did not made love to Geet but only had sex with you; baby making sex. If you are still under the illusion that he loves you then I suppose you should drop it. I am sure that Maan must still be sleeping with you but I don't mind because I know that he find solace in only my arms as he tells me so many times.

Where do you think he spends his time when he tells you are he will be working late or will be arriving home late?- in my arms only, telling me how much he wish that he is free from you as soon as possible so that we can spend our life together. I suggest you don't have your hopes too high as in the end you will be left with nothing and also enjoy your time with Maan as far as it lasts.


Geet: I will have to talk to Maan about this.


Nupur: By sure means Geet, go ahead. But if I were you, I would not have done so. There is a limit to which one can humiliate one self.


Geet walked out of the food court in trance, not believing her ears and returned home still not sure about what she heard to be the truth or only a ploy by Nupur. The only person that could satisfy her queries was Maan, but how would she ask Maan about this. This all this were true, will she be ever able to bear it?


<Flashback ends>


Smriti: And you believe her. What type of idiot are you? Anyone will tell you all sort of rubbish on your husband and you will believe her.


Ranveer: she is lying Geet. Maan would never do something like that. You should never have talked to her in the first place.


Geet: I did not believe her Smriti. I still had faith on my relationship and Maan but what I saw in Maan's office confirmed all that Nupur said.


Smriti: What did you see as such?


Geet: I saw her in Maan's arms. Did I need any more proof that Maan has been lying to me all along.


Smriti: When did you see them together in the office?


Geet: The next morning, when I woke up Maan had already left and I received a call telling me to go to the office to see what my husband is up to.


Smriti: I still can't believe it Geet, I am sure there has been some misunderstanding in between. Maan would never do something like that.


Geet: Maybe this is not the full truth. There may be some hidden aspects but I don't want to take a chance. I can't lose my baby at any costs.


Smriti: Isn't that treating Maan unfairly. Can't you give him a chance to explain himself? Maybe he is not at fault at all.


Geet: Please Smriti; I don't want to talk anymore on this matter. You forced me, and I told you all about what I know but don't expect anything from me. I have lost my faith on all those who were dear to me. I don't want to lose my friends now.


Ranveer: Smriti, leave it now. Just get Geet ready; I'll sign the discharged papers and come.


Maan was outside Geet's room listening to the conversation among the trio. He could not believe that Nupur has tricked him into believing that she has changed for goods and would like to be his friend now again and in the process destroying his marital life. She has poisoned Geet's mind against him and knowingly or unknowingly she has endangered the life of his bay in the process for which he will never forgive Nupur. But firstly he needs to expose Nupur in front of everyone and most importantly in front of Geet. He will play at Nupur's game and beat her at it. It was time to put his actions into movement. He will trap Nupur in her own web. Nupur had only seen his love but now he will see his hatred and his protectiveness towards his baby and the woman that he loves the most in this world.







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awesome update
loved it
glad maan heard geet convo
hate napur
wonder what maan is going to do
cant wait 4 da  next part
con soon
thanks 4 da pm

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manisha03 Groupbie

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Originally posted by KavyaNaik123

its been almost 2 weeks,,,wen r u goin to update,,plzzzz mk it soooooooonnnnnnnnnnnn


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VSai2008 IF-Sizzlerz

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loved it to the core
awesome update
looking forward to see whats in store 4 us..
how ll maan manage to regain geet's trust...
plz do continue soon
thnks 4 pm..

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swetha10 IF-Sizzlerz

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wow nice update... really hate nupur... cant wait to c wht maan would do to expose nupur... continue soon

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preethia IF-Sizzlerz

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oh god didnt think nupur will go to this low to brek their marriage...........oh god how come all the vamps r very clever................
hope maan will bable to prove himself of this..............i think he has to take smrithi and ranveer's help in doing this as doing it alone might again create a lot of mu..................
hey take ur time for ur dissertation v can wait.................

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ClapClapClapgreat update..........loved it.......
atlast maan knew wat nupur is upto......plz update asap.......
waitingggg 4 nxt part.......

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