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Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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Heya guyz..Hug
For ppl who love the show n love analyzing herez a common pour in & share your views/thoughts about the episode/show..

Few rules to keep the discussion flow nice. :)

1. No actor or character bashing. 
2. No derogatory terms to be used. 
3. Keep the discussion off of issues not concerned with this forum. 
4. Feedbacks appreciated not sarcasm or digs at the actors and the show.

Note:Permission given by the KMH2 Dev team.

Hey, Mohabbatians! I opened the thread early today. So you can reserve your places and Happy Discussing!Hug
Res for my take!Approve

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Reserved and meanwhile enjoy the sbs segment,reminds me on our 'night out' in the wedding threadROFLROFLROFL So as their shaadi was unplanned, they are having their nightout the first night after the wedding ROFLROFLROFLROFL:
First of all, all KMHians lets say:
''Fusion karnewali,Ekta Maiyaji,ki'' Jai
Kash the crew was made up of KavyAnjali and GauriPratham too, it will be fabulous,amazing to the double power of what we are feeling.Wink
I really like the whole episode to  the extent that I am going to analyse part by part because I ROFLd a lot and clapping all what I can a lotLOL and I will rate the episode again as a 7 out of 10. Nothing really was wrong in the scene except it lacks origanality but overall I like that the concept is being improved and even if it is not orignal but the good point is 'it has been little innovated.' and hope it to 'continue to improve from past loopholes of other shows and keep it to the level of ''great and lovable to watch'''
Part 1
What a startClap where Rudra Pratap Singhania was praising Arjun as to be his right hand and the best part of this bit is when he said: ''aaj ki raat,humare liye yaalgaar ho''
Amazing dialogueThumbs Up as it has already prevailed the feel of irony in this sentence!
With the emphasis of the character's voice and tone in this sentence shows it will be as said but in the least expected wayThumbs Up 
Just with the complete of this sentence, we hear the 'dholak tabla' that Arohi is coming, giving us the feel,the irony of the sentence is going to be concretised and the way Arohi steps in the house and uncovered her face from the red ghoonghat (the red ghoonghat epitomises a lot of sacredness in a relationship),the way she unveiled and let that on the floor is the ''ehlaan'' of ''the decadence in her character because her innocence is killed and the way of her reputation an self esteemed has been mocked at. This ''slap'' has made her to be ''burning with revenge'' and on that note,outstanding expression from KritzClap. The step in the house contrasted from the typical way of a normal 'bahu' steps in, has a background music of  ''the shell instrument played in temple'' (i forgot the name).Thus the music blended with the unveil of the ''ghoonghat'' it shows in a general form of a woman. A woman who can showers love and care for other (''usually symbolised with semi God like ''ambe ma'') can also be waved to the feeling of ''anger'' (''usually symbolised with ''maa kaali.'') and the entry of Arohi in the house was truly highlighted to be she has literally taking the ''kali roop'' who will make her husband divorced her.
I like the link from the previous scene showed by the letter but there was a loophole because yesterday,they showed us the letter of 2 line and today they were still reading the letter.LOL
Rest in the scenes, I will be reading on others' take, I will highlight on what I think to be important Smile
Part 2
After the stylish greeting of wifey to husband , ''hello husband''
The scene develops to show that Arohi is indeed the same character to Arjun, that both of us are burning with the same fiery eyes to repair the ''insult'' both got in two different situations.
The expression of RPS understood that Arohi is on equals with Arjun and this part concretised how Arohi also can rub salts and insult to the Singhanias and how Arjun also felt embarassed.
Part 3
A clear picture of modern male chauvinism in this scene where Arjun underestimates the power of Arohi when after the slap adds more salt to it and tell her ''yeh game tumhare bas ki baat nahin hein.'' Arjun with full of male ego and full of family concern that made him thought Arohi is weak.
Then comes the stylish entry of Rajveer where the Singhania family got a momentory feel of happiness that Arohi is going. Well we are left to see is it - as audience knows Arohi is a strong character.
Part 4
This was the best part of the episode. Now we have felt the reason why a family is from law sided and one from family is from illegal deedsClap. Indeed someone who has studied law will use law to get justiceClap and now I feel how they are going to use law and love togetherClap
Arohi used Arjun's deeply wounded words on himself and his family. It was good to see that well it can be shown that with equal amount of wits,they will use perfectly. The fact it is Rajveer who came and not other police officers show that Rajveer will always protect and side Arohi in any situation that crops. And Salil Purvi love theme now was used to Rajveer Chachu aur Arohi Bhatiji sceneLOLLOL
Part 5
With this scene, Arohi is shown more and more shrewd and ruse like Arjun and it was like rajveer said ''a punch'' but to Arjun's male ego. When Arohi was hit at the mandap at her self esteem, here, Arjun male's ego was hit hard and is yet to begin. He challenged her in part 2,I guessed that she will not be able to stay for five days but when all the ego will melt, then the eyes of truth will crop again out. The weakness in this scene is Arjun for the first time picturised as a ''mama boy'' and for that we will need more light on how the story is building too. Is he now ''a mama boy'' as the level of misunderstanding or ''has he always been one?'' Yet to see this aspect of Arjun's character. All this time we saw Arohi at her family and now we are going to see some light of Arjun at his family's sideThumbs UpThumbs Up
Lastly but not leastly:
It is a very interesting precap where it is indeed showing the story of rajveer gauri to paralell with arjun and arohi. It can be seen Rajveer can go to any extent for his niece and yes, Gauri's countdown to start for her to face the anger of Rajveer.
And for us,KMHians, Friday night will be time to party with Arjuhi even in a different wayParty

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vaishnavi... Senior Member

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Wat an awesum epi,mindblowing acting by Kritika.Star.i ennjoyed d epi very much.Arohi is backParty ,I must say.Now the singhanias will also understand that der bahu is smarter than them..Wink
some awesum scenes n   dialogues frm 2day's epi
the way she entered singhania house and started talking, " Hello Husband" was d classsic one Big smile
I loved how she was addressing everyone :
saasumaa,jethji,dewarji aur aap shayad  mere sister in law ke husband hain toh mere kya hue ye main abhi nahi jaanti. nayi bahu hoon na,dheere dheere sab seekh jaungi LOL( at thistym i was like yo arohi!! dats d spirit) .den she said patidev .woww haha!! kritika was outstanding in this scene.

In the next part when kumud slapped herCensored I was feeling like entering into my tv n giving her a tight slap bk!!Angry The saddest thing was arjun was supporting his mother's act Angry.I didnt like thatDisapprove.But koi nahi abhi wapis pyaar hone me time to lagega ;)Tongue
The last part was also very nice.The way she made her saasu maa Apologize ws soo kewl
Kya kaha aapne ,mujhe sunai nahi diya,aapka thapad khaaya hai.
mummiji meri english ,i mean angrezi zara weak hai ..aap zara zor se RASHTRABHAASHA me boliye na.. LOLROFL
then the scne between arohi and rajveer showed how much arohi was hurt that now that all her sadness  has turned into this much hatred .
Some thinngs which I didnt understand
1) yesterday the letter was only of 2 lines,2day suddenly it got extended....(editingConfused det plzz dekho ye sab )
2) when arohi was introducing herslef n talking 2 d singhania family,arjun was smiling instead of getting angry.Why?  may be Karan was amazed to see this roop of kritika that he cudnt control his laughter.LOL
The precap was also nizee.But I'm sure gauri ki sachhai itni jaldi bahar nahi aaegi,but letz c.
Overall a very anjoyable epi.Kritika stole the show today.Kudos to her!!Thumbs UpClap

Cheeck out ma new vm guyzz :)

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SHIKHA19 Goldie

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dhansu grah pravesh ..full attitude, style , dialogues...........full revenge mood n insult ........loved it Big smile

but ya aarohi is going through d same insult , jisse arjun guzara tha .......rajveer ke thappad ka badla aaj aarohi ne chukaya arjun ye nahi keh sakta ki sirf maine insult sahi thi aarohi is also going through all this bcoz of him . so LEVEL EQUAL.......N THATS INTERESTING .......NOW EQUAL INSULT ..........EQUAL REVENGE.............EQUAL HATRED..........N YA EQUAL LOVE ALSO Smile
arjun is speechless n may b thats y smiling LOL (  i m confused 4 his expressions 2day ......may b bcoz i saw karan in arjun 2day smwhr Wink)

kumud -nice acting as cruel saas -Clap
aarohi - fab as strong bahu Clap gud job girl n happy to see her so many shades in 1 show ...4m bubbly girl to revengeful lady Clap

love story + saas bahu drama = full masala WinkClap

want more keep it going .
precap was also gud ...rajveer is doing some gud first time .........n gauri haha ab aayega maza .....but i m sure she will do sm trick .

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kavyasam IF-Rockerz

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Kritika  as the new  Arohi  - ClapClapClapClapClap  superb ,  episode belonged to her completely.  her looks were matching the I take up your challenge attitude. well done Clap.  hope she brings the positive change needed for this family ,  they are so lost without it.

Kal pati ki nautanki to aaj biwi ki ROFLROFLROFL .  What an entry Thumbs Up,  notice that  the dance that was shown in precap was not happenning actually,  editing ka kamal hai kya,  But still loved the entry the doli band baja and  the  high voltage shock for singhu's  ClapClap.    How a bad experience changes a person,  the once chirpy and innocent girl has now the capability to plan her freedom by herself and to actually enter the dragon on her own and face all the singhu's.  ClapClap,   she declared war as soon as she entered, spilling the drink,  tripping a person,  identifying all the inmates including her patidev.Thumbs Up  (notice she has no grudge on billu makrand , she doesnt refer them) 'Nayi bahu hoon na, dheere dheere sab seekh jaungi'   Clap.   When their eyes met before she would get lost in them , but this time no, she had the same fire that he has and they did not flutter. Thumbs Up
Loved her words in the letters and rajveer and dadu's reaction.  They are going to support her completely since this is the new way she found,  and she is gonna do it legally.  ClapClap.   singhania's react by the way they know,   eliminate the trouble!!, that is take her away from here.
Wifey's entry in to 'humara kamra' 'thoda chota hai' Clap,  yes he is gonna shift to guest room dont worryWink,  but the dayan had to spoil their moment , kabab mein haddi .  and what else can u expect from her,  she slappedAngry , arjun only momentarily reactedThumbs Down since he did not expect it  but he was not genuinely  affected at all AngryThumbs Down   ,  that was a let downDisapprove,  and above all he says she will to expect more of such treatment if she wants to stay hereDisapprove, and that is a welcome gift Pinch, no this is not what we expected  you should have kept quiet and just handed her the phone to call her family,  more mockery more insult more you are going to loose yourselfDisapprove,  abhi waqt hai sambhal ja pl.  But atleast you gave her the phone , chalo thodi to responsibility yaad aayiErmm,   but again underestimated arohi.   I so dont want arjun to be like this,  he is my favourite , kya kare Cry  jaldi se apni jealousy track par aa jao Tongue
Rajveer's entry ClapClap we were missing this avatar of his,  and all that followed sorry to maaf karo to jail and bail Clap.   Yes she is not going to be a cry baby.   Loved rajveer's concern his voice and expressions , pleading her to come back CryClap.  but she wants what she  wants. 
Divorce was not supposed to be on cards in this story , but this being addressed in the beginning itself gives hope that it wont be there later on in their lives when their  love story escalates.   
cvs  arjun's reaction to the slap was a let down ,  we dont want him to be a hubby and son who supports his mom or wife as and when needed,  he has to be his own man Approve.   dont let that go out of him.   show his bindaas attitude and badmashi  but let it not hurt arohi in an irreparable way.
ok  we liked kutumb  bg score once does not mean it be played like everytime on them,  they have a kmh tune for their takkar scenes also , use it.   Dialouges and Acting good,  bg score good when arohi is giving the takkar to the family,   during rajveer and arohi scene and the doli entry.  Clap.   Execution is better,  lekin editing ka dhyan rahe ,  we caught arjun smiling couple of times when he was supposed to be giving angry looks.  overall  Good episode, well done.  story is interesting, we like arjun's negativity but also want a touch of that "khoya hua acchapan vapas aa sakta hai".(i dont make any sense do I)
posted this in wedding thread :

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aksh4IF IF-Rockerz

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omg.. episode hasnt aired yet.. and this lounge is reserved.. hehe.. LOLwe all are too eager to find out what arohi has in store for arjun.. Day Dreaming

in anticipation, i couldnt even sleep, and what little sleep i had was filled with different versions of punches that arohi dealt to the singhanias LOL

OH .. MY .. GAWDDD!!!

Arohi ke gaal par uske mom-in-law ke ungliyon ke nishaan aur mere gaal par mere ungliyon ke nishaan (from gripping it so tight thru the episode)Wink

Kritz was outstanding today!! Arjun ki mom ke thappad se zyaada karara hai Arohi ka thappad.. Kya episode tha.. Loved Aro's self-intro.. sasurji, sasumaa, jetji, devarji ROFL sabka chehra dekhne layak tha.. i wonder if the rest of the family even knew that Arjun Arohi got married.. If I was enthralled by Arjun's performance in the last two days, I don't think there is even a word coined yet for Arohi's punch.. I felt like yelling "duniya walon, isko dekho.. aisi hoti hai aaj kal ki bharatiya nari!!!" fab acting man.. kya entry, kya attitude.. ek minute ke liye bhi voh nervousness nahi ki shez standing in someone elses party and single handedly making a tamasha of this family.. superb.. she has definitely matched arjun's daredevil psycho attitude!! "Hello Husband.." i was so happy that Rudr felt so embarrassed that he had to ask Arjun (who was brilliantly akward abt Arohi's behavior) to do something about this new wife!!LOL nayi bahu aate hi haath se nikal gayi.. i suppose they didnt know exactly how much insult Arjun had doled out in the wedding.. ab arohi vapas degi, sooth sameth!! i am loving those words man!!!


I want to add here.. ki finally patidev khud apne haathon se apni patni ko unke kamre tak leke gaye..Wink
when she got slapped.. Censoredarohi ko palat kar ek thappad uski mom ko nahi toh arjun ko hi maardena chahiye tha.. i was like, nikamma Arjun.. sharam nahi aati.. apni biwi ki koi parwa nahi.. teri mom ko rokna toh dur tune ek gusse ka expression tak nahi diya.. upar se welcome gift!! hmph!! thoda zyada hi kamina hota jaa raha hai Ouch

add: after his mom left, arohi looks at arjun and there is a 2-sec look of expectation to see whether hez going to react or maybe just to see what his reaction is.. and immediately that feeling dissolves into disappointment and loathing.. love her stance.. shoving his hand away.. making it clear that he wont have his way anymore.. kudos..  and the KMH1 BG score here is something completely separate of the scene there.. it doesnt support the scene's seriousness and heat.. its not strong enough!.
their expressions when Rajvir comes to arrest kumud!!LOL mindblowing.. Arjun!! abbe itni akal toh rakh ki, police wale ki beti hai.. itna bhi nahi karegi kya?? LOLif anybody knows about law and order it would be Arohi!! and her chachu.. hez just waiting for these chances to throw these ppl in jail.. 

when arjun asked kumud to apologize, the whole family looked murderous.. i didnt think arjun's equation with his family or to be more specific his mom was that great that he could ask her to apologize to his wife.. that was interesting to watch..and yay we will get to see all those interactions btw and arjun and the singhanias and arohi and the singhanias.. yeh aayi hai na abhi.. band baja baraat le kar. sab ki band bajane.. Day Dreaming the way she used arjun's version of their love story to get back at him!! sahi hai yaar.. ab arohi arjun ko sikhaayegi ki badla kaise liya jaata hai.. rudr ko toh maanna padega, beta ser, aur bahu sava serROFL

rajvir's attitude on the whole 'ghar ki bahu par atyaachar' trak was like uski diwali, eid, lottery sab ek saath lag gayi ho.. 
i luved the emotional scene btw Arohi and Rajvir.. ghar chal arohi.. i luved Arohi's determination.. ladayi ke maidan mein kood chuku hun na chachu..ab peeche nahi hat sakti.. uske return gift dene ka andaazz.. out of the world.. after Rajvir's entry only, i was able to calm down a bit.. until then i was completely hyperventilating at arohi's naya andaaz.. Confusedthank god she has the backing of the Ahluwalias and especially their kanoonClap

welcome to the new and improved, our very own, bratty wacky badmaash nayi bahu of the Singhanias, Arohi v2.0!!ClapHug
aur yeh log hamare saath kaisa game khel rahe hain.. ek se badkar ek episodes aur uspar precap.. i know we all wanted precaps.. but these precaps.. uff too much.. aaj ke episode ke liye bekaraar the..yeh khatam hua nahi ki  abhi kal tak ka intezaar nahi hota.. CryGauri, tera kya hoga beta!!!

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TheMummy_LeAbba IF-Rockerz

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me too eagerly waiting for todays epi just 6 more mins to go will come back later.hey guys coolio todays epi rocked Arohi was mind blowing loved her to the core .today was Arohi spl episode just loved her wanna see more such episodes .cant write long posts like u guys thanks to my limited vocabulary LOL
hey that reporter of telly dost tricked krittika if by chance krittika ever visits this forum if any 1 of u either meet her personally or on fb Plz tell her its an age old maths tricks .The trick in that so called "magic" u choose any number  the answer comes out to be 2.5 only there are some other ways too by modifying some combinations u can get solutions for all such magic to a particular no say even 10 . its a simple trick if u have done vedic maths u can learn much more brilliant maths riddles .the reporter 's magic  mahts or whatever was halwa we used to do it in 4th 5th std .poor kritika got tricked

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ConfusedLOL Ye aaj ka epiosde ka lounge hai ..hahhaha ..looks like all are super excited.....yayyyyy ...Arohi is doing her own Bidai....
 dekha ..ladke ka choice ..Tongue
    After long long time ..the koolest Revenge track . Loved it !!! Thumbs Up
     Arohi ne hi ki kudki Bidai.... LOVED this BIDAI .. SAB Singhanias ka  Band Bajja dono  bajjaya ......aur Arjun ke saath fireworks bhi kiye Clap. kya ..looks ,kya attitude ..kya confidence ..wah wah humari Arohi .U sure suit in our Don's underworld. ClapThumbs Up
 SWEEEETHEARTTT Arrrrjun bas muh me apani tounge idhar ki udhar ghumate rah gaya ..aweeee...dil hi dil me apani choice pe khush ho raha hoga .issliye woh sly smile bhi thi . spicy hauuttt chemistry ..overflowing
 poor Arjun .. must be  feeling like a kid in the candy  store .having tooth ache ..dekho bas dekho ..candy ..milegee nahi ..Sweeetheart !!WinkLOL
    KRITIKA and KARAN AWESOME !!!! ClapStarStarStarStarStar ...

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