Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

#Devil's Den# ek rajkumar aur pari ki kahani...

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Hey guys!

This one dedicated to Maneet love...and of course Barry Dhillon!

Barry oh barry,aaj tussi kamaal kar ditta!Clap
Pehle mainu gussa par phir vekhne par khush kar ditta!

Sorry for the over enthusiastic response

LEt's start shall we?

Mister X-ray eyes are making someone's fair cheeks glow with love....
"chaalaak" she calls him lovingly...while his eyes give proof of the endearment,
a capturer of moments- where she's happy and glowing..
A freezing of frame- a couple made for each other

I loved how Romeo didn't even take the was sooo funny!!

"milni aur shagun"
meri jaan- milni toh hui nahi..directly shagun?

MsK- is soo into her..completely lost..and so is she..

Romeo was EPIC todayLOL
That scene was really nice..yeh joote lo paise do toh ho nahi sakta..cuz that happens before mandaps..but pheras..

Geet thinking of family..

And when someone asks-
Dadi says "abhi milwadenge"

Is it because family is coming?
u mean finally Rajji is coming?
Hayee..ek baar aa jaye..i don't want her to go back now!!
LOL..but I won't dream...
but then...sapne bhi sachh hote hain

MSK perhaps has already taken up her hint and gotten Geet's family to least the siblings..Embarrassed

It's not easy to let go of relationships,
it's not so easy to let go of those you love yet..
though for them you're as good as dead
yet you feel the need all the time..and a dread

the need to feel a mother's soothing touch
the need to feel a father's pampering love
the teasing gentle rivalry with siblings I miss
I miss the love...and I miss the goodnight hug

I miss those days where we used to giggle,
run around and play in our lands..
i miss those days that life was simple..
or perhaps my perception of it made me feel that way

but those days are more dreams than memories
I remember the clear rap on my knuckle..
I remember the slaps and the tugs
i remember the pain and the tears and realize dreams don't come true

And made it come true,my love
all that I wished for..all that I yearned for..
you gave me made all my dreams come true
the man who never believed in made me  feel for you

"par koi bhi nahi hai"
The dream and the reality..such a simple stark one is there...


"maine tumse waada kiya tha na...toh phir thodi der.."

"nahi maan..."

What I loved is the hand gestures in this scene..beautiful way in which Maan felt her pain and he supported her when he held her hand and listened to her...and she accepted that support..

How do I make her happy?
How do I make her smile
those tears that hurt me so bad..
how do I remove them from her life?

Wash away all the pain and fill it with waters of love
Wash away all the hurt and give her the happiness she deserves
my pari she is..and she's an angel crying...
I wish I could eradicate tears from she'd never have to cry

Feeling helpless,he asks Dadi and Dadi says she knows what to she turns Geet's sadness to a celebration of maneet asking them to describe their feelings for each other

Geet describes her dreams...every girl dreams- a white horse, a prince..
although...but leave that..the dialogues were beautiful

Dadi ties them that thread of love..
Reminded me of the dargah scene where they were being separated by a dhaaga..her united by one...

Dekha tha ek sapna
ek akeli ladki thi main,
sapno ki duniya mein reh nahi sakti
par dekha tha maine bhi ek sapna
woh sapna jo har ladki ne dekha..
ek sapna jisme tha ek rajkumar
jo karta mujhse beintehaa pyaar...
na hoti main akeli aur na karta koi mujhpe samaaj waar

mera sapna tha yeh,
sach kaise ho sakta tha..
phir mujhe woh mila,
aur saari mushkilon se ladkar..
le gaya woh mujhe apne saath

haan,dekha tha maine bhi ek sapna
par kabhi na socha ki woh raajkumar
woh pyaar kabhi hoga mera apna..

saath le gaya woh mujhe,
mere sapno ka rajkumar,
sapno se pare,haqeeqat ki duniya mein
kare sachh mere saare khwaab

itna pyaar diya, itna wishwaas kiya
har pal khushi chahi meri,kar pal maa sa dulaar diya
bhai ka bandhan diya, behen si dosti di,
papa si seekh di, aur pyaar karna sikhaya

mera jeewan saathi, mere jeewan mein mere saath tha
pehle sapne mein,phir haqeeqat mein mera saath diya
har kadam unke saath chala, har mushkil unke saath suljhai
ab kis cheez ka dar hai mujhe, jab milan ki ghadi hai aayi


main hoon Maan Singh Khurana,
kabhi na muskaata,na ehsaason ki ehmiyat apnata
pyaar aur ehsaas- ek kamzori samajhta,
har us ehsaas se door bhagta

badal diya tumne mujhe,
ek naam se insaan banaya
dil ke har chhupe kone mein roshni kar di tumne
us pyaare ehsaas tumhare naam ne mujhe samjhaya

zindagi jeena sikhaya,
pyaar ka  maayena sikhaya
kabhi udaya tha tumhara mazaak,
kaha tha na karo us kahani pe vishwaas

magar ek pari mil gayi mujhe
jisne sikhaya mujhe pyaar ka ehsaas
karuna aur jasbaat, dekhiye meri aankhon mein aaj
meri pari- mujhe mil gayi aaj

wohi Geet..jise na milna chahta tha main,
wohi Geet- aaj hai mere saath
na chhodunga kabhi use, na doonga kabhi dukh
har pal chaahonga, har pal paayegi mujhe apne paas

I loved the hug and the look of contentment in her eyes..
and the moisture in msk's eyes


I don't SEE..I hear!

I liked arjun's dialogues..
She's naive and we have a Wickham here?

Please..can't Chubby be more than a second Dev??

I hope the Cv's are thinking something else for him??
I hope it's not as it seems it is...

Otherwise it is a disappointment..

Cv's- I know the 6 days is giving quite a stress to their creativity and the need to come up with new and interesting tracks..but please..i wish they think over it and come up with something which might even be a melange....just not ONLY  Wickham-Lydia or second Dev...

Uh...why aren't we going with Karna?
Such awesome complexity could be shown..Im still hoping it will be..I guess im just being too silly

Barry,Dd,GC,Abhishek, manisha- Great job guys!Clap

Barry- *jhapkisses* to you! this was just a small attempt to put my understanding of your dialogues in my wordsEmbarrassed
obviously you do it best!

Piyush- nice expression at end and yes he was convincing in the scene
Nikunj- no expression at all...Cry

TEAM- CHUBBY needs to become slightly lean and MR LEAN needs to EAT!!

Guru khana khilaao mission begins!!

BTw..when maneet came back..why was msk ki sherwaani more than half open??LOLWink
Romeo- tut tut..nazar nahi rakhi thi kya?

Anyhow..Liked the epi..but PLEASE show the REMAINING MANEET shaadi soon now!!

That's all!
Love to everyone!

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Do dish about the Actors, but don't diss em or their frogs!  Anj won't post ur IF bail!

5. This is not Dadimaa's Darbar, so don't spam about the best way to bake ham, etc.!

6. We r going to open new Den before airtime and shift there once the show finishes whether u ve reserved ya not!  So, be PHAAST!

7. Don't QUOTE use "@" to reply varna you will get a Watt o Unwanted pics that will make ur eyes snap crackle n pop!  Max of 1 quote is okkie if u really must - that's all.

8. Naya Den if we run outta the original 1 for the day can be opened by anyone, but only post these rules & the link to the old den in the 1st post.  Don't forget to leave link of 2ndary dens in original one for the day.  

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Previous DENS with THEMES


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Brij and Yash








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Finally geeetaaay , Moi kicked manooo out !!ROFL

Episode Analysis in a true sense aftr a long long tim.. well today i am forced to.. Yes i am one of those critics who might fail to praise but will alwys jump for the kill with grace!!

As The Title rightly points out...This is...

A Story of A Psycho King who rides a White Fake Horsey
                                                                                  and his Despo Fairy - U must see see!!

It was Their WeDDinG - Nah - was supposed to be their Wedding!
                                                                           Gate-crashers i tel you!! *ouch*

They had welcomed the other to their Own lives with the exchange of the Garlands and held still to capture each memory in leaves they can turn lik in a Bed time story! Friends and Family - The Safe keepers joined in and as tey fought for their Own place in the Virtual memories, The Duo sneaks out - A Moment of Love with eachother in solitude.. before tey wud b one in mind, body and soul! The Keepers flew at once, as tey saw an empty podium but never realised their folly nor had the laugh! *sad* ! He had smoothly withdrawn his fine fingers from skin so soft at her waist.. as if he was to surprise her with a little somthing he hid behind his back and there she was, eyes closed, lips parted in wait - tat was true submission! Her patience was wearing as she pleaded him to stop toh with her heart not abiding.. she asks him to leave her hands and i wonder was she symbolizing.. ? coz i nvr saw her hands being touched by his skin or the eye! And he rightly puts her off with his one-liner from every-other day.  Oh there. the privacy is lost as a keeper rushes in.. but T King being the king moves closer to his Fairy's wing! And alas the keeper boy stood lost in the love b4 his eyes  n lost another moment of laugh frm his hands. Tey followed him to their throne.. as greetings flowed.. but ppl who never stop talking reminded her of  her estranged family as she turned pale as white! T king toh was fast unlike otherwise to make her red with blush but she simply nudged him to his place at dinner coloured with paint and brush! He was worried for her and their baby as he T King knew little about Med T science! to which T Elder keeper promises to keep his fairy in happiness !
n binds in a knot T royale couple in the name of customary rituals and tshe found help in a whispered ploy to spill aloud their back story. The Fairy unveiled her tale of dreams realized by Her King.. *in a deamy mode* which he, T King followed with words melting like cheese and caramel and hugged his fairy who gav him The reason to smile!

  Note : T Maan T King was not t same from front and behind.. He is who we go OMG!! when on our face with our cutie beauty by his side but alas tonight for us there it was somone else as we r zoomed into the back of a taller male figure with a larger head ( inferred from a non-fitting pagidi ) whom the beauty hugged with T distance!

oh btw pondering Why was it not their Wedding Day ? was it because T wedding planner planed his own in revenge of T King  and stole T best table too??, n wondering with ,more light weaved lik a spider's net (symbolism anyone?? NEB t spider with NES his prey *ewwww*) than at T supposed-to-b-wedding  wud the enemy move forward??  *hoping not!! in boiling anger* i switched to watch T confessions of a Shopaholic
PS : i lov the movie!! *wide smile*



NOTE : despo in my place is somone who is sad n nothing to b mad!!

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Today First half of the episode rockedThumbs Up and second half shockedOuchLOLLOLDialogues for Maan and Geet were superb todayThumbs Up..So Barry ji Jhaapis to uLOLEmbarrassed

Loved the continuation that was shown in the startingClap ....MSK's surprise is still kept a secret and I feel he had something planned for Geet but Romeo interrupted the moment and so MSK was not able to give Geet that surpriseErmm;So what could b the surprise ?Either its a honeymoon plan to some hill station or mayb he wanted to give her the news of her parents too attending their shaadiEmbarrassed;I m sure MSK brought her to the corridoor for a specific reasonErmm;But teasing MSK is always pleasure to watchDay Dreaming especially when Geet asks him to leave her hand and he is like I m not holding your hand dearLOLEmbarrassed;This goes on to show what effect MSK's one touch can do to Geet..she completely loses herself in his presenseEmbarrassed;Also loved the determination of MSK there even when Romeo comes to call themWinkLOL....MSK is like he will finish what he wants to do first and will then goROFLROFLROFLROFL;Loved Romeo's expressions hereThumbs Up
Loved the whole scene of Geet remembering her parents and MSK feeling so helpless because he can't see Geet in pain...Embarrassed;It was a very touching and emotional sceneThumbs Up;Even though Geet knows that her family was never supportive of her decisions but during times such as this,one does remember their parents and feel nostalgic about itCry;One thing which I love about Maaneet is that whenever one is in pain,the other always holds his/her hand and gives that emotional support Embarrassed;Loved the way MSK holds her hand in that scene when she was remembering her parents...
The whole scene in the eating table was good...dialogues were simple but had a deep impactEmbarrassed...loved the way Geet narrated her story of Rajkumar and how her fairytale dream came true with MSK as her rajkumarEmbarrassed and loved the way MSK kept it simple but told everyone about how Geet is the main reason why he got his smile back todayEmbarrassed...the way both delivered the dialogues looking into each other's eyes and holding each other's hands...loved itThumbs Up;In fact MSK today closed the Hum-Tum episode Pari dialogue loop today by telling everyone that even though he doesn't believe in Sapno ka Rajkumar theory,but he is beginning to believe in Pari nowEmbarrassed;So indirectly he told all that Geet is his PariEmbarrassed;And Geet sort of confessed in front of all that MSK is his sapno ka rajkumar thereby closing another loop of fake engagement episode when MSK had questioned her about her Rajkumar dreamsWinkThumbs Up..The hug in the end too was very well placed in the whole scenarioEmbarrassed;Best part of the scene was both holding each other's hands so firmly while describing the importance about each other in thier livesEmbarrassed
Dadi tieing their hands together closes another under-table hand holding loop thus indicating that from now onwards they don't need to hold hands under the table but can do it khullam khulla in front of allWinkLOLTongue;Also I liked the way entire office staff was utilised in that scene when the camera focussed on each and every character showing their different reactions while Maaneet were narrating their feelings for each otherThumbs Up..
Now in this scene,MSK confessed that he had no idea about love or feelings before Geet stepped into his fact he even confessed that he din't even had a heart before and was a complete loner who is smiling today only becuase of GeetEmbarrassed;So this proves that MSK was never in love before which now puts a question mark on MSK's past SameeraErmm;In this case I hope whenever CVs introduce Sameera in the picture,they better justify her relation with MSK in the past properlySmile;Because MSK can't b in love with Sam in the past if he claims that Geet is the ifrst girl who taught her the meaning of loveEmbarrassed;So Sam could b a passing affair or just a mere attractionErmm...
Now comes the shocking second part which ruined the episode for meLOLOuch...CVs hv u gone nuts ??What was the need to show Arjun-Annie Gandharva Vivaah in between Maaneet's auspicious marriageAngry...Now its clear that both r going to consummate this so called parineeta style marriage and then Arjun will become another DevDead...
If CVs r smart..then they will not show Arjun-Annie Con here but simply show Arjun going underground after doing this so called gandharva vivaah with Annie...even now if they bring Baazigar track and show Arjun killing Annie in the name of marriage,it will b a smart moveEvil Smile
My Episode Rating:8/10...This rating is strictly for the first half of the episode and the dialogues written for Maan and GeetApprove..The second part is completely non-existent to meApproveLOL

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Maan will bring Geet's parents and siblings to the wedding ... guess that's why we did not see the pheras today.
Hello Nissar, Ved, Sudhir, Vikas, Barry, CVs, friends – Maaneet ki shaadi ki badhaayian ! Wonderful wedding, excellent epi (the first half). Maaneet is the handsomest couple in Indian Telly World.

Guests waiting to give shagun to the couple. Romeo off to look for Maaneet. He finds them…tells them Dadi is looking for them. Maaneet still looking for some time alone…but Romeo stays put. I loved Romeo in this scene. Normally he is terrified of Maan but today, he is so enamored by the lovely couple, hilney ka naam hi nahi leta….lol.

So Maaneet are on stage receiving shagun from the guests and hearing the compliments they convey to Dadi. Chaand hi zameen pe utar aaya ho …Maan cant take his eyes off his Mishti. Tasha Pinki whispering. Boys uncomfortable…so Adi is given the token to find out 'aakhir mein maajra hai kya'… who was Romeo imitating ?

One of the comments by the guests reopens Geet's wounds – where is her family ? Dadi handles it deftly by inviting the guests to have dinner. Geet goes still. Maan looks at her concerned. Loved the way he reaches out to her. Today, on her most important day, Geet finally admits that its difficult to forget family relationships. She admits that even though she had said publicly that she is no longer Geet Handa, just Geet, she was actually stating it to convince herself that she didn't need them. Today, on her wedding day, she misses her family terribly… her mom's loving touch, her dad's blessing and Darji too but no one's here. She apologizes to Maan that on this happy day she is crying, for those same folks for whom she is dead. How can she even think that she can lead her life without them. Maan tries to interrupt saying that she does not have to do that. But she stops him saying I know that I have u, Dadi and NE as family but… Maan tries to tell her that he'd promised so just wait for a little while. But Geet, in her sorrow does not get it and tells him not to do anything as he's already done enuff. I must commend Maan on maintaining his silence here knowing how difficult it must have been to not stress his Geet but at the same time bite his tongue.

So what was Maan trying to tell Geet ? I think he's already sent for Geet's family to attend the wedding. That was his surprise for her. I think that is also the reason why we did not see the pheras today. When the pheras take place tomorrow, her family from HP will be a part of it.

Maan still concerned about Geet confides in Dadi. Dadi reassures him saying she'll take care of it.

Maaneet's first meal as a couple – What a scene ! Mind blowing !
Dadi begins with the ghar ka rivaaj….she ties each of their hands together…with a pyaar ki dor. From today u r becoming humsafar, so u will feed each other with ur hands tied…n hello no cheating….coz this is a khandaan rivaaj. Romeo stirs the pot in Dadi's ear…why don't we change the rivaaj according to the zamana and make it interesting n exciting. Dadi is game. She tweaks the khandaani rivaaj. She says, spill the beans on what are u thinking of each other, what is in ur minds …come on tell us before u begin eating. Maan tries to push back saying he doesn't know abt this rivaaj…to which Dadi says, Hum bade hain, hum jaante hain…aur phir, rivaaj to rivaaj hi hota hai, nibhana to padta hi hai na ? Everyone present supports Dadi very vocally :)

Once again, Maaneet characters are on display…Geet always the extrovert and noticing Maan's hesitancy, opens up first. Everyone is all ears. Maan keeps staring at her as she narrates. She talks about fairy tales that she used to read –a helpless girl, with no help from anyone, thinks that madad ke saare darwaaze bandh ho chuke hai…then a handsome prince arrives on a white horse and vanquishing all her strife, makes her his own and rides away with her. She too had seen such a dream but then thot that such dreams don't come true. But such dreams do come true…coz it happened to her. When she had lost all her battles and felt hopeless, totally alone, then a handsome prince came on a white horse and vanquished all evil and taught me to love, gave me a new life, a new family. And today I really feel that I'm a princess from that fairy tale and Maan, mere Maan Sir is the prince from that tale. Dadi is moved by Geet's tale and applauds. Everyone joins in the applause.

Now it's Maan's turn. Will this introvert speak ? Whaddya know. He speaketh ! He begins with confessing that he is not a talker but since this is a rivaaj, he'll speak. He begins with 'Mein Maan Singh Khurana' never smiled before. Did not have a heart, looked down upon emotions like pyaar, mohabbat. But one day it all changed. MSK too changed…from the day Geet entered his life. If I'm smiling today, am happy, its because of you, Geet. I don't know abt princes on white horses. But I've started believing in 'pariyaan' since Geet came into my life. A beautiful Maaneet hug.

Oye, weren't their hands tied ? Everyone one around is overwhelmed. Geet is shy. Maan goes back into his shell.

The Pari loop is finally closed today. Remember, in the Hum Tum epi, when Geet was testing the paper knife, Maan had asked her "tum aasmaan se ootri hui koi pari ho...utni sundar bhi nahi" ... to which Geet then mumbles, "itni boori bhi to nahi hoon." When Maan goes to get Geet on the white horse, he talks about her beauty. Today, he confesses that since meeting Geet, he believes in 'pari's'

What an adorable scene, so down to earth, so endearing ! Well done, Nissar, GC, DD and team !!

Arjun- NE
First off, Nissar, thank you for not mingling precious Maaneet scenes with NE-Arjun scenes. What just happened today ?

- Are u turning Arjun-NE into Wickham-Lydia from Pride n Prejudice ?

- Did Arjun-NE just have a 'gandharv vivaah'? The getting married even before Maaneet complete their vows ? W*H !!!

- We gonna get an Arjun-NE CON br Maaneet's SR ? Are u using the Parineeta scene on them ? Where are the MMM's now?

- For crying out loud, we don't want to see a pregnant NE ! Like Jhan said, u cant even handle one pregnancy properly in the show, how can u even think of making NE go that way ?

- Pls don't copy and paste the story on Arjun-NE … where is ur creativity ? Be innovative. Don't go down the beaten path.

- Arjun seems to be turning out like NT. I thought he had much more common sense than her. But today did not give me that confidence. Are u trying to make him like Dev ? God forbid !

- Come on, guys, u can do it….dont dilute Arjun's character. You showed him as a risk taker in the boxing ring, don't make him a wimp by using the clichd path of impregnating a girl. Make him like Moriarty, not Dev.

Nissar and team – Great job ! Loved the Maaneet part of the epi, disliked the Arjun-NE part.

Barry - Super dialogues...simple yet profound...hats off !

Gurmeet, Drashti – U were fully in character today. Jhappis ! Superb performances. Seeing Maaneet in bridal attire, having their first meal together quenched hamari kayee mahinon ki pyaas.

Until tomorrow….

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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CVs thank you for separating Maaneet scenes from Arjun and Annie. You obviously don't believe in saving the best for last, but still I appreciate you giving us the option to make use of the Fast forward button. LOL

Maneet scene and dialogue were great. GC and DD were excellent in the scene where Geet remembers her parents. It was so touching. ClapClap

As for Arjun and Annie, why are you repeating the past with a recast? Confused Arjun is Dev and Annie is Geet? Where is your originality? What happened to the suave villain you were carving out Arjun to be?
Is he just another Dev who thinks with the lower brain instead of the upper one?

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On to the episode, shall we!!!

MSK, Mr Khadoos Khurana will do anything for his Geeth, who would have thought this guy would melt from his initial HP days!  Only a woman can make or break a man!  Their biggest weakness is woman!  Trust me I know this one!

Loved Maneet romance in open space, Maan knows how to turn on his Geeth and as precious as she is, she forgets everything and submits herself to her man!  Woooooooo, I so love it! What a lover MSK is, knows when and what to and not touch and still the affect is there!EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedGeet lost in is romance doesn't even feel a thing, she goes totally numb thinking he is still holding, only to find out he is not!  Maan u tease, shame on u! EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedRomeo kabab mein hadda, why did u have to disturb the couple, next time ur director tells u to do that, just say can't ruin things while its hot!LOLLOLLOLLOLLOL

Scene shifting with the two sitting on the chair, greeted by guest and again Geet is reminded of her past, loved how she admits, yes she does have family, yes she misses them and only wished they were there on her special...yes tears did start rolling down my face!  No matter what, ur parents are ur parents and family is family, one can say things from the top, but inside they suffer and Geet let her emotions out today! MSK felt helpless, but consoled his princess!  So what now, r we gonna see HP family, maybe mabe not!

Scene on the table, that was awesome, loved how dadi did their ghat bandhan on the table alone, who needs the mandap for these two na!LOLLOLLOLLOLLOLthat was quite cute, now I really want them to eat with their weak hands, lets see kya hota hai!LOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL  Barry hats off to u for ur dialogues, but I found it a bit mushy!  Sorry guys I just felt that way!  If MSK didnt feel all this before then who the hell is Sameera, why did she have that much affect on him!  I really remember dadi's dialogue, is Maan opening his heart again!  Something is a miss here!ConfusedConfusedConfusedConfusedConfusedMaybe time will tell!

So here comes the other bride and groom, our CON couple, we wanted CON and yeh lo CON bhi aah gayi!AngryAngryAngryAngryAngryAngry

NE and Arjun scene...Why are the creatives hell bent on showing the same thing that happened with Geeth!  W*F, I truly hate it when they make woman a pawn!  Im totally disgusted today, creatives are hell bent to ruin another gals life!  What the hell is this! AngryAngryAngry

I know many of u guys don't like NE, but she is a gal after all and no gal should be used! 

Enough from me!

So did anyone notice Maan's sherwani was open more todayLOLLOLLOLLOLjust for Geet so she can lay her precious head on his bare chest!EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Creatives, again please don't ruin another gals life and show us a repeat of DEV! Is it something u love doing!

Also, wrap up the wedding soon, IM sure clothes are getting smelly by now too! 

Edited by 49erFan - 20 January 2011 at 12:46pm

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