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"we r always going to be together"-Epilogue-PG 114 (Page 45)

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Part 9


The room grew silent with Maan roaring with anger. Everyone was distressed with the happening of the day that they did not know what to do. The silence was broken by Dadi crying.


Dadi: What will we do now? Our reputation earned by our ancestors will go down the drain. We will become a laughing stock to the entire Delhi society after this event.


Mr. Sharma: I can't say anything except fold my hands and ask for forgiveness. My daughter has not left me in any position to say or do anything.


Dadi: You asking for forgiveness won't solve anything. If your daughter did not want to get married, she should have said so. She need not have humiliated us like this. What will we do now? Maan, say something beta. Don't stand there like a statue. That girl does not love you and she left.


Kunal:  I think I'll go out and tell the guests that there will be no wedding.


Vicky: Come. I'll too go with you.


Dadi: Stop. What are you people going to do? Have you lost your minds? Ever thought of the consequences. The media, the press, all are there to cover the wedding of Maan Singh Khurana. Have you people thought of the effect that it will have on our business and our life if the news got out that our future daughter-in-law ran away from the marriage venue.


Maya: So what do you want us to do? We have no way out. They are all waiting and sooner or later they will come to know of the truth.


Dadi: That what I am thinking? What to do to be able to save face? Hey, I have an idea. Why don't we get Maan married to someone else in this mandap itself?


Kunal: mom, have you gone crazy. This is a girl whom we a talking of, not a commodity that we will go and buy it from the market.


Dadi: I already have a girl in mind.


Kunal & Maya: Who?????????


Dadi: Geet


Kunal: GEEEEEEEEEEEEET! No way, never.


Dadi: Why? We always wanted Geet to be our daughter-in-law and now when destiny is giving us that chance then why don't we take it?


Kunal: I won't let Geet become a scapegoat to save our near to doomed reputation. Aren't you forgetting something that Maan rejected Geet 2 years ago because he was in love with Nupur? So how can you even think about getting Maan married to Geet.


Dadi and Kunal were bickering over Geet and Maan marriage. They were arguing on the fact that Geet was the first choice for Maan but Kunal was against the idea of Geet marrying Maan whereas Dadi was full bent on getting Maan married as she was trying to protect the reputation and image that she held too dear in the society. Vicky, Maya and Priya were silently listening to the argument as Dadi and Kunal did all the talking and fighting. Geet, in a corner of the room, was confused. She did not know what was happening. They were fighting for her and not once did they ask for her opinion. Once her dream had been to marry Maan but now she did not even know if she even wanted Maan in his life. Hell no! She had already set up her life, her destination was somewhere else. She needed to be in New York in a few days where her new life awaited her. Her chain of thoughts was broken by Maan saying something to both Dadi and Kunal. He too until now had been silent.


Maan: I am ready to marry Geet.


Dadi: Thank you for agreeing with me beta.


Kunal: Have you lost your mind? What do you take Geet for? Whenever you want you reject her and when you want you accept her. She is all flesh, a human being, has a mind of herself, a heart that beats, not a puppet that can be tossed from one person to another.


Vicky: Kunal, calm down. Let's ask Geet her opinion too. It she agrees then we are no one to stop them from getting married. It's their life, let them decide about it. We can't impose our decisions on them.


Geet: Stop dad. No need to ask me about my opinion. I'm sorry but I can't marry Maan.


Priya: Why can't you marry Maan? You always loved him and now when Maan himself has proposed, you are refusing. What's the problem?


Geet: The problem is that, mom, I already have my life plan and there is no place for Maan in it. And also I am leaving in a few days and Maan knows this truth. I only came to India on the condition that as soon as this marriage takes place, I'll be going back. Maan knew all of it and he even promised that he will not be stopping me from leaving.


Vicky: What are you saying?


Geet: I am sorry dad I did not tell you of my decision before but I intended doing so soon before leaving. I did not want to ruin the celebrations of Maan's wedding with my news. I was even thinking of asking you and mama to join me in New York.


Kunal: I agree with Geet's decision even if it will hurt me to stay away from her. But I prefer her to live her life the way she wants.


Geet: I am sorry Maan but I can't help you here.

          I am sorry Dadi for disobeying you. Hope you forgive me.


Maan: I think it's my day to take rejections. 2 girls in a day refusing to get married to me. It must be a severe blow to my ego. Me, who has almost all the girls of Delhi behind me can't get a girl for marriage. Dad, go and tell the guests that there will be no wedding.


Just then Dadi shriek with pain holding her chest and was about to hit the ground when Kunal caught her in his arms on settled on the ground.


Maya: Call the doctor quickly- she cried


Vicky: Ya, I'll do it.


Dadi: I don't need a doctor. Geet, please come here- she said with pain clearly evident on her face.


Geet rushed to her side crying. She held the hand that Dadi extended towards her with Maan on the other side.


Dadi: Please Geet, marry Maan. Fulfill this dying woman last wish. Help me save my family's reputation or else what face will I take with me when I will die. What answers will I provide to my deceased husband when he will ask me what did I do to protect his name.


Geet: Dadi, please don't talk like this. Nothing will happen to you. The doctor will be here any second and you will be fine.


Dadi: No, I know that my time has come and before dying I want to know if you will fulfill my last wish. Answer me Geet.


Geet: I'll do it Dadi. I'll marry Maan.


As soon as those words left Geet lips. Dadi slip into a state of unconsciousness. Kunal lifted her and took her into the bedroom there he placed her on the bed. The doctor came to examine Dadi and asked everyone to leave the room while he does the check up.


Doctor: There is nothing wrong with you. You are absolutely fine.


Dadi: I know that I'm fine but those who are outside do not and you are not going to tell them either. You will only say what I ask you to say.


The doctor exited the room having a solemn look on his face.

Kunal: How is my mother doctor, is she fine now?


Doctor: It was a minor heart attack. She is fine for the moment but I would advise you to take proper care of her. She needs rest and should avoid any kind of stress and tension. Any of these can be very fatal next time and then maybe we will not be able to save her. As far as possible try to keep her happy and also don't argue with her for anything, just agree to whatever she says.


Maya: Can we see her now?


Doctor: Yes, you can see her but remember what I told you. I gave her an injection; she is resting for the moment.


Vicky, Maya, Kunal, Priya, Geet and Maan entered the room. Dadi was resting against her pillow with her closed. The fact that she was acting should not be known to them, so she was trying her best to look very ill and frail.


Kunal: Are you ok mom?


Dad: What are you people doing here. Its Maan's wedding, go and make preparations for it. And what is this? Geet is not ready yet. Be quick. I want to see my grandson's wedding- she said in a quivering and low tone sounding depressed and ill.


Kunal: Maya and Priya go and get Geet ready and bring her down. Vicky and I will take Maan to the mandap.


Vicky: Kunal, you take Maan down; I'll make arrangements to bring aunty (Dadi) to the hall.


Geet was taken to get ready for the wedding whereas Maan was taken to the mandap. Geet's life changed in a matter of minutes and Maan never thought that he will be getting married to Geet. The rituals began. Dadi was beaming with happiness. He knew that her method to get Geet and Maan married was wrong but she also knew that these two were made for each other even if they failed to see it. She will ensure that this marriage works. The pandit asked to bring the bride down. Geet was brought to the mandap and Maan was astounded by her beauty. How did I never noticed that Geet is so beautiful. She is the most beautiful bride that I have ever seen and now she will be my bride. The wedding rituals continued with the kanyadaan, saat phere and finally Maan adorned Geet's maang with sindoor and her neck with the mangalsutra of his name. The wedding ceremony was to an end and finally Geet was Maan's wife. They took the blessings of the elders who blessed them wholeheartedly to have a very happy long life together.


Vicky, Priya and Maya were happy that finally their princess got the man of her life but however they were also worried about the success of this marriage. This wedding did not take place in normal circumstances unlike other weddings. There were a lot of question marks hanging as a sword over their marriage. They just pray to god that Maan and Geet are able to make their relationship work. Kunal on the other side was not happy with this marriage not because he did not want Geet as his daughter-in-law but because he did not want Maan to be the person in his life. Even if Maan was his son, he was not hesitant in saying that his son was a jerk, an idiot and the biggest fool in the world. Kunal however vowed that if because of Maan, Geet sheds a single tear then he will forget that Maan is his son. Geet now was his daughter-in-law and Maan's wife and he will ensure that Geet gets all the rights that she deserved.


 Thats all for the moment. I'll try to update the next part today itself. i am sorry in advance if i will not be able to do so. please forgive me if i have given an update not up to your expectations.

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Wonderful update....finally Maan n Geet are married....I like the character of Kunal in your FF....and Dadi is so smart she can see the things others failed to notice.....she's right though Maan n Geet are made for each other.....Smile

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awesome update.........................thought that this will happen..........................but finally maaneet r married......................
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finallly,u updated,,update the next part sooooooooonnn

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awesome update
Nice acting by dadi
Even kunal knows dat his son is a jerk
Yayy atleast der married but Maan needs 2 realise his feelings now
Cont soon Xx...

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loved it yaar..awsome one !! continue soon

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Awsm cant find words to describe reaaly cool plzzzzzzupadte asap plzzz jaldi.........

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Awesome update dear.... i knew this was coming...ClapClap 
Please give us maneet moments Pleaseee

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