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"we r always going to be together"-Epilogue-PG 114 (Page 60)

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Posted: 06 February 2011 at 7:06am | IP Logged
Nice update
Maan catually gav big jhatka by saying they are gng on honeymoonLOLLOL
Thank God this tym Geet allowed him tospeak
She will forevr giv try to this relation but hop Maan dosent change ltr
Lets c
Update soon

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very niceThumbs Up

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The honeymoon plans were made. Geet and Maan were to fly to Goa for their honeymoon. Their respective families came to drop there with loads of advice to take care of each other and to enjoy themselves. When they reached Goa, Maan had already made arrangements for them to be picked up and to taken to the hotel by car. Maan had booked a presidential suite with a clear view of the sea for them.


The 14 days of their honeymoon flew away with them exploring the historic that are the tourists' attractions of Goa. Also they would spend their free time lazing in the sun on the beach. Geet has never been so happy, not even when she thought that Maan loved her in the past. Her honeymoon was just too perfect even if they were here only as friends. Being with Maan itself was the biggest thing that made her happy. Even Maan was happy to be on a holiday. Moreover he was learning more about his wife day by day. Her love for classical music, romantic films, and books. Maan was appalled when Geet told him that she can to swim. As far as he could remember, Geet did not know how to swim. But then Geet proudly announced that he learned swimming as well as driving while she was in UK. Maan was enjoying being with Geet everyday. Geet made him do things that he never thought he will be able to do after he joined Khurana constructions. He was also able to enjoy the petty happiness of life that he lost while he was busy with his work. He never knew that sitting idle can prove to be fun. a person for whom his work was everything, taking a holiday almost gave a heart attack to his employees, and the fact that he is enjoying it might give them an even bigger shock. Frankly telling he was not disappointed at all in being with Geet. He even thinks that he may be falling heads over heels in love with her. Her childishness which previously used to irritate him now looks cute. Her smile is like a million dollar win. Her slender form, looks like she has the perfect curves in the perfect places, which he yearn to hold against his. But afraid to do so as because he was still unaware of Geet's feelings. But tonight I will give her a surprise. These past days have made me realize that I am falling for her and I hope that she loves me too. But if she does not then like those martyred lovers I am not going to give up on her, but instead I'll make sure that she falls in love with me.

Mission "make Geet falls in love with Maan begins'- Maan chuckled at his own thoughts.


Geet's Saree which was gifted by Maan

Geet was in the hotel room getting dressed in a deep red Saree which Maan has gifted to her. He was supposed to be coming to pick her in a few minutes for dinner. She was waiting for Maan to come and escort to the restaurant on the first floor. Maan entered his room and was astounded by the beauty in front of him. Geet was looking dazzlingly beautiful in her red attire and her jewelries. He stood gazing her for a moment taking in everything that he could. However his trance was broken when he heard Geet calling him.


Geet: Shall we go Maan?


Maan: Just a minute- he said blindfolding her


Geet: What are you doing?


Maan: Ssshhh! I have a surprise planned for you. Just come along.


Maan escorted Geet out of their suite to the reception area where he asked the doorman to summon the car that he had hired. Having seen Geet seated in the passenger seat, he moved to that of the driver and started driving to the place known only to him.


Geet: Where are we going- still blindfolded


Maan: I said it's a surprise.


Geet: Ya, but I thought you would be taking me to the hotel restaurant for dinner.


Maan: We are for sure going for dinner but somewhere else.


Geet: But where?


Maan: Geet, have anyone told you that you ask too many questions? Just shut up and let me drive.


Geet shifted in annoyance. After driving for about 20 minutes, the car came to a halt. Maan got out and opened the door to let Geet out. As soon as she was out of the car, she could feel the chilly breeze graze her body. As least she could say that she was in an open area but where? Maan held her hand and help her to where they were supposed to be going. On reaching there Maan remove the fold. It took some time for Geet to take in her surroundings but when she could clearly see, she was dumbstruck by what she found. She was on a beach and in front of her was a long aisle illuminated on both side with lights which led to a small chapel at the end where a table for two was beautifully decorated for dinner.


The place where dinner was held by Maan

Maan: How did you like the surprise?


Geet: Maan, it's too beautiful. Thank you for making my stay here memorable.


Maan: My pleasure. Shall we?


Geet linked her hands through Maan who escorted them at their table. It was decorated with red table cloth, candles on both sides and one big in the middle, rose petals enhancing the beauty of the table. It just seemed as a magical moment for Geet. She was smiling from ear to ear and Maan was drowning in those smiles. After dinner, Geet stood up and went a bit at the end of the chapel and spread her arms to feel the cold breeze. She was enjoying the moment when she felt a hand slide on her bare waist.


Geet: Maan................


Maan: Ssshhhh! Don't say anything, forget everything, just remember you and me and feel this moment- he said turning Geet and looking at her lips.


Geet could see the desire in Maan's eyes. She say him looking at her quivering lips and then he lowered his head down to hers and captured her mouth with his own in a passionate kiss that plundered at will seeking the sensitive tissues before stroking the edge of her tongue with the tip of his own in a flagrant dance that stirred at the latent passion simmering beneath the surface of her control. She felt his hands shift as one slid to cup the back of her head while the other smoothed down her back and brought her close to him. He felt her response and deepened the kiss. After some time, she lifted his head to look at Geet who had her eyes closed. Without warning he lifted her in his arms and took her to a cottage nearby.


On reaching there, he let her slide to her feet. He ran a finger along the edge of her jaw, almost caressing the shape and a shiver slithered through her body. The way his hands slid over her shoulders to rest at her waist as he drew her slender frame in against him, and she sensed his hunger, knew it met and matched her own. Maan lowered his head to capture Geet in another kiss. His mouth became flagrantly sensual, deepening with devasting effect as he swept her steadily beyond rational thought to a place where nothing else mattered. In bare moments they were both disposed of their clothing. Her lips were touching his skin and against his body he could hear the excited thud of her heartbeats. His mouth started to caress her throat in what she knew was a slow and deliberate assault on her senses. She felt her whole body shudder as his mouth burned paths of fire over it. She heard herself call his name as her body exploded in violent spasms of intense pleasure and knew that she was babbling incoherently to him as he moved over her and took her in his arm, kissing her breasts and then her mouth with the taste of her body still on his lips. She tried to show him exactly what it was she wanted by opening her mouth under his and kissing him passionately at the same time as she moved her hips against him, pressed her breast against him, arched her spine and made soft keening sounds of need as she opened her legs and rubbed her body hungrily against his. In one smooth movement he slid her down and onto him then inch by tortuous inch until he filled her. He entered her again, surging to the hilt in one powerful thrust and she became boneless, so caught up with the witching abandon that she no longer knew who she was. Tears of happiness escaped her eyes as Maan and she became one. Maan kissed away the tears and passionately said "I love you" to her. In response Geet could only hug her as she did not trust her feelings or herself to speak out after such a romantic and breathtaking moment.  Geet felt asleep cuddled closely in Maan's arms.


Geet awoke by the light fingers that traced her spine soothing her as she buried her face in the curve of his neck.


Maan: Wake up sweetheart. Its time for us to get to the hotel or else we would be late for our flight. We need to pack. Remember?


Geet: I don't want to go anywhere. My honeymoon has just started and I want to enjoy it- she said snuggling more to his body.


Maan: I know but we have to go. I can't take more leaves from the office.


Geet: But Maan, you are the boss. You can take as much leave as you want. There is no one to question you.


Maan: Ya I know but the work are piling more and more by day.


Geet: I don't want to go- she said making a baby face.


Maan: I don't want to go but we have to. Still I think we have time for another lovemaking session.


With that he rolled Geet under him and started kissing her senseless. Her breasts firmed against his chest, their sensitive peaks hardening in need for the touch of his hand and mouth. Maan repeated the actions of the previous night, satisfied Geet to the core before returning to the hotel where they checked out before going to the airport to catch their flight.



Hi guys, this is part 12 of the FF. Hope it comes up to your expectations and also hope i have done justice to Maan's and Geet's romance because i am a total freak at writing romances. I wrote as much as i could remember from reading books. if there is any mistake please forgive me.
Also don't forget to hit the like button and to leave your precious comments which i appreciates a lot.

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Awesomeeeeeeee update
Amazing part
Loved it
Hayeeee Yayy Maan loves Geet
Sooo romanticccc
Love it
Continue soon
Thank ya

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awesome update
loved it
he loves her he loves her
me so happy
cant wait 4 da next part
con soon
thanks 4 da pm

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Great part......

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