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"we r always going to be together"-Epilogue-PG 114 (Page 49)

bhanu_rekhag IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 19 October 2007
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Posted: 03 February 2011 at 6:04am | IP Logged
Nice update! !!!!
But 2b frank I didn't like maans character
The way he simply agreed 2 marry geet just 4 family reputation is some way not impressive on his side.
Actually i liked kunal better than maan as he is firm with his thoughts
Sorry if u feel bad but this is just my opinion
No offence

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ambbiha IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 20 August 2010
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Posted: 03 February 2011 at 6:07am | IP Logged
awesome update
continue soon

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puth IF-Dazzler

Joined: 22 February 2010
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Posted: 03 February 2011 at 6:52am | IP Logged
lovely update manisha...dadi is awesomeLOLLOLLOL

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libra25 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 25 December 2010
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Posted: 03 February 2011 at 7:10am | IP Logged
GREAT FF....Clap

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Nav2010 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 12 October 2010
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Posted: 03 February 2011 at 7:29am | IP Logged
wow nice update thanks1

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shah10 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 03 May 2010
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Posted: 03 February 2011 at 8:01am | IP Logged
lokve the update.
inally there are married.
cant wait for the nxt part.
do continue plz

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namitasin Senior Member

Joined: 16 October 2010
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Posted: 03 February 2011 at 8:49am | IP Logged
M so sorry dear for late comment . Great part happy that maneet get married but dont like the circumstances but what to do destiny has its own way. Wanna know one thing why did maan agreed to marry wit geet just only for the sake of their reputation ,doesn't he thought for a single moment about geet m agreed wit kunal. What next dear, update soon.

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manisha03 Groupbie

Joined: 11 January 2011
Posts: 193

Posted: 03 February 2011 at 9:21am | IP Logged



The wedding ceremony went well. Everything happened as they were planned except for one thing; the bride. In place of Nupur, Geet married Maan. Like any other brides Geet was taken to her room by giggling girls anticipating the nuptial night in advance, where she was to await her husband sitting on the marital bed clutching her knees dressed in the wedding dress. But this was not a normal marriage. Geet and Maan got married because it was their compulsion not their wish. Geet had awaited for this day all her life and finally when it came she was not happy. Maan does not love her and that was the truth. He did not even agree to marry her because he wanted to save his pride but because he was angry with Nupur for deserting him. Knowingly or unknowingly Maan wanted to hurt Nupur and punish her but I am not going to play cupid between Maan and Nupur. I also went through this marriage because I was concerned about Dadi's health and as soon as she is fine, I'll ask for a divorce.


Maan was on his way to his room when the manservant told him that Dadi was asking for him and is calling Maan in her room.


Maan: Did you call me Dadi?


Dadi: Yes Maan, I needed to talk to you.


Maan: What's the matter Dadi?


Dadi: I know that Geet and you got married because you both feared for my health. But son, now both of you is bound in a sacred relationship for life long. Geet loves you a lot. I have seen it in her eyes but she is afraid because you once broke her heart and you still have the power to do it. I want both of you to give a chance to your marriage. Trust me beta, you won't get a better wife than Geet.


Maan: I know Dadi. Geet loves me a lot. I was so blind about Nupur that I could never understand Geet nor her love. She always stood by me, did everything possible for my happiness and I could do nothing for her. I even married her in order to get back at Nupur. But enough is enough. Geet does not deserve all this. She has endured a lot because of me but I now intend to give her all the happiness in the world.


Dadi: Thank you beta. I am so proud of you. That's what I was expecting from you.


After making sure that Dadi took his medicines, Maan proceeded towards his room only to be stopped by Kunal who too wanted to say something to him. Maan followed Kunal into his room which was empty. There was no sign of Maan's mother.


Kunal: Your mother is in the kitchen


Maan: Dad, you wanted to say something.


Kunal: Yes, I wanted to talk about Geet.


Maan: What about her?


Kunal: Just wanted to give you a warning that if Geet is hurt because of you then no one will be able to save you from my wrath and I mean it.


Maan: I will not do anything that will hurt Geet. Loving her will take a bit of time but I intend taking my marital life seriously.


Kunal: You better do so.


Maan: Can I go now; Geet must be waiting for me.


Kunal: Go but don't forget my words.


Maan moved towards his room looking if there was someone else who might stop him from going to his wife but luckily there was none. He was married to Geet and he intended making this marriage works at all cost. He loved Nupur liked crazy and yet Nupur ditched him for his ambitions and Geet whom he only considered as a friend has been with him during all his ups and downs. The least he can do was to ensure that Geet is always happy. With that thought in mind he turned the knot of the door and entered his room.


Geet sensed him even before he made his arrival known, maybe this was love. Geet was standing at the window staring at the stars. She was mentally preparing herself to face Maan. She needed loads of courage to say those things to Maan. She needed to set some ground rules herself before Maan do so. She will not be able to bear it for a second if Maan tells her that he still loves Nupur.


Maan saw his beautiful wife looking out of the window. He cleared his throat to catch Geet's attention but still Geet did not turn to look at him. I think it's going to be difficult. How do I tell her that I want to stay married to her? -thought Maan


Maan: Geet.........Hein.............I ...........want to say something


Geet: I know what you are going to say. You want to tell me that you still love Nupur and this marriage is not what you wanted and that you don't want me as your wife etc etc. don't bother Maan. I already know it all.


Maan: Geet, you are getting it all wrong. I...............


Geet: Don't lie Maan. I learnt long back that you do not love me but don't worry I won't be a burden to you for long. As soon as Dadi's health ameliorates I'll file for a divorce and then you can return to Nupur. Till then I think you can make an effort to bear me. In front of others we will act the happy couple but in this bedroom we are only friends. I don't want Dadi or the others to find out that there is something wrong with our marriage.


Don't say anything now Maan because anything you will say will be taken in the wrong manner. You have a very tough job in hand. You have to win your wife in order to make her understand what is it that you really want. At least you have time till Dadi is fit and fine. You will have to make Geet believe in your intentions. What they say" action speaks louder than words". Your actions will now prove to Geet your true intention.


Maan: Where are you going?


Geet: To sleep on the couch?


Maan: No, there is no need for it.


Geet: It's ok Maan. I can manage. There is no need for you to leave your bed.


Maan: Geet, I was not volunteering to sleep there. I mean we are both adults. If we can share a room, we can also share a bed. Don't worry you will be perfectly safe from me until I decide otherwise.


Geet: What?


Maan: Nothing. I was asking which side you prefer.


Geet: Right


Maan laid down on his left side thinking about the big challenge that he has to accomplish. Both sleeping on the same bed was the first step. There was no way that he was going to let Geet sleep on the couch. Maybe he was the fist husband in this word, whose wife was already planning to give him a divorce on their nuptial night. He closed his eyes to oblivion as he was too tired only to be waken by the fist ray of the sun on his face. He opened his eyes and saw the most beautiful scene in front of him. His beautiful wife was sleeping facing him with her mouth open a fraction and her hand curled like a starfish on the pillow. Her lovely not so straight curls were blowing across her face caressing them. For a moment he was temped to touch them but was afraid that he might wake Geet up. He checked his watch and saw that it was still 6.30 a.m. too early to wake up on the first day after marriage. He wished he could get to see such a lovely scene like this everyday of his wife. How come he never noticed that Geet was so beautiful? He must surely have been blind but now everything has changed. The beautiful angel with milky skin, rosy lips, beautiful eyes, was now his wife and he will make sure that she stays as his wife only. He would never let her go not at least in this lifetime. He closed his eyes in pure contentment. The next time he opened them it was 9 a.m. and the side next to him was empty. Geet was already up.


When Geet opened his eyes, the first thing she saw was Maan sleeping within touching distance with a smile playing across his lips. He looked like a baby. It was as if she was dreaming. But this was no dream but reality. She drank in the scene in front of her as much as she could, god knows till when she will have this chance. She could enjoy it as long as it lasts. No one knows when she will have to leave. As soon as Geet saw Maan stir, she quickly got up without disturbing him and entered the bathroom.


Maan was thinking about where geet could be when he saw her come out of the bathroom wrapped in a beautiful blue Saree, her face bare of make up and with her newly washed hair open. She truly looked liked an angel. Maan was lost in her beauty. Geet was at the dressing table when Maan approached her as if being pulled by a magnet. He placed his hands on her shoulders and turns her towards him


Geet: Maan.............


"Hush"'.he said placing a finger on her quivering lips then tracing the outline of those lips. Moving his hand towards her curls he placed them neatly behind one ear trailing his fingers across her cheekbones. Geet held her breath. What was happening to her? What sensations was Maan awakening in her? He then slid a hand across her bare waist and pulled her closer to his lean length. His snuggled his face into her hair taking the fragrance of her shampoo. She smelled delightful. Maan kissed her open neck and Geet turned the other way giving more access to Maan. He then trailed small kisses along her cheeks, moving to her brows, her eyes, and the tip of her nose. His unshaven beard was tickling Geet but she was enjoying it nonetheless. She needed to stop Maan but was unable to do so. She was losing her senses in Maan's lovemaking. The hand at her waist was moving up and Maan was about to kiss her on the lips when there was a knock at the door which broke the trance and they got away from each other.


Maya: Maan beta. It's already past nine. Come for breakfast. We are all waiting for you two- she cried through the door.



Hi guys. I hope I have done justice to Maan's and Geet's mini romance. There is more to come along the way. It's just the start.


Hope you people like it. Don't forget to put your comments and to press the like button. Positive or negative feedback, both are full heartedly welcomed

Edited by manisha03 - 03 February 2011 at 9:26am

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