Written update of 20-01-10,Thursday Episode

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Evil Plan Reinforcement

   The episode starts with yesterday's continuation ,Anand's dad is forced to say yes to the marriage(Not directly but just by the fear he already has for them),all are happy about that and our Anand keeps staring at his Angel with open mouth and she is smiling in shy.Then lunch arrangements are being made and meanwhile Anand's dad is dragged by the eldest son in their family(dunno his name,sorry Ouch),Anand's mom and sister are dragged inside a room to have some words with the girl who is to be a part of their family in future and Anand is forced to sit in sofa to have a talk with his future FIL.

   Inside the room Anand's mom is sitting utterly bewildered as if she is left somewhere in the middle  of the forest in damn darkness with a group of vampires.After a prolonged silence Shyamala breaks it by asking her future MIL whether she likes her.Anand's mom after fumbling gathers some courage to tell her that she is not at all interested in this marriage for which shyamala gets shocked/shattered and asks for the reason.Anand's mom reveals her worries  that "Anand is our only son and you are from a very big rich family so if you won't like to live in our house then you might take our boy with you to your house.then we have to undergo an immense like your father".Shyamala then assures her that she is not that kind and along with her hubby she also wants everyone in his family.She also tells that she will always take her words and follow them like a perfect DIL and so you can keep the belief you have on your daughter.On hearing this,Anand's mom is very happy and says that you are my DIL and showers her with her kisses(I think this Thendral team is more interested in MIL-DIL romance rather than Lead pair's romance sigh sigh D'oh)


   The curtains raises to show the next scene in which the fantastic trio: Tamizh,Kanagu and Joseph meeting in the same old park of Thendral.Tamizh asks Kanagu "why did u like this and when did you write that letter?" and Kanagu says that he wrote that letter 4days before.Tamizh gets shocked and says "won't it smell horrible after so many days?see that's why she vomited",Kanagu looks concerned and Tamizh goes on to reveal to him that Deepa has no such feelings for him and that Deepa told him that strictly and also asked Kanagu not to disturb her anymore.Kanagu is too shocked,walks away and is struggling to digest what he heard  with silent tears.


  Tamizh is confused what to do and Joseph says that its all because of us he got hyped to find a love for himself.Tamizh agrees and tries to convince Kanagu saying that "It is decent to leave this matter and go on with your own life,this is not the ultimate end,there are so many things in life other than love to deal with so cheer up and forget it.You understand what I say?",Kanagu nods and Tamizh takes him to a nearby tea shop to amrk the end of the scene.


   The scene shifts to show Mohan walking into an auto stand and Kalayani is coming there.Seeing Kalyani he apologizes for what he did and thanks her for her help last night.Kalyani says that only as she is Thulasi's brother she helped him and to we viewer's surprise Mohan's BP still remained controlled without raising.He tols her softly that he will never do the same again(why should he assure her that he changed to a good guy,something fishy Confused.Is this is a sign for another disgusting romance track?? Angry Oh its enough,already too many tracks even without this so please don't make us forget T&T in these beautiful romance tracks which might one day make us forget Thendral too Angry)Kalyani acted as if she is not at all bothered to listen to his yapping but Mohan doesn't seem to accept his defeat and keeps on trying to make her understand that he is good boy.Then a customer arrives and asks Kalyani for her service and Kalyani leaves for her Sawaari.


   Tamizh  is shown in his mom's house where his mom sheds her crocodile tears or whatever pleading to him to conduct the marriage successfully.Tamizh unable to bear tears rolling from his mommy darling's eyes assures her that he will take care of everything.The lady slowly opens her evilness saying that "Puvi gave me some money and he is staying away but with a marriage how will it be possible to predict the expenses but he doesn't seem to are.I am planning to give Lavanya some Jewelery.they aren't asking to give those,yes but isn't it our duty to make sure that our Lavanya won't get any bad name?? already they will be upset with what you did to Charu(Evil lady finally came to the point,taunting Tamizh and making him feel bad by reinforcing his pains and guilty feelings Angry)though they are not showing that,they will get remembered whenever they see Charu so we have to make sure that ot wouldn't affect Lavanya.So can you please help with arranging some money?",Tamizh agrees and that lady asks him to come now itself.He asks his mom "Lets go tomorrow" but she is stubborn to go today itself saying that this is an auspicious day.Then Tamizh agrees with some difficulty inside him.


   Tamizh's mom leaves to get ready but at the room door she feels faintish and Lavanya notices it.She says that she didn't have food as she is in viradham.Tamizh asks for the reason and that lady says "I have cursed you and may be because of that you are now jobless so I was asking a priest for some solution and he told me that if I will do this Viardham for 11 Tuesdays then my curses will not affect you so that's why I am doing this" for which Tamizh says that it is not necessary to do all this because only if she is happy,he can he happy.The episode ends with all of them freezed.



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Thanks Hema for the wonderful update ClapBig smile
So Shyamala seems to be a good skipped this part  though....lets see what is pending for Anand.....i really want him to suffer....Angry....
OMG...really felt bad for Kanagu...but still what deepa did was right.....
Kangu is not completely convinced....will anand use this  oppurtunity to turn him against TA.....he is capable of that.....lets c.....
last part as usual so irritatin....
this lady and that Charu....both use his weak point to attack him.....vera enna sympathy....
really pity TA...what is he gg to do...
dir sir....atha amma nejamave viratham irunthurunthalum seri...ilatalum  seri.....pls send TA to bank seekirama....I dont mind even if she s  gg to get credits for that......for heavens sake pls send him to work.....

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Thank you Hema for the Fast & Wonderful update!

Anand's parents are already wonder whats their reaction when they get  to know about their family business...this girl shyamala sounds too possessive towards her family plus Anand.....that means for sure she will be against TA/T in the start...

I don't think Kanagu will go against TA till Anand brainwash him again..he mostly look upset than angry towards TA...why a sudden change in Mohan..and what he is trying to tell Hema said no more love tracks please...what ever is on waiting list is enough for another year....

Last past...uhhh...she started her emo drama again....god i hate her...director is making TA to do everything except sending him back to work....this lady cant live without Charu puranam when ever she see now after jewels the money that he got in bank will be gone....i am not sure even if that money is enough...then is this team is planning to send T/TA out of that house so they can come with Lav's mom?. ...and omg about her 2nd emo weapon...11weeks of send TA back to work...great keep it up...are you thinking all this will turn TA towards you permanently?....sorry it will be another day dream like your psycho DIL...

i think the jewelery buying is her plan to finish off his money so he can depend on her....and she can control him using that and her so called emo blackmail...because she too know that he don't have work..then how on earth she is expecting 15-30 savarin jewelery...lets see...i think lav's mom will call her psycho DIL to come shopping too...she might go and pay the bills and make her thick friendship even stronger in her dream...oh the main thing...psycho need a visit to complain about Deepa....

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Thanks Hema for the wonderful update!Smile

So finally Anand is all set with the wedding. Looks like their wedding will happen before N/L wedding.
Wow, nice talk by TA to Kanagu by very sad to see Kanagu. He is a real true friend and unlike Anand, he knows whatever TA says is good for him onlyBig smile. It is going to be very uncomfortable for him to see Deepa in the near future.
Ayoo this director, looks like trying to bring a new track for Kalyani and Mohan romance!! Too much..Angry....Kalyani was very good in her answers...Wink
Again emotional drama by GW.....Don't know where to go and bang my head. She knows that her son does not have any work currently but without any guilt asking him money. Pavam TA. She knows how to make TA guilty.
But TA, have a family now. Where will he go for the money?? He is going to deserve for his stupidity when he comes to know about his mom in the wedding hall.Confused
I have a feeling that this lady is going to make some excuse by asking TA to stay at their home tonight.Dead

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Thanks Hema Akka for the wonderful and superfast Update!!Clap

Episode was okie!!...Shymala is such a nicce girl..Loved her dialogs but dont know if she will always be like this!!..

Kanagu...I felt so bad for him..Pitied him a lot..But what he has done was wrong too!!...Hmm..Embarrassed

Mohan...I think he has changed to good..I believe him now...But ethuku he wanted to talk with Kalyani??..Ennava irukum??

GW...Noo comments!!..Another drama of her!!Angry

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Thanks maa Hema for the wonderful update Big smile. Your side comments were good.

This Kumaran reminds us nowadays that Thendral is a typical Tamil serial, not unique anymore. This is really sad, why do they have to lose the magic they created once with Thendral and why don't they see that these current tracks are getting annoying and don't really attract the viewers like T&T Confused. I really want the TRP to drop down so that Kumaran realises it soon and wakes up from his deep love for A&S and kanja family, i am just waiting him to get that shock Evil Smile.

Anandh ku ipdi oru nalla ponna, avanai marriage pannikitta, appuram enna she will automatically turn villi. His sister is really simple, but pretty Embarrassed.

Ouch Kanagu, felt bad for him Unhappy. But he has written the letter with blood four days ago Dead. Hopefully he listens to TA&J and does not do anything wrong.

Mohan changed? Hmmmm.....seems to be too quick, what did he want to say to Kalyani, don't think he may fall in love with her, she is older than him, guess it was sth else, should be so. 

Grrrrr...why did this TA come to his old house leaving Thulasi alone in the late evening. Hopefully this GW won't invite Charu to the shopping or that psycho may phone her sothai and her sothai will happily inform her and athu paanjukittu vara pothu Angry
Why is this woman asking him money, athaane money naa thaane son venum. What will TA do and whom can he ask, and i reallyyy hope Charu won't give him a job as someone told here already.

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Originally posted by beatricepearl

I have a feeling that this lady is going to make some excuse by asking TA to stay at their home tonight.Dead

If he leaves Thulasi alone there w/o even informing MM or Paati, i will kill him LOL. That girl even was afraid when TA was arranging for their first night. TA kooda irunthaale Thulasi ku bayam, apdi irukkum podhu, how can she stay a whole night all alone. I just want him to go back whatever time it is in the late night. TA should not spend even a night somewhere else w/o his wife. 

Theiva, i really feel sorry for you, don't know why you are getting always Charu or GW episodes. Confused

Nalla velai, they did not put a promo this week, don't put for next week too unless there is sth new to be shown in Thendral which i doubt. 

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thanks for update i loved it

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